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We realize financial companies do not stay still, and we also realize skills that financial companies are looking for also evolve. Our Fusion Brain division specializes precisely on analyzing latest trends in technology in the financial industry field and infuses them into professional quality assurance track.

Making our QA IT consultants ready for your financial organization. We also talk to financial companies and collect surveys and analyze financial company's IT QA talent needs for the type of skills they are looking for in their candidates and adjust our IT consultants who specialize in quality assurance accordingly to the needs of the financial companies as part of our research life cycle.

Our Fusion Brain division is responsible for discovering these needs and updating course content accordingly, helping us stay more relevant to financial organization and helping us better serve financial company's needs. Visit BinaryFusion.ORG for more details.
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We help financial companies recruit quality assurance trained candidates. For more info about how financial companies can improve their operational efficiencies, check outs link and see what are the 8 qualities you must look for when getting recruiting or staffing services from the company.

Note not every recurring company has capabilities to deliver qualified candidates, our approach relies on education and hands on it training that can help our candidates gain necessary skills relevant to financial field industry in quality assurance and business analysis or over relevant QA positions.

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Secret tactics for financial organizations, that can help CIOs increase competitive edge by leveraging the power of Quality Assurance and Education.

8 qualities CIOs, Hiring Managers and C-levels execs should know about hiring quality candidates

Author Rome Wells: Financial Services Quality Assurance Enthusiast & Business Analyst with extreme level of Information Technology background in Mathematics and Education

Many financial companies’ especially big banks and other types of financial trading organizations, hedge funds and variety of companies in Manhattan NY who specialize in delivering financial services, rely on providing solutions and services to their own customers.

These solutions are highly relevant to information technology. These solutions are what makes financial companies stay efficient and stay on top of the edge. These solutions require quality of work ethics, and quality assurance.

In Financial organizations there is inter-combination of different types of software and applications and information systems that are relevant to trading and making money or providing other type of relevant services for traders, because at the end of the day traders are the ones who make the money and have the entrepreneurial mindset.

It’s important to provide proper user experience for the traders and important to have proper automation methods in place to ensure that the critical functions are not broken.

Here is the thing though; financial companies have lots of different functions and sub-functions that they rely on to run their business smoothly. However the reality is often realized through the simple fact that financial companies do not run so smoothly on regularly basis as much as they should be.

Why is that? Reason is because there are many elements that are missing as part of the equation that makes the process of running financial organization business smooth.

What are these elements?

Elements of back end employees who are supporting financial traders who are caring for quality of information technology and operations of the functions that commodity or other type of financial traders heavily rely upon.

The elements of back end office employees are making sure that the job gets simplified for traders, simply because at the end of the day financial traders must be properly positioned in competitive world of finance. The better they are positioned to do the job, the better the performance of the financial organization can be.

Now the shocking and very interesting part about all of this is the fact that skipping essential elements that can help financial organizations get competitive edge, can cause financial company’s growth potential be dramatically reduced in comparison to other competitor companies.

So the most common question that many IT Operations managers and CTOs and CIOs should be asking themselves… is…. what can I do to help improve efficiency for my company that can translate into revenue?

Answer… Help your traders operate efficiently, and streamline the back end processes in the direction of making sure that the processes operate smoothly. Smoothly operating processes equal revenue.

Wait but how do I stream line the processes in financial organization to help my company improve efficiency and make more money?

To stream line the processes, here is our Binary Fusion formula for C-Level Execs and CTOs and CIOs and IT managers and IT Directors in financial organizations showing how to organize your IT Department in the direction of providing proper back end functions to financial traders.

Tactic #1 Organize your IT department

1. Know who you are looking for and align job roles specifically for the role that you are looking for.
2. Organize your team to have daily stand up meetings where each employee shares information about what they did in quick 15 to 30 mins interval
3. Separate your IT back office into different departments, Engineering, App Support based on scalability needs (note it can be multiple departments).
4. Have weekly stand up with each of your employee, or organize people under you to do so for specific departments.

Tactic #2 Get the right type of employees for your Financial company

Get the right employees else… you end up shooting yourself in the leg and running around circles, going back and forth trying to find the right people.

Why Tactic #1 would work?

