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A compassionate community will not be achieved only through prayer; I pray myself, but I accept its limitations. We need to take action to develop compassion, to create inner peace within ourselves and to share that inner peace with our family and friends. Peace and warm-heartedness can then spread through the community just as ripples radiate out across the water when you drop a pebble into a pond.
El Kanagavel2 years ago
I'm curious to know who you address in your prayers. A god? Ancestors? Or just simple meditation perhaps?+3
Paul Kruse2 years ago
So true, a perfectly timed comment for me. Thankyou.+1
True and very well said+3
Veir Aryana2 years ago
+Luke Watts
right ji!
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suresh kumar2 years ago
Phillip Tunstall2 years ago
Prayers are nothing without action.+6
Umesh Kumar2 years ago
dolma hongkong2 years ago
it's true,thank you your holiness.+2
sadick tonde2 years ago
So true!+1
Harry P2 years ago
right, true
Gaurav Fogat2 years ago
Luisa Capra2 years ago
I pray every night To the almighty universe+3
川畑悟2 years ago
Good luck!
Farideh Badri2 years ago
Very true and well said. I like the phrasing and the natural example.+1
How can we say that prayer is limited? Why do we pray then? Praying moves the hands of the Almighty and achieves the impossible. We might be limited but He is not. However I do agree that actions should be accompanied by faith and prayers. +2
Sujan Barua2 years ago
Dalai Lama !!! Is so inspiring - I feel I am alive. Thanks you very much for dedicating your life to The Dhamma.+2
Dalai you and Papa and others religions realize one reunion in ONU avec Barak and new paradigma The Bancs its finish social secret+1
Sunil Sharma2 years ago
Marko Marcos2 years ago
Infinito amoooorrrr....
Dirk Talamasca2 years ago
The Dr Seuss Page mentioned the same thing yesterday.+2
Anne Margarette2 years ago
I definitely agree. Such a great message. <3+1
Isabella Arkin2 years ago
So true!
Thank you for writing.
James Solomon2 years ago
You don't have to direct your prayers to anyone, they can be a dialog between yourself and atman/brahman+2
Deepa Akoliya2 years ago
Good evining+1
Alexandra Torres2 years ago
You are very very truth.Also the humans we need to be united and stand together.My best wishes to you my master
The fragrance of flowers drifts with the wind
as sandalwood, jasmine or lavender.
The fragrance of virtue o’ersweeps the wind,
all pervasive is virtue of the good.

王淨天2 years ago
Billy Whittaker2 years ago
Thank you for your words of wisdom first thing I read this morning now my day is already better
No words...
越翔祿2 years ago

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Ellechim Odatruh2 years ago
Very well said
Thank you Dalai Lama. If everyone was to listen to you then the world would be so much better. Pay it forward! :)
Tomasa Briones2 years ago
True peace comes from Jesus, the Bible says" he is the prince of peace, so when we accept him a our Lord and savior peace enters our hearts, we don't have to go searching for peace. It's in or hearts,because he's in our hearts+5
Dominik Begeré2 years ago
thank you mr. lama
Cynthia Fisher2 years ago
Jesus is the only path to eternal life!
Hans Stuck2 years ago
You can stop praying... It does not work... At all...
Der Sehfahrer2 years ago
+Hans Stuck
Perhaps. But even if it doesn't help, at least it doesn't hurt.
