Hyundai Aebulle Concept
The Hyundai Aebulle is a design study of a futuristic three-wheeler vehicle with an electric powertrain and a magnesium frame.The Concept Aebulle ("aebulle" means "cocoon" in Korean) was inspired by the European Peacock Butterfly cocoon.The main idea was to design a personal vehicle that delivers the mobility and speed of a motorcycle while offering the safety that a cocoon offers a butterfly.
YouTube: Hyundai Aebulle Concept
Melinda cash1 year ago
Nick Iacullo1 year ago
I'm pretty sure the inspirations come from Tron. Get the facts right. :D+39
prabha garan1 year ago
So nice+3
Nigel Duffy1 year ago
Diva's House1 year ago

It looks futuristic and very expensive. 

Being creative is great, however, when you're spending bucket loads of money doing projects like this, that only so few can afford, I often wonder why...
loick celidon1 year ago
me speak french
Stay prettyzah1 year ago
thats cool
Looks great; should be good to drive! !
Rajesh Chay1 year ago
What is this
loick celidon1 year ago
you speak french
Aman Sharma1 year ago
Charles Rivers1 year ago
I want one ,lo
No I speak english+1
loick celidon1 year ago
:( :( :( :( :( :( :(+1
Calvin Perry1 year ago
I want one
Are they affordable+2
boodhoo snevin1 year ago
I want two +2
david j h1 year ago
Flashy Sinclair C5...Pass+3
kaner buscus1 year ago
one word 
kaner buscus1 year ago
david j h1 year ago
Kasib you have been flagged and reported...grow up+1
Andrew Wright1 year ago
My god, this world is slowly turning into the Grid from Tron.
Hamza Maqsood1 year ago
super awsum
Hamza Maqsood1 year ago
super awsum
Lucy Puttock1 year ago
Logan Miller1 year ago
it looks like a light cycle+1
Tim O'Gorman1 year ago
Wow that is cool....+1
Shawn Mitchell1 year ago
im excited where can i get 1+1
Ornob Abir1 year ago
wow !! like it much :)
Looks pretty cool. I wouldn't mind rolling around in one of those. It better have AC though.
Roopa Roopa1 year ago
wow its so nice+3
solomon michael1 year ago
Mmh thts cool+1
Kyle Songer1 year ago
Very interesting.
david j h1 year ago
Look people stop having a Trongasm. This is a rendering of a very Sinclair C5 like vehicle that would have many of it's shortcomings too. In traffic it would be dangerously low and invisible to most other vehicles. If ever produced it would not look like this deliberately Tron like rendering.
ashok malav1 year ago
mast hai
Kevin Vargas1 year ago
I would like to have one, but I wouldn't feel safe unless everyone had one or something like it...
Kyle Songer1 year ago
Very true.  Trucks and SUVs would stomp on this thing without their drivers even seeing it.
Uhh uhh uhh uhh,whatsoever,who care,ha,trong .
paul cantrell1 year ago
look david guy smart is not cool go get like a large truck or somthin
david j h1 year ago
+paul cantrell Sorry for having a brain and using it. Next time I will coo at the pretty picture like the rest of the brain dead idiots here.+1
joshua adams1 year ago
Ahha,onething ,what's the diameter,height,length,widely.ha,unsafe to ride ,uhh,uhh,
david j h1 year ago
+joshua adams Then copy the image because that is all it is ever going to be.
bala guru1 year ago
where is the engine
Alan Hirsch1 year ago
I am sorry sir but a man named Tron called. He wants his bike back.
david j h1 year ago
+Kongminkiong Kiong You don't need to know the dimensions just look at the seating and extrapolate from there. It's basic dimensions should be obvious.
Scott Simpson1 year ago
David's right! Imagination is bad and pretty things are dangerous.
Terry Summons1 year ago
This is nice!
