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Setting Device Expectations

Let’s start with the simplest form of this: CyanogenMod does not pre-announce support or lack of support for devices. Ever. Even for the Nexus 4, we did not announce support until a nightly build was available. Further, any announcement regarding the ‘dropping’ of device support will be communicated via this Google+ page, Twitter, Facebook, our blog, or a combination of those; it will not be something buried in a forum post. 

This morning, a comment from a CM collaborator on XDA was taken to be as an ‘absolute’ in regards to support of the S4. He offered the opinion of four TeamHacksung maintainers, their frustrations and lack of interest in supporting the S4. What’s seemingly lost on those reading this is that his comments as an individual do not speak for CyanogenMod as an organization. 

As for the team’s stance on the S4, there isn’t one at this time, and most definitely won’t be one before the device is sold at retail. 

-The CyanogenMod Team
William D.3 years ago
Shared and spread. However, I likely won't get an S4 just because I don't see the point in a superphone if I have a great tab.+39
Jon Morales3 years ago
Was gonna say...thanks for clearing this up. +7
myTRIO By Jessy3 years ago
Sorry, Have CM10.1 for s5570?+1
Alex Maxham3 years ago
Updated our post with this information!
bhuvan goyal3 years ago
Felt wrong from the moment i read that article's title, how can someone conclude that it will be hard to develop for a device which isn't even selling in market yet.+16
Fazlul Fazal3 years ago
Damn, I was this close to ditching the idea of buying an S4.+5
Vincenzo Salmena3 years ago
It's kinda stupid claim the support for a device that isn't already on the market. How can someone say that it will support CM for sure? I mean, nobody ported on S4 Clockworkmod Recovery or TWRP.

+Bill McGrath Well, Samsung is not sharing infos on Exynos processors anymore if i'm not wrong. And some CM developers of Exynos based devices left them for Qualcomm's one. ;)
Sammy really hasn't done a good job lately it seems supporting the devs with the Exynos processors. Hell, I was surprised the S3 got picked up. I think Sammy could do better.+9
Brian Bastos3 years ago
Your guys are real soldiers. Thanks for your hard and inclusive work. I won't be getting that dumb phone though. I wonder what the battery life will be with all that gimmicky stuff. +16
Drew Sanders3 years ago
Thanks for clearing up the bad information that has been circulating on G+
Adric Norris3 years ago
+Kurt Colbeck You've got a Samsung Galaxy Toaster too?  Brother! :)+5
Blake Mitchell3 years ago
Thanks for the fud squashing. +Android Central should be embarrassed for their sensational writing just for page views +18
bhuvan goyal3 years ago
+Kurt Colbeck No no no, first they need to release CM for my air conditioner. Summers here are India is too too hot. Kthnxby+6
Puleen Patel3 years ago
Ouch! My bad for sharing the original post to my followers. I'll retract the share.+1
Phil Spear3 years ago
Why doesn't CM announce such things? I realize that things change, and if things change, some people will get upset, but most people won't. In this case, many of us would like to have some indication before we buy it or another phone. A "probably" would be better than nothing.

People are going to be butt hurt either way, so avoiding a few morons complaining is not a good reason to change.

I realize the irony in complaining about no announcements and urging a change while saying don't listen to complaints or change in response to them. But at least I proved a point?
Abhisek Devkota3 years ago
+Phil Spear You answered it "I realize that things change".

It's far easier for us to say when a device line will be discontinued (ie msm 7227 or older Snapdragons), because that is determined from actually checking out the performance, reliability and other critical factors. But to try and predict that for the future would be a pointless exercise. 
bhuvan goyal3 years ago
+Android Central Basically needs to understand that manipulating with words even if its just in the title isn't good for others.