Reason is actually quite simple what you are doing by using tactic #1 is networking multiple people together, and reusing the brain power from multiple angles.

Why organize your IT department?

Reason #1 Know who you are hiring and align job roles

For example by following advice #1 which is Know who you are looking for and align job roles accordingly, you can save tons of time by minimizing your interaction of attempting to explain something 1000 times, since the person who you are hiring is basically already an expert in what they do. (Something that by the way I Rome Wells went through and got frustrated, same level of frustration that I have noticed across many c-level execs)

Reason #2. Have daily stand ups

Skip this step of not having daily stand ups and be prepared for spending loads of time having even bigger frustration trying to put all the pieces together of what tasks are done and which tasks are not done.

As the C-Level exec there is a lot of things that revolve in your head around your basis, having consistent short sprint meetings can make huge difference in helping your circle of networked employees to collaborate face to face, either over Agile meetings remotely.

Or alternatively for highest level of learning effectiveness face to face, where you get to look employee in the eyes and see their progress, see their status, see their body posture, see how they behave and detect early signals of whether or not there is a risk factor involved that can slow down your financial project.

(the level of progress that I Rome Wells have personally seen from this strategy being implemented is absolutely incredible in terms of progress and keeping track of employees and reducing the risk of projects not being complete, especially for the type of projects that that have huge levels of dependencies)

Reason#3 Separate your IT departments

This is no brainer right? Wrong… lots of companies out there don’t seem to grasp the concept of separating departments and not mixing together cabbages and hammers and phones all in one bag.

Having Engineering department and having App Support department is the most logical choice, obviously depending on where company’s headquarters are and if it’s a small company or medium size there can be less or more departments.

However the logical uniformity of departments should be based on overall organizational functions of particular employee job roles and their relevancy to the traders.

For example, having help desk and app support combined maybe a wise move if the financial company size is not big enough, since both help desk and app support employees provide one function, which is helping traders improve their business processes.

Therefore ask yourself this question if you are C-Level Exec… what is that you are trying to accomplish?

Your goal is to help improve usability of information systems. Your goal is to have security mindset, IT Generalist mind set, and 360 degrees view around the level of operations, applications, systems and all sorts of wrenches thrown at you from multiple angles, but at the end of the day your goal is to ensure that the business processes running smooth for your Traders who are helping company make money.

Reason#4 Have weekly meeting with each of your employee consistently and go over their task list

Note not having meeting with each of your employees when you look at them directly in the eyes and ask questions what was done and what was not done, can create illusion for employees that there is no accountability, even though it may not be the case, but in reality that is exactly what the outcome is of not having weekly meetings.

The speed for how fast projects get accelerated when employees forced to remember that they must provide progress every week is absolutely phenomenal. (I Rome Wells have experienced this myself, in both the roles of IT Engineer in financial organization for many years)

Tactic #2 How exactly can financial company get the right employees?

Often what we see is IT and CIOs, and CTOs and other type of managers do is….handing off functions to HR then HR passing their request to recruiters, and asking HR asking for assistance to find someone from recruiters…. This is where network disconnect often happens… you see… HR… doesn’t have the mindset… of … CIO or IT Manager or any other c-level exec…..

Neither do they care much about the reasons why they should assist with hiring the right type of candidate as much as CIO or c-level execs do (reason is simple they are not sitting in the chair of C level exec).

At the end of the day performance of the company is greatly measured by what CIO does and not by HR…. HR is a small function of a sub-function of another function.

Note that is not to say HR doesn’t paly important role, but each of these roles that are ran and governed by CIO directions, are like networked machines, put together like a clock that keeps pushing one process with another.

CIO is the center of universe… CIO is the person who makes decisions and controls the limits and boundaries of these limits, not to overdo or not to not do enough and CIO is the one that organizes these functions in a way that makes sense.

What makes most sense for CIOs is to participate in the decision making process of how exactly financial industry qualified candidates are being picked by providing to your recruiter the list of the 8 below mentioned qualities and designating HR personal to ensure that these qualities are present in each applicant or having at least 70%-80% of these qualities present in each type of applicant.

