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Earlier today, we began selling three new Nexus devices around the world:

Nexus 4 -- the new smartphone with Google Now and Photo Sphere camera:
Nexus 7 -- a thin, light and portable 7” tablet, now with up to 32GB of storage and the option to add mobile data:
Nexus 10-- a powerful 10” tablet, with the world’s highest resolution display (300ppi): 

There’s been so much interest for the Nexus lineup that we’ve sold out of some of our initial stock in a few countries! We are working hard to add more Nexus devices to Google Play in the coming weeks to keep up with the high demand. You can learn more about Nexus devices and stay updated at

We’ve also begun rolling out Android 4.2, Jelly Bean, to Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 devices, via an over-the-air update. Check out what’s new here: 
Aja Hemphill3 years ago
See ya in January...+43
Martin Rix3 years ago
"in the coming weeks" I don't like this sentence :(+204
Kara Ann3 years ago
After 20 minutes of trying, I finally managed to purchase one of the N7 3G tablets. I am so very happy and I can't wait to get it. Thank you for making such a great product!!+17
Tim Glaser3 years ago
Earlier today you sold out of the N4 in a few minutes after putting it on sale about half an hour before you said you would.

Also your storefront was a disaster.

Also Google Wallet says my order won't ship until 11/15.

I'm SUPER excited about this device, but you could not have handled this launch worse.
Yan-Fa Li3 years ago
Seriously, you're calling this launch a success. Are you trolling us google?+300
In France, it was available during 45 minutes...+12
Can Altas3 years ago
In germany the nexus 4 was sold out after 15 minutes.. +24
Why HDR camera not available for GN?+12
Trevor Madge3 years ago
Should I be checking every day to see if anymore are available or will you notify us?+61
Logan McNaughton3 years ago
I'm in Canada and somehow I got one, now it's back to "Notify Me". I sweat it wasn't even up for maybe 15 minutes.+8
David Carns3 years ago
It wasn't sold out when I tried to get one, but the purchase never went through - it kept erring out.  :|+32
okkkay? why post this if it still OUT OF STOCK??+36
The coming weeks!!? Is this some sort of joke? You should know how well these were going to sell and had stock set aside. I was expecting more to come online today!+89
Kevin Sp3 years ago
In Germany it was sold out during 30 minutes while I was in school and now I have to wait a few weeks. -.-+7
Er Vin3 years ago
initial stock = 400+84
Felix Hahn3 years ago
So in which country is it not sold out yet?+8
Michal Gruda3 years ago
Why isn't there a 64 GB version of Nexus 7?+10
Yes its sane to complain... but i know for sure that iphone-buyers would cheer & celibrate if the phone was sold out, because that means.. their favourite brand is winning! ;)+10
Yuan Xijia3 years ago
hello?? we want more!!!!+6
Sean Townsend3 years ago
I got a Nexus 4 from the US store but man that was a somewhat painful experience.+29
Mark Lastiwka3 years ago
"Earlier today, we began selling three new Nexus devices around the world"

and finished selling...
I´d love to see some figures on how many devices were sold.+40
Chris Poli3 years ago
Thanks for the email notification that it was available...NOT. It's OK though because I was just refreshing the page and was able to add the 16gb N4 to my shopping cart and...wait for it...wait for screwed in the end because I kept getting an error. Thanks for the snub Google. +150
And to echo +Tim Glaser's point, the storefront was appalling. I woke up early to get my order in and spent about 20 minutes trawling through error messages and being kicked out of the system, then only to be told that you had sold out. And I never got a reminder email!

You would think Google of all people would be able to handle this kind of traffic! 
Johnny Zed3 years ago
Dear +Nexus ,

I tried.  I really did.  For the 5 minutes that the Nexus 4 seemed to be available for order, I frantically tried to order one.  From what I hear, so did a lot of other people that I know.  The end result?  Nothing but "Oops, an error occurred" or "jwt: requires 3 parameters" errors, mysterious emptyings of my cart, and trying to start over again.  5 times I had a 16g N4 in my cart.  Did I ever succeed in getting through to the payment process?  Not once.   

Folks, I went through hell ordering my N7, and it looks like if I want an N4 I'll have to do the same.   Please, stop doing this.  Wait an extra week or three to have enough stock to meet demand.   This is not the way to make people happy with the thought of buying a Nexus product online from you folks.


Gaetan Fryer3 years ago
I didn't get the nexus 4 on its release date... it did upset me a little,

   but all things considered that is such a #firstworldproblems  

      so I'm chilled and confident I'll get one later if I still want one 

sold out?+1
Mikel Sigler3 years ago
The launch was a bit crazy but I got my order in, so I'm happy :o+2
Matteo Quetti3 years ago
No hope for Android 4.2 on Nexus S?+23
It's almost like you don't want us to get our hands on these devices. I managed to get one Nexus 4 into a cart, and then poof, it was gone.

Allowing pre-orders might have given you guys some idea of demand.

Yes, I'm annoyed and frustrated at the whole experience.
Jose Luis Garcia3 years ago
". . . coming weeks . . ." ???  No thanks.  I'll just wait for the next version of the Nexus 4.  I waited 5 years, I can wait 5 more months.+11
Chris Hvidsten3 years ago
I'm not ready to upgrade my phone just yet, but when I do I think I'll be going with the Nexus 4...would be nice to stay consistent platform-wise.+3
Christian Roque3 years ago
Please open your device store in South America!+2
Tim Chorlton3 years ago
I have to agree Google. Poor show with the launch today. I suspect more people are disappointed than delighted.

Any idea when we might get a chance to buy one here in the UK?
Victor Riley3 years ago
When does the next Charge of Nexus 4 come to Germany? It was sold out in between 20 an 40 minutes after Selling-Start.+3
Nicholas Brinley3 years ago
What is the point of this post if they don't have any in stock?+12
Daniel Mayer3 years ago
Why don't you offer the Nexus 4 in Austria? I really wanted it, but now I'll go with the SIII...

I know that it's a small market and Austria still lacks movies and music, but the N7 is sold as well  : /
Tim Struijs3 years ago
Why did you exclude some European countries? According to LG and Samsung both Nexus 4 and 10 will never be available in The Netherlands and Belgium. What a deception!!!!!+19
Jad Aboudiab3 years ago
You haven't sold anything. It's been a disaster trying to get an order in USA+19
Roberto Macías3 years ago
The Notify thing never worked, :(, you created a lot of hype for a sold out product, you are following the steps of Apple, that is not good!+35
Waiting till late December early January to get my nexus 4!+1
Michael Vescovo3 years ago
but it doesn't say out of stock. it says coming soon for nexus 4. only the nexus 10 says add to cart. this is from Melbourne. obviously this thing is not even consistent in the same country! the only thing that changed was the date of the 13th was removed and now there is no date. just coming soon. I don't understand why they can't just take the orders. Even if it's out of stock. just put a longer delivery date with disclaimers etc. it will save from having to keep checking if it's available yet.+15
Dennis Thompson3 years ago
I didn't even get a notification. I only have a Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 and a Google TV. You'd think loyal customers would count for something. +33
Ricco Sobers3 years ago
We Want More Nexus 4!!!!!!!!+10
We Want More Nexus 4 !!!!!!!!+10
Translated from Latin|Original
Fabio Ciabini3 years ago
when in Italy??+5
Piotr Skuczeń3 years ago
This is not professional #google ...+36
Pete Coutts3 years ago
+Sean M either not in Switzerland an Austria too... :(+2
Gautam Shah3 years ago
What was up with all the site problems this AM?  It took me over an hour to get in and purchase my Nexus 10 - seriously Google?+3
Enrico Dente3 years ago
+1 for Italy!+4
But not in Belgium. You guys even announced it wouldn't come to Belgium. FFS. I Want One Of Those!+6
Simone N.3 years ago
And nexus s? It received jelly bean and not 4.2?+5
Kripa Singh3 years ago
What's the eta for nexus 7 ota?
I got a notify email, but after that came, refreshing every thirty seconds, I only got an add to cart option an hour later.

I'm in the UK.

O2 and Carphone Warehouse will sell a Nexus 4 at £100 over the Google asking price, and the fact that they have the stock to do it seems a little shady to me.
Maxime Castella3 years ago
I had my hand on a device, but due to +Google Play problems,  my cart ended up empty. Very frustrating. +17
Tom Devinck3 years ago
Victor Riley3 years ago
I really fear that it is totally sold out, and when I have the money to buy me one, it isn't available anymore here in Germany.+2
Stephan Eckart3 years ago
I will buy the Google Nexus 4 in next time. Why we can't resave it?+1
Regan McCullough3 years ago
LoL. What a painful ordering experience. After an hour of persistence i was able to get an order through. I just hope it is delivered when it says it will be delivered.+3
It said add to cart this am , 25 min later coming soon came back . I got my 16g N4 , purchased 2 day air ;) . Thanks Google +2
No chance to buy here in Switzerland :(
Gino Venditti3 years ago
Google, I'm PISSED!!! +18
Ummm... around the world? Obviously not Norway yet then... :(
Adam Wootten3 years ago
Launch was a joke, you must have only sold a couple of hundred in each country they went that quickly! and your website was a pile of trash too, throwing up errors here there and everywhere! +31
I've looked at this message in Norway since the day Nexus 7 was launched elsewere :

"Sorry, devices are not yet available on the Android Market in your country.
We're working to make devices available in several countries as soon as possible.
Come back soon."

