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Dropping Google Maps

Tomorrow I'm going to feature the very last Google Maps on Google Maps Mania,

The blog now gets 10% of the Google search traffic it did just 18 months ago. With Google attempting to kill off Google Maps Mania it would be like a turkey voting for Christmas for me to continue to promote Google Maps and the Google Maps API.

Last week I came very close to giving up completely. But despite Google I still think there is an audience for the blog. So from Wednesday Google Maps Mania will be featuring maps created with Open Street Map, Map Box, Leaflet and other map providers.

If you have any Google Maps you want promoting you have about 24 hours left to submit them to Google Maps Mania.
cSco Scofield2 years ago
Wow, you made your mark. Thanks. As a developer's resource, we appreciate the effort.
Matthias Weber2 years ago
What exactly happened?+3
Maps Mania2 years ago
Google searches 'Panda' updates. More info on Panda here -
Melanie Brands2 years ago
And this is why you shouldn't rely on Google for your traffic, but diversify off of it asap. In fact dont rely on any one company. Use the open web.+1
Randal J. Hale2 years ago
Excellent! Relying on one provider can't cut it these days. Diversify!+2
Marc Telesha2 years ago
+Gregory Magarshak
Google = 95%+ pf the web. If your not first page your invisible. How can you do Internet and not be dependent on Google??? Show me an example I really would like to see how I am wrong. An example of an internet blog that doesn't have most of it's traffic from Google.
Nick Shepherd2 years ago
+Mark Telesha

Where did you get your numbers? According to this on 12/12/2012 Google owned around 65% of the search landscape; I doubt this number is much higher than that now. I love how people just pull numbers out of the air and try to pass them off as fact.
Nick McCready2 years ago
He is probably getting the number directly from google adsense built into bloggspot .
Carlos Moran2 years ago
I enjoyed Google maps mania look forward to your new work. I've been looking into moving away from Google products myself.
Marc Telesha2 years ago
+Nick Shepherd Okay 85%

Do you really think people 1/3 of the time use someone other then Google on purpose????? 
Scott Canoni2 years ago
The only serious traffic I got to my website came from when it was featured on Google Maps Mania. It would be nice if people actually used RoadPetition more, but there is so little demand. What do you think of it? Can you feature it again for one last hurrah?
Nice to hear
Nick Shepherd2 years ago
+Mark Telesha

Those numbers are skewed too, they only show US traffic ;)
Lance Nanek2 years ago
I think it is healthy to cover all maps providers anyway. I had a rude awakening too a while back when I wanted to do a native Android hack on Google Glass using maps, but there is none of the usual MapActivity, etc. available. So Open Street Map was the way to go. Google Maps sometimes just isn't the solution, so it is good to know many.
Scott Canoni2 years ago
+Lance Nanek Except Ask maps.  I integrated with Google Maps and Ask Maps initially to diversify.  Now Ask maps doesn't work anymore on my site so I hide the option to switch and made it available via a querystring param:
Diego Guidi2 years ago
be sure to cover also d3 world in your blog :)
Everybody should start using they have a new UI and they respect your privacy.
Marc Telesha2 years ago
+Alejandro Villanueva BUT Google doesn't do anything without disclosure? So I don't understand the Google doesn't respect your privacy when they are up front with what they do with the data (Which is amazing for my person use)