Pavni Diwanji
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Google+ Dashboard - making it easier to manage your online presence

Today millions of businesses use Google+ to connect with their customers in meaningful ways. Many of these businesses also use AdWords to promote their products; Maps to update store info; and YouTube to publish high-quality video content (to name a few). We want to make it easier to manage your online presence - all across Google - so today we're getting started with Google+ Dashboard. After signing in to your Google+ page, you'll now have access to the following Dashboard features:

1) The ability to update your info (like website URLs, store hours and phone numbers) across Maps, Search and Google+ - all from the Overview tab.

2) One place to monitor your Google+ notifications, assign page managers, share photos and videos - even start a Hangout with followers.

Local businesses will also enjoy:

3) At-a-glance access to their AdWords Express and Offers campaigns.

4) Insights that include top searches for their business, top locations requesting driving directions, and performance data for their Google+ posts.

To start using Google+ Dashboard, simply sign in to Google+ as your page, then click the "Dashboard" icon in the navigation menu. We've got lots more useful tools to add from all across Google, so stay tuned for more updates!

Andy L3 years ago
Deja vu! I'm about to assist several small businesses with claiming their G+ page...this will help immensely!+3
Very useful, thanks!!
Ronnie Bincer3 years ago
+Pavni Diwanji looks like a great feature for adding power to the Page... thanks!+1
Awesome and useful, thanks ! will it be possible to aggregate multiple stores under the same dashboard ?
Carol Dodsley3 years ago
This is FanTastic news and a brilliant update for all Google Plus pages +Pavni Diwanji - is there also a way for pages to seamlessly link their maps listings through their business page Dashboard?
jan gordon3 years ago
+Pavni Diwanji Thank you, this is going to be great!!+1
Christina Blount3 years ago
+Pavni Diwanji Excellent news :-)
CircleCount3 years ago
A great update! Looks good.

Feature request: Can we get the new insights also for not local pages? ;)
Michal Matovcik3 years ago
Hi. Great news. I have one question, are there any known plans to implement language or country based targeting of G+ posts where I could selectively grant access rights to partners running business worldwide? Thanks+1
Pavni Diwanji3 years ago
+Andrea Scarpetta on aggregating multiple stores, not yet, but its under consideration for future roadmap...thanks for your feedback+2
Kim Beasley3 years ago
+Pavni Diwanji Thanks for sharing about the update. I have a question for you. I've tried for a couple of months to get my website to link to my page. I go through the process and I get the message that it could take up to 2 weeks. I've been waiting and trying for 2 months. My question, is there something I need to be aware of that is stopping my page ( from being linked to KimLive.TV?
Robert Wallis3 years ago
+Pavni Diwanji when you say: " To start using Google+ Dashboard, simply sign into Google+ as your page ... " do you mean with a username and password set up for the page?
Or will any page manager have dashboard access after having switched to the page identity?
Andrew Huskinson3 years ago
Is this update only available for non-service area businesses with a +Local Business page verified and merged with a Places entry?

I assume this means SABs are not included:
Please note -- if you are using Google Places for Business, please continue to do so.

I had a strange experience last week for a +Local Business page not verified, as its Places entry has a hidden address.
I was sent an email asking me to verify it so I gave it a go.  After some wasted time with phone nos, as it did not get a full address as a default, after the PIN page it then went to a page saying it was not eligible for verification.

The +Local Business page has a blue 'Verify Now' button.  Is this an over-sight and it should not show?
CircleCount3 years ago
+Robert Wallis it looks like it is available for any page moderator. I also tried to login with our pages login and check the dashboard, but the dashboard link is also available when you are logged in with your personal profile and have "switched to your page". Maybe you need a reload?+1
Pavni Diwanji3 years ago
It should work for all verified local pages.
Robert Wallis3 years ago
Thanks +CircleCount I'm on mobile currently, hence the question.
Sounds like a general "all managers" update then, which is good.
Pavni Diwanji3 years ago
+CircleCount thanks for your insights feedback, its on our list to consider.+2
Andrew Huskinson3 years ago
What do you mean by 'verified local pages'?

A verified +Local Business page?

So it will not work for service area businesses with a hidden address in Places who have been told not to verify a +Local Business page  for it.
Pavni Diwanji3 years ago
+Michal Matovcik appreciate your feedback on post targeting, we will consider for future.
Pavni Diwanji3 years ago
+Ruth Hochman +Saurabh Sharma - can you  help?
Pavni Diwanji3 years ago
+Robert Wallis later. +Lawrence Kim can elaborate.+1
Terry Simmonds3 years ago
+Pavni Diwanji   It's a bit worrying that if you click on Promote Your Google+ Page when using a Page it take you to the AdWords Express set up even though you may Already be using AdWords Express with a Places listing.

My Places listing and My Google+ Page are merged, but using this system shows them as 2 separate entities again, it will be easy for people to make a mistake and have AdWords Express running twice for the same business.
Jaana Nyström3 years ago
Seeing this on all my "regular" business pages now.
What is the Google APIs Console, what does it do?
Lawrence Kim3 years ago
+Robert Wallis Yes, the Dashboard is available for both owners and managers of the page.+3
Lawrence Kim3 years ago
+Andrew Huskinson The new dashboard update is available for all pages. However, the insights piece is only available for verified Google+ local business pages.+1
Robert Wallis3 years ago
Thanks for confirming +Lawrence Kim :-)
George Pipoly3 years ago
+Pavni Diwanji thank you!
Lawrence Kim3 years ago
+Terry Simmonds the AWX accounts are supposed to be the same, so I'd like to better understand what might be causing this to occur for your listing. I'll contact you separately to learn more. thanks!
Andrew Huskinson3 years ago
When are Google going to sort out the 'horrible' experience SABs have experienced for the past year.  I have posted on the Google and Your Business help forum a workable solution which could be done in 3 months.
Terry Simmonds3 years ago
+Lawrence Kim Sure, just send me a private message and I will show you the Page and what happens.