I found that to develop compassion we need to accept the fact that we are all in a continuous learning experience journey during our lives. That our true nature is good/goodness/love, but during our experiences we may forget and disconnect ourselves from our true nature. And the more disconnected we are, the worse it feels, the unhappier we may be, the bigger mistakes we may make. The more aggressive a person is, means that the more disconnected/unhappy he/she is, so the more help and loving energy they need to help them find their connection to their true nature again! That's why, reacting with aggression to aggression, never solved a conflict! No happy people is ever aggressive, but no one wants to be unhappy, therefore aggressive! People just become like that disconnected/unhappy, because they spend more time observing and reacting to the reality around themselves, than introspecting and trying to remain connected with their true loving nature, and one way to achieve that is the meditation. So the compassion, is that state of accepting,
understanding and feeling with another human being! Prayers, are good because they are thoughts charged with loving energy and raise ones and the entire earth' vibration. But, praying in a compassionate state is even better :)
teresa nihiser2 years ago
So true
Daniel Vargas2 years ago
I try
Anna N2 years ago
How do we take action when our children want to do better & we are for peace and compromise. It seems Family Law court requires $$ money. and I am pro per. I will go to the temple this week and pray.+1
I think this is a very useful advice from the Holiness. But how we get
peace.? lot of burdens. Thinking about future, children s, family and and
and----------------- life will finish at the end.
Jorge Marquez2 years ago
Being compassionate is a long road with many a site to see. The journey it self is the hard part. +1
Diane Labelle2 years ago
je crois aussi en ce mouvement pour trasnformer le monde!
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Addis Tefera2 years ago
There is a Christian Bible verse " Faith without works is dead" . Prayer without action is limited...The concept is the same with every faith.
cada día mi mente se  acerca mas al entendimiento  de la compasión, es una palabra que cada día toma sentido en mi vida, no como palabra, ni emocion...lo siento como un estado...un estado de profunada  alegría y una pasión que necesito, siento a la persona que esta  a mi lado y  da igual quien sea...siento una necesidad insaciable dar mi amor...
gracias  Señor Dalai Lama
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meena mehrotra2 years ago
each prayer lifts the entire mankind,
It's Good behavior/
'Cause Prayer isn't enough/
Actions are God's work/

Dawn Els2 years ago
oh yes, we cannot always pray (ask) - the Giver also wants us to do.
laring tage2 years ago
Simple and straight, 'BE POSITIVE'.
We need a new system of government for communities and countries. So I invented one:
Marcia Portell2 years ago
Please pray for me and my daughter. I lost my husband and she lost a wonderful dad. He was 57 and died of a sudden cardiac arrest on September 9 2011. We are trying our best to go on but he was such a great person and he did so much for us. We are Christians and believe in God. We just miss him so very much. Thank you, marcia and kathleen
Muqadar Khan2 years ago
Patricia Vicente2 years ago
So true
Pamela Kerslake2 years ago
Thank you your holiness
Subhayan Sur2 years ago
But when are we going to realise this
Thank you.
grazia petitto2 years ago
Lee Wood2 years ago
Namaste :)
Kay Deely2 years ago
+Manuela Claudia L Thank you so much. You are so right. I've recently learned to really meditate and it is such a gift. 
Angie M2 years ago
So perfect. Thank you+1
Fadi Fares2 years ago
Believing in one god I mean one creater will be the main route for peace track
Ms. Mikie Samuel2 years ago
Faith, without works is dead!
Compassion ~ understanding ~ education 
jackie jurado2 years ago
Ahh to achieve inner peace..
王淨天2 years ago
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ali saleem2 years ago
You left your people to die+1
kuenzang tobgay2 years ago
Compassion is competition of love over hate+1
FaithLinh Rowe2 years ago
wow! his words are so meaningful and powerful...I wish Oprah would interview him someday. :-)
Tobias Tob2 years ago
Mario Konjevod2 years ago
Gemma Dela Cruz2 years ago
very true....
Sunil Sharma2 years ago
Gudeving god
Karim Siddiqui2 years ago
Its true, the prayer and inner peace are corelated, simply say we pray to achieve inner peace, depends how limitation is overcome
Dean Wetter2 years ago
thank you
Work every times with yourself. - It is the best road.
