Paranoid Android
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Status Update

It's been roughly one week since we released our first AOSP builds for KitKat, giving you a taste of Google's latest. 

First - Please don't (or rather don't continue to) ask for estimated release times.  

We know you're anxious to get more than just the stock Google experience and we are working on it. As you know, we aren't simply merging this update with our current code base. Instead, we are starting over with a pure AOSP base and incrementally adding custom functionality. Some things need some thought though, like how do we capitalize on the new "Immersive" functionality when considering "Expanded Desktop Mode".
The ROM should feel as close to stock as possible and be relatively simple to use without digging through hundreds of settings. Most things should feel familiar to previous builds, but there will be some changes (hopefully making things easier for you). 
When we have something, we'll release. 

PA has always been and will continue to be focused on development for nexus devices. What this means is we cannot promise support for non-nexus (referred to as legacy) devices. Current "legacy" devices should continue to be supported and more may be added but this is not solely dependent on us. This depends completely on the development community out there. 
Jeff Andrews3 years ago
Thanks. You guys rock on.+71
Justin R.3 years ago
Thanks to all of the PA devs for their time and effort!+44
Allen A3 years ago
Appreciate the update! Take your time guys +7
Ricky Solorio3 years ago
Don't forget to take break guys I have never donated yet and I believe it would be a good time when you guys release your kitkat rom. :)+7
Jason Newman3 years ago
It doesn't really matter how long it takes, because we know that one you release, it will be completely stable and make an amazing experience. +30
zuriaake lee3 years ago
we all wait!+1
This is one of the main reasons I'll be getting the Nexus 5 over others!+6
Sean Donovan3 years ago
+Paranoid Android I'm sorry if I'm being annoying about the Google dialer in gapps question but u have yet to answer it correctly.. I am asking if there is any plans to incorporate the Google dialer in gapps since it is different from the aosp dialer.. differences are: able to search for local businesses phone numbers and whatnot.. I looked into it a bit and I do believe that the apk from the nexus 5 is not enough to get it to work.. I think it has something special inside the teleservice.apk from the nexus 5+2
Paranoid Android3 years ago
+Sean Donovan Cannot say at this's not something we've looked into as yet.+12
Dale Cee3 years ago
If I find one for a Nexus 7- flo,I'll sure check it out
Where are the download links for PA? I could never find them+1
Thanks a lot, our nexus are more awesome thanks 2 u ;)+1
Paranoid Android3 years ago
+Cole Longó Search on xda for your device. The PA community should have a device registry section with links to xda+1
You guys are awesome anyway. :)
+Paranoid Android Oh wow! I found my device S3, Metro pcs) Thank you so much 
Kleem Naseem3 years ago
Coolio love you guys
Joshua Gillette3 years ago
Ok, so it's up to the community to merge the latest code with my device like any other PA update? Or is that not how it works?
Paranoid Android3 years ago
+Joshua Gillette If your device is not a nexus device then yes. We have small group of maintainers for some devices (listed in device registry of PA community). If your device is not on that list there may still be a build done by a developer we are not in contact with. As long as they are building from our source on github however, it will contain the same features.+2
Pontus O3 years ago
I would love to see a setting to let you choose between swipe up to get navigation buttons or pie when using Expanded Desktop Mode.
Jeff Fitzhugh3 years ago
Thank you!
Samson Chung3 years ago
is it possible to implement multi window features like the note3?
JE Ka3 years ago
Great! Can't wait for hybrid engine in 4.4! Do what you can do best! 😁
ITGeekMonkeys3 years ago
+Paranoid Android As always, take all the time you need and never feel compelled to rush something as delicious as a fresh release of PA for a new OS version.
Thank you for your continued work on this project.
Avuton Olrich3 years ago
Thanks for the update. Looking forward to PAing all the Nexus devices.
Joshua Gillette3 years ago
+Paranoid Android Yea g2, there's a port for the verizon variant and one other one... You should look into it
Scottie B3 years ago
I appreciate the hard work and the update, the 4.4 AOSP build for Mako has been running great. I think it's disrespectful to make requests for features when PA just posted this. Is it possible for people to just not constantly ask for features or device requests when PA has answered all these questions a million times over? I'm just a user and I get frustrated by all those comments, as the PA team; I don't know how you guys stay so cool.+8
ryan webster3 years ago
+Paranoid Androidthanks guys you rock
Lorenzo Bani3 years ago
I hope in an update for my galaxy s3 :)
Big up for PA
Simon Hofer3 years ago
Sorry for the dumb question but where to load the latest Version? edit: for N5
I also have a dumb question. If I am flashing a 4.2 ROM. I should flash the lastest 4.2 gapps, not the latest gapps which says 4.4?
Paranoid Android3 years ago
+Simon Hofer There is no N5 version  as we have no builds with PA features. An AOSP release for N5 is equivalent to stock N5+1
Paranoid Android3 years ago
+Cole Longó Correct+5
Elad Avron3 years ago
You guys are awesome. Can't wait to see what magic you do with this!
Daniel Greer3 years ago
Still running 3.99 RC2 and patiently waiting for the next release. For the features and functionality that I like, nothing comes close to PA. Take your time, because we know that it's going to be stable and ready for prime time when you guys release it. +8
Patrick Tremblay3 years ago
Can't wait for PA on my Nexus 5. You guys are awesome. +1
Rick Johnson3 years ago
PA, you guys are awesome. Can't wait to see what you do for KitKat for us nexus 4 users :-)
Matthew Letendre3 years ago
Is there a build for the nexus 10 just curious
clinton carr3 years ago
Why I got my n5 go team!
Johnny Allison3 years ago
Go Team!!!
Keep up the good work guys, and thanks a lot. Looking forward to see Paranoid Android 4.0 +1
I downloaded But its not showing up in the recovery. Can I use the gapps from goo?
Paranoid Android3 years ago
You downloaded the wrong file... you don't need to download the md5+7
Donnie Summers3 years ago
Thank you!
Levi Witherwax3 years ago
+Paranoid Android take your time guys! You know what you're doing and the longer you take the better it will be. I just hope PA 4+ or whatever you are going to call it will have working cell data! Keep up the good work guys we appreciate it
Hector Acevedo3 years ago
Can't wait to see what the PA team does with the Galaxy Nexus. +7
Thomas Mockler3 years ago
How do I donate to Paranoid Android?
Alexis Mar Yuson3 years ago
Hoping my device would be supported, even though it's not a Nexus. :D (SGS3 I9300)
Ernesto Ulate3 years ago
The S3 Mini???
Paranoid Android3 years ago
+Tom Mockler we'll have a website up in a few weeks with a donate link.
Thanks for the support :-)
Tyler Raber3 years ago
+Paranoid Android will PA 4.xx be built for both Nexus 4 and 5 or is it too early to ask that
Paranoid Android3 years ago
+Allen Edmonds really disappointing me today man...Come on! +13
Paranoid Android3 years ago
+Tyler Raber of course it will be+2
Johnny Styx3 years ago
The PA team rule. Take your time get thing solid then amaze us with a surprise release!

