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Here is the speech I just gave on the earnings call:

Hello everyone and thanks for joining our call this afternoon.  

Google had a great quarter with over $14BN in revenue -- up 19% year-on-year.  Amazing performance for a company that has yet to celebrate its fifteenth birthday!

We live in a world of abundant computing, with multiple operating systems and increasing numbers of devices.  It is a very different environment from when Google started.  There was essentially one OS and one device category:  the PC.  

These kinds of changes don’t happen that often, once a decade, maybe even less frequently.  But the shift from laptop to mobiles, from one screen to multiple screens creates tremendous opportunity for Google.  

With more devices, more information and more activity online than ever, the potential to improve people’s lives is immense: Getting you the right information just when you need it; Creating the tools to make everyone more effective at home and at work; and helping you share and remember the moments that matter in life.  

It’s why I am so excited about the velocity and execution on our platforms, apps and devices.  

First, platforms.  With hindsight, Android and Chrome were no brainers.  At the time they were big bets.  

The momentum across these platforms is tremendous, as you saw at our annual I/O developer conference in May.  I was astounded we had over 1M people tuning in live just to watch our developer keynote!

We’ve now activated more than 900M Android devices worldwide--and we’re lighting up over 1.5M devices every day.  That’s pretty amazing given the first Android phone launched less than five years ago.

And apps usage is increasing fast.  Over 50BN apps have now been downloaded from the Google Play store.  In fact, we’ve already paid out more money to Android developers this year than in the whole of 2012. 

I love the ability to access your “stuff” on Play anywhere.  Take our new music subscription service.  Launched in May, it is an easy, fun way to discover new music with all the songs there, ready to go.  You never have to think about the device you are using.

Chrome—even though only four years old—has over 750M users worldwide and growing!  

Then next, apps.  Our goal is to design everything so it’s beautifully simple and hassle free.  Users shouldn’t need to think about our technology.  It should just work.  

This quarter we completely revamped our maps UI.  The map is the screen, with no clutter around the edges.  There’s more information about your surroundings, so it’s easier to explore.  And we’ve launched a new, improved navigation feature—with notifications about incidents before you leave, and updates to save time if traffic conditions change.  Best of all, this new maps experience is now available on almost  all devices you’d be likely to use.  

It’s the same with Google+. We’ve done a complete redesign to make use of the entire screen, and everything looks consistent whatever the device or the platform.  

In addition, the team massively upgraded the photos experience, making software designed for professionals automatically available to everyone … for free!  There’s no need for wrinkles anymore!  Take a look on plus, many of your photos will now be marked “enhanced” and improved automatically.

Finally we launched a new communication app called Hangouts—you can talk to the people you care about across all the major platforms.  Video calls from your phone are very cool, give them a try.  

And I’m excited about the progress we continue to make with search.  Our Knowledge Graph is now available in 29 languages—and we’ve expanded the range of information available.  For example, we just added nutrition data.  Ask Google how many calories there are in a glass of white wine and you’ll find out it’s 123.  Or an avocado … 234 calories.  It’s good to have the facts if you want to keep healthy.  And we launched Google Now on iOS in April.  

In the same way, we want to make advertising super simple for customers.  Online advertising had developed in very device specific ways with separate campaigns for desktop and mobile. This made arduous work for advertisers and agencies, and meant mobile opportunities often got missed.  

It’s why we launched Enhanced Campaigns.  Advertisers have upgraded 6M campaigns, that’s almost 75 percent of all their active campaigns.   And Nikesh will talk in a little more detail about the positive reaction from clients.  This is the biggest-ever change to AdWords and the velocity and execution has been great thanks to the hard work of all the teams.

Finally, devices.  There is so much excitement around new devices today, and the potential for innovation is tremendous.  

You can now buy the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play editions, and enjoy the best of Google.  And there’s a ton of momentum around Chromebooks, which are growing fast and defying the more general decline in PC sales.

Finally I know you’re all eagerly anticipating what Motorola is launching soon.  Having been a tester for a while, I’m really excited. 

We’re very optimistic about the opportunities in front of Google today.  The potential for technology to make people’s lives better is tremendous.  But to achieve that potential we need to stay focused.  It’s why we continue to invest the vast majority of our resources and time in our core products.  But my job as CEO is also to think about the future, and ensure we continue to bet on new technology that can solve big problems in the world.   

