Steve Kondik
3 years agoPublic
The HTC One

I promised a review of this device when I got my hands on one, so here goes. 

I picked up the One on AT&T yesterday. I haven't really used an HTC device in quite awhile, and I'm pretty happy with this phone.

The very first thing I did was to unlock the bootloader. HTC (like everyone) got this very wrong in the past, but they finally got it right. The production device is fully unlockable on the AP side using an unlock code from HTCDev. It only took a couple of minutes to follow the prompts on the site and I was greeted with the UNLOCKED message in HBOOT. Installed CWM and did a backup.

This hardware is sexy. It's got clean lines and feels very solid when you are holding it. The 1080p display is gorgeous and bright, although I'm not convinced that I would pay a lot of extra money for 1080p on a phone if all other things were high-end. Oddly enough, the phone looks like the little brother of my Samsung Series 7 laptop which is a good thing. There are only two capacitive buttons, which took a bit of getting used to- you have to double-tap the home key to see the recent apps list. It's a good design, and it makes plenty of room for the front-facing stereo speakers.

HTC has taken a very different approach to software than Samsung has, and has chosen to focus on media and content instead of UX features. You're immediately greeted with the Sense launcher which has a full-screen pane that aggregates data from various social networks and news feeds. It works well and I find myself actually using it. There's so much room for improvement and additional data sources, but it's a good start. The launcher in general is pretty decent, at least until you open the app drawer. HTC has decided to go with a 3-column app drawer with a vertical tray that doesn't do free scrolling. It's very painful to use if you have a lot of apps. Folders are supported in the drawer which makes it a little easier, but it's still not the best experience. One feature that HTC did well is the lock screen. It supports a number of different layouts (I use "productivity") and shows you quick information without having to unlock the device.

The performance of the device in general is off the charts. Under the hood, it has the same chipset as the Galaxy S4, so the performance of both devices is similar. It's probably more horsepower than most people will need for quite some time.

Overall, I like where HTC is going with this. They have decided to skip the "kitchen sink" approach to really focus on a few things, and it works. It's also developer friendly, which is important to me and probably to most people reading this. I really think HTC might be back in the game with the One. It's an awesome device. They will of course have to contend with Samsung's unstoppable marketing machine though.

If I had to make the choice between the One vs the S4, my head would probably explode so I'll just carry both I think :)
Tedi Tamo3 years ago
I really like the software features on the S4. I know its not something magnificent but still I like to have some extra options.+49
I think you are working with HTC now. FANBOY. Definitely FANBOY.

JK, I love mine.  Had to return it already for a stuck sim tray.
Carry both? You spoiled brat. /jk+14
Rob M.3 years ago
Such a great looking device. I like the aluminum construction, but I'm growing leery of the "zero bezel" or no room between the edge of the screen and the edge of the phone. Will be interested to see how this plays with it's potentially stiff construction, and an inadvertent drop, will the screen survive (?). I'd thought recently that titanium would be an excellent material choice, light, flexible, but might not be "invisible" to the antenna.

Ultimately however, I've come to need my phone to work flawlessly with CM out of the box. Hopefully the next Nexus features more robust construction, and can survive drops with ease.
Huh, +Koushik Dutta got one yesterday too... I think there is something going on here. You guys working on something?

Brant Isom3 years ago
+Steve Kondik Were you able to unlock via the +HTC dev tool even though the phone was purchased and under contract with +AT&T?+3
Robert Alexander3 years ago
3 column app drawer? That is a strange oversight
+Steve Kondik you can change app drawer to standard 4x5 by hitting the menu in app drawer and choosing grid size. Easy as that :)+45
+Brant Isom it doesn't matter. It unlocks.+3
Ben Tegally3 years ago
Great to hear it's fully unlockable. Depending what what the next Nexus brings to the table, it could be my next phone, IF it has CM support ;-)
I've tried finding a source to that rumor of att models not supporting HTC dev unlock...I've contacted both HTC and att neither have heard anything about it...seems the whole story roots back to a single xda
Steve McMex3 years ago
Thanks for the review +Steve Kondik and I was going to ask which one between the two phones but you answered that. +2
Chris Sullins3 years ago
I gots the Sprint One and loving it. Can't put it down. Not in a rush to root it. This phone is going to catch fire on XDA.+10
Sebastian Gorgon3 years ago
The fact you can't pick the One over the S4 worries me, hardware build should be enough. +4
Chris Sullins3 years ago
There will be some healthy competition in the Android family with the One and the S4. Love it! #effApple.+12
In an alternate world I own this phone and it is the best phone ever. In real life.. I'm addicted to my note 2's screen. Helppp

edit: have to update...i broke free of my addiction and now am an extremely proud owner of the One 
Ritesh Tripathy3 years ago
Not much difference under the hood but so much difference on the outside. The One makes the S4 look like a cheap Chinese knockoff. Seriously. Although I've owned 3 Samsung flagships and just one HTC flagship in the past, this time, my choice is very easy!+25
Eduard Zaytsev3 years ago
Coming from a user that is typing as we speak from this gorgeous device, I give it 2 thumbs up. HTC has definitely stepped up their game on this one. I am a HTC fan!+17
Oleg Tsoi3 years ago
I wonder what Cyanogen's "pick up at ATT store" is like? Do they bow in acknowledgement or just do not know who he is?+8
Brandon Shaw3 years ago
I always strip Sense or any other bloatware off my phone & then rebuild Android from there.

Sense might be cool but u r dealing with another layer on top of Android which means more battery consumption due to processing.

I guess it's just me but I like Android by itself. Leads to a lot less hassle & u get to see what it is intended for. I agree that some features of Sense as well as Samsung's bloatware that's nice to have. That's why I love the Nexus series, no bullshit with the OS.
Jeverson Melo3 years ago
HTC could of a little bit more attention in the Brazilian market.+3
Ibn Davis3 years ago
Man why did Verizon have to past on this phone +7
Chris Sullins3 years ago
I have already forgot about my Note 2 @nd iPhone 5. +9
Jervis Dabreo3 years ago
+Oleg Tsoi I would love to know too.  He should be given the device for free or have them pay him to take it.
Ewald Eicher3 years ago
+Steve Kondik Please add a battery lifetime comparison between the S4 and the One.+9
Samsung's sorry excuse of a software effort on the S4 is enough to make me wash my hands of them with my next device. I felt they needed a little leeway with the S3 because ICS was fairly new and you just can't change your entire software suite overnight. But now, tacking 4000 software features on top of a dated software stack? bleh. Touchwiz makes me want to puke and I'm not too excited about the option between getting the next version of Android stable on my Note 2 versus having to clean up whatever garbage Samsung pushes to devices whenever they update it next.