To everyone else buy all the AOSPA apps on the play store so these guys can get some beers in!
Woody y3 years ago
Any news for the sad Gnex users? :(+2
Woody y3 years ago
Impatiently waiting. Keep up the good work
Sérgio Da Silva3 years ago
+Paranoid Android and how about Nexus S? :) it's for my wife. Eheh I have Nexus 4 :)
Paranoid Android3 years ago
+Sérgio Da Silva we don't know anyone with a nexus s...won't build for devices we can't test+4
Mikel Pérez3 years ago
What's up with manta?
Oguz Kirat3 years ago
4.4 is a big update over 4.3. Making things this way might take a while but I believe PA will be more stable. +1
Michael Chandler3 years ago
I think status updates help to keep the PA userbase sated XD
Keep it up PA, We all love you :3
Tommy W.3 years ago
+Paranoid Android do you guys know of an updated guide on how to compile PA 3+ 4.3.1 ourselves? The one on XDA is pretty messy and old, and would I love to learn a bit on Android a bit deeper.
Paranoid Android3 years ago
The guide was originally fine by one of us but it needs a major update. Hard finding the time to do so though. Repo organization has changed for KitKat so we definitely need to redo it+2
Riché Effinger3 years ago
This is and will always be my favorite ROM.
Mitchell T3 years ago
Are there feature suggestions? Social app, secure SMS/MMS app(not feeling hangouts so far)
muhammad haziq3 years ago
+Paranoid Android no more update for galaxy nexus??+3
Brent Wassum3 years ago
Keep up the awesome work! Paranoid Android is the best rom I've found, and that shows that you guys are by far the best dev team! Will donate soon!
Israta Sibuea3 years ago
+Paranoid Android can I porting jb 4.1 with kitkat as a base ???
Still cant wait!
Bob Romero3 years ago
Can you shed some light in to the status of the Nexus 7 - LTE (deb) in the roadmap?
Jamel Stevenson3 years ago
+Paranoid Android When you say stock N5, are you implying that PA will be built on top of what Google intends the stock experience to be? In other words, is it your intention for PA to ship with the 'Google dialer' and chrome instead of AOSP browser etc. I hope I'm being clear in what I'm asking, though I realize PA is built upon AOSP.
+Paranoid Android are you guys able to archived missing TI stuffs for Gnex? We really need your magic, thanks :)
The galaxy nexus is a nexus, you might wanna rewrite your statement +Paranoid Android...
Rusty J3 years ago
Why no Nexus 10 love?+2
jezreel hutton3 years ago
Wow this is wonderful. Thank you
Matthew Hunter3 years ago
I love you :-*
Good luck to you guys! I'm looking forward to experiencing the new rom!
Varun Chitale3 years ago
3.99 RC 2.
How to get rid of random reboots?
(Clean flash, stock kernel, nothing changed)
Mustafa Kilinc3 years ago
If you remove Expanded Desktop I will abandon this rom permanently.
Andrew Heartnet3 years ago
Take your time :-)
I hope PA Kitkat is stable and energy efficient to my N4, hehe
Luigi Lacerenza3 years ago
Can't wait!
Maxim C.3 years ago
Thank you for you great work guys! By the way: could you clear Settings menu from that blu colour...
+Paranoid Android can I get faq for creating log after freeze or reboot? +1
Akhil Ultimate3 years ago
Guys, I have some thought in my mind, when the display is on, a ding sounds up whenever the battery is decreasing by one percent.
Leigh Kendell3 years ago
+Akhil Ultimate that would be so annoying hahah
Wilco van Rossum3 years ago
+Евгений Кифяк just download logcat install the apk and run it on your device, or check XDA for your device community and look in the stickys to see how to pull a logfile true ADB
Wilco van Rossum3 years ago
I love 4.4 so far that I keep it running on my Grouper.

