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Starting today, when you search Google for restaurants, bars or other local places on your desktop, you’ll see an interactive “carousel” of local results at the top of the page. 

Give it a go—type or say “mexican restaurants,” or try any similar search for restaurants, bars or hotels. Click on one of the places in the carousel to get more details on it, including its overall review-based score, address and photos. If you want to see more places, click the arrow at the right of the carousel. And you can zoom in on the map that appears below the carousel to restrict your search to only places in a specific area.

While some iPad and Nexus tablet users have seen this new look since December, we’re excited to expand to desktop. The interactive “carousel” is rolling out in English in the U.S.—we’ll add more features and languages over time.
Awesome Google Maps!+4
Joe Ford2 years ago
Maps are now about exploring, not just finding what you were after!+7
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I Love Google Maps!!!!!+2
I love Google! Everything about it. Passion = Me = Google <3+4
More Local signs coming up...
Erich W2 years ago
+Google Maps +Google  can you add restaurant grades as well as linking to the grade report+1
Not working outside of US.+2
Mike Cassandra2 years ago
Friggin awesome +Google
Daniele Segato2 years ago
will this feature be available outside US?
Felipe NS2 years ago
Google please buy Duolingo
+Felipe NS yeah sure, while they're on their way they might as well buy Yahoo and Microsoft.
Sérgio Araújo2 years ago
We could have real time feedback from NSA employees, ratings on the restaurants and bars they've personally been to. Now that's what i call a feature!+3
Bernard Gauthier2 years ago
Google I like it. Very nice touch
Marie, LMB2 years ago
Awesome, I will like this feature thank you Google! =0)
Je ne connais pas google+ mais c'est avec plaisir que j'aimerais apprendre a le connaitre+2
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i love google please send me some #googleglasses  +1
Arjun Shenoy2 years ago
And as usual it's only to US? +3
Marie, LMB2 years ago
I just noticed that as well!!+1
Mohnish Varma2 years ago
Go googoe go lov3 the way u r evolving
Andrew Naidorf2 years ago
Проклятые шовинисты! Почему только в Америке? Все, я одеваю шапку-ушанку, випиваю водку и иду запускать атомные ракеты+2
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It's more interactive than ever thanks +Google
Britt Bischoff2 years ago
While I really love this new feature, I'm curious as to why this appears for only some local searches?
Pete McGowan2 years ago
Works on my computer but not on my Ipad....
Curt Hasegawa2 years ago
So cool!  Love it!
Come to Norway.. Don't be shy.
Thomas Wolf2 years ago
Wish local was even half as good in Ireland
Yasir NV2 years ago
i do not feel this
Jean STEMMELEN2 years ago
In France no carroussel
Ben Smith2 years ago
Ah. This might actually be helpful. I work at a local ice cream shop and this really makes it easier for people to see us!
Larry Bossom2 years ago layout needs to be adjusted. The carrousel often sits on top of the first few search results on the page. Using chrome version 28.0.1500.44 beta-m
Star Padilla2 years ago
Not reflecting any carousel search results for myself and I'm in the U.S. :(
Chessika Z2 years ago
+Arjun Shenoy , +Andrew Naidorf it will be coming as soon as Google has the NSA international version approved :-/+1
Victoria Pyle2 years ago
Love you +Google Thank you for helping to restore my faith in humanity! Your brilliant business concept is helping to shape our world... as one whole :)
Danny Skarka2 years ago
Google, you know I love you, but you need to get mobile in on all this cool stuff of late. Come on, I know you read comscore. So much of your stuff is not even adaptive, no less functioning.