Sense 5 isn't perfect but it's a lot better effort than the regressions Samsung is making.
Marlon M3 years ago
Very nice review man +1
Harry Evangelou3 years ago
The HTC One beats the Samesong S4 hands down. Good news for HTC. Samesong finally has some competition.+16
Naz Issa3 years ago
had the htc one for a week now,great phone I actually like their blink feed .but really 2 phones.

Chris Beegle3 years ago
The S4 will have DDR3 so it will be a bit faster. I got my HTC One yesterday. Impressed with everything except for the battery.+3
Jeff Davis3 years ago
Engadget says At&t is going to lock the bootloader.
Kasino Marxs3 years ago
+Chris Beegle Don't tell me the battery is still a weakness. That's highly discouraging.+3
I wont get it .. it will get stuck in old OS in a few months
Chris Beegle3 years ago
+Kasino Marxs I know right. It is probably the only drawback but it still stings. I will probably do a bake off of the HTC devices I have - One, One X+, EVO LTE, Droid DNA. I will skip testing the 8x.+1
Kasino Marxs3 years ago
+Chris Beegle Maybe +HTC can clarify, but they said they upgraded the battery from the ones used in any previous device of theirs. Please tell me it's somewhat better.+1
Jayy Se7en3 years ago
+Charles Njora It has neither. No SD slot, and a stuck battery. +1
Nick Webster3 years ago
There is a setting to change the app draw to 5 instead of 3.+5
Patrick Morris3 years ago
I agree on the drawer issue, it's really what pushed me to use adw on my evo lte 
Eric Dawson3 years ago
Nice review Steve. Well built phone from HTC. Still love my Note 2...screen size, removable battery, because HTC needs a bigger battery and is non removable. I will just wait for Note three...+7
Sateesh Lele3 years ago
Steve Kondik, I have the original Nexus One from HTC and it still works well except ... I cannot stop it from locking. I have to unlock it every single time and it is a pain. Please could you explain in very simple steps, how I can unlock it so that when I get an incoming call, it immediately comes alive without me having to fumble and unlock it first. Thanks for the info.
John Lawrence3 years ago
I'm loving my One for the past two days.+2
Johnson Gamit3 years ago

Gunny Wallen3 years ago
Countdown to CM 10.1 nightlies for the One begin :p+2
Marlon M3 years ago
+jorge ellis Samsung has a couple good phones under their belt now @ this point . But if you were with Android from the beginning then you would know that Samsung is not the king of Android updates. They may have stepped it up recently but don't phrase it like Samsung has been on top as far updates are concerned. Actually for the last 3 years HTC is ranked number 1 for faster android updates. They don't get all the models but that's also true with Samsung. but of course Nexus has both beat :-)+9
Carlos Velazquez3 years ago
Unlocked and rooted it before I even set it up. Keep in mind that the HTCDev bootloader unlocked wipes out SEVERAL Sense apps. For instance, calculator and flashlight will be gone. Not a dealbreaker. Loving the boombox sound :) This is my 4th HTC Android phone. +12
Gunny Wallen3 years ago
I have calculator and I never had flashlight on my AT&T. One. I lost nothing when I unlocked it. +1
Carlos Velazquez3 years ago
I can vouch it will happen on Sprint HTC. +2
Brian Dorr3 years ago
The HTC One I am sure is a great phone and there are definitely HTC phanboys in here bashing Samsung for a reason, Samsung has owned HTC for the last 3 years and how does HTC answer, by coming out with a phone that doesn't have a very critical sd card slot and removable battery, the very same thing every HTC owner used to bash Apple for and now all of a sudden this is awesome, sorry no thanks. Samsung is way more advanced feature wise, people have trouble if you can't see it happen then it's not real. Every person for the most part gets a case to protect their phone, that's not going to change so good move on Samsung making the phone light as possible with no antenna interference at all and thanks for the sd card slot that I will effortlessly switch and have all my stuff in a matter of seconds. I am sorry try again HTC, stick to the basics and listen to their consumer, better camera, sd card and removable battery, if I am paying over 600 dollars I want the option +9
Loving, living with the Note 2! Played with the HTC One on the side and felt real bad like I was cheating on my girl! Grass always looks greener on the other side until you get over there! ZeroLemon battery, 80G storage and a S-Pen that's used daily... Oh yeah and that 5.5 inch screen, wanna look good like the Iphone just won't get me to leave Samsung just yet! Love the review! +1
Tommy D Thompson3 years ago
+Marlon Milligan in the UK maybe, and it the past three years maybe. Definitely not within the last year or two. Considering the One is releasing with 4.1.2 and the S4 will have 4.2.2, I think that says a lot. +3
Chris Goodale3 years ago
Where are the rooting instructions for the one? Anyone got a link?
You can change to 4 X 5 app drawer that's a little better +1
maria renaud3 years ago
Have an HTC Rhyme it!+2
Esteban Rivera3 years ago
+Steve Kondik Thanks for posting. I'm stuck deciding which one as well.
Brian Dorr3 years ago
Well good for you as long as you know your comments are pointless that is half the battle
Anthony Thornton3 years ago
they are not pointless
+Atoy Smith That's on the LG and Samsung. Not on HTC. Personally if I'm going to multitask like that I use my tablet for video and phone to text.+1
Anthony Thornton3 years ago
what is HTC again
Reviews are read for further details just in case if any misses! Nothing
personal this is business no need for war on something we don't have stock
in it! I said I love the review because it have me more info I had playing
with it!

ecivedelibomnilaedyliad This email is covered by the Electronic
Communications Privacy Act and is legally privileged. This electronic
message transmission, which includes any files transmitted with it, may
contain confidential or privileged information and is only intended for the
individual or entity named above.
Benjamin Gulker3 years ago
If it had software buttons I'd be more interested.
+Chris Goodale unlock with HTC Dev, flash cwm recovery and install superuser and su binaries...+1
Anthony Perez3 years ago
I think the average consumer doesn't care about metal but instead what can I do on the device and how long can I do it. No removable sd and battery bad choice on HTCs part.