Project Loon, which we launched in June, is a great example. Bringing affordable, balloon-powered Internet access to remote areas is an idea that Sergey and I had been thinking about for over a decade.  It was great to see that project literally get off the ground, and give people a bit more hope for an improving world.

None of this would happen without great people and we are so lucky that we have them.  I'd like to thank all the Googlers and Motorolans who make everything possible.  Keep up that velocity and execution.

2013 Quarterly Earnings – Investor Relations – Google
Garold Frenz3 years ago
+Kouna Lu because here it's just a marketing trick, here it's just a fake, bots, nothing, just a titles not really people
Martin Stibor3 years ago
+Kouna Lu He is probably very busy to chat with so many people . . .+14
Patrick Davis3 years ago
Keep Rocking!  I really appreciate how transparent you try to make your organization.+12
Noah Lampert3 years ago
Very cool.

Luke Olson3 years ago
Can't wait to see what's in store for the next few months...
Sérgio Pereira3 years ago
+Larry Page is still in the earnings call. Google Q2 2013 Earnings Call
Larry Page3 years ago
hi everybody!+134
Mike Nowacki3 years ago
When I read this I can't help but get the impression that income and market performance are all secondary motivators at Google; far behind the mission.  Being successful on all fronts affords you this luxury; however, that success is of course a direct result of everyone's passion for the mission...+17
Martin Stibor3 years ago
Good morning. :-D)
David B3 years ago
+Larry Page Hi! How ya doing?
David Perez3 years ago
+Larry Page !! Hello Sir! Thanks for everything you guys do at +Google :)+8
Norbe Jesus3 years ago
+Larry Page Hi Sir, congratulation for another great quarter, and of course always pending what Google will bring us the followings months.
Otakar Schön3 years ago
no mentin of google glass? I realy hope to learn more about plans for this product soon
Chia Jason3 years ago
May I lens your Larry bird
Cillian Cahill3 years ago
Impressed! Looking forward to the next moonshot.
Jamaar DeBoise3 years ago
Thanks for all that you and +Google continue to due for the consumers and for the world.  
Martin Stibor3 years ago
+Chia Jason
F**k it ?
Steve Caunce3 years ago
Amazing how all the many things that make life worthwhile are all ignored while human worth is condensed into a three month long lifetime and measured in dollars.+2
+Larry Page thanks for your commitment and congrats for the awesome results, you guys at Google did really change our lives! Good day.+2
David Knowles3 years ago
+Larry Page  A great set of results. Looking forward to seeing what the Motorola gang has come up.

An it great to see a CEO interacting with their customers.
ansh Sm3 years ago
Sounds pretty good...congrats...nw lets see what u gt nxt.
Jeff Thompson3 years ago
Don't lose this momentum. Always innovate. Stay true to yourself. +Android +3
Mike Myers3 years ago
+Larry Page Very enjoyable to read the inside view of things is just as exciting as the view from outside!!
Kamini Mehra3 years ago
Larry, the wit and humour are still speech you ain't gotta exclude those.......
Giacomo spataro3 years ago
Hello Larry Page how can I contact you by email? I am Italian.
Jeff Doehring3 years ago
Very impressive Larry, and thank you for everything you have done to help the little guys... :)
James Salsman3 years ago
Will Loon run IEEE 802.16 WiMAX?
+Larry Page thanks for tools you offer nonprofits at no charge. All of the ones I help really appreciate it, even if they don't fully understand how to use it...yet+4
Ward Chandler3 years ago
Congratulations +Larry Page on all your success and thank you for building such wonderful products and setting the bar so high for developers with your own products.  It gives us all something to reach for and aspire to.  +2
Raffi Sosikian3 years ago
Thank you. I'm also excited about the future of Glass, in particular the search capabilities of Glass.
Gabriel Brémond3 years ago
Nice talk! Thx
黄阳3 years ago
Can you speak Chinese?+1
cool larry !
Ward X3 years ago
That's awesome +Larry Page now can you make it so G+ collapses these giant posts? Thanks dollface.+1
Oleg Kolesnikov3 years ago
Thanks for the nice results. Do you have plans reinvest some of the revenue to the places of origin? +1
James Salsman3 years ago
+Larry Page secure end-to-end open source encryption clients for +Google Drive and +Gmail are a great idea -- can you confirm ? That would certainly cause the boycott to evaporate ... But do you really want that immediately or do you want to be able to show economic damage from compliance in court, ideally?+3
Yoshi I3 years ago
Great quarter!
Nandita Basu3 years ago
Thank you for sharing this info Larry...from a proud parent of a googler !+2
David King3 years ago
Translated from Chinese|Original
Krystyn Chong3 years ago
Congrats to you and +Google for an amazing #quarter and for bringing Project Loon to those without Internet access, +Larry Page.