How soon?!?
Reto Haeberli3 years ago
As usual not sold in Switzerland -1+3
Can Altas3 years ago
why was the n4 in all countries only a few minutes online? 
I think this wasnt seriously a launch... just for advertising!!!*
+Nexus no, you lie.. device is not available in your country, Czech Republic +3
+Nexus comes the Nexus 10 with miracast?
Michele Antolini3 years ago
Tried from the 1st minute, not able to buy. You've lost many customers like this Google! Can't say it's a success at all.+17
Ryan Dupuis3 years ago
Epic fail of a launch and underestimating demand by a lot.  So from reading about thermal throttling issues on AnandTech is there a manufacturing problem that there isn't a lot of phones available and now all sold or is your distribution system just that incompetent that no one bothered to research how much demand there was.  That "Notify me" sign-up should have clued you in Google.  Shame.+20
Rob Möhlmann3 years ago
And today I read on +Androidworld that Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 are not comming to Holland. How in the world is that possible +Google? #fail +2
jeff Pierce3 years ago
Thanks to the month long hype and let down ! Starting to think the product quality no longer overcomes customer disappointment. +2
Theo Leung3 years ago
What a horrible experience trying to (and ultimately failing to) order a Nexus 4. I will seriously consider taking my money elsewhere. You messed up big this time, Google.+21
Richard Gaskell3 years ago
You're going to get some heat for this post - maybe start with emailing the customers who requested notification before you throw the next 50 units into stock on the Play store?+29
Tyron Powell3 years ago
Didn't get any email or notification....think i might just get it through T-Mobile+2
Pablo Llopis3 years ago
What a disappointing launch. So few devices available, makes me want to consider other alternatives.+16
Oz Suguitan3 years ago
Well, there's a sellout in the first 30 minutes, then they don't take any pre-orders, and now the site still says "Coming Soon." Great device, horrible launch!+16
I'm very unhappy with my experience. I pushed the "Accept and Buy" button and I got nothing. NOTHING! I sold my phone to buy the Nexus 4 and you're telling me I'll wait to wait weeks? 

What the hell is wrong with you? And you're calling it a success? This is madness!!
Michael Panzer3 years ago
:-D the same shitstorm as in Germany this morning. People, stop complaining... chill and hope to get one the next time. The world is not going to end! ( I got mine ;-) )+3
Tim Reynaert3 years ago
And not in Belgium... how great :-(+3
IT Pixie3 years ago
I was one of the luckier ones who got through the ordering process rather painlessly and got the phone I want... But I must chime in that the handling of the whole launch process could have been better.  May be Google is truly surprised by the demand and if that's the case, congratulations.  I sure hope that it's not simply someone got lazy and dropped the ball.

p.s. I still haven't gotten my "available" notification email... Glad I didn't wait for it...
Max Smolev3 years ago
Can you sell them in a normal retail stores? Play store seems to be failing miserably with all sorts of errors, killing of shopping cart, failing during checkout etc etc. Something less AJAX-y and more predictable would be nice :) +5
J LaBossiere3 years ago
it is not even an option to add it to a cart for me in Canada!!!+3
Jarrett Mattina3 years ago
You fucked up, +Google and +Nexus . +49
Logan Kanady3 years ago
I tried and tried to get one as well guys. Than I got the bright idea to just pick me up a 8gb version while everyone was fighting over the 16gb. Just be more conservative and maybe you couldve had one as well. But I do agree. Such a anticipated phone and it sells out in 30 minutes. Not very good.

*just reading comments again, guys. They don't just wing these things. They had analysts analyze it, got a number of what they think would sell. And they made that many. Give it 3 weeks and you will all have your phones. No worries. Good Christmas gift. 
What a disappointment. I was hoping to get my hands on a Nexus 4 this week, now you're sold out and you have nothing better to say than "in a few weeks" - what a clusterfuck. Thanks for nothing, Google. Why can't we preorder these devices?+24
Chris Littleton3 years ago
Just adding to what countless others have already stated; what was the point of signing up to get notified on the +Google Play store and then not receiving any notification!? I expected more.+10
I'm bumed out that the lg nexus 4 is no 4g lte,well looks like I have to wait til next year for a new nexus lte version.
Can I have 1 of both please ?? I live in italy =(+2
Howard Ogden3 years ago
I cannot believe they didn't apologise for the problems! You owe many of us an apology and an explanation - and priority access to the next batch - your storefront gave us so many errors, it was a disaster. Personally, I was at the wallet stage twice and my cart randomly emptied! Same happened to at least 4 friends of mine. If you look  at Twitter (  #Nexus4 ) you'll see a LOT of complaints, all indicating various errors, crashes and problems with the ordering process. Can't believe you are ignoring this. Poor form, really poor form.+46
Nasir Khan3 years ago
Allow pre-orders on Google play. This morning was a fiasco+34
Maxime Castella3 years ago
Some apologies to your frustrated, faithful, early adopters, android fans would be nice, +Google +25
Well said +John Lieske.+1
Karam Grewal3 years ago
Been waiting to order since the announcement, that "notify me" option didn't even email me. On top of that they sold out before I could get to the glitchy complete order button. How disappointing.+6
Steve Crawford3 years ago
Need more stock! Got my notification email 35 minutes after Play store opened, but by then it was too late+2
Sean Townsend3 years ago
I'm actually surprised that global demand for the Nexus phones seems to be this high. This has obviously caught a lot of people out. Google quickly learning that being a retailer is not as easy as it looks.+2
Marcos Orrego3 years ago
no love for chile?
Jerry Ham3 years ago
As others have said this has been a confirmation of how poorly Google does with physical sales / fulfillment. I've been waiting for the Nexus 4 for months. I got up at 2:30 AM and started trying to purchase only to find it not available "yet". I finally found it available at 8:37 AM and got one in my cart and made it to the final step - selected a credit card and shipping address - only to have the Play store get an error and then automatically cancel my order! After that I managed to get one in the cart once or twice but it would never let me actually get past that. Obviously some people got them as you sold out everywhere in under an hour. An underestimation of demand and an underestimation of the horsepower needed to run an e-commerce site. Next time maybe have Amazon or someone versed in this handle your fulfillment. I was also one of the people signed up for notifications - and never got that notification. Just a fail all around. When can I get the phone now? It was my Christmas present so I hope there are more on the way.+20
Arián Jiménez3 years ago
I hope you mean to say Nexus S owners will have to wait a little longer for 4.2, and not that it won't be available at all...+3
andrew arundel3 years ago
Why don't they ever have plenty on launch date +3
Tim Struijs3 years ago
For people that are disappointing because the Nexus 4 and 10 where sold out. Imagine waiting for these great devices and hearing on the launch day that your country has been excluded and the devices will never be available for purchase. How big is that fail?!+8
Evelyn Mario3 years ago
pre-orders should be used to avoid shortage of pieces. And you should not Permit LG to sell nexus4 in Italy at such price. It Will arrive here Months after europe and we have to spend more?+4
Ollie Montgomery3 years ago
WEEKS? So are you actually launching the device or are was this a massive lottery to see who can refresh their computers the fastest? No notifications, no pre-orders, no explanation. I guess you don't want money either. This is completely unacceptable from a company with your expertise and resources. Get it together!+20
Ian Craven3 years ago
What an absolute shambles trying to buy an N4 in the UK this morning. Got all the way through the process & then it failed to take my money, emptied my cart & then just died! Definitely NOT a good launch. +6
Jody Dawkins3 years ago
And, PS everyone, you can't use Google Play Store credit toward the purchase of the phone. I've got $250 TRAPPED in the Google Play Store as a result.+3
Bryan Mordt3 years ago
Here are some random thoughts...

I want one of these phones as much or more than the next guy but the outrage being expressed everywhere is hilarious.

The average person has no idea of the logistics involved in product launch.

This is truly a case study in FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS.

If your BIG problem in life is not getting a Nexus 4 on launch day then you are a truly fortunate person.
Sebastian Janer3 years ago
Any official info about a Nexus S update would be nice.+3
Maxime Castella3 years ago
"Nexus: Ask me anything"... Oh... except a device. +3
Andrew Enenmoh3 years ago
N4 sold out. Another Samsung in LG via Google in the making...I wonder when i will get my hands on one of those
Guys this is really embarrassing for a company that can run drumrolll youtube !!! YOUTUBE for FSM's sake!
How can it be that I can add the #Nexus4  twice to the shoppig cart and there is a server error?!
And available for exactly 10minutes (at least in germany)

But the biggest slap in my face was, that, after those 10mins of failure on your side, I received an email, telling me that I can now order the Nexus 4.

Seriously guys, telling that you didn't expect such a demand is just a lie. nothing more, nothing less and a big, big disappointment.

FSM dammit, you run YOUTUBE but cannot handle the ordering of a phone???
#facepalm   #fail   #nexus4  
Collin McFarlane3 years ago
Kieren Geaney3 years ago
Fair enough if it sells out fast - I expected as much an a combination or production line woes and marketing stategy - very tech device wants a sellout and free press.

However, my shopping experience was very poor in the UK.  I got that phone into my shopping basket twice but it vanished each time I went to pay.  There were other connection errors as others have mentioned.   With your data center capacity, this should have been an easy win.
Jan Mercl3 years ago
- You can like the low price of the device.
- You can dislike it is sold out.

Chose at most one of the options.
Zetura3 years ago
In France, I was one of the first on the website. I tried to order during 20 minutes for… nothing !!! After 20 minutes, my cart was emptied and then no more Nexus 4 was available…+4
Tim Glaser3 years ago
+Bryan Mordt the comparison is to the launch of a much much larger product, like the iPhone 5, which was quite pleasant  and didn't result in an entire store front crashing, and forcing people who want the product to spam refresh hoping that one comes back in stock.

Why isn't google accepting orders that will be filled once they are available?

It's embarrassing that a company with the scale of google cant' sell a moderately popular product efficiently.
Tim Struijs3 years ago
Tsss and I just noticed this sentence, and I quote "Earlier today, we began selling three new Nexus devices around the world"

+Google Nederland +Nexus Around the world? Around the WORLD? 

A world with some missing countries in your atlas. In your world countries like The Netherland, Belgium, Austria, Switserland and I think many many more just don't exist?

What where you thinking? You can't be serious! I'm so disappointed! And many with me.
Andrew Gorcester3 years ago
I spent fifteen minutes trying to buy the Nexus 4 and was totally unable to do so because of server issues.  And then it was sold out!  There must be a better way to handle launches like this.+3
Zafer Ozsoy3 years ago
they should've been expecting high demand even if only developers and enthusiasts wanted to order in the first minutes. keep in mind these are the people Android needs and shouldn't be letting down.
Zhiqiang Shen3 years ago
Jerry Bolton3 years ago
4.2 for Nexus S?+5
Tim Smith3 years ago
Very disappointed in Google play store ......multiple times I was able to put my Nexus 4 16g plus bumper in my cart !!!! BUT,was not able to process the transaction using my Google wallet. CALLED GOOGLE CUSTOMER SERVICE
Oliver Boudreaux3 years ago
Wow. People need a little perspective.  I'd like to get my hands on a Nexus4 as well but I'd hardly describe this as hell.