Saying 'I am sorry' and 'My bad' at a funeral isn't the same thing.
Marcus Newton3 years ago
I need CM on my Galaxy S4. I can't live without that. I probably won't buy one if there's no CM support, honestly.+9
bhuvan goyal3 years ago
+Abhisek Devkota I can predict that Samsung galaxy s will finally become an old device. It has seen a lot of android versions in its day and now its just old. +2
Its not gonna matter if its supported or not... Samsung still won't release exynos code so even if it is supported either it will have issues or give devs huge headaches.+3
Steve Kondik3 years ago
+Phil Spear Because the important discussion on that kind of thing doesn't take place in a storm of chaos on Google+.+14
Andrew Rodland3 years ago
Wouldn't you say that that exact lack of communication is the problem? Telling people not to speculate doesn't end speculation. Providing useful, honest information does.+6
Grace Aketch3 years ago
Thanks Cyanogen mode team for the good work. +3
Tim Lake3 years ago
Basically, if CM support is a big part of your buying decision, wait a couple of months before you buy that device or buy one that already has CM.  If you want it anyway, just buy it and enjoy it and if CM support does come along, it'll be a nice bonus.  There is bound to be SOME custom rom support anyway, CM aren't the only ones producing quality custom roms.+20
John Paul3 years ago
that's goods news
nana kwame3 years ago
Kyle Hawkins3 years ago
So you're saying CM support for SGS4 confirmed?+3
Ibrahim Awwal3 years ago
+Andrew Rodland the point is that before a device is released there is no way of telling if a device will be supported. The only thing we know right now is that the current Exynos developers are frustrated with Exynos4. Until the GS4 is out we can't know how Samsung's support will be (past practice indicates poor, but the Nexus 10 uses an Exynos5 Dual and that apparently is very well supported).

Furthermore there are effectively two versions of the Galaxy S3 and S4, the Qualcomm and Exynos versions, and the Qualcomm version will probably end up much easier to support (Steve said he'll be getting one).
+Kyle Hawkins CM isn't say anything. Until the devices is released they dont' know if it will be officially supported or not. Going to have to wait for it.+1
Dr Ravin Das3 years ago
Thanks for comforting us ;-)
Abhisek Devkota3 years ago
+Andrew Rodland how can the information be honest if its a 'guess'? Any predetermination of support is just that, a guess. We don't know the bootloader status, expected kernel source, issues with the dual SoC, etc etc etc. Speculation is one thing. This was putting words in our collective mouths. +3
bhuvan goyal3 years ago
+Andrew Rodland If there is a new version of android out and there is no comment from cm team for over a month, that would be lack of communication.
But announcing about every other future device's compatibility is not.
U should realise that all/ most of the people in cm team have jobs and they can't tweet/post all day about every small/unimportant/future action.
John Kuang3 years ago
For a moment, I thought codeworkx wrote that article! Is he (Jerry) related to codeworkx or is Hildenbrand a common last name in Germany? EDIT: Nevermind... different spelling altogether!
Vợ Duy Béo3 years ago
+CyanogenMod can support CM 10.1 for Galaxy Young with Vietnamese language?
Chris Lichowicz3 years ago
Maybe your people should appoint one spokesperson for CM and tell the rest not to discuss ongoing builds with the public?+1
Andrew Stoginski3 years ago
+Bill McGrath you didn't even BOTHER reading this post, you assclown. Read it. There's your answer right on the page.+1
Abhisek Devkota3 years ago
+Chris Lichowicz individuals will always have opinions, and we aren't out to squash their freedom to speak their minds. As for 'spokesperson' that is in essence the point of the the social media accounts. +3
Jake Weisz3 years ago
+Eli Fennell So, Samsung is "dead to you", eh? Over a completely overblown interpretation of a comment.
People need to keep in mind that CM is open source. If there are enough people using the phone, it will likely have at least 1 person attempting to port CM over to it, regardless of their affiliation with CM. 
Phil Spear3 years ago
+Steve Kondik
There's no reason there would need to be a discussion to make an announcement.  The president doesn't open up a G+ hangout before he decides military action, but the office does put out press releases so we know what's going on.

Say "hey, we're currently working on CM X for device Y, it may be done sometime next month."  You wouldn't need to get community approval for it or anything like that, but people whose decisions may be influenced by it would appreciate it.

