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To Celia Gollin 03/08/2017 - For me to look backwards 25 years (a divorce; exclusion; menaces) like looking into the minds of my children, a totally different conscious human state is found. It is not totally unfathomable to go back 25 years in thought, historians do that all the time and especially today, 2017, with the popularity of “remembrance therapy” for “older people” in the staving off ageing and its inevitable decrepitude for most people. Having had the advantage of being an older parent at the age of 48 and in my wife having twins, a boy and a girl; learning about the modern world was somewhat a great imperative. I thought that my learning had been done at a much earlier age and that I had put the world to rights, so to speak and in my earlier years!

What is the conscious state of our past and beyond 25 years close associations, those that we have not met up within 25 years, but know that they have not had children within those 25 years? We may know where they have lived and what is their financial status, records, if any, of criminality or their extinction and even their medical records (whatever information may have been leaked). Contact with the joint past friends of 25 years can be a good source, through “social media” not available 25 years ago (2017).

The “average person” is a thousand times more complicated than the most complicated of Shakespearian characters! But has this person that you pursue (Celia Gollin) become “static in their past state of 25 years ago”, remaining, simply psychotic (as before); without any positive advancement! Does one really wish to see through all this, in what, very well, maybe, a “dark veil” and for “what are the reasons”?

This I may have made very clear, in all the past correspondence. I’m sure that it will happen eventually as the pressure builds up! “Robert Pring Dressage Training” has been, seriously, not forthcoming. Other friends at “Westbrook Hall Farm” 25 years ago are available – what a sad (no children) and an unhappy mess-up was made by all; all with my heritage!

Many kind regards +++

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Lots of Notes (much is uncorrected & not edited) - Daddy’s Space, ‘The Gutter Or The Stars’ – Progressive family philosophy, 'The older I get, the more I see people with the need for the 'subjective', ref, 'Aldous Huxley'. 'Atheistic Mysticism', fills the 'gap'; reference; social science; parenting; knowledge; Humanist and Secular; free-thought; love, UK. “In the dawn of our human experience” & “A treasure trove of independent thinking”. Kids, 'teach your Teachers'.
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