Take a second from yelling at your empty checkout cart to appreciate that you aren't stressing out about not having access to clean water.

*I'm not associated with the above charity, it was just the first one I found about that particular subject.
Éric Jacoboni3 years ago
Nexus 4 sold out after 10 mn in France... Google play site totally flooded... That's not à success but just a commercial epic fail ! +2
Sam Scott3 years ago
Please don't post this now... you're gonna get a lot of hate. +2
Jc Miñarro3 years ago
+Nexus How many #Nexus4  have you sold this morning???
When will we be able to buy another one??
Flavio Zanda3 years ago
Come on guys, replenish the stock, I like hype and excitement but I'm already sold, I don't need more anticipation!
M Sams3 years ago
There should be a backorder option in the store.+3
Bret Metcalf3 years ago
Google should be embarrassed by how this went down! It was terrible. Should have done a pre-order!+7
Devin Arthur3 years ago
I had a Nexus 4 in my cart, when I went to pay "Your cart is empty" SCREW YOU GOOGLE!!+2
Bo Stone3 years ago
Got the phone but never the notification that is was available
Baoming Hu3 years ago
i wanna know when can i buy the nexus 4 in China. i always buy nexus device in chinese taobao, i need to pay more than the price on
+Bret Metcalf - I've been saying that for weeks....
tom godfrey3 years ago
yep, began selling. never quite finished.
Jonathan Davis3 years ago
Folks, if you didn't see this issue coming you were kidding yourselves. Nobody designs systems like this to handle 35 million people trying to buy one item at the same time. Maybe Google could/should have anticipated this and handled the sale differently, but until then we'll have to be patient a few weeks.+2
Fiq Evo3 years ago
I hope i can buy nexus 4 same price with google play store in my country+1
Paul Driscoll3 years ago
Shambles of a release, got emailed the phones were up for sale at 8.40 at that time they were already 'sold', please post info on next set of phones and for the love of god allow pre-ordering. The release of the nexus 7 was much more successful. #epicgooglefail -1
frank buck3 years ago
Just tried to get the Nexus 10 32gb. SOLD OUT!! I feel sold out by Google. So pissed right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+1
It's just a cheap marketing trick, don't you guys get it? See what's trending now - you think it's because of the launch? No, it's because people are saying how it sold out in 20-30 minutes, which in peoples' eyes equals to "wow, this thing must be awesome if it sold out that quickly, I might as well check on it and I might get it." Not cool at all but this is the business world. :)+6
+Nexus, will there be a response from you, or is it just watch, wait, and hope?+3
Jordan Vasquez3 years ago
So if the update is coming out for the Galaxy Nexus then where is it? I havent gotten it yet... people weren't able to purchase your new phone so at least give them the newest Android...
John Heltsley3 years ago
Good job, Google. First, notification emails weren't sent out. Then it's put on sale a half hour before your customer service said it would be. Then the servers choke on demand, and your fans get short-changed.

I had one in my cart for 35 minutes, trying to process the order before it was finally removed from my cart and I got the "not in stock" notification.
Mario Servillo3 years ago
Why don't you sell devices on the italian Google Play store?
Nexus 4 just was 'launched' for a few minutes in spain, after which it came back to 'coming soon'. dude...+1
Ruben Bakker3 years ago
Google giveth, and Google taketh away+1
Elias Shaikh3 years ago
Mark Stevens3 years ago
Awful e-commerce experience. I managed to add one to my cart but it wouldn't let me proceed. Just let us pre-order+5
Mark Fletcher3 years ago
Sold out in 30 minutes in the UK......wasn't worth trying to get one, pathetic planning by Google....... apple can organise a launch.....sort it !+3
Bob B3 years ago
I got notification emails about 30 minute ago for all 3 devices
Sold out in the US after 1 hour! Seriously, guys...?
O'Neil Castro3 years ago
You suck at launching devices. 

The play store was crashing non stop.

Get you shit together!
Papa Empeño3 years ago
still waiting
Ross Mclardy3 years ago
Error, Error, Error, Error, Error, out of stock :-( +5
Marcel Beck3 years ago
Sold out in 20 Minutes....
Mark Fletcher3 years ago
Do ya think they'll read any of these comments, they won't give a shit! A few weeks....what's the point of that, there'll be something new on the horizon by the time they sort it......iPhone 6 perhaps +1
Chris Harrison3 years ago
"in the coming weeks" So they're a while off then. Guess it'll be a different device I'll be getting then. +4
Jose Ant Matos3 years ago
In Spain Nexus 4 was sold out after 30' ! Total chaos!+2
Cagan Gurer3 years ago
Somehow Google refuses to learn anything about how sales should be handled. The N1 launch and customer support was a disaster, when Galaxy Nexus was introduced nobody knew when it was coming out and now the Nexus 4 disaster...I don't like Appple but seriously learn a thing or two from them on how to launch a product+6
Eric Smith3 years ago
I never got my email notice that the Nexus 4 is available in Canada yet.  Sounds like they're sold out everywhere though.
The simple act of letting us pre-order would likely stop half of the complaints, and give you guys a bit more of an insight into stock capacity planning.+30
Fabian Prince3 years ago
What a disappointment... I was so looking forwards to this. How can a company that virtually handles the worlds internet traffic not have measures in place, to cope with the high demand for this product?
Surly they knew the interest would be high?
And why cant we just order, and have the phone ship, when its available?
Well done Google... what a disaster.
Jordan Czajka3 years ago
learn to stock a web store... and build the back end to a webstore!+3
F5 I just got one.
+Nexus it was the most horrendous experience trying to buy one of these. One second it was available the next it was not. Worst of all - I started closely watching the #GooglePlay website at 8:00 AM in the UK. I say the link turn to 'in stock' at 8:16 or so. Kept adding the device to the cart and kept getting an error while checking out - either the #GooglePlay website or #GoogleWallet kept failing. Then it went out of stock. Now I am stuck with a wait and I am not going to be able to get this until after Christmas :(

The worst part of the story is that I receive an email at 8:38 saying that the Nexus 4 is in stock and when I clicked on the link it was already sold out! This was an #epicfail on Google's part.
Loque Nahak3 years ago
What a shame, I can't wait "few weeks". Will go buying something else. What let down.+3
Ian MacKinnon3 years ago
Absolute shambles here in Australia, no email notifications (so don't waste our time registering interest ever again) and no idea what time you are actually going to release. Really simple basics. 
Why don't you now have an ordering mechanism so we can get in the queue for the next half dozen that are made?
Ryan Winfield3 years ago
My first experience of buying a Nexus device from the Play Store and it was HORRIBLE.+7
Rob Balfre3 years ago
How about just letting people preorder? You know like EVERY other online shop out there! +9
Tim Martin3 years ago
I'm very let down about not getting an N4.  I had the 16GB one in my cart many times, but was never able to complete the sale.+3
Dominic Ling3 years ago
Earlier today, you began selling three new Nexus devices around the world and you don't have any more. Good job.+1
Vidit Agarwal3 years ago
We clicked on "Buy Now" on Google checkout - the item got removed from cart - but no confirmation email!
Guys, I don't think they're listening.+2
Iñigo Arsuaga3 years ago
Nah, the device selling platform on Google Play is also a Beta. +4
Bastante de vergüenza la forma de hacer frente a lo que se veía de lejos que iba a ser una demanda inicial muy alta. A esperar sin fechas estimadas. ¿Qué es esto, Apple?
Pretty shame how to deal with what was seen from afar it would be a very high initial demand. To expect no estimated dates. What is this, Apple?
Translated from Spanish|Original
Dylan Thomas3 years ago
Glad my 16gb n4 got taken from cart at least 10 times....
M Mosel3 years ago
This is a huge embarrassment for Google as far as I can tell. The biggest web company in the world can't manage orders and pre-orders of their own flagship phone on the first day of its release?
Apple and Microsoft are both laughing their asses off atm. Ugh.
Gabriel Cornejo3 years ago
I made it!!!
Yves Pimûsu3 years ago
I sell my iphone, anyone ? ^o^ I have a huge stock of ... 1 item.+1
Is the person who posted this even aware that the US Play Store says the Nexus 4 is "Coming Soon"? If it's sold out, it needs to say sold out!! +5
Joao Pedro3 years ago
And nexus s, will it be updated ?+2
Andy Hibberd3 years ago
Lock the comments. Damage limitation... come on. Embarrassing enough the sales system collapsed after a few minutes leaving dozens of breathy fans unsatisfied. +3
Adam Snodgrass3 years ago
How do you manage to so massively underestimate demand that you sell out of your stock in under three minutes?  I hope this isn't some trick to create artificial demand by restricting supply.+3
Jose Ant Matos3 years ago
+Johnny Zed Really agree with u
Bo Stone3 years ago
+M Mosel I think last thing Apple and Microsoft are doing right now is laughing. I simply think based on the previous experience Google underestimated the demand, which I think is much better situation than overestimating it+1
Jose Luis Garcia3 years ago
noticed that there is no, but absolutely, no +1s in this posts?  LOL
Russell Crook3 years ago
Feel sorry for all the guys who didnt pick up an N4 today. Poor service really. When I receive mine I promise to tell you if its shit.+1
A shame the phone is broken on release... =/ Are +Sergey Brin +Android going to fix this issue?
Richard Hayes3 years ago
Don't know why people can't figure out that a million people hitting the Nexus 4 page results in a denial of service type attack.  Of course you aren't going to get in.  Apple buyers get the same response on iPwn release day.  And Apple runs out of stock after an hour, and Apple users whine and swear about what a debaucle it is.  Relax, your phone will be available soon.  Well, soon-ish....kinda+2
Yves Pimûsu3 years ago
Crying babies... they just want their toys. Calm down, wait and see. Useless posting here, I'm a good example ;-)+1
M Sams3 years ago
Google should outsource hardware sales to companies like Amazon or Bes Buy.+1
Google, why don't you take my money?+2
You should've let us pre order, It's so annoying if youre a huge fan on the nexus line and it sells out in 30 minutes? I didn't have a chance. If you let us pre order from the 29th youd know how many you needed to ship. It's really that simple. So upset about it I really need a phone and I've held off getting one to get the N4. Major failure :(+5
d. brown3 years ago
For the first time I say GOOGLE SUCK!
lonnie harrell3 years ago
+Nexus I never got my email alert for any of the devices. I feel cheated. I found a Chrome Book at Best Buy. The phone when I found out it was available was too late, it said add to cart and after I clicked it, I got an error message then it said coming soon. I feel cheated. +1
Seth Dickens3 years ago
Wtf... Here in the US it was available for just around 5-10 minutes at 11 am today... Just, wtf...
Fabian Prince3 years ago
Has anyone in the UK had any luck in getting the 4, in the last few hours? +1
Alberto R3 years ago
Nexus 4... 4... two pleople only!!+1
Russell Brown3 years ago
Shame that at basically the same time earlier today you also sold out of all your stock. Rubbish!
Adrian Robinson3 years ago
What a horrible, unacceptable experience, trying to buy a Nexus 4. It's as if Google only had 50-75 devices per country. Maybe with the Nexus 8, Google will understand how to sell a product. +5
Steve Crawford3 years ago
In fact, not having the stock, or being sold out I can still deal with, where's the explanation and when will stock be available?+1
And the sunspider scores are horrible? Why?+1
Sava DUBROVSKAYA3 years ago
do you really have to be so hypocritical ? really ?
ok, yeah, "some" countries. how about "some" == "all" here, for starters ?
then, to continue, how about your servers crashing in each and every f*cking country due to that "high demand", huh ?
how about countless errors pouring on frustrated customers ?
how about blocked Google Wallet accounts due to all that goddamn mess ?
maybe you should've told us about THIS and not about how your new shiny thingies simply "sold out" ?
omg, you are SOOO applesque right now i wanna puke.
RI-DI-CU-LO-US. "cul" being the operative word (greetings from France).
Roman Bondarenko3 years ago
How hard is it to make T-Mobile WiFi Calling available for Nexus 4? As soon as it has it, I will buy 4 of them.
"will be available soon..."