Only downside is: no working cam, gpu drivers/settings can still be improved (some menu's and screens arent rendered propperly) and rotation doesnt work.

The above doesnt bother me that much, knowing thats its just a 2nd test release
Luca Eichler3 years ago
Thank you for your hard work. I am really looking forward to the release.
Tommaso Caccaro3 years ago
+Paranoid Android Will maguro (galaxy nexus) be upgraded?+2
for galaxy note 2? N7100?
Amith Kallupalam3 years ago
Swipe up on status bar to enable pie anywhere!! Wayy better alternative to Immersive mode.
Wilco van Rossum3 years ago
+Nicholas Berardicurti is it Nexus device? If not it will depend on your device manager on XDA this aint the place to ask.
Wilco van Rossum3 years ago
+Tommaso Caccaro check the PA community post for maguro. The pa community manager posted a 4.4 stock rom download. But you might wait a lil longer till updating until the driver pack of Texas Instruments is included in the ROM since Google didnt and wont release it.

Then again the question is. Would including the driver pack been seen as hacky ? Since its not aosp
Can't wait for the final release. Keep up the good work guys!
Dhruba Dasgupta3 years ago
are you still developing for d2att?
Michael Beck3 years ago
You are amazing! Keep on the good work!
Anand Nair3 years ago
+Paranoid Android : Thanks for the 4.4 version. You guys always have the best and stable rom out for us. Has there been any update to the 4.4 package for SGH-T989. When I use the one from your xda link and flash it in recovery it fails with "Status 7" and says "ROM is for SGH-T989. This is a hercules device". Any idea why so? Is there any particular recovery that should be used?
Maxim C.3 years ago
Please change that acid blu inside the Settings and place the Exit All button from Recents elsewhere...
Tyler Raber3 years ago
+Martin Piroth no PA 4 will be completely rebuilt from scratch with 4.4 source code. They will not be using the 3.xx at all. obviously some code will come from that but for the most part they are starting all over
Filipe Fleming3 years ago
+Paranoid Android Paranoid has some stable rom for i9100?
Levi Witherwax3 years ago
+Paranoid Android is the dev for toroplus one of your devs or one that's not connected to you but uses your source code?
Lucas Ucciferri3 years ago
Hey i'm looking to flash 4.4., is this one currently useful for an everyday use? Or should I wait for a more stable one?
Prajwal Bellakka3 years ago
You guys are no longer basing your code on CM right? 
Marco Russolillo3 years ago
PA Rulez! Thanks for all guys!
Nidhal Rouissi3 years ago
+Paranoid Android You said that PA will continue to support nexus devices. Is it the case for the Galaxy Nexus (maguro) ? I mean other than the Nexus 5 & Nexus 4 & etc...
Raymond De Jesus3 years ago
I would rather use Expanded Desktop rathen than Immersive Mode +Paranoid Android , it is way way better. 
Taivo Tobreluts3 years ago
Take all the time you need, but please don't half-ass it like with 4.3, it really crashed a lot
luis gonzález3 years ago
Everytime I try to download the AOSP for my Nexus 7 2013 I get a zip with a different checksum, but it's never the correct one... D: and that's when the download doesn't fail...+1
Anoop Asokan3 years ago
Pa is bug free! But not feature filled! Simple elegant!
isaac ponte3 years ago
any idea when the M7 (HTC One) with be officially supported by the PA team?
Manning Kent3 years ago
Thanks for your excellent work and the status update!
Where can we find the source of your rom
Nathanial Butt3 years ago
So what's the deal with Franco being on your team? Are we going to get his kernel built in to PA, or is he making an entirely separate one for PA? And if it is built in to the ROM, will his Updater app work with it?
Mikel Pérez3 years ago
+Paranoid Android manta please :(
James Ortiz3 years ago
