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Chocolate chip cookie dough truffles

Chocolate chip cookies are delicious, and loved by almost everyone, but if you don't feel like baking, chocolate chip cookie dough truffles are equally delicious!
They are also completely egg-free, which is great if you can't or don't want to eat raw eggs. And they are gluten free, which is also great.
Feel free to use only one or the other type of chocolate, if you prefer, I simply like this combination the best.

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Strawberry chocolate crescent rolls

Baked goods have always been a favourite of mine as far as breakfast goes. Freshly baked crescent rolls, with a cup of tea or coffee may easily be the number one. These are very rich, with sour cream dough, and a sweet chocolate and strawberry filling. Choose a good quality dark chocolate to compliment the sweetness of the strawberries. I recommend Lindt Excellence 70%, as that is one of my favourites. You can even use a darker chocolate bar if you wish, it will pair perfectly.

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Apple pie

This is one of my Grandma's signature desserts. We used to have it quite often when we were kids, along with the Simple jam rolls. Although I am not a big fan of apples, in this pie, they are simply irresistible. The flaky dough and the delicious, rich apple filling guarantee a perfect dessert.
These are excellent for parties and gatherings, as they transport well and they keep well. Just make sure you serve it completely cooled. Not only does it taste much better, it will also not burn the roof of your mouth. This is my Grandma's advice and I have to say I agree completely.

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Double chocolate caramel brownies

Dark chocolate in the brownies, dark chocolate in the frosting, and a sweet, rich caramel glaze. The perfect symphony of flavours. Although these are a chocolate lover's dream, I have to add that the strong chocolate flavour is very prominent, as the recipe uses dark cocoa powder and dark chocolate (70%). So slice them up into small pieces and serve with a tall glass of cold milk, or a hot cup of coffee.

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Gilded chocolate fudge cookies

I really do love how quickly they come together. Take the eggs out while you prepare the ingredients, turn on the oven when you start to mix, and you can have a sweet treat in under 30 minutes. They are so fudgy, almost like little brownie bites, but they have no flour, so they can easily be made gluten-free.
In addition, if you like, you can use gold leaf sheets to adorn the cookies, instead of the lustre dust. If you do use the gold leaf, I recommend decorating cookies in smaller segments, rather than covering the entire surface.

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Chocolate coconut sandwich cookies

These were my favourite cookies when I was a child. I don't remember their name, but I remember the bright blue box they were packaged in. For years I tried to replicate them, or at least the filling, because the filling was my favourite part of the cookie, and this is it. The soft and light cookie base that melts in your mouth and the rich chocolate coconut filling compliment each other perfectly.

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Red velvet cake trifle

Trifles are a great way to serve dessert if you do not wish to make a classic cake. All of the ingredients are there, all of the layers are there, but everything is neatly stored in a single bowl. This makes trifles also great for picnics and gatherings.
The lovely red velvet cake is generously sprinkled with the rum syrup, then layered with the cream cheese filling. If you do not wish to use rum, omit it, and go for the simplest simple syrup - it will keep the cake crumbs moist in the same fashion as rum syrup would.

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Mini brownie cake

This gorgeous miniature chocolate brownie cake is just what any chocolate lover needs. Two very rich fudge brownie layers, smooth whipped cream in the middle, and some extra chocolate on top, for good measure. Since the cake layers are so small, you need to watch them carefully so they don’t overbake. It can be a tiny bit tricky, but be patient, and check them often for doneness. There should be just a tiny bit of moist crumbs on the toothpick when they are done.

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Homemade blueberry fruit yogurt

Plain and simple, I love fruit yogurt. And I don’t mind buying fruit yogurt, but somehow, there never seems to be enough fruit chunks in it, and the taste is sometimes too mild. If it's a fruit yogurt, it is supposed to have a rich fruity flavour, right? That is why I like to make my own fruit yogurt. With fruit purée base, thick yogurt, and a lot more chunks of fruit. You can use fresh or frozen fruit, of course, just defrost it before blending.

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Vegan crêpes

When I was young, my favourite part of making crêpes was the actual stealing of crêpes while my Grandmother was not looking. I ate them just as they were, with no filling. I still like them like that, but I have to admit, there is a lot more flavour in this gorgeous chunky strawberry sauce. You can serve them topped with some granulated sugar, which is how my Grandmother used to serve them; or you can top them with vegan chocolate sauce, or even some more fresh berries. Bon appétit!

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