Ahha,thank q.+David hoebeeck.i did appreciated,i am thinking cause my precious life still gotta go a long long long long long long long long long long long,way man,i don't think in the meantime i need one of this thing,+1
Ahha,thank q.+David hoebeeck.i did appreciated,i am thinking cause my precious life still gotta go a long long long long long long long long long long long,way man,i don't think in the meantime i need one of this thing,+1
Ahha,thank q.+David hoebeeck.i did appreciated,i am thinking cause my precious life still gotta go a long long long long long long long long long long long,way man,i don't think in the meantime i need one of this thing,
chris fishwick1 year ago
yeh tron is right lol. what the hell
Tharun Sakthi1 year ago
This car is in the t.v show 'TRON'
And awesome car
Anson Doucette1 year ago
Tron, Akira, does the inspiration matter? A couple decades from now.......+1
Kyle Songer1 year ago
Perhaps if there were a slimmer road where 2 could ride side by side but separate from the rest of traffic.  It is a similar situation for current motorcycles.  But here is the kicker.  If you let everyone capable to work from home, pollution would decrease, traffic would decrease, and there would be room on the road to dedicate a lane to freight and a lane for vehicles of this type.+1
Sean Gardner1 year ago
Emmanuel Ayetey1 year ago
Nice moto
Shahbaz Ahmad1 year ago
انا حبو هذه +1
I Hebbo this+1
Translated from Arabic|Original
owusu prince1 year ago
Scott Price1 year ago
A dystopian vehicle for a dystopian world vision. About as stylish and practical as a plastic hammer... In my opinion
Tyler Munn1 year ago
it looks like a tron bike
loick celidon1 year ago
tron tron tron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LM Goswami1 year ago
Looking nice. Will work?
paul cantrell1 year ago
no im not sayin your a geek just tone it down a bit so no one thiks your a geek
That's horrible
loick celidon1 year ago
Ya,sure,you bet,+Kyle songer .a separated lane is a lot more to safety,keep safe mostly of the time,when there is a family reunion concern .how can that thing go faster then a f1 vehicle,only depent on three wheels.ha,where is the steering wheel at the back.too dangerous,ha,
loick celidon1 year ago
me no speak eglich
Amresh Kumar1 year ago
Very nice
Nero Mustaine1 year ago
I'd buy one :3 quite happily too XD
Pretty neat looking, and looks like it'd be fun...
... but what happens when you need to get in or out when it's raining?
It's really nice
Amresh Kumar1 year ago
Very nice
I'll take one if you need to do road tests
Patrick Dougher1 year ago
I want one...
deadpool wilz1 year ago
I want one two
Niick Niickels1 year ago
Love the color
Hey,guys,just bring an umbrella with,okay,if you love this tron bike,+Jeffrey Schwartz.
excellent car!!!
Sajid Rafai1 year ago
It's really very nice
Ozzy Kemalin1 year ago
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Jace Hunter1 year ago
sweet car!!!!!!!!!
muji antoni1 year ago

/ David
Jace Hunter1 year ago
The legacy begins+1
Matt Dearin1 year ago
Will never be mass produced
Richard Rashty1 year ago
april fools day+1
Lee Forest1 year ago
I like the idea of the cocoon safety. But I'm sure a semi will still splatter that thing so idiots & drunks need not apply for this bike.
Viresh Mishra1 year ago
jon baldwin1 year ago
super awsome sweetness this is the future and i want it
Noman Bashir1 year ago
trevor haynes1 year ago
Looks good.
Ben Nelson1 year ago
this is....straight out of tron. i love it :)+1
B Pham1 year ago
This is mine.
LaDuan Jordan1 year ago
Slick + Unique = Slique ( sleek )+1
Reza Raiyat1 year ago
Very beautiful
And yet +david hoebeeck the troller of people has the nerve to tell somebody else to grow up because they said "fuck" and to report them even though swearing isn't in the terms as unacceptable.......

While he runs through and bullies everybody who likes this.....
This could be better.... Widen it. Give it four wheels. Name it the next Genesis,
Richard Savery1 year ago
Sleek buggy.
Amber Symone1 year ago
danggg thts cool
Or take away a wheel, call it a motorcycle..... Have it drive itself.
Matthew Ighalo1 year ago
Yeah, well i think it needs more studying to me!!!
Translated from Arabic|Original
anissa intan1 year ago
like this+2
truong duc1 year ago
Sureno Vida1 year ago
Sweet Car <3
rudra chauhan1 year ago
awesome dude
Craig Porter1 year ago
Eric Glandon1 year ago
I want one
Hung Tu1 year ago
Bike or car ?
james murphy1 year ago
I dont want one i need one :-)lol
Sean McDuffie1 year ago
I'd ride it!
Landon Chu1 year ago
Now turn a corner in it
The front wheels are to close together for stability ,so it might as well be a motorcycle ... Tried out one motorcycle build similar to this last week and did not like the handling But did also try the three wheeler with a larger width and it handled much better especially at highway speed s and above But finally ordered the motorcycle with dual rear wheels for the stability factor alone 
taj mohammad1 year ago
Suresh PR1 year ago
satya verma1 year ago
lajavab fatastic
macky macky1 year ago
Start manufacturing!!
