Canonical did indeed run killall -9 community.

Bravo Canonical, bravo.

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Brett Legree3 years ago
Seems to be a watershed moment for a lot of people.

My personal view - technology wise, I'm keen to see what they do.

But I am not sure that it will have a place on any bare metal for me - I think it will live only in VMs...
Allan Shand3 years ago
Out of all of the people I have met because of my interest in Ubuntu Doctor Mo aka +Martin Owens is someone that I truly respect. I have always looked to him as the "Heart of Ubuntu" and it just flat lined. He brought the love and kindness to the community that meant that you could literally "hug" Ubuntu and feel like it was something Human now it is just a "cash cow". I for one am really quite sad about this :( +3