there is no "soon" in ru-zone yet ))))

waiting for december ... or for the next year ...
M Mosel3 years ago
Ok let me rephrase my comment. Apple and Microsoft are laughing and crying at the same time, for obvious reasons. I'm sure Amazon is laughing at the Play store too. What a freaking joke!+4
kazz myob3 years ago
I don't care if I have to wait to get one due to stock issues, but for pity's sake let me order it and then go and wait in peace instead of this insane desire to make everyone check back over and over for some random point when you will add more stock and offer another twenty minute window of time in which ordering is possible.+14
Lan Yu3 years ago
I already had one waiting to click Order, but then #googlewallet  decides to fail, and then i get repeated errors. And then, poof my order disappears from my Cart. Come on! I am so disappointed.+1
jamie winiarczyk3 years ago
I have never felt so cheated,I'm left with no other option but to purchase another fone as I can't wait that long...cheers Google,for nothing!+2
Gino Venditti3 years ago
I need of phone now. I've waited weeks for this one, now how many weeks will I have to wait? A month? +1
Sumit Takkar3 years ago
8 countries doesn't count as "around the world". You seriously need to expand your footprint. Anyway,I have a ship and ship service account, but still could not order because of your server problem. And are you going to disclose how much was the initial stock...500? +2
Domingo Huh3 years ago
sigh... 1st world problems are UNACCEPTABLE!
Bo Stone3 years ago
MS biting their nails: whole company including poor outsorcers from India+1
Josh Dloomy3 years ago
Google really fucked up today. This was their chance to finally take so many apple users who were fed up with the high prices of contracts and cell phones. But now you made us realize what that extra money goes towards, which is not being mislead and teased. VERY DISAPPOINTED.+13
Mark Fletcher3 years ago
And I think Google play shouldnt be saying the playground is open..... shops don't open when they got nowt to sell +Nexus +2
Behzad Bayat3 years ago
I was so amazed that with the start of sales on new nexus devices I'm no running an official version of 4.2 JB on my galaxy nexus. Thanks Google. Keep it up!
Dan Owen3 years ago
What is retail availability going to be like for the Nexus 10?
Paul Odlin3 years ago
I was one of the unlucky ones in the UK. Got my notification via email just as the last stock was going. Gutted doesn't get close, I've been waiting weeks!

Pre-orders would've helped. :(
What happened this morning was insane, the worst shopping experience ever. It's impossible that Google predicted sales that badly, maybe they'll get more headlines that way, but they're annoying their customers. DON'T BE EVIL!+7
Karl Broberg3 years ago
Seriously Google, did you not do market research or even just read some forums to realise how anticipated the nexus series was? At least allow people to pre order! +3
Cam Junkin3 years ago
Finally, a Nexus 10 and Samsung Chromebook. Christmas shopping complete...for me that is...Ha! Good luck to those still trying. I started at 0840 PST and just finished at 1145 PST. The last 5 minutes were spent purchasing the Chromebook and the rest was frustration...;{ Has to be a better way Google!!!
Alas not available in Norway yet..
Seems that the price is too low...
Lee Shipley3 years ago
I bought a Nexus 7 a month ago from Google Play.  Some initial difficulty because it was set up for the wrong country but a quick phone call to Google's excellent help desk and a reset later I launched into a world of delight. I feel confident that Google has hit the sweet spot with this new range.
I had a brief thought about the Nexus 4 but the smallish fixed battery and the mediocre built in camera utility put me off. Instead I am living with my Galaxy S2 and extending with a Samsung Galaxy Camera and better photographs.  Different folks, different strokes. 
David Kaye3 years ago
why didn't google tell those that loyally signed up for being notified that we would have a chance to buy it today!!! i'm pretty dissapoinnted. i had banked on ordering the new phone today. i'll be buying an iphone because of this screwup. this launch was completely ridiculous.+3
James Connelly3 years ago
Nexus 4 is my 1st Smartphone :)

But, I must say the Playstore ordering process in the UK was terrible. Multiple failed attempts, then a transaction telling me there was a problem processing the order. I assumed it had failed so had numerous more failed attempts before finally getting an email saying the original order had gone through.

Not a good experience Google :(
Cindy Brown3 years ago
I signed up for the email notification thing, but never got one. When's that supposed to happen :-P+1
Cam Junkin3 years ago
+David Kaye I got the e-mail for notification 2.5 hrs after they went on much for a heads-up....+3
Ray Reid3 years ago
There'll be back, quit with all the panicking! I accidently ordered two due to the crashing and errors - rang Google and they delete one of the orders for me, so I was nice to you all - rather than ebaying it like some!+3
David van Tonder3 years ago
To quote betanews "If anyone should be able to handle online orders, other than Amazon, Google should be it. This is a cloud company, after all. But today's Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 sales debuts are a total bust, with countless processing errors. Google pissed off the wrong people."

Chris Thomas3 years ago
I am US military serving overseas. I was able to order a Nexus 4 with a VPN, then you cancelled my order because it was being shipped to an APO address. 1 day after Veterans day and I get treated like this. If you don't want to ship to US military serving overseas than remove the option in the address to ship to us!!+6
No pre-orders, no ability to back order one and have it shipped when there are more in stock, no announced sale time just randomly at some point during the day, very small initial amount of phones that it sells out in minutes anyway. This phone appeals to me as I need a clean android experience phone for app development, even if it means having one without LTE. But with this kind of fiasco it is almost enough to give up developing on the android platform and go over to Windows Phone or even back to iOS.+2
I had a good experience with google support when my n7 had a screen issue. Unfortuntaly they had confusion on if they were shipping on out first then I ship mine back or if I just ship first... So I waited two weeks to find that I was supposed to ship mine first. +1
Nelson Velez3 years ago
Jelly bean for s3?
Christophe Ha3 years ago
Omg, it was sold out in 30 mins in France.. Why so LOW devices available to buy for Europe ?? The stock for Spain, Germany UK, etc.. sold out in less than 45 mins ! Many people can still purchase it in the US...
I'm very disappointed, first.. when i received the email i was already trying to order it, and i was already trying for about 20 mins.. i tried to get passed the wallet thing for about 20 minutes and at the end nothing.
This was an epic fail. 
For how many people said they weren't buying the n4 because of no LTE a lot of people are sure upset it sold out so fast... I'm amazed. I'll wait, I don't have the scratch right now anyway.. but I do plan to get one. Something about it is calling me... 
When will 4.2 be pushed to yakju GNex's?+1
Wrong place to ask +Nelson Velez Try Samsung.. They posted on G+ today.. just about an hour ago.
Scott Templeton3 years ago
Why not at least let us preorder for the next round of production? It will give you more insight into demand, allow you to ramp production accordingly, and it will help us avoid the significant frustrations we all experienced today. I don't want deal with this crap again in a few days/weeks!+11
Robert Caldecott3 years ago
It reminded me of the last time I tried to buy concert tickets.
Matt Trefethen3 years ago
Today's sale was a complete and utter failure from a technology standpoint. I can understand the stock limitations and selling out quickly but the rash of errors either from the Play store or from Google Wallet were simply ridiculous. Having items disappear from carts in mid-order is just a horrible way to treat your customers and it is 100% preventable. I realize that consumer demand essentially acted as a DDoS on the infrastructure but that should have been simulated and tested for in a better manner. Combined with the late or total lack of notification on the release and its random timing just made people mad. A simple pre-order mechanism would have prevented this from escalating to the scale it's currently at. Sadly this is on par with the same load issues and bevy of errors that occurred during the Google IO ticket sales earlier this year. It seems to me that Google didn't learn any lessons from that experience.+16
Gene Guarin3 years ago
Poor demand forecasting on Google's part as they quickly sold out in a lot of countries. Maybe you should pay me to do your forecast.+2
Wayne May3 years ago
Interesting.  It is still showing "coming soon" for me.
Jassim Alqenaei3 years ago
Out of stock ... and really bad site . Tried to buy for 30 min but getting site error all the time till the nexus 4 finish+1
Sam Aminisam3 years ago
I guess Google is also running the same ORCA software the Republicans used last week for poll results ;-)
Reality: Epic Fail
Admit it and tell us how you're planning to fix it
Possible solution: Allow fu$%^ PRE-ORDERS !!!
Huong Tran3 years ago
The notify me email is pointless. I have signed up for notifications on the nexus 7 and again with the nexus 4 and I have yet to receive an email. +8
Josh Hudson3 years ago
+Joe Wehry You are either an idiot or a shill. Great launch? Really?+1
Steve Williamson3 years ago
people need to chill the hell out, Yes your pissed off, (and so am I as i got errors and what not like everyone else and didnt get to buy one) but clearly there was a bottleneck and they was not expecting such high demands for it. its a shame but im sure they will handle it next time and i hope we can get our toys before Xmas+1
Joe Woo3 years ago
Google dropped the ball. This is outrageous. +2
aravind b3 years ago
i added nexus 4 to cart but the wallet failed :(+1
Matt Trefethen3 years ago
+Robert Caldecott The process for buying concert tickets is actually much better designed. At least there you can't have multiple people trying to buy the same item and one gets the item and the other(s) get an error or simply see their order disappear.  :)
Terence Wong3 years ago
This is another example of the lack of communication between parts of google. Marketing pushing the launch date. Play store not knowing how much demand there will be, and not being able to handle the traffic. Play store doing nothing with the notify requests. Whoever's talking to LG didn't know how much supply LG could give them. International legal teams unable to get the device into other markets (not like they'd have enough supply anyway). In the end, Google just pissed off all the hardcore customers that wanted to order the Nexus4 today.+14
Cagada monumental....+2
Well, I have to say it: "Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet."

