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Curious to know what the latest is with Project Ara? In early July, we kicked off our second design spiral, built around UniPro network ASICs (instead of FPGAs, as in Spiral 1). Toshiba successfully taped out the first rev of a UniPro network switch and bridges last week. Also last week we had a major design review with a dozen of our partners working on the project. Check out the group photo below of the Ara engineering leads at the headquarters of our design and manufacturing partner, Quanta, in Taipei.

As Spiral 2 advances, you can expect to see a major new MDK release and new developer hardware, followed by our second Developers Conference later this year.

Speaking of developer hardware, many of you have been wondering what’s going on with the Spiral 1 developer hardware and the prize challenge we announced at Google I/O. Unfortunately the boards encountered a manufacturing flaw--they were plated with the incorrect material--causing several weeks of delay. We anticipate being able to start shipping the reworked hardware within the next two weeks. We will adjust prize challenge timelines accordingly as we determine the ship date. Watch the prize challenge page and our Twitter for updates. We are sorry for the wait.

In other Ara news, we just kicked off an effort with Rockchip ( to create a mobile SoC with a native, general-purpose UniPro interface, so that it can function as an application processor in an Ara module without the need for a bridge chip. We view this Rockchip processor as a trailblazer for our vision of a modular architecture where the processor is a node on a network with a single, universal interface--free from also serving as the network hub for all of the mobile device’s peripherals. We expect to be able to demo the Rockchip UniPro processor in our third design spiral, with a prototype anticipated in early 2015.

-Paul Eremenko, Head of Project Ara, Google ATAP
Branko Badrljica2 years ago
Lattice was bragging about the fact that its newest FPGAs was to go into Ara. It was ECP5 serie, I presume.

Was that the FPGA you kicked out and replaced with ASIC ?
Have any of you guys talked to Gyro Gearloose on the forum ?+1
Jaspreet Singh2 years ago
For Those who don't know Quanta , Its only the largest producer of Laptops in the world ( Along with compal of Taiwan) and produce laptops for Apple dell HP lenovo and what not+6
Bin Chen2 years ago
Quanta is also the manufacture of kindle.+1
Ryan Diebel2 years ago
Thank you Ara for the update.

As a hopeful future module developer for the Ara project, my team and I would appreciate more frequent updates and better transparency on the project. Other than that, keep up the good work and continued progress on the project.
We hope this project succeeds. 
It is interesting to know that Processor itself is a module.+1
evesgarden peace2 years ago
Great minds...Good job!!+2
Waiting to here soon more about datasheets and other detailed technical information .+1
Harkanwar Singh2 years ago
Waiting patiently for my dream phone!!+1
Wanting more transparency .......+5
Branko Badrljica2 years ago
I second that. F**k moduler phone if it will end up being newest toy for various "intelligence" gathering agencies, curious cops etc.

Main stup-up needed for such mobile hardware is transparency and security.

I need to be confident aout my HW/FW/SW so that it doesn't contain critical bugs and I need to be able to depend on its security barriers if my phone gets stolen or manipulated.

This is all the more important on such modular hardware.

Without it, it is just a toy.
I am not connected with nor do I endorse anyone who is using F**k as part of their discussion of ProjectAra.  I just want to know more about what is going on since it seems like such a good concept.
Branko Badrljica2 years ago
Don't worry, I never felt the need to connect with you. Just to expand posted question.

I also don't have a clue about what you mean by endorsement, but who cares anyway...
Frans Thamura2 years ago
is quanta the rockhip owner?
PiXL Media2 years ago
Glad to know that the project is alive, even though I'd like that things are developing faster.+1
Sascha Wagner2 years ago
Eddie Cai2 years ago
Next generation AP for project Ara will come from Rockchip. Totally awesome
Show us the developer hardware please :3
Show us everything ... & who is selling EPMs  ?
Please do one of these photo updates once per week.... It is very cool.  And could you identify the people in the photo ?  ( If they don't mind )  Tons of us want you to succeed.+2
Azhar Ali2 years ago
Hey guys, any updates on the developer hardware? It's been quite some time...+1
daniel olteanu2 years ago
get on with it!! take my money!!+4
Ted Wallerstedt2 years ago
Can I get a prototype?  Can I build one?  How can I help?  Is there a Kickstarter?
Phil Thomas2 years ago
I really want to see this work, I like the concept behind this, as do most of the people around me.+1
david ruiz2 years ago
I'm really excited for ara to come out. Its gonna revolutionize the smart phone industry!
Keegan Hennis2 years ago
I miss Dan Makoski.  He posted often and answered questions.  Any chance you could hire someone else to post often and answer questions?  It's starting to feel like talking to one of the other big phone makers now.
Azhar Ali2 years ago
So where are the Dev boards for people who got shortlisted? We have been waiting for ages guys. At least give us a new status update..+2
Does anyone from the Ara team read these posts ?  I will send a team member $10 cash for just saying hello.
Phil Thomas1 year ago
I so much want to just say "hello" ... Just for free 10 bucks lol+2
Ted Wallerstedt1 year ago
I am hoping to order a phone asap.
allpet661 year ago
I hope the phone will be available not only in USA but in Europe too.....
Hi Phil Thomas
Are you a member of the Ara Team ?
David Schroder is doing academic research about Project Ara. 
Project Ara Research at Berlin Institute of Technology
Department of Sociology
Fraunhoferstraße 33-36
D-10587 Berlin

If you have useful data for him ....
josh dot david1 at g  mail

What  a wonderful world .... has anyone gotten any goodies from the Project Ara team ? If so, are they lovely ?
To: Project Ara team.... where is the best place to go for timely updates of progress ?
Keegan Hennis1 year ago
good luck on that one.  since Dan Makoski left there have been precious few updates.  and fewer direct answers to questions.  at least he answered.  sometimes it was just a "Keep your eyes open soon" but at least it let us know that somebody was listening.
Phil Thomas1 year ago
+Keegan Hennis I have noticed this as well. I am hoping they are focusing on the device. I would like more updates like first full successful boot
How about using some talent outside the project team to keep updates flowing ?  People like Gyro Gearloose?
allpet661 year ago
Thanks Paul for your post... Don't forget Europe market....
Hello to Paul Eremenko
#1  What was going on before 2014m10d28 ?
#2  What is going to change ?  Why ?  How ?
#3  I suggest holding mini-conferences around the country.  There are lots of maker/hacker groups that would be great venues.
#4  I suggest that PA dole out mini-projects to maker/hacker groups.
#5  What happened to suggestions from Gyro Gearloose and others ?
#6  Ramp up efforts to get hacker materials out in the wild ...... development boards , EPMs , connectors , exo-skeletons , test code , etc.

Gus in Denver  aka 99guspuppet