Holy fucking hell

"My opinion is that I would have taken that gig in a flash, and then built up -and used- my clout in that position to dislodge Zak later on. WW posts suggest that have a different philosphical angle on this, though: [link removed here]

(EDIT: I have done exactly that in other job positions. Sometimes the temerity to hang on for an opportunity to oust an adversary or a toxic employee is well worth it)"
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This is a list of my recent feelings about films.

- Hey. Ryan Johnstones making Rogue One [EDIT as Simon points out below, he's making Episode 8 not Rogue One, so this is dumb from this point on], he made Brick and Looper, that means it will probably be good!

Trailer comes out.

- Eh, that looks like a flat balloon. Still, he made Brick and Looper, it might still be good!

Oh, Star Trek Into Darkness is on netflix. Lets watch it.

- Holy fucking christ this actually got worse. How the fuck did anyone even greenlight this. Are they on some new fucking drug up there and we don't know about it and years later people will be saying"oh yeah, that was the colosptipron era, all the directors and writers were mainlining colostipron, thats why everything is shallow and thoughtless and clever and glib and not thought through and it stops you generating new ideas but you can shuffle old ideas reeeaal quick.

- Still I don't really like Abrams much and if Rogue One is as much better than Force Reawakens as Looper was to Into Darkness then it could be really good!

oh, Looper is also on netflix. Lets watch it.

- Ah yeaahh this is still good. Man, why don't people make original-seeming movies any more.

Then this speech

ABE - How can you kids stand those chokers? This, the cravats.

JOE - Ties.

ABE - Ridiculous. You’re aware we don’t have a dress code.

JOE - (shrugs) Fashion.

ABE - You know, you don’t know, the movies you’re dressing like were copying other movies. Goddamn 20th century affectations, do something new. Put a glowing thing around your neck or use... rubberized.. (waves at Joe’s suit) Be new.

- Ah fuck. It doesn't matter if Rogue One is good. Because the guy who wrote this speech is now making fucking Star Wars movies. And anyone else competent or capable of originality is making fucking Star Wars or some other fucking thing. It doesn't matter. The fucking system ate them.
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Good books on Brexit?

(Recommended books, not your opinions.)
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This is a culture-war shit post that I'm not putting on the blog because its a culture-war shit post. I wrote it mainly to squeeze it out of my head so i can write other thing so feel free to ignore.

Is 'Clay Footing' an argument a thing? And if it is, is it wrong?

(Coming up with a special word or clever bit of dogma to describe something almost all people do in argument all the time is probably a bad thing to do, that's why this is a shit post.)

My definition of Clay Footing is if, when confronted by numerous counter-arguments, you select the most hysterical, poorly thought out or badly stated version to argue against and ignore or sliiide past versions of the same argument that might be more coldly and clearly thought out or just have moral validity.

So lets say you are in a brutal culture war argument over whether bunnies are fluffy.

Your position is that bunnies are overwhelmingly fluffy, to the extent that its completely reasonable to address almost any rabbit as a 'fluffy bunny'.

So you state this publicly.

Maybe you create a hashtag #bunniesrfluffy

The response is violent and intense.

Amongst the huge slew of opposing views you get, at each end of the spectrum, these two;


"Oh. My. God. I am so angry RIGHT NOW. How are we even still having this argument?!?! I mean its 2015!! I guess nobody told you about short-furred rabbits? Or hairless rabbits? 

Ever wonder what its like living every day as a rabbit with short non-fluffy hair in a world where the media and society tell you again and again that your short fur is illegitimate and WRONG?

This level of ignorance is so typical of [arbitraryracegenderconfig]'s and just exemplifies you your privileged/cosseted point of view. 

Go and reAd this [giant wodge of theory you will never read] and this [internet report of a report of a report of a study which you later find has been partially disavowed by its creator] and then maybe you will understand enough to argue with me.

[Unprovable and undeniable inference of communal guilt.]

I am so, so tired of trying to counter this [blah blah blah] [aaannnd OUT].



While I concede your right to call all bunnies fluffy I think it may be an inaccurate and perhaps morally dangerous choice to do so.

Not all bunnies are fluffy, many have short dense hair and some have none. Though the proportion of these bunnies in relation to the whole is small they nevertheless blah blah blah consideration for a minority, duty of care to bunnies, alienation of some bunnies, small carefully-backed-up use of evidence blah blah blah.

I hope that you will consider my viewpoint.


[concerned imaginary person]

If you read both of these and you deliberately or unconsciously shape you argument in reply to Response A, could that be a bad thing to do, or is it reasonable?

Reasons if might be bad - 

Summons fuckwits to you so you end up surrounded by fuckwits on all sides.

Emotionalises discussion.

Deepens culture war.

No assumption of good faith on their part so will become personal and nasty fast.

You know they are an idiot so you can perform your victory and look good to your friends, might be bad for you in the long run, make you arrogant/dumb etc.

Reasons it might be OK -

The idiots might be more representative of the opposing view and therefore its better to reply to them.

They started a fight with you so its ok for you to take advantage of their stupidity, in the same way if a really small guy waves a knife in your face, is ok to punch him, his fault for being small and violent.

The stupidity of stupid people is part of the problem with the opposing view so you need to fight that stupidity publically.

"By my troth our tribes do war and at least Response A hideth not their wrath beneath a magicians weasel words, Blood for the Blood God!"
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