I would love to buy the devices directly from you instead of the retailers (especially since the price for the Nexus 4 is gonna sky rocket when bought at retailers via LG), but you leave me no choice...
DeAno Jackson3 years ago
Man, this entire thread is the reason why the hashtag #FirstWorldProblems even exists.+4
Eric Coffman3 years ago
I am not happy at all with the poor Google Wallet performance. They should not have screwed that up that bad.
D Nguyễn3 years ago
That was pretty horrific launch. Hey Google, don't you handle billions of search on the servers daily and you couldn't handle a product launch? Did you not think this phone wouldn't be as popular? Did you think it wouldn't sell?  In the end I did manage to grab a 16gb N5 but it was like some third world nab, grab and run. +3
And DiSa3 years ago
I tried to get one this morning in Germany. I had one in my basket, but then as it came to payment only errors from the server side :(
I was expecting a better quality from Google.
Micol Signorelli3 years ago
Never went on sale in Canada :/+4
Karl Broberg3 years ago
Seriously Google, did you not do market research or even just read some forums to realise how anticipated the nexus series was? At least allow people to pre order! +1
Paul Stead3 years ago
I actually completed an order for a Nexus 10, I was so happy after trying to refresh the webpage for 2 hours.  Then I was let down.  You cancelled my order after my bank carried out a routine purchase check. I should of had 7 days to fix this before you cancelled this order.  The email you sent me told me this: If valid payment information isn't provided within 7 days, the order will be cancelled.  But no, you cancelled it, thanks for that, now I have to wait weeks instead of a day or two.  I'm very disappointed.+2
Bryce Barrand3 years ago
I would really appreciate some better communication. Should I keep refreshing the page in order to get a 16gb N4? Or wait for a few days and try again?!?! I don't care a ton if you are sold out or whatever, but just some info would be really helpful!
Jakob Wångö3 years ago
Screw you google. Just get the phones out to uk retailers so i can get mine and of couse otheers+1
Arham Jamal3 years ago
Not available in India. That's a shame.
Rafael Rossi3 years ago
How can +Google have bad servers? Why didn't LG manufactured millions of  #nexus4  for today's launch? Those questions will live forever. #nexusfail  
Lukas Dettlinger3 years ago
Dropped the ball big time, Google!+2
Czech Republic is obviously not on your world map I guess...
Andreas Tasch3 years ago
was today the ultimate google computing power test #ugcpt  ?

1) you sell today:
 - 3 devices which got hyped and where long awaited
 - without preorder possibility
 - not on 1-2 countries, but worldwide (with same 10 min availability of a few phones until sold out)

2) you ship android 4.2 OTA (worldwide=?)

3) you start roll out google music in some countries (maybe nobody noticed)

Until today I NEVER imagined that it is possible that google suffers from such severe performance problems as reported by playstore customers and it hurts your reputation. You sell products like AppEngine, handle millions of searches each second but are not able to handle the load on playstore? But what comes on top of it, you just wanted that #ugcpt  ... preorders starting on 1.11. and today you would not have upset so many customers and fans all over the world.
When will be next deliver? :D
Patricio Becerra3 years ago
y en chile donde lo puedo comprar???, o no somos parte del mundo jajajajaja
and in Chile where I can buy ???, or are not part of the world hahaha
Translated from Spanish|Original
Jose Rodrigues3 years ago
What about Belgium? When are we going to see your devices here?+3
DISASTER! You really managed to piss me off. 
Great job, Google. 
Matteo Zoppei3 years ago
Make Google Devices available in Italy too!+2
Patricio Becerra3 years ago
as I can buy from chile?
Finally, after an hour and half manage to buy one 8G Nexus 4 in USA, but it does not have shipment or delivery date on the receipt. It was painful experience. I have been switching from 8 to 16 option and add to cart when available (usually once every 5 min), pray to have it added and clicked proceed immediately. On the 4 proceed I manage to place an actual order. Fail lunch!
Patricio Becerra3 years ago
Los dispositivos en Google Play aún no están disponibles en tu país.
Estamos trabajando para ampliar la disponibilidad de los dispositivos en otros países lo antes posible.
Inténtalo de nuevo en unos días.
Devices on Google Play is not available in your country.
We are working to expand the availability of devices in other countries as soon as possible.
Try again in a few days.
Translated from Spanish|Original
James Holley3 years ago
guess what phone I got today to replace the Xperia Play?  It wasn't a Nexus 4.  I was willing to overlook the no LTE. I have AT&T which is even slower 3g. I had one in my cart for about 30 mins and could not complete the purchase.  there is however a $1.00 temp transaction from google marketplace in my bank transactions, but that will likely disappear just like my nexus 4 did from the shopping cart.  EPIC FAIL!!!! +1
zachary guse3 years ago
if its new people wont buy it cause new stuff is too much money!
karthik natrajan3 years ago
since no time was given i tried from 12 am last night to 12 pm today without any luck and this is so far the worst experience i had in getting a product and i never expected this from such a wonderful company like google... it was a let down but i am still trying...

What irks me is the lack of proper communication..if the site says sold out i would still not be trying to refresh the page with hope...

Google we were expecting a lot more quality in your communication ...dont let us down next time around...
Niven Shah3 years ago
Very frustrating way to launch this product. If a product sells out within a few minutes of launch, there wasn't enough stock.+2
leo liang3 years ago
Pls get More stock, upset in the morning+1
Edgar Flores3 years ago
I hate to see those lucky guys that were able to get the Nexus 4 already selling it over $600 dlls on eBay. What a shame.
Rodney Thomas3 years ago
You didn't sell anything - you just troll'd hundreds of thousands of people who wanted a device.

PS - I'm a US Soldier stationed in Germany - if I buy the "German" Nexus 10, will it function the same as the US  version?
Jose Arnaldo3 years ago
From a big google fan, and an iPhone user who was looking to jump the Apple ship with the Nexus 4, this launch is very disappointing.... Common Google you can't tease us with a 1st rate device and then give us a sub par launch.. +4
Tian Xiang Tan3 years ago
y i cant update my nexus 7 over the air as writen in tis status ??
Josh McCord3 years ago
Actually (amazingly) got one five minutes ago, United States, 16GB, had been trying since 8 AM this morning. So they are still available.
Craig McAnuff3 years ago
Make more of the #nexus4  please!  It sold out here in Canada before noon.+1
Flavio Zanda3 years ago
Google, you owe us an official explanation for what happened... If it sold so well don't be afraid of saying so!+5
Walter Robles3 years ago
The time passes, and I'm always left out to purchase a Nexus devise or music & books, because I live in Guatemala...
Michael Agnino3 years ago
Frustrating when Google reps tell you the launch is half hour later than the actual launch time.... get it right Google, work on your communication system and people would be a little bit more understanding+1
Mateu Soler3 years ago
In Spain the Nexus 4 get out of stock in 15 minutes... I want to buy one :(+3
Christian A3 years ago
Would be great if you would just let me buy the phone then ship it to me when it's available.  
I want the nexus 4... but I won't give 200€ to LG. Why in Italy does it cost so much?+1
I had my nexus 4 in the cart for at least 20 times, never gone through the button "proceed"....such a shame for a company like google+3
Dave Gomori3 years ago
Now I'm stuck with out a phone!
Tim Smith3 years ago
A sad day and disappointment for Google. Really can't meet the supply and the demands of their followers. And to think I I returned my iPhone 5 3 1/2 weeks ago so I can have the opportunity to have .. Wait not to have this phone. ;( I will say where Apple does shine is meeting the demands of their customers and not having a system that will crash. For crying out loud this is Google,,,,,!!!!!!! 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000. You get it+2
Josh Garma3 years ago
IF I dont get a nexus 4 phone TODAY im buying a samsung s3!!!!!!+3
erik horn3 years ago
It would have been nice if the play store had been working properly when the N4 went on sale. I had it in my cart several times but I kept getting errors when trying to check out
David Kaye3 years ago
how do we dislike this post?+12
no explanation as to why you had bizarre launch times and people weren't notified - and no excuse for not anticipating demand. Why did it launch 12.15pm in Australia (no email notification) but then 9am UK, 8am Germany, 8.35am US west coast?!

