Bajee Baskararasa
3 years agoEditedPublic
Tablet/Phablet UI working as expected with some minimal overlapping text to be fixed. Per app colour works with the statusbar and NavBar icons only, I'll fix per app colour for NavBar/StatusBar Icons by next week. Per app DPI/Layout, Lockscreen DPI, NavBar size and Global settings works as well. Don't ask questions about these features, because I won't answer anything. I'm just here to bring you guys new things and keep RootBox updated while I'm busy with university. You can ask your questions once you've tried the builds and don't ask me when builds will be available.
richard ralph3 years ago
Thanks for the update appreciate you using your spare Time to give us our ROM fix good luck with uni +1
Edward Smith3 years ago
Hum if that is taking a break.... What will it be when you're back :-) Looking forward all your new implementations! Cheers and many thanks!
sal c3 years ago
Wow that looks amazing! Hope to see a build eventually for the t0lte note 2 :D