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Can Scoble kill Google Glass?

Wired yesterday claimed I could kill Google Glass before it ever gets off the ground. Article linked here:

That is an awful lot of power to give one guy. 

But, let's be objective here. A great product can survive all PR abuse. Google Glass is a great product. Why do I know that? Because yesterday I was at 500 Startups and let everyone try them on. Every single person, even the skeptics, smiled when putting it on. 

I haven't seen a product do that since the iPod. 

A bunch of us are talking about this over on on Facebook at

In 30 minutes I'll be talking with the Geeks at +Betaworks about Glass (the folks who bought Digg and Instapaper) and we're sharing it live at #Glass Hangout with Robert Scoble and Betaworks Come join us. 

Guys Like This Could Kill Google Glass Before It Ever Gets Off the Ground | Wired Business |
Clinton Hammond3 years ago
If Google Glass is dorky, I don't want to be "cool"  +22
C. Clarke3 years ago
They overreached a bit. Are the glasses dorky? Sort of, but not to their detriment. As I said somewhere else on G+, I can see them being great for collaboration and professional use (depending on one's field). I'm not sold on them for casual use, however, but I've felt that way about a lot of things...until I tried them.+10
David Horvath3 years ago
I am a huge Google glass fan but there's a big difference between meeting start ups all wanting to try it and meeting 500 moms. The reaction from the moms is what will matter most. That said, I agree with you completely this is going to be a huge hit.+2
Jason Stewart3 years ago
There are a bunch of skeptics most of which have never tried them, some of which have only very briefly tried them (while starting from a position of negativity) saying they'll never catch on...

Then there are the people who actually have them, indicating how great they are, along with all the people they encounter wanting to try them who also seem to find them wonderful..

It's not all that hard for me to figure out which group I think has the right of it. ;)

It won't be for everyone sure... But nothing out there is for everyone. 
Zach Wagner3 years ago
The author seems to think that looking nerdy will stop some people from wearing glass.  I feel bad for those who are too concerned about other people's opinions to enjoy technology.+14
Glenn S3 years ago
Your enthusiasm makes me very anxious for my explorer edition.  I can see mine easily becoming a part of my daily life.+3
Euro Maestro3 years ago
+Jason Stewart I got a chance to use it for a few days and it was awesome. More importantly, I saw dozens of people try them on to almost universal amazement and awe. The critics were rare indeed and came to it predisposed to be one. I saw quite a few critics change their mind once trying it on as well. +2
it's ok +Robert Scoble  ... you are just being you and every one else wants you SEO juice+2
Dmitriy Briskin3 years ago
Remember when everyone said Bluetooth headsets were for dorks only?+2
ubik q3 years ago
The big question I've yet to see anyone answer is can you watch porn while sitting at the bus stop?+3
Matt Molloy3 years ago
This will be a very very niche product. Regular people will not wear these in public, it makes you look like a complete nerd, geeks are cool, nerds are not. It might fly in the tech sector where there's a bunch of cyborg wannabees but you're kidding yourself if you think the general public is going to wear these. Especially when they all have smartphones that do every thing Glass can do x100. I'm glad all you cyborgs are having fun with your new Google toy.
Ian Rumbles3 years ago
+Robert Scoble your excellent accounts bring out a lot of debate among us.  Wired, as all good media does, is looking for selling "Papers" and your reviews provide excellent fodder.  You are way past the cutting edge... and since you are on the bleeding edge it makes it even more interesting.   Keep up the good work.   I am waiting for the pivotal Three Week review which will tell us whether this is Toy or Tool.+1
Euro Maestro3 years ago
+Matt Molloy 
You are right about one thing. There is a non-negligible fashion cost to wearing Google Glass. However, the advantages that you get from Google Glass far outweigh that cost. There is virtually universal acceptance of that among people that actually try Google Glass on. 
Dan Mousavi3 years ago
The iPod?
That thing made me cringe, like every overpriced Apple product.
Why anyone bought an MP3 player for the price of 10 to have a spinning wheel for navigation purposes is still beyond my understanding...
Mark Lastiwka3 years ago
Does the author know where Twitter came from? Did celebrities and cool people just automagically start using it?+2
Sean Riley3 years ago
+Matt Molloy That's more than a bit short sighted. This is not even really Gen 1 of this product, this is a developer prototype. I doubt anyone believes that what is currently shipping will be the product that manages to make it big in the mainstream market.+1
Clay Loveday3 years ago
I stand corrected. It was Wired, not Quartz. But we both had a smile I hope.
Douglas Strinz3 years ago
I like the iPod reference +Robert Scoble That explains it perfectly to me
Mark Lastiwka3 years ago
+Robert Scoble - My point exactly. Twitter started out as the bastion of geekdom and has moved to mainstream. Who is this author to say that Glass won't do the same? Does he have a time machine? He can't just spout 2 or 3 examples of where it has failed and expect that to apply to everything.+1
Gregg Sakauye3 years ago
It seems like that person started with the conclusion that Google Glass will be a flop and then started piecing together arguments to justify the conclusion.

