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This is so cool. Or totally hot… 
#ICYMI: The moon just photobombed our sun observing spacecraft on Thursday when it passed in front of the sun:
Animated Photo

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NASA plans emergency spacewalk on ISS

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Cassini lives on!
NASA's Cassini spacecraft is back in contact with Earth after its successful first-ever dive through the narrow gap between the planet Saturn and its rings.
As Cassini closes in on its end on 15 September, scientists are starting to risk increasingly dangerous manoeuvers to collect once in a lifetime science.
This wonderful robot was directed to dive through this gap of just 2000 kilometres, actually skimming through Saturn's upper atmosphere where atmospheric pressure was 1 bar - equivalent to Earth's at sea level.
It will be amazing to see what they've collected. 

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Enceladus continues to amaze and intrigue!
Hydrogen, carbon dioxide and water coming from under the ice…
NASA is focusing on Europa in the search for extra-terrestrial life. But we have to return to Enceladus. 

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Australian TV show and citizen science leads to discovery of new solar system:

New solar system with four planets has been discovered 600 light years away by Australians taking part in Stargazing Live

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Less than. 10 minutes to the launch of the +SpaceX​ SES-10.
This is the first time one of the first stage boosters has been reused. 

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There is a Category 4 cyclone bearing down on my home state of Queensland right now.
Cyclone Debbie is huge and will take a huge toll on homes and farms.
A similar cyclone a few years ago saw all of Australia without affordable bananas for a year.
Here's a view of Debbie from the International Space Station. 

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Very cool Mr Branson, very cool.
He's going to gift a spaceflight to Stephen Hawking.
Date not mentioned. But Virgin Galactic have been quietly hard at work rebuilding after the fatal feathering error that caused their test craft to disintegrate fatally. 

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Almost, but not quite, into the nitty gritty of Saturn's A-ring.
This is the closest picture of the rings so far, with resolution down to about one kilometre.
Scientists are sending Cassini into increasingly risky situations as its mission draws to a close.
Download the high quality version and enjoy! 

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Pretty epic couple of weeks coming up for anyone interested in the stars.
What a coup for ANU Mt Stromlo Observatory and Dr Brad Tucker.
If you can't view ABC iView in your area, just load a VPN first. 
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