Good review though.
+Atoy Smith what are you going on about?
James Riley3 years ago
+Jeff Davis Got my One yesterday and just unlocked the bootloader no problem. Looks like engadget was wrong.+3
Howard Tanner3 years ago
Great phone yes, but no replaceable battery and no slot for an SD card. So no thanks. I'll wait for the S4 to get these specs with the replaceable battery and SD card,+1
Kamazuki Junuh3 years ago
Using it and loving it.+1
Buggy Fresh3 years ago
i love htc one vx
Mark luckey3 years ago
I'm going with the s4 when it comes out. But, it was a toss up to tell you the truth. I don't think you could go wrong with either one. Unless its an I phone lol+4
Ben Hill3 years ago
My one x battery life sucked my s3 battery life rocks and I have a spare that I rarely need ¿+1
Patrick Tudela3 years ago
Anyone else think that blinkfeed is an integrated version of flipboard?
carlos g roldan3 years ago
I used to have samsungs. But now with my htc one x i'm very happy with. Fast, reliable, the screen resolution is awesome,very fast phone.
Teddy Behr3 years ago
And the BEST part of the phone is I don't have to fuss with an annoying SD card or carry around another spare battery to swap out. All the other perks are just gravy!+1
Zdravko Klasnic3 years ago
. CDt R %7% H !bGH *q ,,
Migs B3 years ago
Using cnet as a source wtf
Charlie Ranlett3 years ago
+Zdravko Klasnic
what may we do to please you, o newfound robot overlord
David Lora3 years ago
I'm good with my nexus 4 for now I know key lime pie will be awesome+2
O'Neil Castro3 years ago
I've been using mine for 24h, not impress by battery life so far but other then that I'm VERY pleased.+2
raghwendra KANT3 years ago
Someone gift me this magnificent device plz
anthony i3 years ago
Have my HTC One for three days now and love everything about it+1
Bob Highmiller3 years ago
battery is fine here i get a full day with my normal use  .... i truely hope to see CM on my HTCONE !! +2
Taylor Levesque3 years ago
+Brian Dorr They don't use materials that interfere with their antennas doesn't mean their antennas don't suck. Having owned the S3 and Fascinate, I have experienced shitty antennas from them compared to HTC and Motorola +6
Ryan Dack3 years ago
Excellent review!  I Pre-ordered the HTC One and will be receiving it in a few days, and am really excited about it, especially now that I know the lead dev of CM has it.  The one thing that samsung has (and only samsung as I have found with various flavors of Android, both custom and stock) is just how many options they give you.  One of them, Mono audio, is a biggie for me due to being deaf in one ear.  I know the expansion of accessibility features is on the CM public task list, but I'm really surprised how no other manufacturer (Even google!) gives it the light of day+3
Why is a non-removable battery such a deal breaker for so many people? I have many battery-powered devices, some with permanent batteries and some with removable ones. I haven't had to remove any of them, ever. The lack of removable battery doesn't affect my decision to buy an item. Just my own opinion....+13
Jake Naing3 years ago
CMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM plzzz. haha. Anyway nice review. You are well respected. At least for me. :)
Umair Khalid3 years ago
I'm torn right now between my beloved Nexus 4 and this. I have the one on my night stand and can't seem to get over the fact that I may be giving up the Nexus :'( +1
+Benny McKeon I always get an extended battery whenever I purchase a new phone. Usually on the same day. I have a 3900 mAh in my Galaxy Nexus. I rarely ever use the battery that comes with the phone. I'm a power user so the smaller batteries don't last me that long. I never carry an extra battery around with me though.
Shaun Orris3 years ago
Can't remove the battery in the UK? madcow again?
Rodney Bell3 years ago
+Jonathan Franklin well I can't say anything good about the HTC one because I have been playing with one since the day we got one in at my job I was not impressed at all yet I like yes display and that's about it
Rafel Bhuiyan3 years ago
Nice design & screen, but not a fan of that 2 buttons at the bottom of the screen & stock android would be nice!+1
Zain-Ul Abideen3 years ago
I got mine yesterday and it's an absolute beauty, I have never owned an HTC before but fell in love with this phone on it's launch day. The screen dazzles, speakers are amazing, the UI is very well done and the built is off the chart. Everyone in my office wants to get their hands on this piece of beauty.
Vance Dickinson3 years ago
Why is it that we can't have a device with great build quality AND a removable battery? Is it really that difficult?+3
+Benny McKeon One benefit I appreciate from a replaceable battery: as your battery ages, its charge capacity gets lower and lower. In your second year of ownership, it'll give you less run time; eventually, it may not be able to hold a charge at all. If I'm able to replace it, however, and I'm still happy with my otherwise good phone, I can make it function as well as the day I bought it with a new battery. If your phone's battery is non-replaceable, what are your options? +8
Ben Brougher3 years ago
I love this new design and htc sense with android 4.1 is a dream combo. I want this phone sooooo bad.+2
Majdi Jarrar3 years ago
I really don't understand the notion of having folders inside the app drawer
Patato Hsieh3 years ago
well if I have it for a year I would just ask htc to replace a new battery. Not the best option, I know.
+Leibo Raibstein I'm well aware of how batteries work as they age. But let me ask you this: in this age of planned-obsolescence and disposability, will you still own the same device when the battery craps out?+2
Sajjad Fakour3 years ago
+Steve Kondik
As a result , do you prefer htc one to Galaxy s4 & Nexus 4 or no ?
With thanks,Please help me.
Rodney Bell3 years ago
+Sajjad Fakour I say GS4+2
Carry both? Still have to decide which one in which hand :-) Saw the Xperia Z in the store...very clear lines, very sharp. Noticable against my Note 2, while that is sharp too. So it is definitely a jump up from 720p to 1080p+1
Mukul Yadav3 years ago
+Rodney Bell Yea...that Iz olsOo gud+1
jezreel hutton3 years ago
I love your work that you do. Thank you
Frédéric Darne3 years ago
i have htc one, a great phone.+2
Sajjad Fakour3 years ago
+Rodney Bell thank you , Can you have a simple comparison between htc one & nexus 4 ?
Ronaldo Rivera3 years ago
Hi +Steve Kondik thanks for the feedback. Can you elaborate more on what the "kitchen sink" approach is? Can't say I've heard that term before. Thanks again!
Shashwat Pandey3 years ago
Its far better than pastic crap s4..+1
Sirus Laia3 years ago
Thanks +Steve Kondik for the quick review. I really like your statement on the choice between One and S4 and gives me a clue. So I'll stay with my Note 2 for a while and wait for a note 2 version of Nexus.+1
Josh Correll3 years ago
+Ronaldo Rivera he's referring to their choice to focus on less instead of more, leaving room for growth.
+Marlon Milligan finally someone knows the truth!!
Rodney Bell3 years ago
+Shashwat Pandey I actually like the design of the GS3 and the GS4 i mean my GS3 is very durable i droped mine from about what would be considered a 2 story hight and it survived with not evenacracked screen so if the S4 will be made out of the same material I will be a very happy customer I mean I'm not knocking the HTC ONE at all because the way I look at it as long as it's an Android getting in the hands of a consumer and not an apple I would call that a great thing no matter if IT'S LG, SAMSUNG OR HTC OR A NEXUS +4
Gregor Ahčin3 years ago
I have HTC One for almost 3 weeks now and I can't belive I loved sgs3. It's soooo much better all around. Better screen, solid construction that only metal brings, loud stereo speakers,... +5
Rodney Bell3 years ago
+Gregor Ahčin Well when I tried it out the sound was about only as loud as my GS3 but I personally don't care for the metal design
Nick Webster3 years ago
+Rodney Bell I compared the two and the HTC One was much much louder than the GS3. Both are great phones though.+3
Rodney Bell3 years ago
+Nick Webster well I think they are both great phones I just was not impressed with it but I'm waiting on the S4 to see which will be better
Grant L3 years ago
For those of us who've been holding onto an upgrade for months for a quad core 1080p phone, I think the One is a fine choice.+1
I am disappointed with a screen size though... +1
Gerry Juans3 years ago
+Benny McKeon I used to think so until my phone drowned, killing the battery. Replaced the battery and it was as good as new. Also, my GNex has a crap battery so I replaced it with a 3000mAh.+1
Frans Stofberg3 years ago
When you talk of the S4, I can only imagine you not talking about the international version, as we have to make due with the Exynos processor. 
for me its between the +HTC One and the +Sony Xperia Z
winston williams3 years ago
I was thinking of carrying both also ! +1
La Min Lay3 years ago
La Min Lay3 years ago