I realize that in THIS case, it would be premature, since the phone is not out yet.
So... Samsung pulled some strings on the master and the Teamhacksung, already widely known, dislike to the company's sloppy source releasing practices, is not an issue. I say F Samsung until they pull their heads out of their Apple-like behinds and start working, REALLY working, with the community.+3
sergey a3 years ago
+CyanogenMod never say never :-)+2
Eli Fennell3 years ago
+Jake Weisz Maybe it WAS overblown, the CM Team has confirmed this is not their official position.  But Sammie was on thin ice with me to begin with.  Everything they make other than devices (and styli) sucks.  Every piece of software they've made (exempting the S Pen stuff) sucks.  They've inserted their garbage in place of vastly superior Google apps and services.  They've had the single worst record for updates.  And with each new generation of Android, they get less and less friendly towards third-party ROM development.

They're turning Android into a really crappy alternative for iOS, and if Apple wasn't so hardheaded about making devices people want instead of making devices and telling people to want them, I'd sooner buy an iPhone frankly than anything Samsung makes (possible exception: Galaxy Note series.  The S Pen is at least a genuine value-add that doesn't step on any of the native services from Google for Android).
Chris Lichowicz3 years ago
+Abhisek Devkota - years ago, I was fringely involved with EA during their flight sim years. The same thing happened. A Dev went on the board and gave a delivery date. The head Dev argued with me about the posting of the promised date by one of his developers. I showed him the post. After that, it was determined the head Dev would make any pertinent announcements and anyone else on the team could talk about whatever they wanted to online, except, the projects that were being worked on. That was Flanker 2.+1
Abhisek Devkota3 years ago
+Phil Spear from experience (see initial SGS1 days) that harmless phrase of "we're working on it" quickly turns into a bad game of telephone. People see a 'maybe' as a 'promise' or worse, if/when we can't follow through (see mecha), they act like we've slighted them. 

It's easier not to owe anyone anything, and just work until things are ready. That is why there are no ETAs, and no device announcements until the device is ready. 
Abhisek Devkota3 years ago
+Chris Lichowicz when the dev is being payed, you have an incentive to make him shut up :)

The problem here isn't that these four folks have opinions. It's the wildfire-like spread of misinformation based on those opinions. 
Davide Brutti3 years ago
Exynos = No sources = No CM
What are your plans to release CM for the S5?+7
Cubamus Prime3 years ago
Samsung has alot of competition these days..2 years ago I would only get a Galaxy S phone cause if the high spec and performance...Today is a different story for Samsung..In a few months get to pick from 5 kick ass phones..HTC ONE,GS4, Motoro X Phone , Next Nexus and Optimus G Pro..
Chris Lichowicz3 years ago
+Abhisek Devkota - Then it seems no one is in charge. Time to get a handle on your people, paid or not.
Fola Dawodu3 years ago
+Eli Fennell u think samsung has the "single worst record" for updates?

interesting, so which OEM has the "single best record"?

Quit spreading FUD in your bid to vent your grouses with samsung, real and imaginary.....  too bad. samsung flagships since S2 2 years ago are on JB. which other OEM does that? smh
Jason s3 years ago
Steffen Arntz3 years ago
Sony is all right ATM
Or just buy a Nexus
MassStash ™3 years ago
S4 USA = qualcomm ?= sources
Cubamus Prime3 years ago
+Scott Lantow Dude thats all over the net..It has been confirmed to have a SN 600.
Eli Fennell3 years ago
+Fola Dawodu Ask and ye shall receive... Android update comparisons broken down by OEM's...

