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M. C. Escher was clearly Enlightened. Interesting profile photo, +Colin Findholt. What time does the narwhal bacon? Your #Ingress  activation code is on its way.
Colin Findholt originally shared:
It would seem as if M.C. Escher knew something well before the rest of us.
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Lukas Lentz3 years ago
Oh I'm feelin the bacon basket weave
+Ingress The narwhal bacons at midnight!+3
Mark F3 years ago
Enlightened being the key word. LOL. 
Jay French3 years ago
Love all work by M.C. Escher but I hope he was not part of the enlightened!
Niko Nesin3 years ago
That's in Vancouver BC right?
Adam Marks3 years ago
Nice steal, OP. I created the exact same picture with a Resistance logo in precisely the same place about two or three weeks ago. Come up with some original ideas why don't you? +1
Brilliant! Always so awed by you talented swine!  :D
One minor nit-pick - the Enlightened symbol should be mirrored as it's a reflection.
Mike Sawyer3 years ago
So much art flows through this channel I'd bet this guy didn't see it.+1
Mike Sawyer3 years ago
Not to mention Escher was totally influenced by the shapers.. he wouldn't have been a resistance member...+1
Colin Findholt3 years ago
Great catch, +Adrian Jenkin.  looking back I can't believe I missed that.
I Honestly did not see +Adam Marks post until today.  Maybe we are all more connected than we know. If I ever end up getting another invite before it leaves beta, I will gladly hook you up. 
Adam Marks3 years ago
No worries Colin - I'm already playing anyway, off the back of another image I created. Thanks for the offer anyway - welcome to Ingress!