subrat mallick3 years ago
I Think its the best !!
Nas J3 years ago
I think you just sold me the HTC one with that one word separating both phones "marketing" +4
diwas rana3 years ago
I don't know.+1
subrat mallick3 years ago
No not like that at all
bhanu prakash3 years ago
a big thing to read
You can change the layout of the app drawer, but only to a 4x5. Vertical scrolling in the app drawer is the worst part of the phone experience
Atif Sheikh3 years ago
Two questions?....
Unlocking from htcdev = gone warranty
Unlocking from htcdev = not s off so basically your still locked for some mods.
Correct me if I'm wrong.
eric figueroa3 years ago
Stop with the removeable battery crap already buy a plastic Samsung if you want that.Some people want a solid phone not plastic hence why they do that is it so hard to understand I hear it all the time the majority of people buying it can give 2 shits about that.I do think tho they can add a sdcard maybe on the side of it tho but then again 32 64gig is enough for most people. HTCs down fall to me is there quality control and putting out to many phones it seemed like they were out to make a quick buck then dissappear.I swore never ever to buy an HTC phone but this interests me if the QC is screwed again forget it.+2
pritheshwar t3 years ago
S4 is very good in features. +1
Dhruv Bhagat3 years ago
Don't real like this phone!

iPhone 5 is way better :)
John Tran3 years ago
I am not sold on the 4mp Ultrapixel. If every picture of mine was taken in the dark it would be very useful but that is not the case. There would be very little detail when blown up 4mp picture. Keeping my Note 2 for now. If I were to pick it would be GS4 hands down. I use to be a die hard HTC fan but they offer very poor battery life and I hope for the people who choose the One will not suffer bad battery life.+1
Gregor Ahčin3 years ago
+John Tran actually HTC one has great battery life. Especially if I compare it to my old SGS3. Camera quality is like day and night. One wins.+3
Migs B3 years ago
If I didn't have my note 2 beast I would buy s4..Sammy ftw
Gregor Ahčin3 years ago
+Rodney Bell one is so much louder than SGS3. But it's not only that. Quality of sound is on completely different level. And it's stereo.+2
Stephen Jordan3 years ago
At least the One supports USB OTG. Makes the lack of SD more bearable, but the only HTC phone that I loved religiously was my HD2. I damaged the screen but didn't fancy fixing it. I ended up looking for a new phone (out of a few, Droid DNA, Nexus 4, One, Note 2), I went for the Note in the end and I'm very pleased. There are a few things if like to see on the Note 2 that are on the LG Optimus G Pro, but that's always the way! I'll have to try Sense 5 to see if it's improved, but I've never liked Sense.
John Tran3 years ago
+Gregor Ahčin can you take a day pic with the One and the same pic with your GS3. View them on your home monitor and view them in actual pixels. I would really like to know what your thoughts are. Just very curious...thanks!+1
Gregor Ahčin3 years ago
+John Tran I actually did that when I bought HTC one. Did all sort of testing because I still wanted to exchange the one for SGS4 when it comes available. But not anymore more. HTC made better device this year. Maybe SGS5 next year...
But sorry to disappoint you I prefer pictures made with HTC1. It's better camera all around.
John Tran3 years ago
+Gregor Ahčin thank you.
Kevin Darty3 years ago
How is the default partitioning and available storage space on the HTC One? I thought the One X was so sexy but after spending one hour with it at the store I couldn't get past the fact that the 16GB version only came with 9GB usable based on its partitioning which I thought was inexcusable. The One starts at 32GB which should make life better but just wondering.
Andrew Brown3 years ago
best phn yet
+Benny McKeon Well, that's my point. You're buying the planned obsolescence with a sealed phone like the One. Batteries are considered disposable, so I don't know why I'd prefer to buy a phone with a sealed disposable part. It would be like buying a car with a battery sealed inside the frame.

Will I still own the same phone when the battery craps out? Maybe, maybe not. But at least I give myself the choice when I buy a phone with a replaceable battery.

Then, of course, there's the more obvious benefit: the One wouldn't get me through half a day's use. Neither does my S3...except it does. The difference? A 30 second battery swap.
Dharam Kapadia3 years ago
Great write up....
John Tran3 years ago
C. Paul Courtney3 years ago
First day battery report.

+Chris Beegle +Kasino Marxs +ben hill +jeremy collins +O'Neil Castro +Bob Highmiller +Benny McKeon +Johnny Ezell +Shaun Orris +Leibo Raibstein +George Kajaia +Gregor Ahčin +John Tran
I got about 18 hours from mine yesterday before it hit 14%. About 1/3 was LTE and 2/3 Wi-Fi. It was moderate use with some streaming music, some video, a lot of internet, a little camera work, and some navigation. I didn't check the screen on time (forgot). I had everything on auto sync, and I mean every possible thing. Auto screen brightness and power saver was on.

I'm ok with those early results but still considering a battery bar for vacations and weekend getaways. I don't see this being a problem for daily use.
Steve Dion3 years ago
I agree, got The One on Friday. Love it. Gonna be hard to resist buying the S4. Camera review will probably tilt balance for me. I am fine with 32Gb of storage. All music on Google Play and don't' watch movies on my phone.+3
Hananya Naftali3 years ago
Donte Bean3 years ago
I'm picking mines up in two weeks+1
Martyono Sembodo3 years ago
+Kevin Darty One X comes with 32 & 64GB. Maybe you mean One S.
Kevin Darty3 years ago
+Martyono Sembodo I'm referring to the original One X (U.S. version) comes with 16GB. The international version was available in 32GB.
Kristian Rica3 years ago
high tech cell
Gregor Ahčin3 years ago
+John Tran Well you can get more reliable sources. Check Anandtech review of HTC One. Probably nobody does better reviews. +2
CJ M3 years ago
Here is the thing with batteries that everyone conveniently seems to forget: they degrade over time. Usually in about two years they are something like 70 percent their original capacity. So a phone with a removable battery is superior in that the battery, and not the entire phone, can be replaced. A design like the One requires the phone be replaced.