I think most products succeed or fail based on form, function, and price.  If we believe that wearable tech is where we're heading, then glasses may make the most sense (except maybe one of those beer hats with a flip down display).  

The ability to go hands-free is powerful.  People may say the look is geeky, but people are averse to change.  All it takes is a little popular adoption and people will see it in a different light.  And I agree with you on the price.  If they can hit the right price point, then it will likely succeed.  If they can't, then it will fail.
Ryan Goodwin3 years ago
The order in which people adopt a new tech product follows this bell curve:

Mr. +Matt Molloy  has identified himself on the back half of this spectrum, not unlike the folks who said that 'headphones were silly looking & why on earth would anyone want to wear them?', which is fine.

G+ tends to be a bit left-handed on the bell-curve.
David Andersen3 years ago
The segway was not subject to Moore's law-induced improvements and shrinking.  Glass is.  End of story.  A segway can't physically disappear, but with a few more generations of technology bumps, Glass can basically be invisible.  It'll be nerdy at first, just like those horrid brick cellphones of the 1980s.  What once was nerdy is now one part essential gadget, one part fashion accessory.+5
David Horvath3 years ago
+Robert Scoble I think we would all love to see reactions you get in non tech world scenarios, from Napa Valley to walking around at Target. +1
Kashif Ansari3 years ago
+Robert Scoble What's your take on the review by Luke : "google glass doesn't yet deliver more value than pain" you agree on his pain points?
Gabriel Walsh3 years ago
What a completely moronic article.  It is working under the assumption that the consumer version of Google Glass will look like the prototypes.  The author conveniently leaves out the fact that Google has acknowledged this and has intentionally partnered with eyewear designer Warby Parker in order to make the consumer editions of Project glass  not so dorky looking (  Its funny how these idiots love making predictions about the future assuming that the present is static.+9
Bill Weber3 years ago
+Robert Scoble basically you could kill it because you aren't "cool enough"?  Technology be damned if some pudgy older guy wears it suddenly no one will want it?  I understand the underlying point about the cool factor, but as powerful as you won't destroy Google Glass. If you could destroy a few things...destroy American Idol. +1
Dale Kimball3 years ago
This sentence ALONE makes this whole article moronic and not worth reading: "While nerdiness implies a certain social awkwardness that’s ultimately endearing, dorkiness connotes social obliviousness that opens you to deserved ridicule."

For starters he didn't have a single solitary good factual point about why Glass will fail. Also using Scoble's awesome picture saying it's what's going to ruin Glass? People love stuff like that, hasn't Wired ever heard of a meme? For a tech related site +WIRED seems relatively uninformed in anything concerning tech or today's society for that matter. Not only does Glass actually look cool, society as a whole today is more embracing of technology something that the author of that article apparently is not.

I have never read Wired before, and I most certainly will not based on that pathetic excuse for an article.
Mathew Hanley3 years ago
I really think glass and segways are a really unfair comparison +1
Gabriel Walsh3 years ago
IMHO Glass can be made to look much better.  The biggest issue with it is the potential to abuse the camera.  Yes I know that when the camera is on, people looking at it can tell.  The problem is that a lot of people don't know this and assume that just because they are seeing a lense pointed in their general direction that they are being filmed or photographed.  Google really needs to make that clear.  Of course for those who want to film in private, I assume that it will only be a matter of time before someone introduces a hack to glass allowing them to do so.  It is the fear of loss of privacy from those NOT interested in Glass, that, IMHO, makes for the biggest potential road-block to adoption.
Dale Kimball3 years ago
+Matt Molloy oh you good sir are relatively amusing. If you're seriously that concerned about looking cool you have a problem. This is the real world not high school, I stopped trying to impress people in 6th grade. I wear what I want, act how I want to, and just genuinely be who I want to be; not who the world wants me to be. Maybe you should try it some time, you only live once so why limit what you can or can't do based on someone else's expectations?+3
Chris S3 years ago
Google Glass is neither cool nor uncool. Right now it's just aesthetically displeasing largely due to its asymmetry. I'm sure we can get over that.