While Samsung is technically high on that list, that is only because they did two Nexus devices.  Otherwise only The S3 has received an update less than six-months after release of a new version, and that was just going from 4.0 to 4.1.
Jachym Lukes3 years ago
And how about priprietary Yamaha audio chip in i9100 S2? I wouldn't fall for Samsung ever again.
Debadatta Bose3 years ago
+Arne Bockholdt You, sir, spoke my mind, S II sources, first please, Samsung. Then we'll see.
Srikar G3 years ago
Thanks for clearing this u. Keep up your good work
if i may add, expectation are just a set up for failure. there isnt any reason this burden should have to fall on  CMS' shoulders. no one is born a developer, they develop a way to become a developer, developing a way to have some else do your work for you might closer to home with this i am afraid...+1
TJ Stroker3 years ago
Samsung, Shamsung... I gave up on that hardware long ago.
TJ Stroker3 years ago
And if Moto puts out a hardware-to-order option, that's what I'll be buying probably.
I completely agree, when I read that I tough "how can one be so stupid to presume how a device will work when it's not even at sale?"
Lee Smith3 years ago
I do think it have do with security thing, but I could be wrong. 
James3 years ago
Thank you for clearing this up +CyanogenMod . There was mass hysteria there for a bit.
Migs B3 years ago
Its anti Sammy people making shit up, since s4 launch there been a lot of hating going on... Pretty stupid really
Chris Clark3 years ago
I haven't been able to find any support that CyanogenMod for my phone which is a Motorola Electrify 2 by US Cellular. And because it's rooted it won't take the over the air update from US Cellular to jelly bean of course no 1 mentioned that before I rooted it and now I can't even get an aftermarket ROM for it
James3 years ago
You can always unroot and update.+1
Chris Clark3 years ago
I did unroot and the update still didnt work
Chris Clark3 years ago
I also cried flashing a ROM that I got from team US Cellular but it causes my computer locked up every time it starts to flash I don't know what's going on but Motorola definitely isn't any help
Varun Mehrishi3 years ago
Samsung gift some s4's with the sources to them if they don't support it many wouldn't buy it.
Chak Amin3 years ago
While that much is clear, can't say that I really blame XpLoDWilD for having posted his piece though. Dude has every right to be pissed. Maintains not just 1 but 4 of Samsung's heavyweights' CM ports and all he ever asked is for Samsung to somewhat help him with the means to deliver fixes here and there. Not money, not glory and not individual special treatment. Just probably 10% on top of the 90 that he'd already sweat out for.+13
Juza RS3 years ago
CM Team should drop support on samsung device!
+Bill McGrath Did you really just ask that after reading this post...?
James3 years ago
Says the weirdo covering his face. Time to mute this.
jarefah jarefahx3 years ago
Please... Where can I sign a two year contract with CM? I am serious. +4
Roberto V3 years ago
No critical need for CM once you go Nexus.+1
Logan Bonn3 years ago
Steven Cornea3 years ago
Whew, OK so the s4 isn't out of the picture yet
+Cult of Android you guys may want to edit that post. They said neither, not a negative or positive!
Except for the S4, right? That's a pre-announced "No."
Guus Janssen3 years ago
Zie hier dan +Steve Djadoenath +1
Translated from Dutch|Original
latoya Mclaurin3 years ago
freddy x3 years ago
I really don't mean to troll but CM has thrived on nightlies through every phone I can remember owning. Last I checked there wasn't even a stable build for the S3 so I don't see why the controversy over the S4.
Roberto V3 years ago
+Ani Ravi I've learned to stop trusting benchmark apps. Customization is nice but like I said, CM is not critically needed to enjoy Android once you go Nexus.+4
Does this mean you don't have a release date for the first nightly rom? ;)
Harold Wang3 years ago
James Myth3 years ago
CM team will try, that's where the fun is right?
nigel holmes3 years ago
Teamhacksung is the Samsung guys. Jt1134 single handedly cracked the smali for the Samsung fascinate. While other developers may jump in in their absence, it will not be a device I will buy if those guys don't change their mind after the device is for sale.+1
Chris Baldeon3 years ago
Wow, good thing I read this. I crossed the S4 off my list of phones to get this summer. Thx!!!!+1
Daniel Walter3 years ago
I would guess, that you have more downloads from i9000+i9100+i9300 then downloads from all the other devices together. So are you kidding if you say, you don't support S4?? I don't believe you any word, that will be the most sold mobile Phone ever (2 Versions) and yes, you will support it, because it is the most important mobile phone!