Carolyn Dunagan2 years ago
With much Love to you Dalai Lama, I can see where you are coming from. Please let me share with you if I may my insight...I believe that we should learn to sit and meditate after we pray so we may absorb the peace that comes with prayer thus allowing ourselves to receive an answer or guidance from a higher frame of mind that we need for the day.. This will develop a compassion for higher thoughts and designs through patience and Love. So many do not accept the peace that passeth all understanding the Shalometh Shalom, due to being too much in a hurry.  We must take a moment to shush the mind and listen... this starts the flow of perpetual motion between us and Divine Nature. Then it can permeate our being ,as we walk in the All knowing radiance as we become radiant in our knowledge thus showing compassion to all those around and let the ripples begin as people feel it and than, ask you how are you so peaceful and warm hearted in this world we live in?  Let the healing begin.+1
Raghu Adla2 years ago
Love U Dalai Lama....
Betty MIcka2 years ago
You always fill my heart w/warmth &love - thank you for all you do
live long & prosper ............
John Perusello2 years ago
ripples spread+1
Janice Barfield2 years ago
Wish eveyone I know could read your great words of wisdom and take it to heart. Bless you !
That is lesson hes life
Del Lewis2 years ago
Prayer for whatever purpose is indeed a practical way to analyze ones self, but in the end we need to understand ourselves, before we can give help, and whom ever we are trying to help, must needs be aware of there need.
Geni Moreira2 years ago
boa noute
Fidelis Corvus2 years ago
When an idea is shared with a friend, like a spark ignites a flame of opportunity.
I understand why the Delai Lama has a Nobel Peace Award. I will try do this in life.+1
yo mamma2 years ago
Prayer I believe can lead us to proper action. It is a mechanism for speaking to our Higher Self. Concentration meditation is important for distilling that message I believe as well
Anthony Galli2 years ago
In the Hermetic tradition that's actually what prayer is ("white magick").+1
yo mamma2 years ago
I sense a deep struggle in my community. I have difficulty finding identity or common understanding since I do not associate easily to religious or even new-age spiritualism. The compassion factor around me sucks. It's nice to know there are people who understand our differences and make for a better world by acknowledging such!
Sheri Harris2 years ago
Agree with you tomada I am cristian and I just enjoy dali lamas outlook on life I enjoy his wisdom I do not worship like Jesus

Carlos Gómez2 years ago
El gran error de mi religión Catolica, enseñar a rezar para pedir y no enseñar a vivir para el prójimo....
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Himatlal Patel2 years ago
Prayer should not be only action, but it must from the Heart, not by the Leaps.
Frankie Mills2 years ago
We need to all work together in harmony, in order to "better the anattman". Wonderful post as always. Thank you, enlightened one.
all we need is now.
everyone looks for the future, dreams, what they aren't, etc...
truth is you need now. as long as you're a good person and you're thankful for whats put in front of you. then whatever you achieve you will be happy with even if you achieve nothing, but always try your best, so when you fail you know you actually tried
Sandra Gillen2 years ago
+Marcia Portell Just prayed for you sister.  May our Lord be with you and your daughter and bless you immensely.
Tomasa Briones2 years ago
You address, Jehovah God the God of the universe, the creator of everything, you go to him in the name of Jesus his Son you can read the book of John in the holy Bible, questions, just write me on google or fb, our instagram
yo mamma2 years ago
Prayer is the high-five for finishing a tough race. Meditation is making sure you always win a prize!
Rosie Rosmiati2 years ago
Very well said!
Maria Sherwood2 years ago
Very hard task with inner circle than outer circle.
Susanna Bazzurri2 years ago
Io sono Susy... Vivo in italia e in una regione dove regna corruzione e paura... Ma se estendo lo sguardo oltre vedo ove più ove meno le stesse cose.... Uniamo le forze ... Buddisti... Cristiani... Indiani di America... Etc... Scienziati... Filosofi... Economisti... Imprenditori... Sognatori... Creiamo un blog... Dove parlare e progettare un futuro diverso.... Lancio un sasso... E chissà che non venga raccolto...