#larrypage #whereareyourhashtags? 😊
Robert Barrows3 years ago
Dear Larry,  Congratulations on your strong quarter! If you would like to make even more money, give me a call. I have developed proposals for two web-based businesses that could generate very substantial revenues on an ongoing basis. If you would like to take a look at these proposals, please give me a call.Sincerely, Robert Barrows, 650-344-4405
Michael Downey3 years ago
+Larry Page how much was spent helping the NSA spy on users this quarter? Didn't catch those numbers.+7
T.J. Van Auken3 years ago
SOUND QUALITY is poor in the Google Q2 2013 Earnings Call on youtube.
Gabriele Mollica3 years ago
I think without fully knowing how the NSA gathered the information in the first place, this isn't a fair statement to make. It's the internet, there are more ways to get our data than simply at the source. I personally don't mind that Google is making money hand over fist, so long as they keep sharing their innovation in an affordable manner with the world. That's just my two cents worth though.+Michael Downey +2
Michael Downey3 years ago
+Gabriele Mollica It wasn't a statement, it was a question.+1
Rajiv Vyas3 years ago
What do people think was the highlight of +Larry Page speech and what came as a surprise?
David Manson3 years ago
This would be so much cooler if the call was transcribed using Google voice.
Sid Suman3 years ago
Astounding speech Mr.Page! It was nice and simple.
Also, I heard both of your vocal cords became paralyzed. Are you doing well? Is there any treatment to reverse the effects?
Anyway, hope you get well. :)
Brian Prashad3 years ago
Stock market didn't like the results so much.
Since Google is doing so great financially, does this mean you're resurrecting Google Reader?+1
Marco Aboytes3 years ago
+Claudiu Gherasim google Reader was consuming resources and generating zero margin. They want us to use Google+ more. When this social network grows, they will be able to sell advertisments and make more money!
Mads Thomsen3 years ago
1,5 mill activations a day. I like that very much.
Jonathan Kraemer3 years ago
+Larry Page  congrats for being such a visionary and for the amazing focus on people you have. You and Sergey, plus all the people at Google since the beginning, built not only an amazing company, but a new future, a new era of doing great things and making money out of it later, and not only "finding ways" to make money to after that try to make it... eh... nice. I am a huge fan and I feel bad for not being able to try to join one of your teams to help build this future, this year, as the H visa cap is closed in the US. With regards, JK.
Prince Boateng3 years ago
Still Dominating Since Two Thousand and Eight... Keep Rocking... #Android  +1
+Marco Aboytes They can't bring ads to Google+ as they have a very strong competitor from which they want to pull users. Adding ads will remove one of their advantages over FB. I suspect that what they're trying to do is have yet even more signals about its users to serve them even more targeted ads when they're on other (monetized) properties. 

Anyway, the Google reader post was just a rant, I just hope they won't kill feedburner next, since that pretty much seems to be draining resources as well while not producing much (not to mention that they haven't updated it in a while).
月饮3 years ago
google makes the world different+2
Simon Price3 years ago
Larry can I be you for the day+1
Yay, Google is so awesome, they only think about improving my life! :D+1
Holn Steld3 years ago
OK, so you made big money building neat toys and everyone can have a lot of fun being more effective at having fun. Do you have an app for Global Warming? Cause those neat devices are going to overheat, and no one is going to be having any fun any more.
Scott Wang3 years ago
Jonathan Kraemer3 years ago
Nice comment +Scott Wang , we all understand!  :-)
Kai Chen3 years ago
gogo google! +1
In my humble opinion, it is about time g+ comes up with a "-1" button+2
Cool congrats :P+1
All about the Google
Demian Presser3 years ago
Im a Googler and Im pushing on with you guys. Keep on doing your best
thelma flemer3 years ago
I am fully confident you will be better and better ......... Why ? , because my son in law works at Google !!!!!!!!!+1
Himanshu Mendhe3 years ago
It'll be interesting to see what Google does to stem the slide of cost-per-click.
Congrats.! great job
Alex de Soto3 years ago
Thanks for sharing! You mention a "glass of white wine" but didn't mention Google Glass? An oversight or left out on purpose?
Kevin Meza3 years ago
Congratulations Larry and Google team for these great results.
Steve Graham3 years ago
Love Google. Can I have a job +Larry Page