If not, there will be another Roms... :)
Andrew Dodd3 years ago
+Daniel Walter Numbers mean very little to us, other than it is incredibly frustrating if you're stuck between 200k+ users and a company that is fully uncooperative.  The Exynos4 family has been incredibly time-consuming, and you would think that with that many users there would be numerous developers contributing to the effort - but overall, there are far fewer people chipping in than for the Qualcomm-based GS3s despite those devices having far lower market share.

No one on the CM team gets paid for the work that they do.  There are small amounts of donations, but it's enough to keep the server infrastructure going and not much more.  As a result, there are no benefits to supporting a popular device, other than (hopefully) having more contributors.  That hasn't happened with Exynos devices though.  There are negatives to supporting a device that is difficult to work with - our most valuable resource is time, and if a device is unusually time-consuming, that resource gets depleted quickly.  Exynos4 devices are highly time-consuming, and I expect the Exynos5 "Octa" to be the same.

As stated in the OP, advance decisions are NEVER made in regards to supporting a given device, but (and this is my PERSONAL opinion only):  It's looking a bit bleak for the Exynos-based GS4 in terms of probabilities.  Qualcomm-based GS4s will probably be OK in terms of support, but don't make purchasing decisions based on expectations of the future - if stable CM for a device is important to you, purchase a device that already has it.  That is the ONLY way you will ever be guaranteed to get stable CM for a given device.
Matthew Morrison3 years ago
I saw two g+ posts from other entities stating no support as a fact. Luckily I kept scrolling to see what CyanogenMod had to say rather than wasting my time reading those.
Andrew Dodd3 years ago
+Matthew Morrison Those were all outlets that took "None of the Exynos4 maintainers are touching Exynos5" and interpreted it as "CM as a whole won't support any GS4".+2
nigel holmes3 years ago
You listen to all the shit you want to hear. If teamhacksung said no, expect very little on the s4+1
mason daum3 years ago
My name Mason bye
john smith3 years ago
john smith3 years ago
I love goggle it is the best
john smith3 years ago
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Dennis Kavadas3 years ago
Don't bother guys, im never buying Sumsung again +1
Roger Perez3 years ago
Well if none of the Exynos 4 devs are touching the Exynos 5, I'd say it's a good bet that the S4 isn't going to get much CM support.+3
Matt Peeples3 years ago
+Bill McGrath you obviously didn't read he whole post.
Paul Senni3 years ago
Social media crash
Michael Tumulty3 years ago
I wish +Cult of Android would fix their post about how +CyanogenMod won't be supporting the SGS4. As you all can see from their OP:
Joe Attardi3 years ago
+Bill McGrath Did you even read the post?
Artur Martins3 years ago
Start an online petition for Exynos source.
Kelvin Lam3 years ago
why not just dev it for the snapdragon version?
Jonathan Ritter3 years ago
Fuck the S4. It has nice hardware, yes, but the software is the ugliest bloat i have ever seen. Unusable trash. One thing is sure: you will get the new version of Android in 2016. If ever. Better wait for Google I/O and get the Nexus 5.+2
Gabrielle Conner3 years ago
Bill McGrath
+CyanogenMod are the rumours true? The S4 won't run CyanogenMod?
Gabrielle Conner3 years ago
Ani Ravi
+jarefah jarefahx lol you can just donate to them every month; )
Gabrielle Conner3 years ago
+Roberto V benchmarks have shown CM to be better than stock in general :P and also more customization.
Frank Salome3 years ago
Thanks all for the Nice job. Any chance to get 10.1 for Galaxy tab p1:-)
Georgi Kaua3 years ago
Lessons to learn from it...always take the infos or whatever from the sources itself > +CyanogenMod :-)
+Frank Salome , I'm not sure which one you are referring to, but they have nightlies for the 10.1 (original)... I know, I've been using it.
Dave Wilson3 years ago
See this is why +Android Central can't have nice things.
Nick Aufdemorte3 years ago
Seeing that Cyanogen works for Samsung as his day job this does not surprise me.. +1
Wayne Copeland3 years ago
Post at 8:20
Jon Nellson3 years ago
Still don't care.
Ng Choong Yi3 years ago
