Anders Rydèn
2 years agoPublic
I like this one. I don't know how he does it.
Criss Rips Bodies Apart
Den var riktigt häftig! :)
Translated from Swedish|Original
Hjordis Torfa2 years ago
This is unbeliveable.. why did'int he change them back its frigthning that he just walks away..I mean what..??
Tomas Robertsson2 years ago
Only possible explanation is he has found two person who are amputated from waist and down.
But how they control their legs...
Cendrine Rocher2 years ago
En plus, il se barre !
Il est trop  !
Translated from French|Original
There's a very weird light under the bench with the lady's legs. I reckon mirrors are in use.+3
Henry Morgan2 years ago
Chris uses a LOT of actors, both for the trick and in the audiance, both individuals here are legless. the male actor even apeared in a movie as just a torso. the "walking" could just be some clever swaps as he adjust the other person on the bench. as there are several times when one person is completely out of view of the camera.+9
Jessica A2 years ago
John Umphrey III2 years ago
I agree with +Tomas Robertsson they were in on the trick.
Jordan Howlett2 years ago
Absolutely - why does the 'real' cameraman go crazy? And why the fast editing etc.? Clever filming and editing...+1
Greg Stewart2 years ago
I love how people are debating if its fake or not. Lol. +3
Greg Stewart2 years ago
That by far is Chris' s worst trick. The editing is terrible and the actors dont even resemble each other. When they get pulled apart. Watch closely.+4
Steve Malech2 years ago
Even for Chris Angel this is bad.+4
Jeffrey Pettway2 years ago
Why that criss angel is sin against God did not nice
Jeffrey Pettway2 years ago
Criss angel is not good and not right
Brian Wagar2 years ago
Power of the force ! Jedi Master .
amazing what you can do if you control the final release edit.+5
Sam Bryan2 years ago
at 2:40 the guy looks really flat and out of place. Especially since he is holding his shirt down like he is trying to cover up the fact that he is already attached to the legs. 

also look at the guys legs in the beginning and at "his" legs at the end when they are on the girl. it looks like they are skinnier before the switch.. 
It's an old video. And yes, he use two person for this trick.
Lol!!! Is it possible, no, but I wish it was haha
Superb magic trick.
by seeing this someone may feel with heart attack too.
as I see the audience.
But Who he is that magician?
Jordan Askew2 years ago
 OH. My. Gosh.
there's a reason this is possible its called camera tricks and paid actors. Plain and simple.+2
Randy White2 years ago
David copperfeild
jehanzeb khan2 years ago
great.... amazing.... absolutely unique..... highly appreciated..... I like it.... fantastic invention...
Randy White2 years ago
He is the master of illusions
Jeffrey Pettway2 years ago
Did you know who crazy magician?
jehanzeb khan2 years ago
Amazing.... what a magic...
Jordan Askew2 years ago
I saw it and cried because i was so scared. they didn't even know  and that's what scared me. i thought they were actors
kommi19742 years ago
Did you eat a retarded sandwich this morning?  Are you this stupid?  You do know you went full retard here, on the world wide web and now look at you.  LOL.
AGA2352 years ago
+Elisabeth Askew You thought they were actors?? They ARE+17
Ray Emling2 years ago
+Tomas Robertsson Contortionist. He's done it before and explained it.+3
Intelligic2 years ago
+Tomas Robertsson He found two people amputated from the waist down... and two people amputated from the waist up.+2
logant19902 years ago
ok i understand the "two people amputated from the waist down" part.....but amputated from the waist up?!! WTF?!!