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Today we’re launching a Google #Hangouts plugin for Microsoft Outlook®. Now you’ll be able to start, join or schedule a Hangout directly from Outlook Mail and Calendar.

For example, if you're deploying Chromebox for meetings, now you don't have to stop using Microsoft Outlook® to schedule Hangout video calls. Simply download the plugin and you’ll be ready to join the conversation. Learn more on our Help Center:
Gary Walker2 years ago
Awesome, I asked for this recently! Great news. #hangouts #google +5
Hugh Dougherty2 years ago
Kyle Salewski2 years ago
This is great! Well done! Might have found a slight bug though: When you click Schedule a Hangout it will popup a new meeting invite window but then you are LOCKED to that window. You can't click back into outlook and go to your calendar or find someone's email or anything like you can when you create a normal meeting request. After you send the meeting invite or close the window, then you can click around in Outlook again. Just thought I'd let you know. Maybe it is just me too. Haven't tested other machines yet. +5
Nanette Stavis2 years ago
This has potential for #disruption!
Lise Galuga2 years ago
Great news! Keep up the good work!
u mg mg aye2 years ago
Welcome !
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Levi Hill2 years ago
Not bad.
Paul Suprono, Jr2 years ago
Cannot wait to hang out !
Shamol Saha2 years ago
Very good...
Daniel Probert2 years ago
Do people still use outlook..+3
Stefano Cozzi2 years ago
Make a zimlet forma Zimbra, please.+1
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+Pascal Vila hangout intégré a outlook.
Ryan Hayle2 years ago
Why are you promoting this garbage Microsoft software, Google? How worthless. +3
Josh Haughton2 years ago
+Ryan Hayle its like making products for iPhone, it's the only way to educate and convert the 'laggards'+2
Dalila Graf2 years ago
Nice, but what about Lotus Notes? ;)+1
Cory Lui2 years ago
Thought of u +Michael Lui
Elliott Shafii2 years ago
Wow, this is a backwards step. What a horrific idea! Going Google is about transformation and this complete gives the wrong message. +1
Ben Lenton2 years ago
+Matthew Weston great idea
Cory Lui2 years ago
+Elliott Shafii You clearly have no idea what ur talking about or know what Google is and stands for.
Elliott Shafii2 years ago
+Cory Lui you couldn't be more wrong. Google are starting to deprecate a number of tools for legacy platforms like Blackberry Enterprise Server, Windows Phone and MS Outlook.

If a business is wanting to go Google they're ready for a change. And a transformational change which is about changing the technology, the processes and the culture of the business. My career is focused on helping some of the largest organisations in the world go Google. If a new customer of ours wants keep Outlook for all it's users we would happily walk away from the deal. This plugin is not helping people move in the right direction. it will help those who may still need to use outlook for some business process. but it may also encourage businesses that staying outlook is a good idea (which it is not).

Google is open and encourages people to device and platform agnostic. But this isn't a step forward in my opinion.
Moran F.D2 years ago
how to hangouts with people???
Give us Hangouts for desktop, I don't want chrome plugin!
Also add mail notification and ability to send and receive files!
If you're deploying Chromebox for meetings, now you don't have to stop using Microsoft Outlook®
Rodrigo Almeida2 years ago
+Diego Almeida
Muchos usuarios aún se aún se aferran a plataformas anteriores y con esto Google les da oportunidad de convivir con nuevas alternativas como lo es hangouts, es es ezxcelente
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Josh Haughton2 years ago
+Предраг Љубеновић what would be the difference between a chrome extention and desktop? Do you just not want to have to have chrome installed ?
Tony Gurry2 years ago
actually,i have never thought it?
Shawn Yu2 years ago
A fail in Photoshopping
Nice news! But what about Google #Hangouts plugin for Ubuntu?
Joseph T Bradley2 years ago
+Elliott Shafii I know of one other company (in addition to my own) that migrated to Google Apps for business. A lot of our users still use Outlook, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. We also use Skype a lot. I hope that this will also make the hangouts link that is now only visible in Google Calendar show up in Outlook, because that is the only way to get people off of the old way of doing things. You have to go more than halfway to make this kind of change happen.
George Papadakis2 years ago
Google apps for business is a toy compared to office365 and Microsoft outlook and that will not change anytime soon. Being blinded by fanboism will not change the facts. Google knows people will never drop outlook and is trying to integrate in there to get more to use hangouts and maybe move to google apps in the future . I know of a dozen companies that dropped google apps to office 365 in the last few months cause it is the real deal in the same price why even bother with a sub par alternative.+3
James Lamb2 years ago
Yeah, this is for Windows only. (No Mac.) That should have been stated here. Or on the next page. You shouldn't have to get all the way to the download page to find this out. Don't be evil (or annoying), Google.+1
Grégoire Lacave2 years ago
Outlook for Mac doesn't support the installation of addons so it's not very surprising+1
Mike Reading2 years ago
Andre Foisy2 years ago
Way cool stuff!
Marcus Schommler2 years ago
The icon looks like being for 'Hangouts on Floppies' ;-)
Catherine Esher2 years ago
What is "Outlook" ? ;-) May be a great plugin - for all people form yesterday. +1
Madhu Nama2 years ago
Nice Move Google!
MIA Jasper2 years ago
Alexander Osei2 years ago
Do I need "Admin" privilege to install this plugin in my Microsoft Outlook 2013 at my workplace?
Ryan Johnson2 years ago
This is pretty cool - but I am still excited for our district to leave Exchange and Outlook for gmail in June!!!
Andre Foisy2 years ago
+Catherine Esher might be for people from yesterday, read people with experience 😉, but more than 15 years of Outlook use is not something you easily get rid of.
Pranav Amrute2 years ago
You mean the Office Outlook desktop app (Office 2013) or Outlook Express or you mean Office 365 emails with Live ID /passport can now use hangout service of google plus? Or you mean the rebranded hotmail/ now outlook dot com have Hangout plugin? Man! this is all confusing... 

I've Google Apps with hangout feature & I use Outlook desktop for IMAP/POP I think the serivce is for me. 
fantastic news, looking forward to test the same....
Fernando Boita2 years ago

qero sabe sobe fezg
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Yousef Fouda2 years ago
Ryan Hayle2 years ago
People defending Outlook don't have a clue about technology. You're why IT departments for pretty much every large corporation are a joke, full of Microsoft lackeys regurgitating what they learned in their trade schools. +1
Vir Singh2 years ago
It does not appear to be working. I keep getting the "This party is over" message if I attempt to start an unscheduled hangouts session.+1
Thank you +Patrick Wynn I've contacted my Network Admin to install this plugin. He refused to do. So i decided to continue with Hangouts for Chrome extension on desktop.+1
Nasir Ahmed2 years ago
Emre Yıldız2 years ago