Muhammad Talha Bin Yousuf
2 years agoPublic
The Scientific Method..
Starts from Observation to Reproduction of Results.
Mike Aben2 years ago
So if kids understand it intuitively, why do so many adults seem to have a problem understanding how science works?+2
+Mike Aben It has to do something with schooling system.+1
Owen Iverson2 years ago
+Mike Aben and +Muhammad Talha Bin Yousuf i'd go further and say it's parents and how they raise the kid before it even enters the school system. and once a child has a concept planted in his head by a parent, it's very difficult to shake it off  in later years.
Mike Aben2 years ago
It saddens me, though, how many kids come through the school systems without any idea of what science is.  They, and the public in general, think it's just information in a book.  They then understandably question why the authority of one book should be considered above the authority of any other, when the point is that it isn't even about authority.

We spend way too much time trying to stuff kids full of trivial facts, and far too little time getting them to think.
Yes +Owen Iverson You are right it is unfortunate that the system nowadays we are in steals the imagination and trial of new things.
+Mike Aben Yes I always believe that instead of telling the children what to think we should teach how to think.
Rizki Alfath2 years ago
That's the human natural behaviors.+1
michael lopez2 years ago
OMG this is exactly what is behind this little Blue sign it so clear and bigger of what people think, and has all of the elements of the " Scientific Method!"+1
Yeah +michael lopez It's really amazing to see the scientific method used by it's the method of nature to know.
michael lopez2 years ago
thank you, Muhammad Talha Bin Yousuf+1
Very Welcome +michael lopez 
chysta sarah2 years ago
Yep, that's kids do. I see it everyday. They learn by cause and effect.+1