Furthermore, swappable batteries mean that a user can instantly double their battery life with a spare. While a non swappable design means you have to charge it through a wall or portable battery pack. Both of which are clumsy options for, say, a day trip to Disney land taking a boat load of pics of the fam; something that's hard to do with a cord attached to a portable battery pack.

Non removable batteries is probably the single worst design option on a phone an engineer could make. It shows a complete lack of understanding of how the phones are used these days. 
C. Paul Courtney3 years ago
+Conrad Morris I disagree. Every phone I had to date has had a removable battery. I bought an extended battery every time. I probably have used them 10 times in 5 years. Not worth the $200 or so total I've spent on them.+1
Gregor Ahčin3 years ago
+Conrad Morris I never thought of buying spare battery for SGS3. So no problem for me. I can get whole day on one charge even though I'm on LTE. +3
Dominic Asamoah3 years ago
Reviews from other tech blogs say battery life on the One is average.Really I expected a better than average battery life since the phone has a sealed in battery (non removable).It will be regrettable if the S4 with a removable battery is going to dance in circles around the One.
In spite of these setbacks it's still an awesome device. I hope it saves the job of Peter Chou.
I still have my HTC Desire as my work phone and it's still awesome. 
John Tran3 years ago
Not having a removable battery, although not a deal breaker i would prefer having the option to swap. I gave my Note one to my parents and the battery crapped out. Bought new one for $25.00 and swapped...done!+2
nick sava3 years ago
I have a number of removable batteries for my HTC Rezound/ I dont think i could buy a phone without it! Conrad Morris your right on!
+Conrad Morris I agree. I don't swap batteries out though. I got an extended battery (3900mAh) for my GNex. I don't have to worry about swapping it out. Having the option to get a larger battery if your not happy with the one provided makes a difference to me. Whether its having an extra battery on hand or having a larger battery that does not need to be swapped out. That's the only gripe I have with the One. Its a nice looking phone though. +2
Michael Avery3 years ago
Looks like a sweet phone, and I'm sure it is, BUT no removable storage, & non-removable battery are total deal breakers for me. I'll stick with my Note 2 thanks.
Also, even with HTC dev unlock you'll never get s-off without some serious brick risking hackery. It took over 9 months to get s-off on the HTC One X, and by then most of the big name developers had moved on to other devices. No thanks HTC.
Dominic Asamoah3 years ago
+nick sava you're right. Removable batteries come in so handy, , especially on long distance trips. My personal phone is the Galaxy S3 and I've recently placed an order for a spare battery and charging dock that doubles as a dock for the phone and it only cost me $32 on Very convenient. There's nothing wrong with a non removable battery if it can last as long as the Motorola Razr Maxx or the Note 2.+2
The Poop Tickler3 years ago
You mean there are people doing things here that are not just re-posting old posts and spamming quotes?
Koko Widyatmoko3 years ago
Ok, serious question here..does it have a reset button?
Lawrence Garcia3 years ago
Good review. I have the DNA and I'm so glad that I don't waste money on extra batteries any more! Its 2020 mAh does very well, especially being on LTE the whole time (I'm covered on west coast and east coast) I've been to the amusement park, sports events, high res pics/videos, auto-Upload to problem. I travel coast to coast, get to the other side no problem! I get 2-4 hrs screen time, 20-40 minutes of calls per/day, sync 2 emails, 9 widgets running, 12-18 hrs average, stock!

I used to be a staunch supporter of the choice to swap batteries, but thankfully the technology has gotten so good, it's not needed, for me anyway. Battery degrades over time? Well I'm pretty sure I'll be on to something else by two years and if it craps out before that I have insurance. Its gotten to the point that if it has a swappable battery, then the efficiency is not that great to begin with and the design is lacking. I thought I might buy an external battery since I travel but still haven't needed to... even though they are pretty small these days. If it's cumbersome to lug around an external battery, then it's equally so with a swappable battery. Oh the cord attached while charging? Really? A 15-20 min. bump while resting/eating, etc. will get you probably another 4 hours... it's not like you have to sit there the whole time connected for the battery to get to full... these new phones charge very fast also. I spent that extra money on a wireless charger instead of the external battery since I mostly only charge once at night before bed :-)
Ricky McMaster3 years ago
I have a ful powerbag. I am not concerned with a non removablr battery. Also I dont plan to own tbis phone for 2 years so if the battery degrades, it will be on the person I sell it to to get a new phone... :-) maybe next year's nexus... +3
nick sava3 years ago
With slingbox on my phone a removable battery is a must!
Fyu huang3 years ago
+jorge ellis no SD card is not a big deal,you can use otg+3
Michael Sobrido3 years ago
The audio is amazing. Have you tried the included beats earbuds. Very nice.+1
CJ M3 years ago
Sure battery tech had improved but that does not change the fact that I can literally double the life of my phone with the option to swap batteries. I can do it instantly. I don't need to set and wait 15 to 20 minutes while I am eating; I can just double the life while I am eating. And true some people will just get a new phone in two years but half or more won't, and will therefore be in a situation where their phone is literally expiring when a simple replacement battery will extend their purchase.

I'm sorry, but it's a bad design. There is simply no reason around it; no justifiable reason for not including that feature. The galaxy note 2 manages to be thin, have insane battery life, and have a swappable battery. So saying it allows for more room for this or that is void. 
Lawrence Garcia3 years ago
Let me guess +Qasim Hussain ... Your phone is not a quad core or running a Snapdragon S4pro and above?+1
Fyu huang3 years ago
+Dominic Asamoah power bank please ??+2
Haaris Edhi3 years ago
does it have a micro sd card slot
Danno Zarek3 years ago
+Lawrence Garcia no sd card
Bill Gwanyalla3 years ago
Not only am I buying the HTC 1 because its one of the best phones I ever seen but also because I don't want Samsung to own Android. There needs to be competition in the android space and considering HTC's size to Samsung they killed it with htc one. +5
Danno Zarek3 years ago
I've been on mine steady for 5 hours straight , still has half battery power, not bad in my opinion+1
So does this mean I can expect CM 10.1 soon? lol
C. Paul Courtney3 years ago
+Conrad Morris Who wants to walk around with a second battery in their pocket or man-purse? And you have to keep track of which battery is full, which battery needs charging. If you are constantly running out of battery on a daily basis, you're doing it wrong. For those special occasions like vacations, you can bring a spare battery or you can buy a battery bar and get 4 times the life. Either way you are forced to carry a secondary power source. Of course everyone wants BlackBerry like battery life but to get it you will lose something in design or functionality or both. At least until the battery industry catches up to the smartphone industry.
FYI, I took my One off the charger about 3 hours ago, I have 14 hours left according to my battery app. I can't complain about that.
Efraín Cuadrado3 years ago
You can have a 4 column drawer Steve. Look in the app drawer settings. That phone has sexiness all over. Even the box looks great. +1
Lawrence Garcia3 years ago
+Conrad Morris Not sure where you're getting your stats? Half or more will keep their smartphone longer than 2 years and "will therefore be in a situation where there phone is literally expiring..." This is not fact sorry.