Anyone know where I can find paranoid androids nexus 4 build?
Hi! Thanks for your work! What's doesn' t works now?:-)
David Maiza3 years ago
+Lorenzo Bani yes...hopefully
Adam Clouthier3 years ago
Thank you guys for your hard work!
+Paranoid Android ok i can find the github page, but what's the branch for kitkat?
Rafael Rivas3 years ago
You guys are amazing.. keep it up. Waiting patiently while enjoying kitkat basic :)
Wilco van Rossum3 years ago
+Paranoid Android maybe you can use this in the future plans (or not), since its native andriod 4.4 code what can be enabled through ADB. It enables the % battery in the status bar.

adb shell content insert --uri content://settings/system --bind name:s:status_bar_show_battery_percent --bind value:i:1
adb reboot

Im no 4.4 dev so I dont know if thats considered "hacky stuff", but its there. Maybe you guys might find a "clean way"  to use it.
Jasenko Pasic3 years ago
Is it possible to go back to PA 4.3 after 4.4 update? I have all files rom and gapps, but when I try to flas it all I get is PA 3+ LOGO flashing. Please help. Need my full-screen back :) thanks.
you will HAVE to wipe
Daz T.3 years ago
+Jasenko Pasic you have to do a complete wipe, basically the same process as when you upgraded to 4.4
Jasenko Pasic3 years ago
+Daz T. I didn't do wipe when I went 4.4,,,
Wilco van Rossum3 years ago
You need to wipe if revert to an other ROM or a lower version
Jasenko Pasic3 years ago
+Wilco van Rossum thanks. I'll wait for stable 4.4 with this than... Thanks.
Luan Beq3 years ago
+Paranoid Android will there be a new bootanimation in aospa kitkat? if there is one i cant wait :)
Luv Sampat3 years ago
Htc one x??? Huawei Y300?? :S
I should be getting my N5 in 3 weeks or so, so I can definitely wait! But I am very excited for getting the Nexus 5 and for getting to have PA on it. I've been with PA since the beginning and it has been such an enjoyable ride. You guys are absolutely amazing at what you do. Thanks!+1
Chip Radoslavov3 years ago
You guys are awesome, can't wait for N5 release! Been using the PA on my S3, N4 and it shines above the rest in every aspect! +2
Kasper Skov3 years ago
+Paranoid Android  Sorry if this has already been answered, but is there any change of upcoming 4.4 PA builds for the Galaxy Nexus (maguro)? Google doesn't seem to care much (the driver issues that people have been writing about), but the android community always seems to come out on top.
Daniel Vedå3 years ago
+Paranoid Android  It would be awsome if you guys optimized ART for PA 4!
ahmad albarrak3 years ago
+Daniel Vedå they're looking into possibility of making odexed gapps..., they said.
Daniel Vedå3 years ago
and that means?
ahmad albarrak3 years ago
It means you can use ART when you flash it, but with PA gapps package you can't.
Daniel Vedå3 years ago
Yeah okey :)
MeD B.3 years ago
Thanks for your work ! PA, best rom ever ! Me and my N5 are quietly wait on you
dakun skye3 years ago
+Raymond De Jesus I think you misunderstand what immersive mode is... it is full screen but with an option to swipe up the edges and without eating the touch so your app doesn't get it. a simple mod to it and its full screen as you know it again... read up buddy
Eduardo Pesantes3 years ago
You are the Best! Yours ROMS rocks!!!
Amec Velásquez3 years ago
Great work, you guys always deliver!
Just a quick question though, do you have alternative download links for the ROMs? I've downloaded the grouper ROM 4 or 5 times and the md5 never matches...
Johnny Chen3 years ago
Hey paranoid Android Team, i have been having some bug when i turn my cellphone into landscape, Using Paranoid android 3.97 in Galaxy s3
Patiently awaiting this..... My nex7 is ready for some PA lovin.+1
Eduardo Pesantes3 years ago
Nexus 7 flo need paranoid Android +1
Manzoor A3 years ago
so whats the estimate date?