What makes most sense for CIOs is to participate in the decision making process of how exactly financial industry qualified candidates are being picked by reviewing your recruiter/staffing agency and carefully looking to see if they have 8 of the below mentioned qualities (paragraph below) and designating HR personal to ensure that these qualities are really met by the recurring/staffing agency.

So wait what is the solution here? What can CIO/IT Managers or Hiring Managers do here to get the right employee candidate for their company?

Look for the following 8 Qualities in your recruiting/staffing company who is assisting you with getting qualified IT employee candidate.

1. Does the company specializing in recruiting employees in financial industry in Manhattan NY or nearby area?
2. Does the company specialize in match making?
3. Does the company focus on match making employees who are quality assurance trained with soft skills, business analysis skills and project management skills?
4. Does the recruiting and staffing company interview these candidates themselves prior to handing them off to you?
5. Does the recruiting and staffing company make their candidates who they pass to you trusted?
6. Does the recruiting and staffing company provide hands on training to employee candidate who they pass to you specifically in the core area of financial companies?
7. Does the recruiting & staffing company relay educational values that are extremely relevant to C-Level execs and CIOs and Managers in financial industry?
8. Does the recruiting company provide customized training approach to employee candidates who they match make with?

If you have answered No… there is a high chance that you are missing out in comparison to other financial companies who are taking advantages of these 8 tactics.

How can financial companies near Manhattan NY take advantage of finding the right company with 8 unique qualities?


Start with forming partnership with the right type of recruiting and staffing company.

Issue #1 Most Recruitment/Staffing agencies in Financial industry have no such qualities

Why you should form relationship with staffing/recruitment agency that is capable of delivering at least 70% to 80% of these 8 qualities:

(In short the reason why is so you can get competitive advantage for your company, and improve business operational efficiency, hidden secret no one will tell you but I Rome Wells will.)

Most of the recruitment and staffing companies in Manhattan NY do not have anywhere remotely near to that number of qualities as part of their recruitment service offering portfolio (due to undeveloped capabilities and due to the fact that their business model is to simply help companies find employees in all sorts of skill sets without really diving deep into quality assurance concept).

However, even finding Recruitment Company with 4 out of 8 types of qualities can greatly increase your chances of landing right type of employee for your financial organization.

The major problem with recruiters and staffing agency now days who often find such employees, is very simple fact that they are not specialized in financial company’s needs and even if they are… they simply do not have the capabilities to deliver the right type of candidate.

Why do recruiters fail to deliver such 8 type of quality capabilities for financial organizations?

Actually its quiet simple… reason why… is because they fail to establish circle of Trust with their candidates who they are attempting to recommend and frankly speaking treating them like a conveyer of labor when instead they should be focusing on educating and training them to provide better quality .

Why do recruiters fail to establish circle of trust and trust between whom?

Trust between employee candidates and employers. What majority of recruiting companies are looking for is shortcuts (due to incompatible business models that they have created in the first place due to spreading themselves horizontally in multiple non specialized directions and having factor of GREED guiding them rather than providing authentic recruiting and staffing services to financial companies…. “GREED is like a crime” - Rome Wells), but trust is defined exactly by opposite force of shortcuts, it’s defined by hard work, and hard work is what is precisely required to gain factor of trust between employee candidate and employer.

Wait but how can C-Level Exec know if there is a relevant layer of trust between, recruitment company and employee candidates who they are recommending to financial organization?

The only way to know is to see how exactly recruitment/staffing agency reinforces their concept of trust between employee who they recommend and employer.

Does the recruitment agency care about match making you with the right candidate? Do they care about the quality of the candidate? Do they care about what your financial organization needed skills are?

Circle of trust can only be created based on mutual agreement between one party and another, therefore if recruiting agency who you are using for your financial organization have created that trusted bond between them and their candidates and have financial industry specialized capabilities of delivering such candidates, then this is a rare find that you may only find in few recruitment companies.

There are different methods that recruiters and hiring managers and c-level execs of financial companies develop that trust.
One way is by focusing on the customer, and not the other way around. If you find recruiting company that focuses on the financial customer’s need then you CIO, or C Level exec is in luck. Note: Many of them simply do not do that.

Why handing off your recruitment request to non-specialized in the industry company can be costing you money?