I think people that keep their phones that long, don't have smartphones, they have feature phones... I'm sure 'some' do however. Like I said, insurance...$100. gets you a brand new phone! Cheaper than the typical $200. upgrade if someone really wants to keep an outdated smartphone that bad.

That's great that you carry around an extra battery, I'm glad I don't need to. If I know I'm going somewhere or doing something where I'm going to take lots of pics/vids, I'll give it a bump in the car on the way. Even after I got stranded once, with no help for about an hour, in a shady part of town at night, I put my DNA in power saving mode and still it didn't die :-)
Brett Harland3 years ago
I use to own htc's from this review I may reconsider owning another htc
Duane Christmas3 years ago
I think the removable battery is always the deal breaker
Brian Dorr3 years ago
It is hilarious seeing all the comments to make yourself feel better about two simple features that HTC did not include. Ever since the first HTC that they went the route of no SD card people were complaining saying this was not smart and well I hate to break it to you, it isn't smart.

The battery degrades faster than people want to admit, you are charging and draining every single day and there is no way around bumping a phone than switching to a battery that is instantly full, stop trying to fool yourself. Just because we can swap the battery does not mean we are going to do it every day and the battery awesome in the Samsung. Why don't you look up a side by side comparison.

Samsung wins in most categories, not sound but it's a cell phone, simple plug the phone into your stereo or a bluetooth audio system, the difference is not that crazy. Camera quality is way better on the Samsung GS4, way more innovative features like the gestures, scrolling with your eyes, eye tracking, s beam transfers of media by tapping the phone and not to mention the GS4 issue coming out with the latest version of Android which tells you how much harder they worked to release a phone with the fullest potential versus the easy way out for a version that has been out for a long time.

As far as the sd card slot that people try to convince themselves that they don't care, my pictures and everything thing else will be on my new phone in the matter of time in takes me to take it out of my phone and put it in my new one. What bothers me is all the people who complain about apple and made fun of them for no sd card slot and removable battery are now supporting, stop I mean it, just stop and be real with yourself, people always jump ship and try to convince themselves it's ok to lose capability. I will let you know it's great not to have to rely on Dropbox or the Internet and if my card ever gets full, well than boom, I can add a 64gb sd card for instant memory boost instead of being pissed I bought the 32gb version instead of the 64gb.

If I am ever in a bad situation where I can't get to a place where I can charge I can just swap the battery and no it's not just a bump it's full. Let's be real people, if you started out making fun of apple for the same thing, then be real with yourself and stick with it.
Shaun Orris3 years ago
+Lawrence Garcia tag you're it. 
Marlon M3 years ago
This removable battery thing is getting crazy lol. I understand why people prefer it but let's be real...I have never ever seen anybody swap batteries on the fly in my real life. I just do not see this happening at all. If I was at a train station , I would see people charging at the outlets @ said station. Also I don't know to many people without car chargers . Also alot of people work regular work schedules..who's on the phone all day to kill it ? Also people are talking about batteries degrading after 2 years . Most people especially on G+ are not keeping a phone for two years period. Also I have a lot of phones that are over two years with the same battery & I have no problem with them. +2
Brian Dorr3 years ago
Just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean it didn't happen and of course if you have the opportunity to charge I would to, why you ask, because I have an otter box protecting my phone that is a pain in the ass, however on the off chance I forgot my charger and I can't get to a place I can charge, I don't have to buy a charger or battery on the the fly. Look Marion, you are probably one of those people who bashed apple for the same exact reason and now are convinced that it doesn't matter. Can't be real I see, it's just as easy as hopping on the bandwagon. Just because you don't see something doesn't mean it don't happen or that it didn't already happen. And like I said, battery degrades faster than 2 years, doesn't mean it doesn't work, but cut the bs, the battery life is not the same as the first few months of owning the phone
Danno Zarek3 years ago
The GS4 is a plastic toy for kids and sheep. The ONE is a premium device.+6
Migs B3 years ago
I have spare battery on my note 2 not that I get to use it but I got it there incase that time comes+1
Brian Dorr3 years ago
Right Danno, and you will also have a case on yours to protect, drop them both side by side and see how long they last, plus one to Samsung making there phone light so when we have a case protecting it it won't be as heavy as your so called premium phone that also has a case. The body of the phone doesn't make it premium, the hardware does+1
C. Paul Courtney3 years ago
And then there are those, like +Brian Dorr , who stay stuck in the past carrying extra batteries and multiple sd cards. I wonder how many people carry their point and shoot cameras with them everywhere? Or their mp3 players? Multiple sd cards and spare batteries are so 2011.
And I've never used a case in my phone. Never.
Danno Zarek3 years ago
My 11,334 quadrant score says hardware is definitely not a issue lol+1
Migs B3 years ago
+Brian Dorr valid point People did Diss Apple for having no expandable memory and now because the htc don't have it is a good thing+1
Brian Dorr3 years ago
Yeah, and guess who has the same hardware, your point makes no sense+1
Jeff Kasten3 years ago
I've had this device for 5 days and it gets better and better. If it had an Apple logo on the back it would be impossible to find in stock anywhere. THIS is what the iPhone 5 should have looked like and what the iPhone 6 probably will resemble in many ways. This device looks like my MacBook Air's little brother. +3
Brian Dorr3 years ago
You make no solid point +C. Paul Courtney at all, we are not stuck in the past, it's just an alternative to what you have, tell me what the difference between a 32gb Samsung GS4 and a 32gb HTC One... I can add 64gb whenever I want, I don't have to carry anything I don't want, so what is the difference between carrying your charger versus carrying a battery besides you being restricted to an outlet and I am free to move on. I carry Nothing extra unless I think I will need it, oh and just because I have 2x the capacity, I can also use Dropbox if I ever run out of space which will be a whole lot further down the road +1
C. Paul Courtney3 years ago
+Brian Dorr and +Miguel Bleau what you are conveniently not mentioning is that available internal storage was nothing close to what it is now with Android. We needed the extra storage when a 16 GB phone was flagship. Same with battery size. Today Apple and Android offer ample and various storage and battery. Thus, the era of sd cards and spare batteries is coming to an end.+3
Migs B3 years ago
I like my spare as I'm out more than I'm home perfect for me.
Sd is a backup for me I have 50gb dropbox of I need it so it's all choice but what +Brian Dorr was saying is how people would Diss Apple for not having sd card and replaceable battery and now their praising it
C. Paul Courtney3 years ago
I'm saying they were right to diss them then when sd cards and spare batteries were necessary for most. Today, those things are unnecessary for most because the game has changed.
Migs B3 years ago
Lucky I never dissed them then since I do have a nexus s since 2010 which is now my backup fone and it didn't have sd card either
So many butthurt Samsung fanboys...always gotta hate. U want the S4 then buy it and stfu. This thread is about the HTC one...amazes me how they say the one is no competition, but use every opportunity to try and discredit it and sell people on the S4. I'd simply never buy a Samsung because I see the trash trolls they manifest. Id never want these users in my threads or posts.+6
Danno Zarek3 years ago
Migs B3 years ago
John Tran3 years ago
It comes down to this...
When I buy my phones I want it to have "features" whether it is hardware or software. If I don't use them then it's my choice, but I want them there! Look at S Health I think that is innovative and something I would use. Do I wish the S4 would be built like the One...yes!

