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Over the last year I've worked with some awesome folks (+Kester Tong  +Mark Sandler, +Corinna Cortes , +Matthew Turk,  +Gideon Mann  +Arnaud Sahuguet, +Adam Berenzweig) to understand how people collaborate on data analysis and to build better tools to support them. Yesterday, with the help of +Fernando Perez and +Wes McKinney we revealed this work at PyCon APAC.

We've created an interactive, collaborative analytics tool by integrating Google Docs, Chrome, and IPython. You can open a notebook from Drive. You can share notebooks like you would share a Google Doc. You can comment and edit collaboratively, in realtime. There is zero setup, because all the computation happens in Chrome. You can even quickly and easily package your analytics pipeline into a GUI for folks that don't want to program. In effect, you can go from zero to analytics with little impedance.  

What's even better is that you can build on our work. It will all be open source on top of public Google APIs. We'll have a larger Google Research blog post about this work when we release the code and the Chrome application.

== update == 
Our repo is public as part of Project Jupyter:
Philip Durbin1 year ago
Is there a GitHub user or organization to follow?+11
Anthony Beck1 year ago
That is beautiful+1
Piotr Migdal1 year ago
Is it open for users? (Link plz.)+2
Kester Tong1 year ago
we don't have a GitHub or anything user's can download yet, but stay tuned for more updates.+5
Gideon Mann1 year ago
Fantastic !!! So wonderful to know this amazing product will see the light of day!+3
Shibl Mourad1 year ago
Very exciting can't wait to try it.
Sumit Basu1 year ago
This looks awesome, Kayur!!+2
Lalon Aziz1 year ago
Awesome stuff!
Victor Chen1 year ago
give me give me give me please :D+1
Rodolphe D'Inca1 year ago
What do you mean by "all the computation happens in Chrome"?+1
Authorea *1 year ago
In case you don't know, we have been doing IPython integration in Authorea (collaborative editor, Markdown+LaTeX on top of Git) for a while:
Kayur Patel1 year ago
+Rodolphe D'Inca: The IPython environment is in NaCL, which means it runs in the Chrome browser.
Kester Tong1 year ago
+Rodolphe D'Inca The IPython kernel runs in the Chrome browser using Native Client (NaCl).  The kernel comes pre-packaged with the Chrome App so there is nothing else to install.  The porting of IPython was done by +Matthew Turk  and myself, and is checked into naclports:

We'll also be giving a talk on this at SciPy:
Alton Alexander1 year ago
This is huge! Thanks.
Ben Hughes1 year ago
Epic :) Can't wait to see it. Good work.
Hamish Harvey1 year ago
That looks really cool. Can it handle arbitrary libraries (or is there a plan for how it might)? Look forward to hearing more. +1
is there any waiting list or some place to follow up this product ?+1
Xiang-zhen Kong1 year ago
I am very interested in the GUI function. Would you like to give me more details?
Robert MacEwan1 year ago
Details to follow?
Andy Baker1 year ago
"stay tuned for more updates." - how? Is there a mailing list or group to sign to?+2
Gary Bishop1 year ago
Wow. This will be huge for my students.
Philip Durbin1 year ago
Right, here's the patch, apparently: "Adds an IPython kernel running in NaCl, and a wrapper as a Chrome extension"
David Rodrigues1 year ago
I'm a very happy person with this announcement. Asked for this in 2012 !!!+1
Shareef Dabdoub1 year ago
From the screenshot I see matplotlib, numpy. Will this work with arbitrary modules, or is it backed by something like Anaconda, or some other Google-hosted range of widely used python libraries?+7
Rudi MK1 year ago
This looks neat! We've been doing something similar with MathHarbor, although it isn't exactly built on top of Google take a look.
Eric Dorsey1 year ago
This is great; would love to try it when it's open to the public.
Emrah Acar1 year ago
Nitin Borwankar1 year ago
I have a number if IPy notebooks at for learning data science. They use some supporting Python libraries and some gzipped datasets.
Would I be able to import the supporting libs into notebooks as I do now from local dirs which are subdirs of the notebook dir?
I like the idea of the Python run-time executing via NaCl in Chrome. It would be great if the location of the Python run-time could be configurable though. For example, I could imagine doing development against a Chrome run-time but then wanting to switch to a Red Hat OpenShift run-time or an internal private high performance computing cluster later on.+1
Jeffrey Swigert1 year ago
This changes everything. Thanks heaps!
Mano Marks1 year ago
+Kurt Schwehr who I know would be interested in this.+1
Kayur Patel1 year ago
+Nitin Borwankar: yes, you should be. we're still working on that solution. 

+Don Pellegrino: runtime is not limited to chrome will be possible.
Shankar Kumar1 year ago
This is cool! Any plans to extend it to R :) ?
Dan Goldman1 year ago
Cool! I would use it...
Kayur Patel1 year ago
+Shankar Kumar: there are R backends. In Chrome it may be hard, but possible.

+Dan Goldman: yes, please. and feedback is always awesome. 
Lakshman Prasad1 year ago
So impressed. Impressed by the great work of +Fernando Perez, +Wes McKinney and others in the Python Data Analysis. Also impressed by +Google for making this a native format.

Great days ahead for Python Data.
Jason O'Rawe1 year ago
Awesome! I cannot wait to try this out.
commenting for updates...
Jason Morrison1 year ago
Looks great!  Will we be able to  take a look soon?  (Before SciPy? :)

Looking forward to experimenting with this for +Minerva Schools seminars.
Duncan Murray1 year ago
Looks good
Derek Hohls1 year ago
Subscribing... waiting for release!+1
Radical. Look forward to hearing more.
Adrian Higgins1 year ago
This is very exciting...
Douglas Fils1 year ago
Is there any update on this? I would love to know!+2
Kayur Patel1 year ago
+Douglas Fils: We're working with the IPython folks to iron out some kinks in the repo. Please bear with. It will be out soon. :)+2
Derek Hohls1 year ago
+Kayur Patel Any chance/hope it will be out on Android thereafter - this is something that would really take off on that platform!
Adrian Higgins1 year ago
+Derek Hohls Being browser based, this should work fine on Android and iOS.
Derek Hohls1 year ago
+Adrian Higgins Sorry, I was getting mixed up with the "Computable" IPython project for the iPad.
Adrian Higgins1 year ago
+Derek Hohls Sorry, you were indeed right to ask, but it is more the NaCL guys to have support added to Android's Chrome:!topic/native-client-discuss/PEZP458cVQY
Victor Gau1 year ago
Wow.. This is cool... any update on the release date!?... Thanks!+1
Kayur Patel1 year ago
Hi all! Thanks for being patient. Our repo is open to the public at: There will be a forthcoming Google Research blog post with more information. +1
+Kayur Patel  Wow, simply, amazing. This is much more than I was expecting, so exciting. The future, indeed. :)
Victor Gau1 year ago
Kayur Patel1 year ago
We released more of our work with +Matthew Turk and Project Jupyter, you can now run coLaboratory (collaborative IPython) in Chrome.
Karthik Ramasamy9 months ago
Is this project abandoned? Last commit was 5 months ago and there are lot of open issues.
Kayur Patel9 months ago
We're working with the Jupyter team to merge our codebases. Stay tuned. :) +2
Liwen Zhang8 months ago
This is very awesome!!! It's the kind of thing that i've been looking for.
Karthik Ramasamy8 months ago
My distributed team's efficiency went through the roof just by using IPython. coLaboratory will take it to next level!
Simon Higgins8 months ago
Do you have a release date yet?
Josef Habdank7 months ago
looks great, but there has to be a lot of visualisation functionnalities to make it really usefull for data science