Petition for Qualcomm? Haha. LOL. No, seriously.

Such a petition is a waste of everyone's time.

It's a waste of time for people signing it (kitten videos are a much more efficient way to feel better).

The bigger issue is that such a petition actually makes things worse, because the people who could actually work toward a solution will now need to spend their time and energy dealing with the petition itself instead of dealing with the real problem.

Prem Ramshetty3 years ago
Makes sense....actually!!!+2
Thank you for saying this, and thank you for all of your hard work.+5
Justin Lang3 years ago
Can we send them kitten videos then?+60
I have found a way to make people stop pestering me about online petitions: I simply ask them to show me an online petition that actually made any difference.+6
Kittens > Qualcomm. You heard it here first.+34
Sava DUBROVSKAYA3 years ago
too late, signed already :)

but you are quite right. next time i'll personally try to deal with my frustration some better way.. if i ever find one, of course :)
Paolo AC3 years ago
Android is the problem?
Rob M.3 years ago
I petition people to abstain.+1
Petitions do not have an impact in policy making. However, they do allow opinions to be heard. +8
Jon Niola3 years ago
Are you suggesting that gasp people are being reactionary on the Internet? :)+2
Ryan Gillette3 years ago
Just need to get the word out not to buy phones with Qualcomm chips if you want to support opensource.
Champ Santos3 years ago
Make sense.
Blair Ginley3 years ago
Google knew this would be an issue. This isn't the first nexus device using Qualcomm and not the first time an image hasn't been released because of using Qualcomm+4
Chris Fair3 years ago
Had I known about the licensing issues, I wouldn't have purchased the device. Thanks to the efforts of CM, I can at least build and run non-AOSP.
Blair Ginley3 years ago
I've learned how to compile cm from source and have been using unofficial cm 10.2 . Almost 100% working perfect
+Jean-Baptiste Quéru What if it's a petition? Those always work.+16
Swapnil Bhartiya3 years ago
Will Linus help? :P+1
+Alex Cruz You realize all Android builds are based off AOSP at some point, right? This is about the Android Open Source Project, not its derivatives.+6
Scott Ashley3 years ago
Actually I disagree +Jean-Baptiste Quéru . Petitions are not legally binding, so if it's successful, it will only show how many potential customers they may lose. It just gives an additional piece of information to make a decision. There is no red tape or anything to "deal with", maybe except for dealing with their PR folks. You'd be surprised to know that petitions can change things! +11
Steve D3 years ago
+Chris Fair there is really no non-AOSP. Even Ubuntu Mobile runs AOSP under the hood.
Mike DiGiovanni3 years ago
Fuck petitions, let's unleash hordes of peanuts upon Qualcomm. Truckloads of peanuts until they cave in+12
The best way to complain about a company  is to stop buying , period.+3
Val Ozuna3 years ago
Wow! Touchy are we? Lol!
Warning: if you speak up on "anything" towards the institution that doesn't include actual praise or "ass kissing" you will get back a defensive response. Even if your intentions were good!

Note to self: do not speak up on "anything" towards the institution! 
+Scott Rooney my address for the pizza is... oh wait, I forgot - you wanted Qualcomm's address... +1
Nuno Maia3 years ago
Petitions are usually just ways to legitimize leadership for proponents. Ohanian type of self-proclaimed-leader-of-the-internet bullshit vehicles.
Hardly ever about actual content results, in this web of self branding.
+Jean-Baptiste Quéru thanks for all your work. It was truly great.
I just wish I did not have to learn that not only is CM having issues with Samsungs' Exynos, but also AOSP is having trouble with Qualcomm (which I regarded as a saviour before). I would like to have a mobile device with compilable kernel/drivers but it just does not sem like happening ever.
John Kirk3 years ago
That may be true for a small organization but large companies have PR, legal, media, and other divisions just for this sort of thing. It won't waste anyone's time. They will simply be doing the jobs they were hired to do.
Emmanuel Paré3 years ago
I will just stop buying Qualcomm based device
Andreas Gu3 years ago
This is sick
Jens Vegeby3 years ago
Well the petition might not succeed but it is a way for me to get my voice out on how i will vote with my wallet in a place where it might be seen.+8