At the end of the day the better build isn't a feature I would pick over the other hardware/software features that the S4 offers.

It's a win despite which phone people pick the S4 or the One. They picked Android and that is a big WIN.
Stefan Rosander3 years ago
Happy you reviewed the One, Steve. HTC deserves a chance with their new One device!+2
and they stillllllll going on about the you people see the heading....The HTC One!!! Smfh+4
Brandon Golway3 years ago
They should make the chassis of phones out of carbon nanotubes because they're light as a feather but stronger than steel. Best of both worlds, unless you like having a brick for a phone lol+2
Migs B3 years ago
Same shit happened on the s4 post. .Just saying+2
John Tran3 years ago
+Miguel Bleau LMAO+1
Ricky McMaster3 years ago
I have a spare battery for my ful powerbag. I can charge my phone 6 times without an outlet and it holds my laptop, tablet, and 4 days worth of clothes. I also only paid $50 for it. Bought a $20 power inverter from walmart and I use it to charge my bag on the go. As for storage, I have a 3tb nas .... that with es file explorer make it so I have everything at my fingertips. I will be quite happy with a One. :-)+3
Ildar Galiulin3 years ago
Battery life?
Lawrence Garcia3 years ago
Hah! :-) +Shaun Orris ...ok, I'll get on it when I get on the plane. In Detroit, almost to the Carolinas...oh man, I'm at 62% since 4a Pacific, will I make it without an extra battery!? :-)
+Maxim Podbereznyy's awesome. Been of charger for 5 hours @78% and I haven't barely put the phone down. Videos, pictures, web, etc+1
Stewart Gateley3 years ago
Ordered my sim unlocked One today.
CJ M3 years ago
I can't believe the ignorance or fan boy mentality here. It's not about Samsung versus HTC. It's swappable battery versus not. And, the logical is infallible : swappable batteries beat static batteries every time. It doesn't matter if the battery holds a charge for 1 minute or 100 years; a second battery instantly doubles the use. Instantly, no delay while it charges, no battery pack, and as someone mentioned earlier, I don't need to carry around a freaken backpack battery with me (insanely silly by the way). I just pull the back off and swap batteries. Worst case scenario, I have to wait a minute while it boots up. A spare battery is the size of a credit card. I keep one in my wallet. I don't need to worry about keeping track of which one is charged or not: the one in the phone is the one with less charge unless it's the one I just swapped (again a stupid argument... How hard is it to track one thing?)

Like I said, the length of the charge doesn't matter. Eventually (and especially on day trips) people run out of charge and have to recharge when it's not convenient. A swappable battery fixes that.

As far as the overall life of a battery, again you have to be a little slow to think it isn't instantly and rapidly degrading (especially with all the charging you are forced to do in a static battery situation) the moment you use it. Someone said earlier that I pulled a stat out of thin air regarding how many people don't upgrade every two years. I didn't make it up, but I did guess. I am willing to place a bet on it though. Not everyone is willing to drop 300 to 400 bucks every two years to get a new phone when their contract expires. And I believe they are the majority if not at least half the typical users. Who ever called it bs and then refuted it with their own made up stats (flip phones and what not) should microwave their head. In any case the only option there is to buy a new phone. With swappable battery you could just spend 10 bucks and keep your phone running.

Lastly, this silly design flaw kills resale value. You'd have to be retarded to buy one of these used, because you know the battery has already been cycled a few times. When I do get a new phone I subsidize my cost by selling my old.

No, there is no other way to paint this than a bad design. Swappable battery is always better: always. It's just plain, clear logic. You can deny it, but not with any credibility. And certainly not without coming off as either mentally challenged or biased. 
Really wonderful to hear its dev friendly. I hope to see modded Sense Roms and CM
Stewart Gateley3 years ago
+Conrad Morris I buy a new phone, unlocked, full price at least every six months. I have a Galaxy S3, HTC Evo 4G LTE, a Nexus 4 and just ordered the HTC One. That's just what I've gotten in the last year excluding tablets, but one thing is certain, I will no longer by Samsung any more.

I don't care about replacing batteries as with the newer phones I can easily go a full day and into the second without charging. The only phone ive had that can't make it until mid day is the Galaxy S3, so in that case a removable battery would be nice, but good phones can hold a charge longer.

The extra wear you put on multiple batteries doesn't extend the life twice as much. In fact after a year I bet the single non-replacable battery lasts longer than two combined.

Also, if your battery doesn't hold a charge, it can be replaced. It's just not as simple as removing the back cover and swapping it out.

Charging a single battery once a day will last 3 - 4 years under normal circumstances.
CJ M3 years ago
+Stewart Gateley you are a minority. I'll wager most people do not replace their phone, full price, every 6 months. So I'm not even sure why you mentioned that at all. That's like saying I purchase 365 phones and use one for each day of the year. It's just absurd to imply that is normal. And, as I said, the length of charge means squat. At some point, an inconvenient charge will be needed. And finally, not everyone wants to void their warranty or rip their phone apart to perform some reverse engineering to do what should be as simple as opening a battery hatch or some form there of.

In any case I'm done with this argument. As I said, the logic is undeniable. Swappable is always better and plenty of manufacturers have proven that you can leave the option in without sacrificing anything. There is no reason to leave it out or defend that decision. 
Lawrence Garcia3 years ago
Indeed +Brian Dorr , it IS interesting to see the comments from people that act like Samsung salespeople. Is it because Samsung did not include premium materials and innovative design that people go on about what HTC did not include in their phones?

First, not all people complained about not having the SD card and extra battery. Your usage is not the same as everyone else, an extra battery/SD card is not needed for many people as well. Not every one needs 6+ hours of screen time for one day's usage.

Battery degradation: Unless somebody can come up with some stats on this concerning NEW sealed battery technology, say 2012 and forward, let's not go on like its an epidemic. I have however seen side by side comparison of the ONE and S4 and very interestingly, the ONE did just as good as the S4 AND better, in Browsing. The ONE has 300 mAh less than the S4, hmm.