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Beam Guo2 years ago
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Paul Edney2 years ago
Not just family and friends.  But include neighbors as well.  Add them to your friends.  Cross borders and boundaries which are set by ignorance and remove them by knowing they are only there because someone said they were.+1
Naqib Jan2 years ago
rafeek thangal2 years ago
Sir why the people of Myanmar against Muslims >>> They don't want peace ?
liu lemon2 years ago
I accept the words of Dalai Lama from the first to the last word. It is not a question if we can do it, we MUST do it.
It is my wish that everybody may read thes words of Dalai Lama.
Virginia Gilbert2 years ago
And from one stone, countless ripples
梁牧云2 years ago
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Ian Rodgers2 years ago
It's so amazing for me to be alive in an age where we can connect with strangers like I am to you and you to me and realise that we are really quite alike in many ways. I guess I really just want to say thank you for taking the time to care enough to share your mind.
Susanna Bazzurri2 years ago
Yes it's really good. .... I would like made something more... And it's
portante could find people away from me with which to design a better
world... It would be nice if you would join US in a blog where many
people and many professional reason for themes
Oscar s.2 years ago
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Caleb Rukundo2 years ago
Indeed. we need to agree that you cannot give away something you dont have. 
Oduro Hannah2 years ago
nice saying no comment
Susanna Bazzurri2 years ago
Josiah Luscher2 years ago
Dinesh Serum2 years ago
Anthony Ching2 years ago
Compassion does take action.
Tomas Mikuckis2 years ago
good morning Dalai Lama
Eloisa Torre2 years ago
Dalai Lama
Thank you for teaching us.
cora sands2 years ago
Thank you
Jeffery Gray2 years ago
some truth,although I feel compassion must come from within and not from exterior influences
Thuchecae la
Нихуя ж не понятно васи
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Igor Verosofia2 years ago
Compassion consults with justice. Communities do not have justice. The family is not a lover of justice. Compassion is living alone?
Senorita Riyati2 years ago
Dalai Lama is good people
Solomon Ade2 years ago
thats a good father
Linda Lou Moore2 years ago
I gain insights from what you say.  Thank you for being you.+1
Cinzia Lapucci2 years ago
Sei l'essenza della spiritualita e sei la massima divinita vivente
Translated from Italian|Original
On July 20, 2013 I lost a dear friend just because a 17 year old guy thought he was "cocky, playboy." I think that moral values ​​and love of neighbor are increasingly loge of our reality.
Norma Kraushaar2 years ago
Had the same conversation with my sister this morning. Many pray and wait for God to make the change!!
+李步振 Can't you read???
梁牧云2 years ago
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Cinzia Lapucci2 years ago
Mi riesci a trasmettere il tuo infinito smore e mi piacerebbe tsnto conodverti. Al momento che tu sei la massima figura vivente di una religiosita' tanto profonda
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James Smith2 years ago
No one should say "fuck you old man" to the Dali Lama. Here's a Buddhist quote that applies to Mango. "Too much compassion breads destruction". Buddha bless.
Patty Nguyen2 years ago
Alasd Asd2 years ago
זיאד אח+1
Translated from Hebrew|Original
Prayer is a conversation with God. If my heart is right with God my actions must flow from that relationship. If my action or inaction is not right than my heart must not be right either.
Michael Puckett2 years ago
If God exists
I have seen you in my visions, share your heart with me in the truth.
Tomas Mikuckis2 years ago
09:13 Lithuania Dalai Lama ,thanks:-)
Nicolas Germaine2 years ago
I hope you're feeling better today Mango!
harish gogad2 years ago
Love to nature very important
James Smith2 years ago
James Smith2 years ago
♡~ ♡ = ♡.
♡ % ♡ =♡
♡ x ♡ = ♡.
Delphine Pillar2 years ago
<3 <3 <3  Namaste, ,Love and Peace!! 
James Smith2 years ago
where ♡ = Love.
Birthe Decrock2 years ago
Friede allen Wesen.......