But they're right in that the representation of it could harm it. Can it kill it before it makes it anywhere? Depends on what happens to it. I look at that picture of +Robert Scoble in the shower and somehow end up thinking back to Howard Dean's scream back in 2004. He was doing so well, but he lost everything based on one minor act blown out of proportion. He became the guy who screams like a pro-wrestler. So, will Glass now be that thing dudes take into the shower with them? Will that image simply become the representation of the tech? It's possible. Just think about that picture being linked to in the comments for any future tech article about Glass.

If it becomes a meme on Reddit, though, it could go either way.
Stuart Kerrison3 years ago
Has anyone seen the demos of the Sony Experia Tablet Z being used in the bath? Does that mean the product is doomed?+1
Stuart Kerrison3 years ago
I wouldn't be surprised if the public release version of Glass will have a small LED which lights when the camera is on, thereby instantly ending all this privacy paranoia.+2
No sense of humor. Screw them +Robert Scoble +2
Dan Mousavi3 years ago
When the iPod launched, there were already cheap Mp3 USB sticks on the market. The only thing it did better than these cheap players was that it had more space and better navigation (and arguably better sound, but that depended on how you created your MP3's and how much you were willing to spend on your headphones). But that was never worth the premium price IMHO.
Well, I don't follow every Google Glass explorer, but +Robert Scoble is one of the most creative and interesting among the people I observe. Makes me want to click on every new video. Seriousely, you should not even pay attention to worthless articles like that one. Keep it up, Robert!+2
Dan Mousavi3 years ago
I had the first Mini disc player, that was a revolution in mobile music. The iPod just wasn't, but it's true that probably millions disagree with me on that. These are the same millions that buy a Macbook for 1000€, that is so much inferior to my 400€ Acer that it's just not funny or sane anymore. I just don't get why people are blindly buying and hyping Apple products and I probably never will, because in my world price has to equal production value.
Stuart Kerrison3 years ago
One of the main reasons the iPod succeeded was because it had these new white earbuds which stood out and were noticeable. It made people wonder what these people with the white earbuds knew that they didn't know. The earbuds made the iPod visible, creating curiosity and a feeling of "belonging" among those who had these white earbuds. That's called brilliant marketing.
I predict that the public release of Glass will have a similar effect.
Matt Molloy3 years ago
Hey I'm glad to see experimentation in this wearable computing field, I think that part is awesome. In that respect this is a huge cool neato device. But the over-hype from the tech-nerds and pundits is really annoying. Let's call Glass what it really experiment and quit trying to make it more than that.
Tom Hermans3 years ago
All those ridiculous hipsters didn't kill the iPhone or did they? :p
Eric Rice (Spin)3 years ago
Dude. You have 3.5 million followers on a social network run by a search engine. That kinda seeps out into the mainstream filled with people who may not know your history. Notice the uptick in the 'this guy' or 'this guy who works for a cloud computing company'. It's less Scobleizer and more 'the shower guy' or the 'omg life changed 4eva' guy. That's why this is scaling how it is, and is a lot of power for one guy.+2
Alexis Kefalas3 years ago
I sense an explosion on home made POV porn.. God help us!! LOL!+1
Georgi Kaua3 years ago
Nah you just gave +Google +Project Glass a GO with your shower pic 0_o, shit you probably even more famous now with that pic lol.+1
Stuart Kerrison3 years ago
+Alexis Kefalas Glass will NEVER be used for porn!
C. Clarke3 years ago
lol +Stuart Kerrison . Suuuure!+2
Jake Weisz3 years ago
The press response I'm seeing is convincing me that Google made a mistake in pushing the press to the front of the release line for an unfinished beta product. Maybe they should've put them in developer hands first... you know, like they said they were going to.
guy yak3 years ago
issue is neither the product #googleglass nor any of the geeks in the article | the twaddle of tosh belongs fully to the troll who wrote the piece || 
Gavin Gordon3 years ago
I'm sorry guys but this is coming across real bad, I totally get Glass and the benefits it might bring but I'm sick already of seeing the well off white guys showing the not so well off white guys how frigging cool they think they look in their $1500 toy. I can just imagine if Apple had done this!
Jake Weisz3 years ago
+Robert Scoble My statement was based on the fact that press outside the I/O Explorers group were given them outside the list, or bumped up from the #ifihadglass  group. And I would argue, that press had been pushed to the front of the I/O Explorers line as well. Note how quickly you got yours.

I'm not saying you got them free, I'm saying press got them first, regardless of which group they were in.
Jake Weisz3 years ago
That's awesome, +Robert Scoble. My criticism about press getting bumped up was actually not specifically about you. A drastic amount of scathing posts have come out from press who don't understand what it is. Despite your views to the contrary, I think the recent articles I've seen out of places, like say this wired one, are pretty damaging to the early reputation of the brand.
Jake Weisz3 years ago
(Actually, being #107 didn't matter. I was #663, just got them today, but Dan McLaughlin was #693, and got them... even before you, I think.)

