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Trail Life USA Artwork

Dear members of Trail Life USA, I've just put the collection of free artwork back online for you to use. I am also making my photographs freely available to you too. I have tried doing this here before but now understand that most of you are over on Facebook and don't see my G+ posts. If you do see this please Like my FB page and share the web page with your TLUSA friends and groups over on FB so they can find the artwork.

If you have any suggestions or requests for future Trail Life artwork, graphics, illustrations or clip art I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to comment here or via my website any time. Thanks!
#TLUSA #Traillife #Traillifeusa #walkworthy

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Painting of a Boy Walking in a Colorful Fall Forest

The season for autumn hikes has returned in Muskoka so I wanted to share one of my favorite Fall paintings done a couple years ago. I was trying to capture some of the color and glow of the forest and a sense of the adventure and magical mystery the boy is entering as he heads down a winding trail in the deep woods. It is a picture pulled from memory of one of my autumn adventures, and a picture of the autumn adventures taken every year since.

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Painting of a Little Boy Ice Fishing

Last week I shared a painting of a boy fishing, and mentioned how some things don't change much around here in the winter except for the clothing the little fishermen wear. (that post is found here: )

This painting depicts an example of that! The artwork was created for use in Christmas cards and art prints. Of the series of winter theme paintings I did last winter this one became the most popular of the season.

Coincidentally, the above mentioned summer painting of a boy fishing has just become the most viewed post on my website. Now in second place is the painting of a "fishing boy and girl on a dock at sunset", and "French River, Nipissing Ontario Sunset" photo (a great fishing spot) is a close third. I'm starting to notice a trend here. Fishing isn't just an Otter thing. Lots of other people like fishing as much as I do! :-)

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Painting of a Boy Fishing

I wanted to share this painting for all my fishing buddies out there. This artwork is like a snapshot from my summer days fishing in any lake or river I could find. If you grew up with fishing rod always in hand then it maybe like that for you too. It's also like a snapshot of what I see all around Muskoka. From the time the ice melts and until it freezes we can find little real life lawn ornaments perched at the edge of lakes, ponds and rivers, waiting to catch fish. I see a lot of kids in and around Gravenhurst and Bracebridge Ontario enjoying fishing, and around here it doesn't really change too much when the lakes finally do freeze. The only difference is in the clothing those little lawn ornaments wear as they perch over their holes in the ice!

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Elements 2

I will get back to sharing some of my traditional painting soon, if that's what people would like to see, but wanted to share another one of the abstract paintings. This is another in the series mentioned in a post last week:
More info on this and the previous painting can be found on my site:

What would you like to see shared next? Another one from this series or more of the figurative work?

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I mostly share portrait and figurative paintings here as they relate to the book project I'm working on, but sometimes I do entirely different artwork too. This abstract painting was one in a series created years ago. It looked striking and lively when turned into a high quality large format print. It also looked nice against the snow. Doesn't that sound like a most unlikely place to display artwork? Strange but true. I was fortunate to have paintings from the series chosen by a snowboard maker for use as graphics on their snowboards.

I have other paintings in this series so if there is some interest in seeing more please let me know. I'll be happy to keep sharing.

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Painting Of A Boy Playing With A Toy Boat At The Beach

In my previous art posting I asked whether people would like to see summer or winter theme artwork shared next. Summer won that vote so here you are! More details on this painting can be found on my website:

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Painting of a Little League Baseball Boy

I completed this painting for a G+ follower in California. The family supplied me with some photos to work from and were specially keen on having this pose done in a painting. This angle showed the boy's family name and his player number on his jersey which was the same as his father wore when he played baseball. In this version of the painting I changed those details on the jersey as I liked the artwork too and wanted to have a way to fit it in on my website.

The family was pleased with their painting and asked if I would do another. That one, also in a baseball theme, is shared here:

More details on the paintings can be found on my website, along with a contest announcement in my most recent (August 29) blog posting which explains how a lucky subscriber to the site will receive a free painting created from a photo!

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Painting of a Boy at the Beach Playing in the Sand

After sharing a few snowy winter paintings I wanted to shed the snowsuits and get back to the warm sunny summer days at the beach! I completed this artwork based on a few basic snapshots provided by the family of the boy playing in the sand. More info about the painting, as well as an opportunity to win a free painting created from a photo, can be found on my website. Note: That contest closes September 15, 2017.

As I am in the process of restoring my G+ Art Collection I am curious about what you'd like to see posted next - Another one depicting summer, or a return to the winter theme artwork?

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South Muskoka Bears Hockey Goalie Painting

The few pieces of winter and Christmas card artwork and paintings I've recently shared may seem to be out of season at this time of year, but this time the winter painting makes some sense to share right now. It's pretty much always hockey season up here! Summer hockey is winding down and already people are getting geared up for the launch of the main winter hockey season. I am looking forward to it too!
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