Raju Ganganor1 year ago
what a car
Rocky coolcatjr1 year ago
Tron cycle!
Thanh Truong1 year ago
How to drive?
sham ija1 year ago
i like
bhanu pratap1 year ago
its wonderfull bike
Jay Kalantar1 year ago
Don't see much value. It`s neither a car nor a motorcycle. Don't have any protection/conviences of a car and none of the trills of a motorcycle.
john roper1 year ago
Posh sinclair c5
Thee Kenny G1 year ago
Ditto..... Nick Iacullo
Sarah Mahler1 year ago
+Jay Kalantar But it looks reallly cool!!!!!
Jose Uamusse1 year ago
oh yeh now can say that a walking in large step to high tech desisign
Vinod Jakhar1 year ago
good one
bhanu pratap1 year ago
its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
Calvin Barnes1 year ago
Mmmmmm better idia.
Umar Furkhan1 year ago
Ab stunning
sweet car
Megumi Angel1 year ago
That's awesome. But it probably costs half a million dollars. 😖😖
Megumi Angel1 year ago
Shawn Goulding1 year ago
It's TRON for the not so distant future!  
Walid Waly1 year ago
I like it
Jaime Gordillo1 year ago
That would be a bad ass ride to own looks like they got the idea from Tron Legacy
Temi Ale1 year ago
Is it a 4 wheeled bike?+2
Asis Masa1 year ago
it really amazing but not for us
Paul Osborne1 year ago
At the cost of a full sized vehicle too I bet
Joshua Fisher1 year ago
Thats super sweet right there
Now thats my kinda ride
Philip Head1 year ago
Prutish Jethwa1 year ago
A wonderful example of how nature can inspire industrial design...
jeffery herndon1 year ago
One seater :-(
kofi quainoo1 year ago
supa cool
Todd Gill1 year ago
Who ever is going to drive a vehicle made out of magnesium deserves a Darwin award.+1
Kenneth Cook1 year ago
I love it
darson king1 year ago
that is so cool
MESSI NAVIN1 year ago
awesome love it
Joyce Hernandez1 year ago
is this real?
Elizabeth Stork1 year ago
omg i want one
Rudy Martinez1 year ago
What Technology is coming too Now Days!! Some things are getting more an more interesting.
Very Nice , but what about the quality ?!!!
Donny Bali1 year ago
W O W !!!!
Looks cool but how durable are those weels??+1
Joey Joe1 year ago
I wanna look like a fly! Nere lol buy.
Osama Munir1 year ago
Amiya Ray1 year ago
Waoooo ....
Aishwarya G1 year ago
Denis Marusic1 year ago
Bryce Etheridge1 year ago
I would drive that
Zach TheBoss1 year ago
Denis Marusic1 year ago
Vy Anta1 year ago
I like it
Mary Emrich1 year ago
Beautiful ...+1
Anlin David1 year ago
Denis Marusic1 year ago
yes cool
gabriel hicks1 year ago
I would totally buy that!!!!!....
Janet Daigle1 year ago
russ baugher1 year ago
Levi Mattfield1 year ago
thats gay
vipul patel1 year ago
So nice+1
James Drake1 year ago
bethany gray1 year ago
amazing pic +1
Shaun Ling1 year ago
Nice technology
Levi Mattfield1 year ago
Aaron Ernst1 year ago
Definitely want one!
Levi Mattfield1 year ago
definantly dont
lalit sharma1 year ago
Jesse Solomon1 year ago
It looks like the bike from tron
geoffrey sanga1 year ago
Its interesting to say the least, but i do like its looks in terms of its color.
Crimson Guts1 year ago
Cool but pointless. We will never see it.
David Watson IV1 year ago
Ronald Baro1 year ago
Oooo Can I have one!!!???
Chris Bartholic1 year ago
Bad ass
pranay mishra1 year ago
Its really awsome..
Vakumi Sharma1 year ago
whtz its engine?+1
I want it
Avinash Dhanda1 year ago
what kind of wicked bike is this
Md Hassan1 year ago
thats supab man.
Cory Lui1 year ago
Tron bike
Freddie Deane1 year ago
How do those wheels work?
Pramod kumar1 year ago
its great.
Pramod kumar1 year ago
its great.
Avinash Dhanda1 year ago
I really want this bike but i do not want Christopher
deepankur singh1 year ago
It's incredible
nour hamouche1 year ago
So futuristic
Azhar Javed1 year ago
Benjamin Cook1 year ago
Extreme g is coming back
setyo sulaksono1 year ago
Jason Homot1 year ago
Awsome!! sign me up..
cameron ware1 year ago
pranay mishra1 year ago
Irfan Mohammad1 year ago
It's Cooool...
