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Here's the winning submission from the "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Build a Vehicle Competition" (on left).

Introducing the fan-built 'Cloud Rider' that will be featured in the upcoming game (on right). How awesome is that?!
Daniele Pantaleo6 months ago
is that... a tron bike on shrooms?+5
Jackson Scolnick6 months ago
Thats awesome
Albert Chang6 months ago
Philip Kaludercic6 months ago
Why did I find out about this just now???
DaViD JoHnStOn6 months ago
Sammy H6 months ago
Trygve Thoreson6 months ago
Daniel Levene6 months ago
Is a purple and blue batmobile.+1
Daniele Pantaleo6 months ago
+Daniel Levene did you mean batpod? ;)
Johnny Dodson6 months ago
When does it come out?
james crockett6 months ago
Saif Kazmi6 months ago
Wow. Thats awesome.
Michael Paulsen6 months ago
wow nice ps was it fan motivated or did he/she  use a Lego animator 
Jack Archer6 months ago
Pretty cool!
Jack Archer6 months ago
To bad I don't here of contests BEFORE they end... +2
Johnny Dodson6 months ago
Ikr. It's always "Here's the winners!"

Johnny D.+2
Usha Ma6 months ago
Awesome !
Lea Gajdusek6 months ago
+Miles Milo Ja, total !!!   ;-D
Charles Kim6 months ago
Awesome!!! It is so cool!
Milan Tomic6 months ago
Nick Tang6 months ago
aoife o connor6 months ago
that is awesome
Daniel Levene6 months ago
Yes :S
Ben Fang6 months ago
Bruce Zhu6 months ago
'WOW' is all I can say
Lisa Zane6 months ago
Selim Kaan Ozbilen6 months ago
Wow thats awesome ;D But it isn't too much.
Charles Sands6 months ago
Jared Banks6 months ago
So is the submission a hovercraft and the game version a car? Cause if so that's weird.+1
Alex Gonzaga6 months ago
Dieter Dorigo6 months ago
Noahabner Thompson6 months ago
EJ Byron6 months ago
R Smith6 months ago
close enough
Dimitri Herbert6 months ago
Now i want that game
Rodrigo Jacome6 months ago
How did I not know about this competition?
This is amazing!
David Sterling6 months ago
Dimitri Herbert6 months ago
Because nobody knows
Anne Lai5 months ago
cool Lego
I want that game
tylor willson2 months ago
I want to build that motorcycle!!!!
Logan Short1 month ago
The game is terrible it fezzes all the time
Oscar Rodriguez1 week ago
I unlocked that on the game:)