Kind regards,
A fan...
Greg Gifford2 years ago
So what happens to keyword data in Google Analytics? If you click a venue and the SERP changes to a branded search, does a clickthrough to the site show the original query or the branded search?+2
Nick Gifford2 years ago
I apologize, I have no idea what I just decided to comment on.  I saw +Greg Gifford as I was scrolling past this post, and thought it was a nice name.... :)

Just kidding, I love the results carousel!
Guy Baker2 years ago
It shows many, but not all local restaurants. +Google, How do we ensure more/all restaurant's visibility? This is important for my local market and when I am personally out on the road... +1
Gregory Garvin2 years ago
I caught this and like it. If I could see my reviews and check-ins on mobile that would be great.+1
Jon Disnard2 years ago
What the fuck do New Yorkers know about Mexican food?
Gregory Garvin2 years ago
+Jon Disnard we have so many Mexicans even the Chinese use them in the kitchen and we don't suffer from simple palettes like most of the country. You are from Arlington so you might have a more flavored palette than the western part of TX.
Drew Colpurs2 years ago
Please take the time to read this post, I think it's very important.
Where should I post this?
Michael LaRoque2 years ago
Can Google users expect to see, for example, "Automobiles" or any other categories soon? +1
What's the logic behind these results? Are they retrieved from other Google products (e.g. Zagat)? Is it a product based on structured data mark-ups? Sorry, not in US to check it live
Susan Reed2 years ago
So, this is only restaurants,  bars, fast food, and hotels? I have tried a few other type of places and not seeing it. I'm fine without it.
Michael LaRoque2 years ago
As an SEO'r, I need more clarification on certain aspects!

Please? =D
Jürgen Strahm2 years ago
Maps, local stores, local and mobile business. The next big thing for local stores VS online shops? #showrooming
Luke Harris2 years ago
Doesn't work for me.
La communication digitale et l'e-réputation : des enjeux grandissants pour le succès des restaurants, hôtels, bars...
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Edmar Vieira2 years ago
ok, very well!
Ian Bowland2 years ago
Local carousel only in US at moment. For dining, nightlife, hotels. This will have a big impact on local SEO as the Carousel effectively pushes the Natural listings down the page. Google's stealth method of getting more local ad revenue. It will work too!+1
E. Lyon2 years ago
When can we see this on Google France
Joseph Ameen2 years ago
Is there a way to turn this off?
Daniel Metzger2 years ago
That appearance feels like it clashes with the rest of the web page.
Modssir Azm2 years ago
Angie Pugh2 years ago
I love this!!!
Phim Hay Số2 years ago
hay quá  hihe+1
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Andreas Voland2 years ago
kind of beautiful!+1
Second phase is . Virtual city....Real next time...
Trina Abraham2 years ago
Sarah McMillan2 years ago
How do you get businesses to show up on this carousel?
Joseph Ameen2 years ago
I can't seem to find any means of removing this feature, whether it be in the settings or via third party extensions. Frankly, I find it to be ugly, cluttered, and irrelevant. It does nothing to improve the results of any search I've seen it come up for, instead pushing what I'm looking for even further down the page.

For example, when I search for "coffee", the results do not include my regular coffee shop because, presumably, it's not on Google Places. It DOES show up in the search results below via Yelp, which I have to scroll to reach. Furthermore, the assumption is that I searched for "coffee" and wanted coffee shops. I could have wanted to buy coffee online, or find out information about coffee. With this, though, Google is making assumptions about what I'm searching for, and its getting those assumptions wrong.

The way I see it, if I wanted to search for local businesses, I'd have gone to Google Local, or preferably a different site entirely because I find Google lacking in that area.
Just see and conment: Impression?
One of the best maps 
Robert Redl2 years ago
todd grossman2 years ago
Gary Molitor2 years ago
I HATE it. How do I remove this stupid feature?
Will Snook2 years ago
I wish I could figure out how to change the picture that shows for my business!!  Anyone?  
Jacks Logan2 years ago
I don't like this's ugly, in the way, and it doesn't show what I'm looking for at all since I was searching for restaurants in Australia, not the US.  At least, give us a choice if we want to see the bar or not...I do not!
Steve Neale2 years ago
Ugly, unhelpful, unattractive, useless, unasked for
mega SEO1 year ago
Good Technique. Thanks.
Steve Neale1 year ago
This sucks get it off my desktop
Takes up too much room
Duy Thanh Ta1 year ago
Google maps !! very good...+1