Hire at least one or two people that know how to do a fucking product launch.
i m really disappointed GOOGLE. Been refreshing my page the whole day+1
David Kaye3 years ago
extremely dissapointed with google! the head sales manager and customer service managers should be fired! you just got all your supporters mad!
Wayne May3 years ago
Yep, still "Coming Soon" for me, and its 12:30pm PST
Brett Morgan3 years ago
total fail, really +Google  you need to step up your front end experience and communication to customers. Take this as a lesson and go back to the drawing board+3
Justin Marlowe3 years ago
I tried for 20 mins to get the 16gb but it never went through and eventually sold out. I settled for the 8gb. I can make it work since I only store podcasts and audiobooks. I just would have liked the additional buffer. I love everything about Google but when it comes to selling physical items they really need to get their act together.+1
Emil Georgiev3 years ago
+Tim Smith The same thing happened on the opening day at the Apple Store online so it's not just Google . its' called thousands of fanboys rushing their servers to get that one product.. 

For the rest of the people who didn't get one yet, keep refreshing.. every few minutes one becomes available and you have to be quick to check out.. that's how I got mine less than 30 minutes ago!  16GB N4!!! Can't wait for shipment!
Andy Snelson3 years ago
An apology from +Google UK would be nice for todays poor efforts...+1
Eduardo Bolonhez3 years ago
I wanna buy here in Brazil...
Kerry Norman3 years ago
So disappointed in you Google. That shambles was an insult. And the radio silence with no apology is a further insult. +1
Ross Schreiber3 years ago
I made it to the final step of ordering the Nexus 4 three times and received an error every time. Now I won't have one. Really don't want a contract but looking into the Droid DNA now.
Matt Alexander3 years ago
It is a bit ridiculous that users have to sit and click refresh, just take my order and when it ships, it ships.  Or open to pre-orders earlier, just crazy.
Tim Smith3 years ago
Sad disappointed and let down by Google the world's most awesome company... What should I do? I wanted to purchase the new Nexus 4 16 gig with a bumper, But after hours of painstakingly Refreshing my page having multiple opportunities to put it in my cart but unfortunately when I tried to check out O No there is a problem with the system please try again later..... Yes multiple times I was able to make it all the way to my cart away came to check out I would constantly get error messages Google should had a block worth of servers ready. Shame on you Google play store+2
Francis Thibault3 years ago
Luckily I got one a 8gb at first when the page went live I could only see 8gb available so I got one tried to get a 16 seconds later to no avail well it processed but got cancelled right away...
Tim Smith3 years ago
Google needs to step it up and send out a mass apology to all it's loyal followers!!!!!+3
Hussein Alobaidi3 years ago

This is all.....
Alankrut Patel3 years ago
+Tim Smith keep trying. It worked for me. In the US
Make devices available or make available preorders... such a shame...
Just read that it will not be sold in my country (Belgium). Add this to the total random mess of the launch. I feel betrayed in my customer loyalty to Google and Android.

Nexus 4 will NOT be available in Belgium and Netherlands? WTF is wrong with you +Nexus +LG Electronics ?+4
Cesar Ferrer3 years ago
What I felt is like im never getting that nexus 4 this year.
Emil Georgiev3 years ago
I give up.. Apparently this post is now solely for people to whine about not getting one and threats to go back to Apple and how Google is the worst company ever... muting
Ananya Gupta3 years ago
Little secret: Google only had 10K devices in stock to begin with.
Wisam M. Hasan3 years ago
I didn't even bother trying to buy the N4 via the play store after my experience with the N7, I'll just walk down the road and buy it from Carphone Warehouse in the UK.
D.C. Menzel3 years ago
A very disappointing launch day, maybe not for #Google , but for their happy customers. It was really frustrating to get a notification email about the availability of a product that was already sold out.  
Nick Bustamante3 years ago
What a total fuckup Google. This launch couldn't have gone any worse. Why don't you just let everyone preorder?
James Yau3 years ago
UK here, woke up a good 15 minutes before the release time, and tried to order the Nexus 10 32gb as soon as it was avaliable. Kept running into errors such as unable to proceed from basket, item disappearing from basket, or Google wallet failing to work at all. Soon enough it ran out of stock. I'm very unhappy about this...+2
Matt Riel3 years ago
+Google  will the order that were able to go through ship today?
Jordan Nelson3 years ago
This is why android is the best+1
Andy Bentley3 years ago
Was only 80% sure I wanted one before today. Now I can't get one it's more like 110%!+2
Jordan Nelson3 years ago
Danny Arauz3 years ago
My body is ready google... please deliver quickly
Peter Fox3 years ago
I think google need to be really really carefully handling this, I know at the end of the day, who cares about the few complainers who weren't lucky right? Well I'm so annoyed and it's put into doubt how I see Google as a company, I was rushing trying to buy the Nexus 4 16GB option the first moment I heard it was up, after checking all night for it to go online (a luxury I had that today as it was a day off for me) why did I have to constantly be checking? because despite signing up to a mail list no attempt was made to inform me of the device being on sale. I was online and had the item I wanted constantly coming and going into my cart and was plagued by constant errors.

I'm sure today "Nexus sold out" are the big headlines that ring out over the complaining few but I think the fact Google hasn't even apologised for it makes me furious and the fact there's not even a sure fire way that next time this won't just happen again just makes it worse.

This is the first nexus phone in the UK to be sold by Google directly, I've waited a along time to see it happen and it turns out like this, come on, be the company that we all know and love, put your hands up and say "we've messed up, we're sorry and we're going to make sure the people who want it that bad will be the people who get it first next time"
Heiko Bleier3 years ago
Ich hatte KEINE CHANCE, das Nexus zu kaufen!! Wollt ihr mich ver(apple)n?????????
I had to buy NO CHANCE, the Nexus !! Do you want me n ver (apple) ?????????
Translated from German|Original
Simon (Simps)3 years ago
That was easily the worst online shopping experience I have ever experienced this morning. A total sham from one of the biggest companies on the web. Well done google. 
You Made buying a new phone a total nightmare, normally a time of joy for most people but I bet you ruined 90% of customers days when they came to buy a product today.....
Peter Moorhead3 years ago
Lee Griffiths3 years ago
What a balls up of a launch! Ok so all devices sold out, that's a good thing and the fact that do many people want these devices, show that the Nexus brand has a strong following and demand.

The real piss take is how Google handled the launch and how many problems everyone seemed to face. Notification emails not being sent, error messages everywhere, hell the shop front wasn't even changed to show the devices were for sale and still hasn't changed, still shows 'learn more' next to each device, just as it did while the sale was ongoing and still up whilst all stock had gone, giving hope that refreshing the page may give you a chance. Could they have put up, 'currently out of stock' or something?

Very very poor show by Google today, and this was my 1st time at buying hardware from the play store, not a good 1st impression.
Michele Antolini3 years ago
People here are not blindly faithful to Google as lots are for Apple. They (we) will buy something else.
Raúl Orozco3 years ago
Can't be more dissapointed.... Tried hundreds of times this morning (Google Play Store in Spain) with no success at all. I did not expect such a poor performance in your store, not to mention the total absence of official communications throughout the whole day in Europe. Your post above is everything but precise. When can we place an order, for God's sake? Certainly you can do it better...+4
Jason Woodgate3 years ago
Wow the audacity required to advertise this mornings debacle....+6
John Mejia3 years ago
Seriously Google, pretty bad launch. From no pre orders to no confirmed time of launch to just the overall issues while ordering. 

I think I would rather wait in line.
Sameer Nafdey3 years ago
Seriously, After looking at how low stocks were when released in few countries.. I am afraid to ask Google if they are ever gonna sell it in India. What a shameful playground. :(
Alan Medina3 years ago
Sale FAIL!+2
Phuoc Dat Doan3 years ago
Totally disappointed!+1
Daniel Koehler3 years ago
Of course you gonna be sold out if you only have a hand full devices for each country. Who would thought that after all the hype people would actually want to buy that device? Way to go google, seriously.+2
Adam Snodgrass3 years ago
Against all odds, I've somehow managed to get a purchase through on a 16GB Nexus 4!  Feeling much better today!
Thomas Zulliger3 years ago
No notification received it was available. I would have bought all three. Now I bought none.+2
Chau Pham3 years ago
Seriously, this was an absolute disaster. It's not even the fact that it was sold out so quickly, or the fact that the device went on sale 30 minutes before Google said it would (with NO e-mail notifications), BUT WHY DON'T YOU LET PEOPLE BUY IT NOW AND WAIT? Seriously. It's easier than having people hit F5 maniacally trying to get "lucky". +7
Marcel Ritz3 years ago
Why not in Switzerland? We have the Google european HQ but no Google Play devices.. +3
Jaime López3 years ago
A terrible buying experience. It was like fighting against a bunch of little dwarfs stealing your items from the shopping cart. Terrible! I just hope my charge on the bank means that I really manage to buy one N4 16GB (I got an error during the checkout process, but it was in fact charged...). Really really worried, Google should at least apology and give some explanation.+2
Arnaud Tanielian3 years ago
I just spent the entiere night refreshing this page to be first one. I didn't receive any notification email, but when it was finally released, it was just impossible to order one of them.
Seriously guys, screw your marketing actions, just be smart and release this fuck*** phone.
Peter Moorhead3 years ago
Take a look at almost any forums, anywhere, and you will see the number of people switching not just from Nexuses, but Android altogether. How many times does it take to get it right? You were surprised when the S/One (I forget which) didn't sell when you had plenty of stock, but then you're surprised and unprepared when the 4 (A cheap but VERY high-end phone) sells amazingly well? You should have learnt from the GNex and 7 - and even those examples need not have happened
Sam Duke3 years ago
sorry, but this device doesnt cut it for me. where is the removable/ expandable storage - i bought the nexus 7 16gb and there just isnt enough space! where is LTE on the nexus 4? how can youl call this a flagship project when it doesn't even meet the spec of the old nexus? we're in the future now! LTE is a standard - not extra - feature!+1
In Italy we are very lucky. The official Google Play store for hardware doesn't even exists ^_^ problem solved.
#firstworldproblems  people, get a grip.  
Peter Moorhead3 years ago
The Playground is NOT open everyone, the gate was only open for a matter of minutes.+4
Maurice Costello3 years ago
Your order process sucks.  Your notification process failed.  I don't think I ended up getting one.  The truly frustrating thing is that I just don't know.  Still better then the experience I had trying to return my surface though.+3
I really love Google and Android, but I'm fed up with never getting anything in Belgium ! When will you make the whole Play Store in Belgium ?! :-( +2
Michele Adduci3 years ago
a company like Google failed in an EPIC way the launch of its best products.+1
Bad attempt +Google +Google UK +Nexus at selling the #nexus4 I tried in the UK this morning. 4 separate times it was in my cart and then failed to purchase then in stock, out of stock. then to make matters worse an email is then received saying that it's on sale. #fail I'm hoping stocks are replenished within these "couple of weeks" to meet actual demand!
John Richardson3 years ago
Woot!  Just got my Nexus 4 ordered. =)+1
Helgi Sigurdsson3 years ago
Me... Went through the Google shopping experience, but it just failed.  No email, no order, no phone and now it just has that silly "COMING SOON" message 
Petr K.3 years ago
When will it work in Czech Republic? I really like to buy new Nexus 4, considering also buying Nexus 10. Why don't you want my money? :-(
james waters3 years ago
Google, I have always thought you had your shit together......until today. What a poor excuse for a launch of a much anticipated device. Quad core,unlocked and running the latest Android Jelly Bean and it seems like the stock you had available to sell was barely enough to fill the back seat in a Mini Cooper. Man does this put a bad taste in my mouth. Do you realize how many die hard droid heads sat refreshing their browsers every second. I wouldn't be surprised if a few lost their f5 keys due to the whole mess. I hate Apple and their stale ass iOS, but damn when they release a phone they release a god damn phone! None of this "notify me" bullshit. Either you have it or you don't. End of rant.+5
-1. No stock after 30 min? Wtf+2
Becca fawns3 years ago
I want one, I wish college wasn't so expensive so that I could buy one
Dirk Simon3 years ago
well not in germany atm.!
John Richardson3 years ago
+james waters you just have to keep refreshing and waiting for it to change from "Coming Soon" to "Add To Cart" and jump on it when it does.  I just got mine ordered in the last 20 minutes.
David de Wit3 years ago
No nexus 4 or nexus 10 to the Netherlands at all!! Why :, (+2
Toni Bullon3 years ago
In Spain was out of stock in less than 30 minutes as well. Surprisingly I could buy almost 2 hours later by sheer luck.
james waters3 years ago
+John Richardson I got one already. Just had to rant for all the people who weren't so lucky. Shouldn't have to put life on hold to get this device.
You dare be "proud" of this thing you called "launch"??
You seem to be surprised by the sold out... Do you have walked around the Web this last weeks?? Dunno...somewhere like in Android/Nexus forum?? You would have seen our interest

