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#BREAKING NEWS: The jury has found George Zimmerman NOT GUILTY. Full story:
Xyon Thimad3 years ago
charlie s3 years ago
Sad? Why because Justice is color blind??+13
John Carlos3 years ago
ruth colon3 years ago
Are you kidding me???+4
Shamel Bowen3 years ago
damn...took somebodies child away from them and gt away with it :'(+10
Tom McBride3 years ago
Sorry the young man is dead, but under the law the jury came back with the right verdict.+25
Oshea Peoples3 years ago
This shit ain't right +6
Thomas Boeckers3 years ago
Hmm being racist isn't a crime. I think we all knew that. +2
Dango Daikazoku3 years ago
This ain't right in my opinion. Sometimes justice can be colorblind+7
Ben Ten3 years ago
How wtf+2
Deni Makhoul3 years ago
I called this bullshit, I knew he was going to be found not guilty.+8
Put it to rest now. It's done. +12
Palesa Bacchus3 years ago
This verdict was expected. This system is not as it should be. Especially for people of color or with wealth! +12
Krys Alston3 years ago
Are u kidding me? He ran that boy down! Smh justice never prevails huh? They gonna kill G.Z. in the streets+17
Jason Wess3 years ago
Not even manslaughter ? WOW.... My thoughts are with Trayvons family.......ONE LOVE..........+23
Aaron Quevedo3 years ago
I'm not pleased with the verdict, but I'm glad the whole ordeal is over, and I hope there will not be a riot over in FL.+5
Fafa X3 years ago
Fucking bull shit+7
Sanka Riley3 years ago
am he better change he address me na lie 
Adam Cooler3 years ago
No, self defense.  It's sad that someone died in this whole tragedy.  All the defense had to do was introduce reasonable doubt.  The prosecution only worked the angle of "what if."  Not a strong case for the prosecution.  +10
anna v melvin3 years ago
Dang that is crazy. I can't believe he's getting away with murder +15
Ryan Reed3 years ago
Who really thought an all white jury could sympathize with a young black boy wit gold in his mouth??
Our culture has been misrepresented again......
David Dzado3 years ago
+Ryan Reed Why do you have to bring race into this?+4
Deni Makhoul3 years ago
David Dzado if you don't see that THE WHOLE THING was about race then you must be blind+4
Mais Ahmed3 years ago
State prosecutor s were some doodoo
Kripa Singh3 years ago
Well it didn't matter whether jury finds him guilty or not. In any case he would have been living away from the society. The only bad thing that will happen with this decision at least in the state of Florida, that there'll be more killing happening in the name of self defense and defender will always mention this case for their acquittal. +3
Re Mi3 years ago
Ha! Ha!
Colt Craig3 years ago
So i guess anyone can follow a 17 year old kid in the rain until he is scared enough to feel the need to protect himself, and then shoot that 17 year old kid and claim self defense. That law needs to be changed.+19
Jeannette Brown3 years ago
I hope he get what coming to him and also the jury if they have kids u will reap also the bible say what so ever a man sow there he will reap venegance is his he will repay the jury and george watch and see+2
Mais Ahmed3 years ago
Whether he was a thug or not does not give any person with a gun tge right to track and follow a person and be judge and jury+13
Sam Vicchrilli3 years ago
Brought a gun to a fistfight he instigated while profiling. What a scumbag.+8
Brad3 years ago
VERY DARK DAY FOR THE UNITED STATES!! The justice system did not show up in this case! Beyond Disappointed with the jury and the final ruling. +2
Michael Campbell3 years ago
+Nicole Amos Would we have been undivided if he were found guilty?
Dan McManus3 years ago
Un fucking believable. +1
Translated from French|Original
craig dunston3 years ago
Its a shame that black men can be labeled a suspect without even committing a crime. I guess its god's will according to Zimmerman. What a complete disgrace. +8
Glider Hunter3 years ago
There's no justice in this world people, keep calm and take it on your knees... that's all I can say...+2
Todd LePard3 years ago
It was the correct verdict. Don't like it? Blame the prosecution. Two words: REASONABLE DOUBT.+7
starla furtado3 years ago
+charlie s shut up idiot+1
Cindy Miklos3 years ago
This is the same state that found Casey Anthony not guilty. +16
starla furtado3 years ago
+Shamel Bowen exactly
Ryan Reed3 years ago
Well if u really think it can be ignored according to the profiling that Zimmerman obviously did, then your enlightened in ways i thought humans didnt posess
Sharon LaCouture3 years ago
It's sad. A kid is dead and for what??? Nothing!Remember Trayvon Martin. The next innocent who gets shot could be YOUR kid!+17
Damian DeLapp3 years ago
 Awesome!!!!!!!! Ok thank God! all you Jail house Lawyers can get some sleep!!!!!!!+1
Ryan Reed3 years ago
Mais Ahmed3 years ago
All I can say if it was the opposite, a grown black man killing a 17 year old white kid, the trail would have been a week along and the grown black man would be put on an electric chair the following week+14
Deni Makhoul3 years ago
+Mais Ahmed
They also would have tested him for drugs, looked at his criminal history and all the crap they did to trayvon and didn't do to zimmerman when it first happened.