Basically I have a Places listing which is fully merged with a Google+ Page, I can edit it via Google+ or my Places Admin panel.

But when clicking *promote your Google+ Page" in the new dashboard it encourages me to set up a new AdWords Express.

If I click on my business name (just above select your audience) it shows my Google+ Page and my Google Places Listing, these should both be merged though.
Laura Crest3 years ago
Is it just me, or is there no link here?
Lawrence Kim3 years ago
+Andrew Huskinson Sorry, let me clarify - for existing Places users (including SABs), Dashboard & Insights should work if the user upgrades to G+ from Places. If the user does not have an existing Places account, she should be able to verify from G+, even SABs. We are working to simplify this process in the near future. Andrew, I'll reach out to you separately to better understand if this resolves your issues.
Juan Diego Polo3 years ago
Mira +Miriam Schuager !!
CircleCount3 years ago
+Jaana Nyström in the API console you can confirm l configure which Google APIs you want to use and configure them so that you will get the keys to access them.+2
Andrew Huskinson3 years ago
+Lawrence Kim Thanks. Sent you a reply.
Lyre Calliope3 years ago
This is pretty sweet! Except I want this for my personal account as well. Like, really really badly! I'm getting kinda tired of people being second class citizens to organizations when it comes to analytics/management tools.+1
George Pipoly3 years ago
+Lawrence Kim thanks for clearing up some of these questions! I didn't even have to ask.
George Pipoly3 years ago
Some day +Lyre Calliope . Not even Facebook offers this for its 1.11+ billion users, but thats a whole other story. 
+Pavni Diwanji so excited about this launch. thanks
Lawrence Kim3 years ago
+Laura Crest You can access the new Dashboard through - or you can click on "Pages" from the left-hand menu, and select the page you'd like to manage.
Excited to see this, +Pavni Diwanji. I guess when it comes to framing the communications around this, I would describe this more as a dashboard for verified local businesses. That way it sets the expectations a little better. For these businesses this is a big deal, but for the rest of us who aren't verified local business but still have a page, it feels like a little bit of a let down because we've all been expecting something big on the reporting front for a while now. Not trying to downplay the accomplishment here, just help with the communications around it. Otherwise, it could be a little confusing. Congrats on shipping these features, by the way. +5
Charles Sandor3 years ago
Yes, I noticed that my pages which aren't verified don't have this dashboard. I have a number of pages, but Google only lets me verify one so for the rest of my pages its still the same old, same old.+1
Francesco Romano3 years ago
Great update and in the right direction - looking forward to see more..+1
Vlad Didenko3 years ago
Looks awesome, will it be available on Nexus 10 / Android?
Jaana Nyström3 years ago
+CircleCount Hmmm. What? :-)
Still don't know what use it would be for me...
Devinitely not a Dev here. Heh!
CircleCount3 years ago
+Jaana Nyström I don't think you need it in the moment. And if you ever will need it, you know who to ask ;)

But where did find something regarding the API console?
Jaana Nyström3 years ago
+CircleCount  Under the Connected services tab in the Dashboard.
CircleCount3 years ago
Ah, ok. I see now.
It's getting technical now and you won't need this info in the moment but I know that you are very interested in everything around Google/Google+ ;)

In the Google API Console you can create "projects". These projects are used to control among other things the daily quota of API calls you have available per API (=application programming interface). For example we have created a project for CircleCount and got a "key" for this project, so that we are able to use the Google+ API.

In the "connected services" you can connect your Google+ Page to this projekt. After you have done this, you can for example create "interactive posts" or add the Google+ Sign In on your page and will get insights about the number of logins on your website (for example like here:
Jaana Nyström3 years ago
+CircleCount Oh okay, thanks!
The same thing that +Jari Huomo does with his "Timeline" site?

Under maintenance just now, I see! :-)
CircleCount3 years ago
Yes, that's exactly the same +Jaana Nyström ;)+1
well.. unfortunately it looks terrible
Panah Rad3 years ago
+Pavni Diwanji  Thanks for sharing :)
Jason Andrus3 years ago
+Pavni Diwanji As a Google+ page manager, I'm not so impressed by the dashboard as it's missing engagement data similar to what Facebook makes available through their Insights. Though I'm sure Google has something in mind for this, and I look forward to the day it is available. #GooglePlusUpdate  
Monica Nielsen3 years ago
+Pavni Diwanji Thank you for sharing, fantastic information. :)
Colleen Harris3 years ago
+Pavni Diwanji great news - except for the fact that for someone who has been managing the business listing in the old places and got half merged over, we don't have a new dashboard, there's no link to upgrade and 90% of the Google+ Local functionality doesn't actually work anymore - the old places Dashboard with the new look for customers means you can't respond to reviews, or share any sort of information.  Its becoming quite frustrating to see all these #GooglePlusUpdate  and unable to use any of them, as Google refuses to upgrade the business dashboard for existing users.
Mital Patel3 years ago
+Pavni Diwanji do you mean to say that if I have a local listing of business I can use this dashboard by claiming the listing ? I dont know if its available in INDIA but if it can be then would be a great ease for my business cutomers
Gil Greenberg3 years ago
Really hoping non-local business pages will get insights.  It's pretty much a black hole for my page in terms of how many +1, shares, comments, views, etc. my posts receive daily... Google Analytics does not really help.
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