Posting to add some heat to this. It's getting ridiculous how many tech sites are picking up on this 'story'...
Please for the love of god don't support CM on the S4. I've been using the exynos S3 and the shit the devs have had to go through and the lack of support from Shitsung is just ridiculous at this point. There will never be a stable version of the i9300 because of Samsung's lack of interest in this field of there products. Until they give a shit you shouldn't. +2
Josh Harvill3 years ago
Thank you. Been worried all day.
Ymran Aliu3 years ago
Brandon Lynch3 years ago
The rumor mill is working overtime. +1
Gad Krumholz3 years ago
This needs more +1's
Trik Seo3 years ago
Thank you very much..
Joyce Anderson3 years ago
Stop trying to sell to consumers a bunch of nonsense.
John Pate3 years ago
A sensible policy; thanks for the clarification!
rhy o'drinnan3 years ago
The whole point of the post was that Samsung sucks at helping CM out.  As such, I would suggest we all boycott.  They may screw themselves over anyway though by moving to Tizen, in which case even the sheeple will be moving along to other manufacturers who support Android and open source in general.  So Samsung, since you already shot a couple of toes off your foot with a .22, why not just grab the shotgun and blow the whole thing off by ditching android altogether?  I will laugh when you eventually become irrelevant, which I feel is the necessary outcome of the decisions you seem intent on making.  Else: Give CM the code.  ALL OF IT.  And stay the top dog.  Those are your two choices.  I await your response.+3
rhy o'drinnan3 years ago
+nigel holmes
 It's SAMSUNG who needs to change THEIR minds and be cooperative with awesome devs that are doing this for free.  You got it 100% backwards!
zé belchior3 years ago
While making the cyanogen team come here to explain these things, they are not doing what they do so well ...
Avi Jadav3 years ago
Eli Fulton3 years ago
I'm waiting on the Motorola X anyway ;-) that's after I find out if it gets cm support o_o
Ronald Dugan3 years ago
No rumor could ever stop me from buying Samsung.
Randolph Salazar3 years ago
You should make that Idiot who wrote the negative comment.,make a publc apology. And then fire him.
Scott Jennings3 years ago
Need to go to the thread where the rumor and leave the OP a comment, "way to go, ddduuuummmmbbbbbaaaassssss!!!"
Arman G3 years ago
Had a feeling that "announcement" was iffy, if anything it felt somewhat assholish. Now, back to my S3 with CM10.1 :D
Justin Case3 years ago
+Filippos Papalitsas please actually go do some research, Samsung is constantly on the ball with releasing source code.  Samsung is one of the better at releasing GPL licensed code on time. Some developers complain about Samsung not releasing every little bit of closed source, proprietary code that they want/need. Big difference. We have the right to one, and not the other.+1
Derek Lauro3 years ago
No one seems to bring up the point that putting CM on a S4 will lose all of the new features that Samsung is using to sell it.
I need support for LG p880! Guys.
john thomas3 years ago
I will not be without CyanogenMod. It stays on my devices!!!
noviar rosadi3 years ago
For galaxy note 2 not working Well
Adam Rodgers3 years ago
Why don't you just announce what devices you'll be working on? No need for secrecy. Oh and is quite obvious the s4 will get your support. I'll bet If the s4 isn't running CM by November I'll eat my hat.
Rheza Pahlevi3 years ago
They are just waiting samsung send every one of their developer the FREE devices. just like last year. 
Drew Sanders3 years ago
+Adam Rodgers They don't make those announcements because until they have a nightly, they have no support for it. It's not secrecy, it's how the development process works

+Rheza Pahlevi Most of the CM devs buy their device like everybody else. At their own expense. Some may get devices comped, but considering the amount of work they do and the contributions they make to the development community, I think that is more than fair. 
Jason Murray3 years ago
Doesnt matter if you do or dont. Most CM builds are hijacked and fragmented beyond belief making them bugged and damn near unusable compaired to the OEm build. It all comes down to you getting source code 100% and then when has that every really made any of these ROMs actually function properly?