This launch was a joke...
No communication from Google except "November 13th", no ETA... And it seems it will be like that for the next release...planned for the coming weeks...
Google Play unable to support all the traffic... Who can have a serious server if you, Google, cannot (or don't want i would say)...?

I really don't like the Apple's "sold out strategy" but...The last iPhone5 was available about 2 or 3 days before sold out... Remind me about Nexus 4?? 15/30 minutes?? You really are kidding us... How many devices can be sold in 15 minutes?

Just see how many people succeed in ordering Nexus4 in this thread...
I was settled to get a Nexus 10 with 32GB when I realized the premium of going from 16 to 32GB in relation to Nexus 7:
Nexus 7:  +$50
Nexus 10: +$100
Is Google kidding us?

Seriously, what are we supposed to make of that? For God's sake, just a double capacity IC, maybe the same part in both devices!

As far as I know, there's no other differences, storage size aside.
Matt Alexander3 years ago
To people who tell you to keep refreshing, stop being ridiculous.+3
Brandon Jones3 years ago
ordered a 16gig +Nexus 4. thank you for all your hard work.
Ryan Carlton3 years ago
Bought TWO N4 ! But man it was like fighting dragons!+1
Pre order please.+1
John Richardson3 years ago
+Matt Alexander What's ridiculous about it?
Steven Telepchak3 years ago
what is everyone worried about?  you know they will announce a new phone in a month or 2...
Wendell Brown3 years ago
I don't think he believes that it works to refresh (I'm happy to say that it did for me - I even got the email saying it's supposed to ship on the 17th).  ;)+1
Why google did that , did they think that their product is not that popular and they didnt put enough in stock ... really ? Everyone was waiting for it today 
Fernando Cano G.3 years ago
Hi! I want to know! When you'll be bringing Google Play Music to Mexico? Thnks! :) 
Martin Rosenblad3 years ago
Waiting for the Nexus 4 arriving to Sweden, it's delayed i've been told...
Aaron Sutton3 years ago
Honestly +Nexus, how many devices did you actually make available in Canada? I had one in my shopping cart at 11:38am, which magically disappeared and was apparently sold out after that point. I have to reiterate what everyone else has said here, the Nexus 4 was sold out well before noon and never became available again. I'd like to know exactly how many phones you sold here (Canada) on launch day. 100? 200? Come on. This same nonsense happened with the Nexus 7 launch. I had a million issues with the play store, waited weeks longer than any other country to receive my tablet and then had to fight with you for 6 weeks to get a refund. Truly horrible experience again. 
Bruno Lucas3 years ago
Thanks for dropping the support on Android 4.2 for Nexus S :-(+2
David Harbage3 years ago
Instead of complaining, let's think of how we can fix this so it doesn't happen again. If you can't possibly meet the expected demand for your product, engineer a system that gives everyone who wants to buy it on launch date a fair chance of getting it on launch day. Take a page out Phish's book: they ran into these same problems selling concert tickets, so they devised a lottery system where you put in a request for what you want at any point over a couple weeks prior to release, then on release day people who have winning lottery numbers are informed that they got the product, while people who have losing lottery numbers are informed of a second release date when the product will be available to the public. This way you sell the same number of products on launch day as you would have anyway, without the server issues and dissatisfied customers.

This is the kind of thing that Google could really excel at with all of the algorithm geniuses working there, but they just completely overlook it.
steven alvarez3 years ago
Liars . Never got any type of notification to my email
James Mart3 years ago
Did anyone in Canada get one? Been refreshing every 5 seconds since 8 am PST & all I've seen is coming soon!+2
Leandro Santos3 years ago
I managed to by my N4 in US after 20 minutes pressing refresh on google play. Sometimes I got add to cart, but cart was empty. But I got mine. Waiting for arrive now. I will update my N7 ASAP...
Aaron Sutton3 years ago
+James Mart I know of one guy, +Andrew Cheong , who said his order was pending. I had one in my shopping cart briefly around 11:40 EST, which disappeared magically and never returned.+1
Alexander Rojas3 years ago
So the 4 stand for stock per country out state?+3
Aaron Sutton3 years ago
+James Mart I think something funny is going on here like with the Nexus 7 launch. I pre-ordered mine the day it was announced and had to wait like 3 weeks extra to receive it because the rumour is they had diverted the shipments to satisfy the American demand. I would bet that something like that has occurred here and basically no devices were available in Canada. That's why I want them to explicitly state how many were available here to begin with.+1
Larry OBrien3 years ago
I managed to get a both the 16 gig and the 8 gig in my cart at least a dozen times but kept getting the same error you all did. I even got the pop up and thought it go through but to no avail.

Thanks for waiting 45 minutes of my life Google.
James Parnell3 years ago
Disappointed by how this was handled. Running out of stock is understandable but what surprised me the most was the way the play shop and wallet couldn't cope with demand. Aren't Google experts in this field?+2
Managed to get the 16GB Nexus 4 into my shopping cart about 9 times only to receive an error message every single time I clicked "Checkout," then the contents of my shopping cart would mysteriously disappear. I'm glad there is so much interest in a Nexus phone, but this was pretty frustrating. Afraid I'm going to have to wait weeks to get one.+3
John Thiesfeld3 years ago
I'm glad I put in my email for notification since that did absolutely nothing.  I've been extremely excited about this phone, and have been planning on buying it since before it was officially announced.  Really making me second guess google's customer service already.+4
Cheolho Minale3 years ago
wow, people its just a phone.  So you didn't get one today because demand was so high.  Be patient and you'll get one.  Its like crying over not getting the deal on black friday.
Shane Walsh3 years ago
PFFFT that's all I can say. Same deal with my nexus 7 I guess wait weeks again then.
Please add a 32GB Nexus 4 version for the next wave!+3
Please do not say AROUND THE WORLD when I can't purchase them in my country.
Thank you.
Matt Alexander3 years ago
+Steven Telepchak sitting around clicking refresh is VERY ridiculous way to buy something.  A company that can do billions of searches returned in fractions of seconds requires me to sit around and click refresh to order a product.  It is almost as ridiculous as sitting on the street infront of a store for possibly many days for a phone.+2
Robert Matear3 years ago
I am also very disappointed that this was out of stock so quickly, clearly Google and their servers were not prepared to handle the Launching of 3 Nexus devices. In fact they weren't even prepared in the case that this would have been just the release of the Nexus 4 alone.. 
Remi PORTIER3 years ago
After 30 minutes no more possibility to order the new N4 . I have the N1 and I was waiting for a while to have a real good new google phone...he's here but impossible to have it.... :-( sad...
+Cheolho Minale i am not upset because i did not get one i an upset because i added it 4 times to my cart, to get nothing but errors and baloney. more frustration than anything else.+5
Shanchar Mahmood3 years ago
Its like USSR; lots of demand but no supply.
You cannot do anything about it.
Josh Perlstein3 years ago
Got mine. :)
I've bought a Nexus 4 
Robert Matear3 years ago
I just can't believe I had it in my cart several times, after paying, the order said it was processing and then did nothing.. just stalled. +1
This made my decision easy. Just ordered the HTC one x+ at least I will get that tomorrow. I thought after the Nexus 7 mess it would be better this time. Big fail.+1
The problem is: we're going to be entitled to the same treatment for the next batches... Every time a new batch becomes available will be like playing hit or miss... Why doesn't Google give us the possibility to place orders?

If I don't manage to order my Nexus 4 by the end of the month I'm gonna pass...
This wasn't a launch. This was a fucking joke.

1) not saying exactly what time orders would be taken.
2) Sending out notification emails an hour after you open for orders.
3) Not allowing pre orders
4) Server errors
5) Completely inept basket causing items to randomly disappear from it and then having to go through the entire process again and again.
6) CLEARLY having more stock in other regions (American orders seemingly went on for a good hour rather than the 20 or so minutes us Brits had.)
7) The only current way to buy a Nexus 4 is to go to a shop or buy one through a third party retailer/on contract and pay several hundred pounds more than the Play Store.