Reason is simple, you end up getting random candidates and end up getting punished by your decision to get non specialized match making company, simply because employees who you end up getting are going to be cat in the hat, causing only frustration for your hiring managers and waste of time.

Hiring Recruitment Company with financial specialization background is the key to increasing your financial company competitive edge.

Why is that exactly? Reason why is because of these 8 qualities that was mentioned earlier, the 8 qualities that makes it possible for your financial organization get high quality type of candidates, reduce your headaches and improve operational efficiency and return on investment.

How can financial and hiring managers companies find specialized recruitment companies?

The only way to find them is not by finding them, is by making them come to you. If they truly care about your industry they would come to you. If they do not care about your industry and don’t have the guts they would not come to you.

However the way these companies would come to you is not just through advertisement, and not through contextual marketing message, but by reaching out directly to you.

If you see such company reaching out to you, do not hesitate to review them according to the 8 qualities that I just mentioned earlier to see how they fall into these qualities.

If the recruitment agency does not fall into 8 of these qualities, they will either be willing to establish 8 of these qualities by partnering up with the company that can help them gain trust with such companies or by establishing their own capabilities of helping financial organizations deliver that circle of trust by heavily relying on the 8 qualities described in this article, the 8 qualities that C-level execs should look for in the recruitment/staffing company.

Oh there is one more thing if you are smart C-level exec and want to be pro-active in finding the right type of recruitment company that specializes in providing quality candidates for financial organizations then make sure that you follow these 3 steps.

Step 1. Check back in with us DBA Binary Fusion, by simply following our blog on LinkedIn we will share with you gradually other articles and other examples for how financial companies can improve their competitive advantage.

Step 2. Make your HR person visit this blog or share this blog with your HR person, so this way they are in sync with the recommendations that we are providing.

Step 3. If you do happen to by some odd chance manage to stumble upon such company that in one shape or form exhibit these 8 qualities, definitely consider reaching out to them.

At the end of the day your goal should be to find ways for how you can improve operational efficiencies of your business process for your trading desks operations and for any surrounding back end office functions that can help you stay competitive.

Don’t follow my advice and get sunk behind, follow it and get ahead.

This message has been delivered by me Rome Wells, data scientist, educational advocate, financial services quality assurance enthusiast, Business Analyst, IT Engineer, and many other things in between with core specialization in IT QA and Education.

What about actual recruiting/staffing companies? How on earth can they get such capabilities for the 8 qualities mentioned above?

Sorry guys but when educational advocate like me Rome Wells dives into Quality Assurance recruiting industry, and discovers loop holes and shortcuts that recruiting and staffing agencies take and as the end result end up sacrificing quality for financial organizations, that’s when I step in.

When I step in, I deliver message clear and my message is… please develop the qualities mentioned in this article that I Rome Wells recommend to C-Level execs.

C-Level execs will listen to me, because I know exactly how they think, they know exactly what I am referring to, and they will want to follow advice being recommended by me Rome Wells.
My expertise is networking people together, their minds, their processes, their businesses their concepts and their ideas, their IT systems, their quality assurance processes, in the direction of providing quality, security and affordable education all in 1.

Therefore, if you are recruiting company and trying to break into financial organization, do not even bother without industry based knowledge, without flexibility for caring, remove the word I from the equation, and only focus on you, you, you.

Also remove the concept of GREED from your equation, “Greed is like a crime, you follow it and you sink” -Rome Wells

Also if you can not develop the 8 qualities mentioned above due to the incompatible business model that you forged together, and then leverage partners!

Cut down your commission, partner up with someone who can help you developing such quality capabilities, help financial organizations develop reasoning and needs for financial organizations to hire your candidates, stop taking shortcuts and focus on quality.

Each shortcut = loss of money, and long term productivity, fire everyone in your team who does not understand concept of passion, and partner up with the people who understand your concept of passion, but reward them for that passion by cutting down the GREED factor.
The following quotes were prepared by Rome Wells and equally applicable to C level execs, to Recruiters and to many business owners around the world.