So hack on and continue developing in the hopes that one day these ROMs are 120% that of the stock.
Larry Ellis3 years ago
Ermahgerd still love cyenogenomodo and take back not buying s4 ermahgerdo
Panky Pathania3 years ago
Frank Salome3 years ago
+Marius Piedallu van Wyk Hi, thanks for answering.
agree w/ you to use nightly build.
but keyboard AOSP crashing, so not able to key-in anything. will retry in some weeks unless a beta is released forgalaxy tab  P1 CM 10 or 10.1
Ray bies3 years ago
It appears to me CM team are losing the fight of progress, when they first started was it a challenge for them to hack and mod a device? now they are faced with another challenge, they give up!
+bhuvan goyal it is pretty easy for the guys who maintain all the Samsung flagship devices. They know the track record with source being released and it sounds like some of them are tired of totally reverse engineering the software just to put CM on it. But just cause they won't, doesn't mean someone else won't +1
Happy new year (Norouz) to Iranian, kurdish, Turkish, Afghan &Tadjiks in all the world.نوروزتان پیروز.
Translated from Persian|Original
thanks for clearing that up
Marc Raczynski3 years ago
Hi +CyanogenMod -Team,
I think everybody understands and knows that, as well as why you don't do any preannouncements, either Dates or supported devices. Therefore I understand that you take distance to the "announcement" that came somwhere from the direction of the Hacksung Team, to boycott the S4.
But regarding the fact of the minimaly satisfying results of the S3 distribution I would deeply understand if you did so.

I would simply like to ask the community not to shit storm you for not supporting the device but to Shit Storm Samsung to support the community or to do the same, support Open source - boycott the restrictive treatment of source code like samsung does, even if the hardware itself is great.

Thank you cyanogenmod for the great work you do, thank you for the stunning distributions like for the Nexus 4. Please keep up your great work.

Ro man3 years ago
So do I understand it correctly that S4's with the Qualcomm Quad-Core have a better chance at getting Custom ROM's due to the source code?+1
Tylor Janzen3 years ago
+Ro man You are correct.+1
Daniel Reardon3 years ago
I thought that announcement seemed a little weird.  Glad you put the kybosh on it.
George Leon3 years ago
Uh, you all know that even if CM did not support a device, if it is a flagship that is widespread & popular, it will be developed for by someone. Whether unofficial CM, or whether the next generation of Android Devs decide to make the next Paranoid Android, AOKP, or another AOSP fork, there will always be someone willing to fork or unofficially support a popular device. Even devices like the Captivate Glide (which was actually an underrated slider that had it's pros)  had various firmware developments. 

For those saying, "Hello HTC One", Good luck. It will have a locked bootloader & even with the HTCDev unlock, if it even is supported for all carriers, will not be equivalent to S-Off. That means third party tools & the inability to seamlessly flash all partitions. I was a huge HTC fan back to the days of the Blue Angel, but Sammy has been on a tear when it comes to bug fixes & firmware updates lately. 

The Nexus 10 has numerous builds & is Exynos 5. Note 2 & Note 10.1 have numerous roms & it is Exynos 4, the Tegra One X had a ton of development, while the S4 lagged behind. Both versions of the S3 had pretty decent development. 