I'll make the tea if I have to...
一真郭3 years ago
Thanks & ダンケ page♪ Good lack&plack♪(^_^ゞ
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Massi Irani3 years ago
pls don't change G+ and thanks for all
young woo3 years ago
what about glass?
Marco Aboytes3 years ago
+James Allen +Claudiu Gherasim You are right! I was making a rant for Google Reader too... still It's a sensitive topic after its death :(+1
+Larry Page I finally got around to reading the Google Story... you guys came across very authentic in your youth but now all these wall street responsibilities has made you guys so measured... I would have loved some controversial discussions with the original, opinionated and debate friendly Google guys!
Rob Fig3 years ago
kudos Goog People & Larry.
孙晓宇3 years ago
what about the glass?
Rishabh Sharma3 years ago
I so wanna work at Google
utkarsh sharma3 years ago
I also want to work at google+1
i want to work at google 
Hi Larry, great! I want to conduct a hangout with you about the topic that I sent to you. I will send a draft to you. Please could you contact me concerning this Topic? Thank you in advance. Gabi
Aaron L. Brown3 years ago
+Larry Page keep up the great work!
June Sutherland3 years ago
Technology is going so fast I can't believe it. That was a great report
about Google!
Máté Tóth3 years ago
Marianne Velten3 years ago
yuan yu3 years ago
Are there somebody can tip me how can I found some interesting live hangouts about program develop. Thanks .
Garth Rudlin3 years ago
+Larry Page any chance Google's fiber will go globally? It would be very welcome in countries like Australia where I believe there is some price fixing going on?
Garth Rudlin3 years ago
PS love the new Google maps and other free products. Android is really driving technology in smartphones and chrome really is lighter than Windows so my next laptop will be a chrome book!
Larry, me puedes regalar un LG Nexus 4 de 8GB?
Translated from Spanish|Original
Danjuma Nenrot3 years ago
paul dove3 years ago
Fantastic...You guys are leading.....BUT i sent a DVD to VIC to try and get in touch with a fantastic idea for G+ back in January....Countless times i have reached out with NO response.. I do beleive it would work well but WHO can i show it to...Can you help?
If you can help me to have bursar in going follow up my studies in mining engineering.
Lee Claughton3 years ago
Thanks Google and all the visionaries who allow us to tap into these great tools. So long as we use with caution but not be afraid. You can choose to or not.
Google will rule the world!
Ashish S3 years ago
@ Larry Page, I like the very basic thought of your company which emphasis to make products that are for people, and not for business purpose only. 
Davide De Rosa3 years ago
Don't Be Evil....

Pay your taxes!!
Deepak Roy3 years ago
I really appreciate Google for it's contributions and innovations.
Google will surely move and succeed way more than this.
Mingzhi Lin3 years ago
Can't wait for 7/24, for the new Nexus 7
Jonathan Myers3 years ago
I thought google aimed not to do quarterly reports ? Also what have the google guys changed in the world to date ? Excluding search and the flow and ease of information ?
Jarwanto Wiyono3 years ago
Just wondering sir, what google would be like in just 10 years to come? How our communication technology going? You people at google really change the world! TY!
You are the best and i wanted to ad why avacado?
Wulf Franke3 years ago
"You can now buy the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play editions, and enjoy the best of Google."

Would like to be able to buy those over Google Play as those are only available in the US and not in Europe. Can´t  wait for the next generation of Nexus Tablets!