Roger Pinson1 year ago
Yes, I'd like my Tron light cycle now thank-you
Sss Siya1 year ago
How odd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eric Robles1 year ago
Different +1
james tantrum1 year ago
that's cool+1
Jonathan Bond1 year ago
Ilove it+1
edwin jupiterz1 year ago
soo cool...
Irfan Mohammad1 year ago
It's Cooool Man.+1
james kariuki1 year ago
i once asked myself what is 'knock oneself out',today i know what is it.+1
Kristopher Wong1 year ago
looks very fancy+1
But.... how do you see where you're going?
Sameer Khimji1 year ago
so cool amazing
Rudeau McCray1 year ago
Looks like the vehicle from Tron.
Shut up and take my money
Sameer Khimji1 year ago
danielle bates1 year ago
Reggie Banyon1 year ago
Wild thang
Eesa ghatala1 year ago
Nice it looks so good I like it
Sajid Gazi1 year ago
justin smith1 year ago
bang bang
paul kinyua1 year ago
so nice.
can i get one irl free
Ahmed Aldbian1 year ago
justin smith1 year ago
so boly
James Metz1 year ago
James Uphill1 year ago
Is that a car or moter cycle
James Metz1 year ago
Idk I think both that's amazing
Jay Steele1 year ago
Why wouldn't they allow that on the road.
They allow a lot of people who can't drive a regular car worth a crap on the road.
Truck drivers would never see you,worse than cyclists.
With that in mind,you would never catch me in one of those.
Michel Jobes1 year ago
Raheem Malik1 year ago
bilbo boffin1 year ago
oh moi goodneess
I don't believe
bilbo boffin1 year ago
Foi bunga
Was bunga
Translated from Portuguese|Original
Sergio German1 year ago
Super creative.. ;)
John Cousineau1 year ago
It would be great as an affordable unlimited production model.
Gregory Frasca1 year ago
Light Bikes.  I want one!!
Na nh moh diu va hitobang hi na sip uham koi touna na di ham
william shore1 year ago
i want that
damian romano1 year ago
hoooooo mai goot
eddie finn1 year ago
Cinema 4d
shoaib ahmad1 year ago
owusu prince1 year ago
that is  cool i like it
SHAH JAHAN1 year ago
Mohana Sarkar1 year ago
Dawit Shemeles1 year ago
Its agerat works
Dawit Shemeles1 year ago
Its agerat works
prakhar wini1 year ago
Karthik R1 year ago
Michael Vinson1 year ago
sickest shit ive seen
Michael Vinson1 year ago
if onley red and black
interesting vehicle
Billy Dewolfe1 year ago
Wow thats awesome i want one
ahmed nazeer1 year ago
That would be a car I'd like to drive in.+1
Michael Vinson1 year ago
sick not out yet so u suck
john hunter1 year ago
Me too.
SHAH JAHAN1 year ago
very fine
Tahir Atkinson1 year ago
now that's slick
Chuck Dean1 year ago
It's nice but I was hoping to see it in action...move!
Rap Cap1 year ago
Jack Pfister1 year ago
hey look it's Joseph Kosinski's new car!
Courtney Inniss1 year ago
Courtney Inniss1 year ago
Ali Bahaa1 year ago

Jack Gatens1 year ago
AJOKU VICTOR1 year ago
That's really cool you know
john hunter1 year ago
When will they be available?
I like this
Chas Mcmurray1 year ago
Wow the latest bumper car
Bello Hassan1 year ago
Nice car
zach adair1 year ago
From cool
Shane Mathieu1 year ago
I like the clean look, I love concepts though am a skeptic at allot of them because if you see them on the road lets say five years from now what would they look like ? Is this built to be recycled or just another scrap pile after its use. I do like It Hub less design is a good touch.+1
Delsol Etienne1 year ago
Where can I obtain this mechanism?
Masood Ahemad1 year ago
so beutiful car so sexy
Derrick Jr.1 year ago
Looks nice
big Ben
Cody Hernandez1 year ago
It look cool but you need to add nitro
Michael Gee1 year ago
I want me 1! Yo....
harihar sahani1 year ago
it's a butterfiy it can fly
Cody Hernandez1 year ago
man that is BIG BEN+1
guia zamanpour1 year ago
wow nice
E Serhani1 year ago
WOW !!!!!!!!