Translated from German|Original
Love it
Patrick Orlando2 years ago
God bless you .you are a very important part of this world. Thank you Patrick J. Orlando Arizona please pray for me.
javier rivera2 years ago
Holly shit I can't believe I'm communicating with the fucking holly lama.
Barbara Balamut2 years ago
ww exlnt l eat
eaewawaaaaEZ $~ wwedeeq
javier rivera2 years ago
You have to smoke some really good shit to think like that!
nabor osorno2 years ago
So true the right words
Sara Deszell2 years ago
So true....when I had my baby almost 17 years ago, I said he will know compassion. Because I believe the world needs more compassion. He truly is very compassionate and sensitive towards people, animals and all things beautiful.
javier rivera2 years ago
+Sara Deszell I just think he smokes some really good high octane shit. It's easy to be at peace with the universe when you are as high as a monkey! 
Tomas Mikuckis2 years ago
11:45 good morning Tibet;-)
Norma Kraushaar2 years ago
Sometimes I wonder if the most potent prayer may not be the holding of a peaceful state of KNOWing at all times that whatever is, is that which we require to move forward into purposeful action. The common concept of petitioning God seems often to come from a belief that God has not already presented for our choice any and everything that we could possibly want or need. Thanks for the reminder and for your elevating Presence, your holiness.
javier rivera2 years ago
+james smith Speaking from personal experince James? 
javier rivera2 years ago
+Norma Kraushaar I was promissed total consceousness on my death bed. So I got that going for me. Which is nice! 
Kat Beaudin2 years ago
+javier rivera It's kind of ironic that you're commenting things like that on a post talking about how the world needs more compassion...
Patrick Orlando2 years ago
Look their are only limitations because human beings are the ones who put them together. Their is a great opportunity for people this year in particular who have intrest in a particular way to evolutionizing the way they think, and the resources are right in our hands literary. You must listen to perceive this kind of processes. It can take weeks or it can take a lifetime of the the person to truly believe in it and become enlightened. This is a fact but for those fourtunet to perceive this early on you nevertheless ever stop learning. Blessings-Skyrocker976-
Ale Medina2 years ago
Patrick Orlando2 years ago
'Thanks you rock! :-)
no words to describe it thank you so much! :D :D :) :) :) :) 
Patrick Orlando2 years ago
Write something about spirituality please! What do you think about light beings?
But These words are about spirituality! Give them some deep thoughts...
谈云2 years ago
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Truong Nguyen2 years ago
i feel that everything is here with us so called people we just got to take time just like he says
Randy Huntley2 years ago
Is the sound of one person praying similar to one hand clapping.
adam fredrick2 years ago
THis is Adam. Gabriels horn has sounded on August 24th, 2013. I have returned. the horn sounded in Rome, GA usa. please spread this. this is very serious.
Truong Nguyen2 years ago
nope and np
Marcia Portell2 years ago
Theronly way for you... leave other people find their own way! This is also what compassion and love are about.
Patrick Orlando2 years ago
☆LiveLifeSouls☆ I generation indigo-x "the next generation need your wisdom because allot of people are losing their spirituality and are failing to take it to the next level of our evolution, procrastination and illusions of the world are blinding our power to perceive the tru deceptions of mankind we need to have no limitations on the way learn in schools to open our minds to power-thinking and intergreat these kids into no limitations on education.AMEN-Than·You&GOD BLESS-skyrocker-976-
Tom Dashel2 years ago
Patrick Orlando2 years ago
57 is angelic # from god im vBulletin so sorry to hear your hurt,i have and will keep you and your daughter in my prayers "we" will keep you in our thoughts.may god bless your hearts,and heal them.(amen...) "Skyrocker976"
Cláudio Anes2 years ago
Luz Belen2 years ago
aveces esa paz se ve interrumpida porproblemas mas grandes q la misma paz
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Troy Young2 years ago
Love it
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