PS: I am a happy shareholder! :-)
blue Soeb3 years ago
Good jobs, Larry. Greeting from Thailand. Please come and visit our country sometime.
Azaman Suleiman3 years ago
Sir +Larry Page We hope you enable purchases of apps from Play for our country Brunei very soon as what I have voiced out on behalf of the GDG countries during IO2013 that we are unable to purchase apps from Play. By enabling us to purchase will encourage more ethical use and new development of local apps. +Rahimah Yussof +sarimah latiff +GDG Brunei Darussalam +Uttam Tripathi +Chelle Gray +Van Riper +Adriana Cerundolo 
Blake Ke3 years ago
Hi there, I'm here because I have some thoughts about chrome's interface. Chrome is great web browser. But when adding a bookmark, if we can drag it to the bookmarks bar, it would be much more convenient ,especially there are file folders in the bookmarks bar...thx.
Patel Vidhu3 years ago
Larry know how to earn money without being evil!+1
Motei AbuSaleh3 years ago
dear lary how could ask about some problem with my  gmail a count 
Deepak Bandela3 years ago
good to go. At least we have a company in world who knows how to help others without being evil
thank you sir page and berin for google its assist us a lot..god bless yall Amen
snape severus3 years ago
+Larry Page usually use the word inspired. so i think +Google is a inspiring enterprise.
Miriam Sarmiento3 years ago
zaiful ahmad3 years ago
would u like to frienship with me
James Salsman3 years ago
+Larry Page how many dollars for lobbying in favor of a repatriation holiday are you missing out on because you aren't using the home page to lobby Congress?
"The Cloud Security Alliance said 10 percent of its non-US members have cancelled a contract with a US-based cloud provider, and 56 percent said they were less likely to use an American company.... The alliance includes some 48,000 individual members and corporations involved in security and other Internet-based businesses.... 36 percent of US firms polled said the revelations would make it more difficult for their company to do business outside the United States, while 64 percent said it would not."
K Ricker3 years ago
I think it is weird you have that small mammal looking down as if we are puppets. Yet we are. I want to buy into your corp, I want to meet but I am sorry for one of several google jets to land in Australia.... I am here raising my son. I want a chance to sit across the table from you.  I had a bad accedent, and you are on the list of money... yet money doesnt mean science, and I know science... I can make TED. but smaller, had 33 months to think about it. FOR NOTHING>>>
Thank you and have a great week, 
Mike Reiser3 years ago
Mr. Page, as a blind user, it seems like Google always leaves us out when a product launches and we have to push and push to get accessibility later.  When the accessibility does come, it is often incomplete or not polished.  I'm just wondering if google is committed to accessibility from the top down? There are certain teams that really care about access and others where it is just an after thought.  Please consider including disabled users when you are designing products so things can be accessible from day 1, and not bolted on later.  

I need to talk with LARRY PAGE. i have the next BIG idea of the next 20 years in internet. this is bigger than youtube and facebook together.  how can i meet him? i want google to be part of this!!

Thank You.

Michal Polonski3 years ago
+Niall Dolan wow man, lot of anger! did android hurt you when you were little?
Barbara E. Noll3 years ago
Thanks Larry for the presentation. Remember that the great future of Google includes Google Glass and Self-Driving Cars.Barbara
Darek Kleczek3 years ago
I'm a huge Google fan turned skeptic. My skepticism comes from an experience of getting a ban on my Admob/Adwords account without an explanation of the reason and without an opportunity to defend myself. It feels like being in a Franz Kafka novel. Please don't create such a world for developers.
Uwe Wittig3 years ago
I used google search from the start, but after the NSA scandal, I decided to switch to duckduckgo until google promises to never ever disclose search history to anyone, even the president of the U.S.A.+1
That was great!
박선우3 years ago
hello, nice meet you! My name is suho-park. I'm from gwangju. gwangju in south korea. I'm happy to meetyou. my cell phone number is 010-6201-0700+1
Nice to meet you too!

I think this world is working because of good ideas, we need to make good ideas go make a reality.
Ted Ochsenhirt3 years ago
Hi larry
i nee help deleting a site i created on google sites, i cant find t he "more" button anyplace
Diane Owens3 years ago
How do you get all this with out paying for it all these people
Nasty Actor3 years ago
I'm bored....