I've had my phone stolen at gunpoint once and all my photos/videos gone...they were on my SD card.
C. Paul Courtney3 years ago
+Conrad Morris you lost all credibility when you said you keep a spare battery in your wallet. Anyway, enjoy your pockets full of lithium and sd cards while riding your horse and buggy to work. +3
Stewart Gateley3 years ago
+C. Paul Courtney I found that quote hilarious as well. He probably has a man purse. +2
Marlon M3 years ago
I find it funny adults can't manage proper battery life. You people do realize that extra batteries need to be recharged too. Anyway you look at it something is being charged. If you need extra juice & your battery is sealed up there are lots of solutions. Juice packs etc etc . I'm quite sure a lot of you don't live in a dessert/or woods . I'm sure recharging a phone is not impossible in the everyday situations you are in. And hell things die period . Tablets , laptops , netbooks , mp3 players , remotes something that happens . Also the Nexus 4 has smaller storage space & a sealed up battery but no one goes out their way to comment about that device .why is that ?+2
Stewart Gateley3 years ago
+Marlon Milligan Actually people like +Conrad Morris complain constantly about the Nexus 4 not having LTE, no removable battery, no removable storage and only 8G or 16G.

Personally, I love my Nexus 4. The battery lasts plenty long enough, I use cloud storage and HSPA42 is often as fast, sometimes faster than congested Verizon LTE.
Ricky McMaster3 years ago
+Conrad Morris i dont carry around a goofy back pack unless I am traveling. I spend 2 hours a day in my car commuting or 7-15 hours a day at work. I have no problem finding a charger. I mention the power bag because it replaced my laptop bag so I have it in my car. The point I was trying to make is that I have a giant external spare battery that charges from dead to charged in about 2 hours with my gs2. And I have only had to use it once when I forgot my charger on a trip out of town. If I need it, I have 9000 mAh to use. That's like having 4 spare batteries. I used to have a spare battery for my G1 and my vibrant. I never used either of them.

As a side note, Using the charger for my nexus 7 on my gs2 gives me a full charge in an hour. :-)
C. Paul Courtney3 years ago
Over 6000 songs in the cloud, 0 space taken from my phone. I'm good +jorge ellis thanks for asking +3
C. Paul Courtney3 years ago
Looks like congratulations are in order.
CJ M3 years ago
Courtney sounds like a guy who just likes to argue. A "don't bother me with the facts" kind of guy.
C. Paul Courtney3 years ago
I think I'm just more forward thinking and at some point you just have to realize you'll never agree and move on.+2
Ricky McMaster3 years ago
My 3tb NAS is my cloud. I would be happy with 4gb of space on my phone. Hahaha. +1
Stewart Gateley3 years ago
+jorge ellis 8 or 16 is plenty to cache a few playlists, videos and books and magazines for offline use. Definitely enough to get anyone through the day or a long trip. With enough room left for some games and to take pictures.

I have a 32gb sd card in my Evo 4G LTE only because I got it for a few bucks on an Amazon lighting deal. I'm using 0mb of it. My 16gb Nexus 4 has no sd card and I have not had the need for one. Some people might have special needs, but it is not the norm.

On the battery front, batteries are large enough and efficient enough that sealed batteries are largely not a concern for most consumers. Again some people may have special needs, but not the norm with batteries these days.

On my G1, with 1Gb and a 700mah battery, having a 8gb sd card and extended battery was important to me.

iPhone users have been getting by with 16gb and sealed batteries for 6 years and they aren't complaining and they don't have as many cloud options available.

Some people might need the extra space or extra batteries but for 98% of smartphone users they can handle it just fine. And if that means that devices can be engineered better, look better, feel better and work better, then I am fine with that. The Nexus 4 and HTC One are beautiful and solidly engineered devices that I would take over Samsung garbage any day. That's just my opinion though. You are welcome to have yours, but you are not speaking for the majority.
Stewart Gateley3 years ago
When I am connected to LTE, streaming Google Music, connected to the bluetooth speakers in my helmet and sometimes GPS navigation active, I make it into work 45 minutes later and haven't lost 10%. When I go to bed, I usually have 40-60% left.

Right now I have 45% and I have been on the phone all day.

The only thing I have found I can't do with less storage is have several NAND backups. But again that's not the norm and I am better off backing those up to my computer. 
mark dobson3 years ago
Removable storage is a security blanket... Eventually you will be weened, cloud storage is how adults do it now days. By the way +Steve Kondik I am ready to test ANY build you have. +3
Jens Wetterich3 years ago
You can change the app drawer to 4 column and make folders. Just look at the menu. ;)+1
Sajjad Fakour3 years ago
+Android Authority help my friends !!!
Dhex Dev3 years ago
lucky you that can budget both, my head will explode.
Rodney Bell3 years ago
+Gregor Ahčin well i put it to the test i loaded the same movie on both the SG3 and the HTC One and I was not impressed enough to make me think about switching from the SG3 to the HTC One and there were a couple of other deal breakers like the lack of a removable battery, and the lack of expandable memory. Im not saying its not a great phone its just not the phone for me I have been reading and watching all the reviews and i am just in love with it already just like I love my GS3!!!!!!!!!!!
John Balanca3 years ago
So Steve Kondik can we expect cyanogenmod in the future for the HTC ONE?  I certainly hope so!  As I heard you guy said you will not support the S4.
+Rodney Bell i expect it to really pull ahead whenever they release 4.2.2 and the slew of driver upgrades that are surely to come. but the software isn't what is supposed to impress you, it's the hardware. If you can, try to do a low-light camera comparison. it's mind blowing  to see an image on your phone that has the same detail at night as your eyes. 
Rodney Bell3 years ago
+Michael McIntosh but what runs the hardware? Software
software leads you down a path where eventually, the idea of waving your hand in front of your phone seems like a solid method to browse the web.
Rodney Bell3 years ago
+Michael McIntosh but it's a matter of having different choices to do things how you want and options of having a removable battery and expandable memory
Rodney Bell3 years ago
And that's what I want out of a phone
Jason3 years ago
I love the Galaxy phones but if the carriers are going to force the bootloaders locked and make it harder and harder to develop I will have to look into something new when my contract is up. I am hoping the new Nexus phone will be LTE and available on more carriers. I used to love HTC as they were spot on with technology.
Beko Jakupovski3 years ago
you can change the number of column in the settings of the app drawer +Steve Kondik 
I think I finally found an upgrade to my good old htc hero
Jason Geragi3 years ago
Any chance of Cyanogenmod coming to the HTC One?
John Balanca3 years ago
Nice S4 features that you only use to show off!  HTC ONE never lags and I use all the features including BLink Feed (I actually like it)  Reminds me of my pulse app that I used to use.
Eric Jaeger3 years ago
+Steve Kondik Surprised you didn't talk about Zoe or the camera.  Any opinions?  I think it's pretty cool how it integrates nicely with G+'s automotion.