Adam Outler
2 years agoPublic
Odin protection has been defeated on Verizon Galaxy Note 2. This device will now accept a flash.
Luis Robles2 years ago
You didn't let defeat you.
So it has come to this.+1
Sephiroth Egret2 years ago
I wonder if we're going to get a flash back of the Verizon S3. One week later BANG they unlock it.+1
Not a VZW subscriber or a note II user but I appreciate your work! I am sure this could have good repercussions for other Samsung devices? I am eager for something for my d2tmo
Jerry Goettig2 years ago
Well done.
Ajay Kumar2 years ago
sweet! you da man adam!
Matt Voight2 years ago
good to know
Jesse McNew2 years ago
Nice man!
Thanks for your work!
David Cole2 years ago
Best donation I've ever gave! Thx!
Nic Romero2 years ago tell us
James Carmine2 years ago
Wow. Talk about donate and deliver!
David Cole2 years ago
Verizon have you learned your lesson yet?! +1
Clayton Hayes2 years ago
That didn't take long
Andrew Dodd2 years ago
Is it still sig-checking on execution?

(Did this device disallow Odin flashing to /system???)
Mike Moore2 years ago
Great work man, thanks for doing this for us vzw note II users.
Joe Philipps2 years ago held up a device in front of the camera, but its screen looks blank compared to the computer monitor behind it.  The monitor shows putting on a bootloader, but I hope that attempt didn't brick it.  Just sayin', looks bricked in that picture.
Philip Davidson2 years ago
like a Bauce!+1
Andrew Forret2 years ago
Those wires going towards the phone...that wouldn't happen to mean this is a hardware only mod, would it?
Jason Cooper2 years ago
Sweet. Locked phones are stupid. Locked phones with a carrier logo on the home button are crazy. Thanks to you one of these things will get fixed. Now for the home button.
Stephen Curley2 years ago
Thank you!
Adam Outler2 years ago
+Joe Philipps unfortunately, it is..  in this picture I just finished flashing an i9300 bootloader to it.  Now i've got to get it working again.   Odin security is down...  +Lee Harrison is the man.  We've decided to make sure this is safer before we proceed. +3
Adam Outler2 years ago
It's in download mode now, but we need to totally bring up i9300, re-exploit and get back to stock now. +1
Tim Austin2 years ago
man. you are a bad ass!!
Truston Winnett2 years ago
Keep up the good work donations will be headed your way in the near future.
Michael Darby2 years ago
Awesome news Adam and in less than a week :)
Robert Barcus2 years ago
Had my N2 for one whole day now. This is going to be a blast. I am so in awe of the developers
Truston Winnett2 years ago
Keep up the good work donations will be headed your way in the near future.
Alex Farra2 years ago
Am I correct in assuming that this was with a hardware mod?
Good shit Adam your a Beast!
+Adam Outler Very cool so is the bootloader still locked? Or did you unlock it by flashing i9300 bootloader?
Adam Outler2 years ago
+Ellis 'Clark Kent' Owens flashing a i9300 boot loader is not possible without unlocking. Unfortunately, the boot loader bricked the device. Yes, its unlocked. Is it safe? Hell no!
Adam Outler2 years ago
More to come next week.
Travis Hairston2 years ago
Next week D:
Jason Kirchman2 years ago
Awesome man thanks a lot! Cyanogen mod with all the features of sPen and this huge screen is going to be epic some time in the future!
harold heaney2 years ago
Joe Meyers2 years ago
Alan Varner2 years ago
Great work!
Mike Hollifield2 years ago
Simply amazing Adam
+Adam Outler so basically we need another bootloader like s3 or an open source one like u mentioned previously now that u have acess to bootloader partition? and good job man!
Adam Outler2 years ago
+Nate Benis no, we are working on it. It's just a matter of time.  DO NOT RUN S3 BOOTLOADERS!   I'm totally bricked now. 
Adam Outler2 years ago
+Thomas P-nut Pierson I may take you up on that.  Would you like to do a Google+ hangout and let me control your device wirelessly with ADBWireless?
+Adam Outler lol good deal! and i didnt mean an s3 bootloader i just meant the same type like insecure or whatever the difference was between s3 locked and unlocked bootloaders. will jtag fix u or not even that?
Adam Outler2 years ago
+Nate Benis i'm trying like mad..  I don't think anything can fix this.  I have conflicting security issues going on.  
kk just saw ur new post i tweeted, and now checking with liquid/miui peeps for an i9300 so we can get u those files
Adam Outler2 years ago
Thanks +Nate Benis My device thinks it's an i9300 now and it won't accept VZW firmware.  
Andrew Dodd2 years ago
What about pulling unprotected bootloaders from another Note2 variant?  Seems like a better candidate for a bootloader swap than I9300.
Adam Outler2 years ago
+Andrew Dodd .  this thing thinks it's a i9300 now.  It wont accept GNote2 firmware... in fact, it thinks its running the "official samsung unbrick" firmware
Andrew Dodd2 years ago
Ah, so the root key is the same, but the I9300 bootloader has a different key for later stages in the chain than Note2?  e.g. you've got I9300 SBOOT which wants I9300 SBL, etc?
just found someone heimanshu from team liquid hes going to xda thread now
he spoke in xda "There is no SMDHDR on my i9300. Uploading the other 3 files now"