“Stop being greedy, greed is like a crime, get rid of and you will be glad you did”

“Focus on quality but maintain the limits and you will be glad you did”

“Do not over perfect things, stay within boundaries and you will be glad you did”

“Develop capabilities way ahead of schedule with precise plan of attack and preparation and you will be glad you did”

“Get Education to be your friend and combine it with quality assurance for your customers and you will be glad you did”
“Stop wasting time reading and start formulating business processes into actionable steps and you will be glad you did”

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Many financial companies asked Rome Wells, how do I get QA qualified candidates? It seems that majority of them are just button pushers...

The answer is quiet simple... hire the right candidate....

Discover how one data scientist Rome Wells, help financial organizations improve their QA processes. If you think it's a marketing message.... I can assure you... this is beyond what you have ever seen in any other type of blogs.

I am not here to give you the sales peach, I am here to open up your brain... and help you reduce staffing headaches of improperly choosing the wrong type of candidate, and why you as the hiring manager may want to think twice before hiring any QA specialist for your organization without reading this first.

What you will see is how one man..... Rome Wells (me)... describes... to financial organizations near Manhattan NY, how financial organizations can improve their hiring process for Quality Assurance folks, without being burned down... by hiring useless button pushers type of candidates who simply do not provide good return on investment for company's money.

So here is the scoop for how I Rome Wells describe it all to you hiring managers who are trying to find QA testers... but simply banging their head against the wall by hiring useless type of QA software testers, who just do not fit in financial organization, and making the overall efficiency of the work progress ineffective.

Are you in charge of recruiting QA and business mind oriented need for your financial organization?

Did you know that tons of candidates out there who do not have QA experience often lack fundamental skills of being able to decipher business concepts and translate them to business stake holders in financial organizations?

You know what else is shocking? That candidates who do have experience still lack one fundamental skill set...

Want to know what that skill set is?

It's called Networking, and no... I am not referring here to IT networking.... what i am referring to here is beyond IT Networking.

What I am referring to here is too difficult to comprehend.... by an avg person........

What I am referring here is what can make the difference between success and failure for your Financial organization and on going projects.....

Each project must have start date and completion date, often we find that start date and completion date are out of sync, and often we find that the dependencies that arise from such out of sync dates are not just due to the fact that someone was lazy, but it's due to the fact for how undeveloped human brain works.

So what is the solution here?

To help you better understand what the solution here is, it's critical to first understand importance of QA job role and what are the networked components of that job role.

For example networked components for that role can be, being able to communicate effectively with other financial organization stake holders, or being able to create check lists to follow certain tasks that are required to be completed before the dead line, or knowing how to be agile, and knowing the limits of the project scope, and knowing when to stop banging against the problem and jumping outside of the box, or getting the right people involve, or fishing out information and filtering this information out for developers.

The skills that we are talking here... let me be honest... are very very difficult to acquire without proper training... in fact... these skills rarely ever come to play unless there is a goal and desire to understand the business model surrounding particular QA role and understand how each of the most common components that are part of the QA job role come together.

So how can brain be developed in such a way that allows person to have a business oriented mind set and still be technical?

How can the brain be trained to think with the mind set of the business stake holder, and the mindset of the project manager and the mind set of technical Quality Assurance software tester?

The only way the brain can be developed in such a way is by gaining relevant training pertaining to the surrounding components of the QA job role.

However, what exactly should the QA candidate be trained be about?

To make it short... the skill set that the QA candidate must be exposed to... is the skill set of the data scientist and networking guru. The skill that we are talking about here is called Data Science and Networking skill, but no... not just IT networking you used to hear about .... but the neural mind type of networking that happens in the brain.

It's not just experience with Selenium drivers or basic scripting language that hiring managers should be looking for, but the skill set of the data scientist and a networking guru, with the mind set of someone who can decipher complex business complex, and fish out information from relevant business analysts, project managers and other stake holders and deliver it back on the platter to the world of web and app developers, application support analysts and any other surrounding individuals who are stake holders within a particular project.

So what is the skill of Networking in the field of QA?

What I am referring here is being able to connect the dots..... However, connecting the dots... can not happen without proper type of training, that helps QA candidate open up their brain and go beyond the level of simply testing brainlessly.

What is the example of being able to connect the dots? Basic examples would be, being able to fish out information from relevant Business stake holders. and perform test sequences and provide not just brainless unfiltered information to IT and Business Managers but relevant information.