Saneled Bohlela1 year ago
i like it...wish i could have one
my furture car in 2030
Zaveon Milton1 year ago
Geo Bucur1 year ago
It looks like Tron to me!+1
fredis sanchez1 year ago
I like this car
I want one. Commute made easy, and easy to park ;)+1
Michael Mills1 year ago
LOL, does a green band of energy come out of the back of this thing?  LOL!
Chas Mcmurray1 year ago
Lo Rider....makes it feel faster
Saneled Bohlela1 year ago
i wil go with the light-cycle
gareth ricketts1 year ago
and of course the designer isnt a fan of Tron at all!!!!
fomba sheriff1 year ago
It's fantastic,I love it
Horace Crosby1 year ago
Andre Peterson1 year ago
ibezim arinze1 year ago
wow l like this car new it so l need to buy it how much this car new?
luis castillo1 year ago
i want one
Jennifer Durham1 year ago
NICE!!! ;)
Obviously very low CG, but extremely narrow track.  How does it corner?  Or does it lean like a motorcycle? If so where's the kick stand?  Also what's the market?  Transportation for one, but must cost more than a bike without the fun.
Sandra Hurd1 year ago
does it come with a hoist to get you out of it once you've arrived at your destination?  gracious!!!
shawn L Dawkins1 year ago
Cool so nice
Heath Ball1 year ago
Not very practical
Grace Mongelli1 year ago
Sweet ride!
Brandon Jones1 year ago
Cool pic

Roderick Alcutt1 year ago
Ivan Hogan1 year ago
love it looks like a tron bike
Brandon Jones1 year ago

Nice pic .
rob costa1 year ago
very coll ride  
Brandon Jones1 year ago
Does he really have this car.
Milo Kern1 year ago
Holy crud
Brandon Jones1 year ago
kevin smith1 year ago
I want one of them
Brandon Jones1 year ago
Me 2
Nate K1 year ago
Lewis Thornton1 year ago
looks like the best thing ever!
Transporter next level....looks cool.
Alexander T1 year ago
That's not going to work in flooded streets when its the rainy season, unless its also a submersible
Where can i buy one stunning
Kelvin Beazley1 year ago
Dj Ellis1 year ago
Dj Ellis1 year ago
rich shut up
Dj Ellis1 year ago
were u live how
Able eshetu1 year ago
so we're talkin a trillion dollars...
nathan lange1 year ago
That is really cool I bet that concept will come in handy in the future
George Parks1 year ago
Dj Ellis1 year ago
rich u helps gay old man
Danny Bautista1 year ago
OK would definitely buy one, fast as a motorcycle, but safer!!! Sounds good to me
nathan mobley1 year ago
your gay
shawn mongenyip1 year ago
Jay May1 year ago
Cool I want 1
Jay May1 year ago
Where can I get 1 of these ?
nathan mobley1 year ago
you give me $100,000,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
abdallah salah1 year ago
Dj Ellis1 year ago
your wife was sucking my dick
That's what I call design!!
Dj Ellis1 year ago
yeah rich u hoe
O m g
regi haines1 year ago
thats cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nick Snarr1 year ago
You are a Dick +david hoebeeck
Dj Ellis1 year ago
me and your mom and wife having sex right now
charles miller1 year ago
What an engineering
yes please! on my xmas list lol
Amber Bredehoft1 year ago
ooh it's from Tron! Too bad I fell asleep during that movie....haha
Ceena Akbarieh1 year ago
i have never seen that movie
Mino van Noort1 year ago
Interesting looking thing
Barry Solomon1 year ago
Ceena Akbarieh1 year ago
have you seen that car
Amber Bredehoft1 year ago
+Ceena Akbarieh It's a newer Disney Movie. My family liked it, so it must be alright. I have a tendency to fall asleep during some movies if I'm tired enough...
Amber Bredehoft1 year ago
+Ceena Akbarieh ha, I wish. If I were old enough I would take it for a spin!
john pruden1 year ago
i want one
Can I have one
"Isn't that a TRANSFORMER"...???+1
Dylan Cain1 year ago
im flat busted  broke mind helping a bro out
Brandon Knight1 year ago
This is beautiful.
Terry Dubois1 year ago
That's a cool car
Dena Goretoy1 year ago
Edwin Spiessens1 year ago
Stunning! Where can I get one???+1
Jack Hyunsub1 year ago
Joe Lincoln1 year ago
So cool!
Marc Martinez1 year ago
the future of mankind's motor vehicles!