lol i kid. Thanks for your hard work.
Alan Garcia3 years ago
You guys should post updates more frequently +1
What hardware was Kit Kat released ?  Do you have a Kit Kat version for ATT GS3 (Galaxy S III SGH-I747) ?
Dante Xaiver3 years ago
Installed onto my Nexus 4 last night. rebooted discovered the rom wiped everything from my phone including data and installed a 4.4 stock recovery.

Had to rely on a toolkit from N-Cry to install TWRP recovery then i was able to finally install Gapps.

I have to say coming from 4.3 versions of Cyanogen mod and AOKP  This 4.4 from Paranoid is fast and simply awesome.

Does the built in updater found in the system settings actually work for new Paranoid updates?
Saif Miah3 years ago
It's killing me not having PA on my Nexus 5!! :(
Daniel Niemeier3 years ago
Me 2! Checking status daily...
Can't wait guys, keep up the great work!
Jordan Pt3 years ago
+Paranoid Android  When you do finish the first versions of 4.4 PA, will we be able to update to it straight from your AOSP builds, or will it require a clean flash. If it's the former than I can just load up 4.4 AOSP now, but if it's the latter I'll just have to wait until 4.4 PA is ready.
Mark Behr3 years ago
+Alan Garcia hush you. That's worse than asking for an ETA.
+Paranoid Android excuse me for the OT.. But I have a problem.. I have a maguro with PA 3.99 RC2 and there isn't "themes" menu.. How i could install a theme?
KING RAE3 years ago
Buy us there a kit Kat release for jflteatt??.. Can't find it been googling lol
Ekaansh Arora3 years ago
You guys are the best. Can't wait for it for GT-I9300.+2
Johnathan Le3 years ago
+Paranoid Android a few days ago, i tried to install from my nexus 7 2012 but i failed. it said some thing about status 7 that interrupted the installation. i've change my recocery to Clock World Recovery but still no hope. I hope you'll figure it out the way to solve this. Thanks in advance.
Thanks, guys. PA is the best ROM I've ever used. (Nexus 4)
Mergim Islami3 years ago
I kinda accidentally installed the AOSP Rom instead of the 3.99 PA Rom, and because of that, i couldn't install the gapps for AOSP. 
And now im kinda stucked since i don't know how to install a recovery for the aosp so i can go back to 3.99.
Can anybody help?
Johnathan Le3 years ago
+Wilco van Rossum how did you install pa 4.4 on your grouper? please tell me
Wilco van Rossum3 years ago
There is no pa 4.4 yet. PA just posted a stock 4.4. But it runs good ;)+1
Reynaldo Garcia3 years ago
Just want to agree with a lot of the posters.  Thanks for all you do and looking forward to the PA experience with 4.4+1
Pawan Kapoor3 years ago
Woohoo! I've been missing my halo dreadfully on the stock kitkat I installed on my n4, from PA 3.99 . Will try out the stock version for a few days and then it's back to good old PA :D I'm so excited
Hei Liebrecht3 years ago
"PA has always been and will continue to be focused on development for nexus devices"

So this includes carrier variants of the Nexus devices?
Sam Jaljalis3 years ago
You guys rock. So keep rollin.. :))
Jason De mio3 years ago
I have tried to download it several times if keeps saying download unsuccessful. It is so annoying is there another link somewhere
Jason De mio3 years ago
Sorry I'm using nexus 4.
Avery Eremondi3 years ago
I am getting excited for the 4.0 Release!
bitcau catalin3 years ago
Im still hoping that nexus s will not be forgotten