I do know of at least one member of press who was very distinctly in the contest group, and had not bought Glass at I/O, and got them before me, due to being press.
Jake Weisz3 years ago
I guess we'll see. It is a great product. But I think how the new Corporate Google handles it, as well as how people receive it, are two very important elements in determining whether or not our new favorite toys will be a one-shot or not.+1
Dan McLaughlin3 years ago
Oh I didn't realize you got them on Wednesday +Robert Scoble, for some reason I thought you were later. Sorry for giving you a "hard time" about being a latecomer :)
Jaxon Lee3 years ago
Bluetooth headsets have all been within the range of crappy to barely decent over the products lifespan. That's why fewer people use them than you'd expect. +1
Jasper Waale3 years ago
I for one not looking for the pic to arrive in somebody head of you in the shower if I tell them I have Google glasses sorry,   

Yes to some point help me lose interest, that and the fact that Im sure most that I know do not like to end up as your digital foot print

I make a good pay check removing stuff from the internet so I dont want the glasses to fail, just not my cup of tee
Gavin Gordon3 years ago
I don't know a single female that would wear these +Robert Scoble, perhaps if the glasses company's get involved (Oakley, Rayban) they may become acceptable but never at that price point - never!
Jake Weisz3 years ago
+Gavin Gordon I know many. (And one random woman today defined me as the coolest guy she's ever met, solely on me having Glass.)
Gavin Gordon3 years ago
+Jake Weisz lol, I get this as a tool for the likes of work and maybe outdoor sports and they'd be perfect for me but I'm not thinking these are a fashion extra
Jake Weisz3 years ago
I'm just saying, girls dig Glass. ;)

(Or at least they seem to. I have no idea, and I know nothing about women. But someone commented, and that's kinda a first, so I'm going with it.)

^- This entire comment is terrible. I'm sleepy.
Gavin Gordon3 years ago
+Jake Weisz I think Google have made a PR mistake by not allowing 'normal' people like me to try them, after all we are the market they need and they will get tested in the real world, I bet I'd break them within a week (I clean buildings for a living, abseiling, cherry pickers, dizzy heights, high winds and lots of water) until I see it being used under real conditions it's just an expensive toy
Jake Weisz3 years ago
+Gavin Gordon Honest reality is that in most cases, without apps, a normal user will look at it for a minute, say "it doesn't do anything", and put it down and never care about it again.+1
Gavin Gordon3 years ago
+Jake Weisz but I think it's perfect for me, even just to answer a phone call hanging 100 feet in the air is a real pain. I was even dreaming of a special helmet before Glass was even mentioned, I also rock climb and camp a lot and I'd definitely use them if they could handle the punishment
Dan Mousavi3 years ago
I just read all your other articles and I have to say posting stuff like "People who say it's not worth paying a lot extra for a better experience just don't live in the same world I do." is a little hypocritic if you haven't paid for your Google I/O ticket ("Google invites hundreds of press to its IO conference" in a comment above) and if you haven't paid for your glasses ("Thanks rackspace for buying me these" in your car video). 

Not that I'm saying you wouldn't spend your own money on these, I'm just saying you haven't yet.

So no, we live in the same world as you do, but most people are not as rich as you and have to pay for gadgets with their own hard earned money. 
Neal Miyake3 years ago
Kind of an unfair article. Had to laugh when I saw the name and image though. So is it waterproof? Would love to take it out to Pipeline for some POV surf video action. Maybe a (more expensive) alternative to GoPro? Will it make me look like a kook? ;-)
Erik Kim3 years ago
“Similarly, Google Glass fails to acknowledge that walking around with a camera mounted on the side of your face at all times makes you look dorky.”  -Marcus Wohlsen of

Omit the first word and what you'll have is the thesis statement (Buried in 9th paragraph, 1st sentence) of a poorly, unrefined article that also takes a cheap jab at +Robert Scoble and Google Glass with a picture of a shower scene.
Mark Leeds3 years ago
When do we get personal flying cameras?
michael allen3 years ago
What could kill google glass isn't a person its a price if it isnt below $500 when the consumer version comes outs+1
Lara Luis3 years ago
Come on publishing photos of you in the shower. . . . naaaahhhh
That´s the kind of negative input that stop people from adopting new technology, is like saying that with google glasses everyone is a spy or a paparazzi. We have the right to privacy.
We want Google Glass!