I gave up on HTC as soon as they dumped support for the Flyer & then did the same for the pricey JetStream. Heck, the One won't even be releasing with 4.2. For those in the US, look how long it took the One X to go from 4.0.4 to 4.1.1! 
the beauty of open source i think is fantasic! and from a beginning developer standpoint i personally honor the pool of source that is circulated. there are factors involved here that some might not fully understand, in terms of the device manufactures, and there team of propriety software developers. for a device to be developed one must first have the device :D so, unless someone knows something i do not yet know please share to this filling pool of source!+1
omar erroudani3 years ago
I think the  main subject  thant  end users don't  or would never  know   is  how to develop  high  qualtiy  roms    on device   popular or not  with no  technical documentation   , for a developper point of view it will be like  hell  , especially   for who  develops    as a free time project (like  guessing  loto numbers  hhh ).
Thanks cyanoogen for your works , and thanks for team hacksung , we hope  that sammy will be  more friendly to release sources like HTC 
Thanks +CyanogenMod  , it that's mean that you guys will support both Exynos and Snapdragon version ?
Marc Raczynski3 years ago
Negative +Muhammad Najmi Mohd Amir! This means, you will know that Cyanogenmod supports the devices as soon as you find related Versions.
Say "No!" to S4 development! :P
Marc Raczynski3 years ago
+Dugzino Ramani  ... until official release of the source code...
+Marc Raczynski , sorry if asking , but if I get a LTE version which got Snapdragon processor , CM will support it or what? Does the source code related with the processor ? And Sammy doesn't publish the source code for Exynos Processor right? 
Samsung never gave useful codes or at least never a whole code.. They wanna control everything. They're becoming more and more like Apple. not like Sony, releasing full official sources (+ kernel ones). No wonder Sony devices are getting faster stable CM releases. The Xperia Z/ZL are already running a "close to" stable CM10.1
Marc Raczynski3 years ago
+Muhammad Najmi Mohd Amir sorry, but I cant't tell you. probably they will, possibly they don't. you will know, when Cyanogenmod publishes a version for the S4 you want.

You can almost be sure to get your device supported if you buy a Nexus, as google opens all necessary sources.
Latif Said3 years ago
+CyanogenMod thousands of people are still talking about how incredible fast the S4 is gonna be with CM10.1 did you know that? :P
George Leon3 years ago
+omar erroudani a lot of the devs & contributors are hobbyists. I am a mechanical engineer with no formal training in development or programming. In fact XDA was built mostly by hobbyists, hackers & regular folks that wanted something different & were willing to learn. I can garuntee you there are more hobbyist Android hackers building ROMs the formally trained professional developers. Android provides everything you need to learn & build upon the aosp source, not too mention the availibilty of reference code used for gui's & hooks for apps like Maps.

+Dugzino Ramani parts of the user side code are NOT open source. If you spent the time & money developing a software feature, you would not want to make it easy for your competitors to steal your work either. Just like if you want special features in many of the custom ROMs, you have to "donate" for an app to unlock & activate certain features. I agree that Samsung should at least be providing a source that will at least build, but I don't blame them at all for protecting the millions they invest in features like their Wacom powered S-Pen, the various camera modules & multi-window/multi-view. Especially when you have desperate manufacturers like HTC looking for any way to get back into the game.

As for the S4, Qualcomm has never been great at releasing all the source & engineering guides for their latest & greatest. I have the One X with the S4 and my Note 2, Note 10.1 & Nexus 10 with Exynos all have more development going on. Personally, I am partial to Nvidia, but regardless of the processor, if the device is popular & sells, it will be developed for, definitely with numerous unofficial builds & most likely official as well. If you want to ensure development on a device you purchase, go international. Although Samsung firmware now is getting much easier to port & support between versions, like the 7100, 7105 & i317 for instance. Their firmwares are just short of being interchangeable the way the ship. That hardware standardization helps big time.
Lucian Culisi3 years ago
well, i use CM7 on an old huawei and i love it the way it is...
Hmm , Nexus device is good but lacks of storage , Google should expand the storage and CM will support up the phone
Cole Tindal3 years ago
+Marcel Bennett Settings/System/Pie controls.
Steffen Arntz3 years ago
we still have no Bluetooth GPS support in CM10.1… is it ever going to come? or has it been dumped+2
Marcelo Giordana3 years ago
Yes, please bring back the option to choose GPS Source (internal or external) last seen in CM10. Thanks.+1
Steffen Arntz3 years ago
Jepp I am also badly missing it.
but since all the Bluetooth stuff changed a complete rewrite is possibly needed.
sub zero3 years ago
+Kurt Colbeck If ever a digital toaster was made and android based software included, there's a good chance someone would make a CM mod for kicks and better performance :)+1
A Cyanogenmod liberara a ROM 4.4.4 cm11 para o aparelho rezr d1?+1
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Irene Chavana6 months ago
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