Alex Schroeder
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I'm looking for new games that I could use for one-shots (or two-shots). Basically stuff that appeared or got traction after Apocalypse World was released. Any ideas? I have +Clinton N. Dreisbach's Owl Hoot Trail on my radar and I wondered about Sagas of the Icelanders. What's the status of that game? Anything else you want to recommend, maybe with a link to a review or some thoughts on the game?

Alex Schroeder: 2013-08-08 Looking for New Games
Technoir. Great game. And Hollowpoint. And for something with more Fantasy parts: Do Pilgrims of the Flying Temple +1
Tobie Abad3 years ago
Try some of the stuff I created in my blog!
The Ghibli inspired on called Neko Yume!
Or the Adventure Time one hehehe!
Andrew Shields3 years ago
Here are some free games I offer.

I recommend The World Between for Fictive Hack.

Reviews for that one can be found here.

A smaller alternative might be the Thief game. A bit rough, but fun. MUCH smaller but with similar great flavor.

A simple 2d6 system for Aliens vs. Colonial Marines:

Crumbling Epoch is a neat rule set you can use with D&D even though it is very different in many ways.

You can see a couple reviews for it on the rpgnow site, and also this one by +Erik Jensen

Maybe one of those would catch your fancy.
Meguey Baker3 years ago
Sagas is a great game that works ok as a long one shot or a two shot.
The Quiet Year is really really good.
GxB is a fun one shot rom-com.
Vast & Starlit is fantastic.
The Sundered Land rocks, and you can reasonably play two or three of the games in one session.
Murderous Ghosts is spooky and great and takes between 30 and 90 minutes.
Misericord is a great one shot game.
Novanta Minuti is amazing and takes 90 minutes like the name says.
I haven't played The Regiment yet, but I want to.
Alex Schroeder3 years ago
+Meguey Baker Haha, I love how to get Vast & Starlit. :)
Gerardo Tasistro3 years ago
Would a modern warfare rpg interest you?
Alex Schroeder3 years ago
+Gerardo Tasistro I'd take a look, but 3:16 wasn't a big hit, so it will depend on the details.
Gerardo Tasistro3 years ago
Hadn't heard of 3:16, but from what I'm reading it's a starship troopers type game right?
Meguey Baker3 years ago
3:16 is a solid one shot too. Starship troopers, yeah, with a scorched earth directive. I had a great time with it.
Meguey Baker3 years ago
Oh for goodness sake; I should really mention PsiRun and 1001 Nights, because they are both excellent one shot games. Also good for introducing new people to RPGs.+1
Alex Schroeder3 years ago
+Meguey Baker I'm trying to look up all the games you mentioned but Misericord is giving me trouble. Google is full of Dark Heresy and Warhammer 40k.
Meguey Baker3 years ago
When I'm at a bigger screen I'll get links in. Misericord is by +Emily Care Boss +1