What can I do to help the world and enjoy life...?
Yves Manirakiza3 years ago
Thank you for your great speech.+1
Serhiy Kolyada3 years ago
Dear Mr. Page!

It is a big honor for me to present my art to you which is underground and almost forbidden in Ukraine. 

This is what American newspaper Kyiv Post (located in Ukraine) wrote about me in 2004:

“Serhiy Kolyada got in hot water with Kyiv's art establishment with his ballpoint-on-construction paper productions, portraying Kyiv as a melancholy zone of shadows. Check out his Web site ( to see his nude or semi-nude women depicted against shadowy backgrounds of corporate slogans. It's art as social commentary: gutsy reflections on money, power and gender issues in Ukraine.” (50 Great Things About Kyiv KYIV POST, Oct 20, 2004)

So, you are welcome to visit my web-site and have a look at my art at
Luc Adriaenssen3 years ago
If you can, as I believe, make a truly autonomous car, I can -and kindly ask you to believe - make it run on hydrogen, made from H²O via onboard electrolysis.
VIMAL GEORGE3 years ago
Hi Larry,
I have an idea which could be combined with Google glass idea. If you are willing to hear it. I will share it with you.
In return i expect a job in Google research area to unleash my talents.
Regina Nsoh3 years ago
When the world moves, we move with it.
Siti Rohayati3 years ago
Hi ar uuu..?
Hello, Larry, Congratulations on another great speech. You may count me in in the keeping up velocity and execution. I am pro improvements both in Technology and Human Relationships!
Alice Ng.3 years ago
Hoping Google keeps innovating and creating ! Great works ! :)
Howard Francis3 years ago
Elon musk is right. Mr page you are very adept at what you do.
Kamlesh Shrestha3 years ago
I don't Understand Google and all of it's search apps.

Why is Nepal in India and Buddha From India.
Tôi là người Việt Nam. Thị trường Việt Nam đang có hơn 90 triệu dân. Trong đó Đà Nẵng là 1 thành phố lớn ở Việt Nam nhưng lại không có trong địa điểm quảng cáo của Google Adwords. Rất mong đón nhận được tính năng này từ Google Adwords
Translated from Vietnamese|Original
Cesar Nicola3 years ago
It would be nice if you guys could bring the same USA experience to the rest of the world, I would love to have services like music subscription or public transport shown on maps. Thanks for the Google's awesomeness. Cheers from Uruguay.
Raffaely r3 years ago
it's all very exciting!  However, at 50 and living in cancun, mx., I feel that Im being left behind on this great bonanza of creative wealth. i have loved technology since you were a kid, yet, Im still lagging behind in this wanna-be country... Isn't there anything I could do for Google and feel part of the rush?
Raffaely r3 years ago
I never meant to be the end-user.  3rd world countries seem to have that effect on people...
Damm long story short...
John Hatfield3 years ago
I have tried for the past 2+ years to have corrections made to my e-mail account. The "reply to" is inaccurate...a bogus account ( Google was able to block this bogus account which diverted my addresses, saying that I was stranded in the UK and needed $4,000 USD to get home.  False. However, Google has not changed the "repy to" using my real e-mail address:   HELP!
hey larry your probably not going to see this but in a few years time when u do.. well i will be working for you.
im from south africa and im doing my best to excel in school and learning a variate of programming languages.   
Your vision has inspired me to become the best I can be at something I love.
I will meet u someday
thanks for changing my life 
just as I will change some others POSITIVELY oneday too 

1 min
hello larry
Taher Khatibi3 years ago
Jock Hall3 years ago
Killing iGoogle is going to hurt a lot of users, notably the many elderly people with a laboriously personalised iGoogle home page. They invest. Pulling the plug on a product damages confidence in all your products. Alternatives? I still can't get Gmail working with igHome.
Mishari Al-malki3 years ago
Ashish Manoj3 years ago
Yo Larry u can create a google car which has all google stuff
THALER633 years ago
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Tom Lan3 years ago
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Mishari Al-malki3 years ago
Hi Larry, I do not know you know or not, but through a google email is the rip-off people, and from them are extracted money supposedly have won 800.000.00 USD Dolar. How long people will be cheated? How long will the people in the guise Google name deceive other people?
Patel Vidhu2 years ago
Google is best company to invest. Continuously increasing earning.+1