Relevant in such a way that makes sense, for example without having Business Analyst do all the work of explaining what QA specialist must do for every single details.

I personally often refer to such people who simply do... what someone tells them as "Button Pushers"..... what qualified QA candidate is for financial organization is not someone who push the button... and does what Project Manager and Business Analyst tells them step by step... what to do... but someone who fishes out the information, filters it out, discovers requirements, and delivers project to completion, by avoiding having to blame others and taking responsibilities for their actions while engaging others, in the process and knowing the limits of how far is too far...and when it's time to jump out of the box.....

Having successful Quality Assurance process is a complete must for financial organization, not having that process in line can back fire and reduce your overall long term investment and only complicate the job....

The only way to get these type of Training is to hire candidates that are aware of these data scientist and networking skill sets....

Now here comes the marketing message... and no if you are a hiring company seeking QA candidates... you do not have to follow this link... however.... if you do follow this link.... you will see extremely unprecedented example..... in fact it will be so unprecedented that you may either conclude that the entire article is written by an insane man and if you are laughing.... i am with you.... or you will see an absolutely incredible journey of someone who is extremely passionate about helping people connect the dots.

You will see see an example of how one man..... Rome Wells..... connects the dots together by combining the field of information technology and education together.... and uses concepts of networking and data science..... and shows examples of how to connect the dots, and explains his journey through out the process of doing so, and shows step by step visually business components in the world of education.... and what it means to be the data scientist... and what it means to have the mind of the networking consultant across multiple levels of the brain.

After seeing how Rome Wells uses his brain to inter-connect thought processes, Information technology systems, mathematical concepts, visual concepts, theoretical concepts, marketing concepts, people, companies and uses inter combinations of networked sites and business ideas and project management concepts together.... you will quickly learn.... about what it takes... to have the data scientist and networking consultant mind set.

The mind that is you simply do not see anywhere... the mind set that you may have heard about in the past, the mind set that you will either look upon and not pay any particular attention... or perhaps the mindset that can change your life....

See how Rome Wells connects companies together... and shows companies how... he does it..... by literally showing every component involved in particular business model(s)....... and see how Rome Wells does so in another industry not financial... but.... if you are a hiring manager in financial industry... and trying to get the right candidate for your company.... for the field of QA.... then there is absolutely no better person on entire planet earth..... than Rome Wells.... who can help train candidates for QA core are of expertise role and get students into the mindset of doers not pushers.....

View example of Rome Wells parent company Tutoring Services, LLC google plus collection blog section and view the mind set of the 21st century data scientist, educational advocate, with information technology brain power in mind, intersecting the boundaries of human learning ability and helping America fight cyber crime, and improve educational mind set of America in the direction of quality. Find out more by visiting

Oh one more thing... in case if your financial company do happen to want QA... candidate.... don't hesitate to shoot Rome Wells an email.... and see how our company DBA Binary Fusion, can help..... (essentially the way we do that is by infusing knowledge in college grad students' brain by training them QA,

software manual testing, automated testing, web/dev scripting,professional development, business analysis, project management, hands on experience and other relevant courses in the track of QA with core emphasis towards financial industries, then releasing our DBA Binary Fusion graduates with the mind set of a QA trained specialist,networking guru and data scientist)

You can send email to and let us help you get networked with the right candidates who have anything remotely near to what was described in this article in their mind set.

In simple words our company provides IT staffing solutions for QA track candidates, by leveraging as the backbone our educational values and knowledge in information technology systems in the field of Financial organizations.

Having someone like DBA Binary Fusion, can literally reduce your chances of having to constantly pick the wrong candidates.... because at the end of the day.... candidates can only be good as good as their instructors....

or the values passed on to these instructors from the founders in the form of most innovative educational and information technology company in the planet, who can either help your Financial organization succeed by hiring the right QA specialists and jump above the competition while maximizing your return on investment from having to waist time and resources or stick with the crowd....

and end up hiring candidates who simply do not understand any of these described values..... (this typically happens when you hire from company who specializes in.... nothing but..... staffing and not training....... you see training and education and business values are networked together....

using staffing companies who specialize in everything... without delivering high quality candidates is like gambling with your organization..... don't gamble... reduce risk... chose company who understands these values and can help your company grow.)

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