Monte Fulton1 year ago
Bad to the bone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What in the world will they come up with next
I would love that thing!!! :D
I also like its yoyo like tires
Rnb Meech1 year ago
Tiffany Trotter1 year ago
jaw drops can I ride this?
Ljuben Organdziev
The future is comming faster than it's expected
Eritrean mezmur
Kenny Chew1 year ago
Ohh tron on the road
Jason Mancillas1 year ago
Brian Harrison1 year ago
No helmet needed there?
Ray Sanchez1 year ago
I have seen this car in real life in a auto show and its real cool especially the helmets
Kayla Anderso1 year ago
that sweet ass hell
Ronald Howard1 year ago
That me one day when i hit the lotto
Vincent Chapman1 year ago
I want that!!!!
C.M Grogan1 year ago
That's pretty sweet....
carmen yoder1 year ago
Lucky Cinani1 year ago
Looks like something from anime.
Chase Rogers1 year ago
It needs tread on them tires+1
T Walls1 year ago
This one is really cool. I would buy that, for sure.
Amere Whitted1 year ago
Jamier Luciano1 year ago
that's sex
Crystal Malcom1 year ago
Okay that is really sweet
Devon Rainer1 year ago
+Jamier Luciano I think you meant sex-y... I hope.
aww men sweet dreams like this just dont exist
Lina Adamas1 year ago
Looks Futuristic
uriel Vazquez1 year ago
Nice I would like one
Aznk Tran1 year ago
epic.. if it was blue it would be like tron legacy
Brandon Hung1 year ago
+Aznk Bui If it was a sedan, now THAT would be epic!
Aznk Tran1 year ago
Brandon Hung1 year ago
+Aznk Bui But too bad it's only a concept... :(
Aznk Tran1 year ago
lawl i hope it goes through the testing and passes :D
Karen LeBlanc1 year ago
too cool :)
Gabby Sparaco1 year ago
That is awesome.
uvusman ahammed1 year ago
Josh Frazee1 year ago
That is awesome
Eric D'Onofrio1 year ago
It might be safe...t-bone it with an SUV to be sure.
Ayesha Arnold1 year ago
I want that
Jay Sahani1 year ago
realy that's awesome
Adrien Groulx1 year ago
Neat concept.
Def JamxD1 year ago
not 4 me but i like the concept of glass... makes me feel more safe
Need to get one.
How do I get one
Why the futuristic? I'll take one, now!
Awais rafiq1 year ago
very emazing
Nathan Spencer1 year ago
Very nice
Mmmmmmm nice one..
nice work of art
Eric Flannery1 year ago
That's crazy! Imagine what i could tear-up in just a few min with that... hmmm
That is future is all about. Cool
Srawan Kumar1 year ago
Nice one........
Manav Kunwar1 year ago
its awesome
I wonder what the front view sitting look like?
Diane Sasuman1 year ago
is it a car or motorbike or both?
BUT it's still AWESSOME!!!!!!
vipul patel1 year ago
Super & good
Aadil Ameer1 year ago
fantastic .i think it lacks flying function+1
Aadil Ameer1 year ago
fantastic .i think it lacks flying function
Aadil Ameer1 year ago
fantastic .i think it lacks flying function.such a compact vehicle .
surya chandra1 year ago
deepak singh1 year ago
Kya baat hai yaar. Maja aa jaye ga.....
veera pandi1 year ago
phirun sin1 year ago
Gayle Heinze1 year ago
but is it not a cooler looking sinclair c5 ?
vishwa guru1 year ago
this kind of bike is parked in my apartment's parking
I've wanted a bike for years, but I'm not very strong. This looks perfect. 
Elias Alemayehu1 year ago
How I would like to drive that.....
OACH FEIST1 year ago
new generation of skates
Franz Garvez1 year ago
So easy to design this on 3d.
omid muhammedi1 year ago
cool +1
Temi Ale1 year ago
I would not get one it would be to hard to drive+1
Nicholas Dalton1 year ago
Looks like Tron Lightcycle....
michael warneke1 year ago
its ironic because a caccoon doesn't really protect a butterfly that much. its pretty frail and fragile
Shardul Ladekar1 year ago
donald hines1 year ago
It very trendi & awsum
Joe Caruso1 year ago
ok, thats just plain awesome+1
Dream house1 year ago
I think it looks like bike in Tron movie
meaza hailu1 year ago
i think it looks like dream
wow,this is  realy a dream  
Cailin MacLean1 year ago
Looks like the torn bike haha
Nina Asare7 months ago