I believe I actually had Google Wallet attempt to process my order 4 times before you ran out of stock this morning...

You can't fuck up pre orders the one time, decide not to do pre orders this time and then completely under estimate how much stock you'll need when you launch your device.

Asus have recently been quoted to be selling over a million Nexus 7's every. single. month. Is that not some kind of indication?

I feel completely rubbed up the wrong way here and I'm a huge, huge fan of the Nexus program.
Josh Perlstein3 years ago
I agree, guys, I'm not sure why Google has such a hard time with this stuff.+1
Danny Schimke3 years ago
ähm, I got the available- notification at 09:39 AM... in Germany it already was sold 09:15 AM :( hope you'll offer a nexus for everyone of us. I am feared that tpdays scenario will happen again :/ :/
Zu Nobi3 years ago
+Google even let people purchase multiples of the same device, so several people bought 5 #Nexus4  devices, while people who have been waiting all night like me were able to get none. For some reason they thought it'd also be a laugh to sell 30 minutes before CONFIRMED sale times. Whoever handled this deserves a pay cut or some serious disciplinary action. You don't understand how you have sullied your name. +3
Michal Dabski3 years ago
Waiting for a Nexus 4 in Ireland.
Robert Matear3 years ago
If they could have just created pre-orders they could have anticipated demand, weeks in advance and have shipments sent out in a timely manner without having servers crash on launch. 
Allowing people to order multiple devices is also a mistake especially when about maybe 10% actually managed to get through the the order screen. 
Tom Hunt3 years ago
I am actually super shitty with this 'release'.
I'm sick of apple. But you have to hand it to them with releases. They change shipping dates rather than when sold out of initial batch, put up a 'coming soon' sign.
Google, you are an internet company, I don't understand how someone at the forfront of the internet can have such a complete screw up.
I went online in Australia at midnight for the launch as it said on our website "Available on the 13th November". But when I went on, nothing. So I figured it was a USA thing. Only to find out that at 12pm in Australia it went on sale. WTF??? Its the middle of the day. Not the start or not anywhere near EST in America.
So 'if' we were able to get one, we would have to sit on the page all day hitting refresh. Like i've got nothing better to do with my time.
Secondly, did you only release 100 or 150 units to Australia. They sold out in under 20 minutes.
How about having a place where, like apple (who I can't stand anymore, hence why the Nexus move) have an option where you can still buy the product, yet the shipping date moves back and a least we know that we are in line for the item. Unlike the system which one can only assume you are going to do again, is release another 100 or so units per country and do it at some complete random time of the day an sell out again in 20 - 30 minutes.
Get your s@#t in order Google. You want to take on the market place with your products, then start acting like you really mean it.
Daniel Maas3 years ago
#Nexusfail  .....+3
M Mosel3 years ago
If Google would have had a pre-order system in place, then they could: 1. Make phones available in the order that people purchased them. 2. Have a better idea of the actual demand.+5
Billy Shank3 years ago
Ordered mine from my Nexus AS this morning at 9:36, Arizona time. I guess i got lucky!+1
I'm looking forward to see how many devices were sold in 20 minutes. I think people will realize this release is far from being a failure soon enough....+2
Michele Adduci3 years ago
i guess they had just 50 devices / stock+3
Robert Matear3 years ago
Seriously they didn't have many devices in stock thats for sure,.. they didn't at all anticipate or prepare for this launch+3
Adam Brusselback3 years ago
Well, I got one after trying for 5 min.  Google could have done a better job for sure, but i'd be interested in what their web traffic was like today in the Play Store, and total number sold.

And to those who say the Touchpad sale wasn't as bad as this... You have some bad memories.  For weeks after the initial sale started, every time a site would get a little stock, that website would be mobbed by people trying to get one, and crash.  Weeks.

Google could have handled this better for sure, but it really wasn't that bad.  Calm down, even if you didn't get an order in today, you'll be able to get one in your hands in a couple weeks or less. Not the end of the world.
Fervid Vervet3 years ago
Well, that was a complete flaming disaster. Congratulations to those who camped the launch page and managed to snag multiple devices -- I'm seeing them on ebay for $500 and up. I got to watch the site crash repeatedly for half an hour until my Nexus 4 evaporated from my shopping basket. Unfortunately I have better things to do than spend the next three months hitting F5 in case Google deigns to release some more for another 20-minute sell-out. Screw you Google, I'm not playing your games any more. Off to get a phone from someone else. Anyone else.+9
And how is it you know that? Because you didn't get one? 
Cheolho Minale3 years ago
+Dylan Falk-Hutchings same thing happened to me.  I had it in my cart several times.  I'm hardly upset knowing the demand.  Some people got it, some people didn't.  As someone that participated in many cybermonday events through the years.. this is nothing new and was more expected than actually getting the phone.+1
Lauri Lemmetty3 years ago
...and not available in Finland. Nice. Before I can get hands on one of these badboys, the next ice age will here.+1
Zheng Wang3 years ago
google should sell it at 500 for the first wave and 300 at the following waves when they have more devices. This could ban the resellers.+1
Allen Xiao3 years ago
you really want me to buy an iPhone don't you+11
Robert Matear3 years ago
IMO they could have sold so so so so many more Nexus 4 phones on Launch, think of the profit and numbers they could have declared.. but fell so so far short+2
Pascal Bergmann3 years ago
Thank you for rolling out 4.2 so fast :)+1
Fervid Vervet3 years ago
+Lauri Lemmetty Surely in Finland you'd want something with LTE anyway...+1
Shaun Heath3 years ago
Please, no spin from Google... putting it in my cart 3 times only to watch it evaporate each time was the most annoying bit.  And please, where did it not sell out?  Please reroute the shipment to Andorra back to the United States - both units.+2
Dain Laguna3 years ago
the only thing im getting from these comments is that this device is way hotter than certain sites wanted to let on...and that some of us take massive issues with not getting to be first in line. #firstworldproblems #nexus4+2
Daniel Kamiński3 years ago
whoah! not available in my country, sorry Google!;-)+2
AJ Wilcox3 years ago
Not cool, +Nexus. Not cool. I've been waiting for the N10 for months, just waiting to hand you my money. Finally get the checkout page and it's forced 2-day shipping, and charging tax with no presence in my state? The device came out to $40 more than I was expecting to pay. 
If I'm going to pay sales tax for something I bought online, I want it to go to my state. 
I'll wait and pick it up B&M when we get shipments. Would have loved to have been an early adopter/maven.
Ross Jepsen3 years ago
I wish I could have bought a Nexus4 today+3
Sivaprem S3 years ago
+Nexus hey guys whatever you are doing, ship my nexus 4 now. Right now. I want my phone before I leave for vacation on Friday evening. :) can't wait. +1
Robert Appleby3 years ago
Not buying still pissed off about the fact that Nexus 7 price has dropped + new devices been added since I bought my Nexus 7. It's just 2 months old (device didn't sell earlier in Germany) and it's already outdated! I'll wait this time, as I also don't like the way it's designed!+3
David Lincoln3 years ago
Out of Stock!!!+2
David Perez3 years ago
Still better than getting ripped off by Apple.+6
make it available in Greece please!+1
Allen A3 years ago
Got one Nexus 4 about 1½ hours the initial craze, I did try like a madman though #nexus4  +1
Ashley Jones3 years ago
As others have said, a hugely frustrating launch but some INDICATION of when we can expect to be able to order some more may well placate a lot of people at the moment.  Currently we have "a couple of weeks", which is vague and far from the answer we would expect or hope for a company trying to push a flagship device.+8
Shiba To3 years ago
so last but not least.. when will you guys launch the next wave of this n4??? i'm trying my best not to curse at +Google +3
Trent Archer3 years ago
I'm sure others have already said something like this, but I've bought a Nexus 4, a Nexus 7 and a Chromebook recently. All of those things combined cost less than one Apple laptop and cover all my needs. <3 +Nexus and +Google Chrome +2
And what a failure and a huge disappointment all around the world.+15
Tim Blackwell3 years ago
out of stock in some countries?! hahaha good one. makes you sound like you did well rather than exhibit exactly how not to lunch a product. sold my sgs2 for the n4 lunch, I will know better next time.+2
Mark Hurn3 years ago
I had the same problems as many seem to have.
Not sure why it's such a big deal to people though, you'll get one eventually.
Philip Booyens3 years ago
When will the Nexus 4, 7 and 10 be available in South Africa?+1
Jon Snidal3 years ago
I had one in my cart for mere moments!  Then it vanished.  A date for more would be good.+5
Daniele Cuppari3 years ago
i feel lucky+1
Sivaprem S3 years ago
All who are pissed of after trying for 5 minutes and don't want to buy a Nexus device will never get their hands on the best mobile device. Haha happy whinging.+3
Shawn Daggett3 years ago
Just ordered 8gb N4 in the US... f5, f5, f5!+3
Kita Kita3 years ago
By the time you get more in stock, there will be something better. You suck at launches, your server that handled the CC processing sucked, and this entire thing has been a giant pain in the ass. Why did I even bother to sign up for email notification if you never even bothered to send them out?+243
Andrew Shooner3 years ago
I didn't get one, so that means no instant gratification. I'm betting I'll be able to get one within the next couple months, which is just as good. In the long run, having one phone or another for a couple months really isn't a big deal.+52
Bernard Gauthier3 years ago
When will the Nexus 4 be available in Canada?+15
Still no news on stock, +Nexus?+89
When it will be coming to Dubai? +2
John Daily Jr3 years ago
Any word on the Q, I really want one to hack on!
Vijesh V3 years ago
Great device.. I am seeing this for months. But not in my hands anyway...LOL
Prateek Gupta3 years ago
I am disappointed by LG & Google since Nexus 4 has not reached India yet. I eagerly wanted to buy one but still, there are no signs of the device being available. What is the problem #nexus  , please make them available is India, coz thr is a huge demand for Nexus.

Also, would request to provide SD Card support in Nexus. It will be an added advantage for Everyone. Waiting for your response, Nexus !!
its coming very soon!
+ Martin Rix Morning
Translated from Portuguese|Original