Colt Craig3 years ago
+Todd LePard Just because it was the correct verdict doesn't mean it's right.+2
Michael Campbell3 years ago
For anyone on this post to say, "why do we have to bring race into it?", don't be so naive. +3
Deni Makhoul3 years ago
+Colt Craig
it wasn't the correct verdict in any sane reality.
mark cribb3 years ago
We don't know all the evidence+3
Deni Makhoul3 years ago
he was told not to follow, end of story, if he'd stayed in the car it would have ended there.+9
Silver Jae3 years ago
Fuckn cock sucker dat isnt right he will get his day!+2
Ariaa Jaeger3 years ago
this country will never change...racist from the beginning until the end ! Shame on that jury!+4
David Royster3 years ago
Tomec, Hitler was responsible for killing millions of people, and many of them were children. Please educate yourself before you comment. Hitler was all about being racial, so don't pretend to be anti-racial when using him to appear anti-racial.+5
Ryan Reed3 years ago
If Zimmerman wanted to make an arrest did he not need to identify himself?
Or did he just try to boss the young black man into compliance??
Rebecca Pete3 years ago
He G Z know he is guilty ' his day IS Come in soon Trust God thou shall not Kill+1
Deni Makhoul3 years ago
It's Casey Anthony all over again, the jury is just another example of a CSI obsessed group of people who think it should be on the level of fiction.
Aixa Batistini3 years ago
Wow!!!!! not guilty that Sucks.
Todd LePard3 years ago
+Colt Craig , nowhere did I say it was right. Again, it's OUR judicial system. Accept it and get on with your lives. It's sad, someone lost a life. Very unfortunate. But it is what it is.+1
shelby thrasher3 years ago
Justice is served. He was found not guilty by a jury of his peers, as the system dictates. Can we move on now...+4
Tim Krueger3 years ago
I guess this will be this generation's miscarriage of justice. About 20 years ago we had the OJ trial. That came back with the wrong verdict, too. +1
Paris Mosley3 years ago
+charlie s Yeah Black poor male convicted every time... Yeah justice system is very color blind
shelby thrasher3 years ago
now citizens in Florida have a legal precedent in the "Stand Your Ground Law"+4
Latoya James3 years ago
I knew this would happen. Smh
Worst part of all of this is that a teenager is dead. Evidence was circumstantial, and I did want a conviction, but I guess the legal system worked for him. I'm very sad right now. #NoJusticeforTrayvon+2
Todd LePard3 years ago
Next...... the civil, wrongful death, suit.
Kar Bar3 years ago
Welcome to Amerikkka+2
Alex Garcia3 years ago
+William Frady oh god. you must be an American, for sure. +1
Budi Santoso3 years ago
OMG. A murderer on the loose! Hope the juries were right.+1
gerald dawkins3 years ago
Not surprised, this was tragic, but not the first time this has happened. History repeating itself. +2
Alex Garcia3 years ago
Americans are the last ones to know they live in a racist, sexist and homophobic country. A place where everyone was told to fear the rest of the world and from that, the government can control everyone like puppies.
They are getting at a point where even the Americans can handle themselves anymore. Snowden is a good examplo of that.
kevin brady3 years ago
Crazy ass "MEXICAN" cracker not guilty, good day for justice+3
Selina Rivera3 years ago
That man is qona die out in the street! . That's not fair!!-_- what is this world coming too!
facepalm go home justice you are drunk
Dominick Winters3 years ago
He is a Dead Man walking! !!
kevin brady3 years ago
Hopefully he stopped by the evidence desk and got the 9 back.
Daniel Coronado3 years ago
Those of you calling for street justice are no better than the guy you hate. Flipping morons. +4
Robert Walraven3 years ago
The jury did their duty and weighed the evidence without prejudices.+3
REGGIE NELSON3 years ago
Let just say it was you who were walking in the rain and a grown man is following you who is about a 100lbs bigger than you. Wouldn't you be scared or nervous as a 17 year old? If a strange man approach you asking question harassing you wouldn't be a little on edge , its dark and raining outside just you and a strange man following you that's a kids nightmare. Any race , creed or color can understand a kid being afraid and fighting a stranger stalking them. If anyone is a thug it would be Zimmerman who was attempting to be a police and not listening to the dispatcher to stay in his car. The police were on there way, standing your ground is not chasing and harassing a kid. +8
Mr RC3 years ago
+Mais Ahmed No...let's say Zimmerman killed a white teen under the same exact circumstance, there wouldn't even need be a court convened to find that dead child a hero for self defense. Come on folks, did you expect anything less from a backwood state? +2
Ahmed Sayed3 years ago
To the guy that talked about Hitler having more sense... Sir, do you know that Hitler burned and actually did shoot children? Come on now, let's not be senseless, ourselves. 👊+4
Mais Ahmed3 years ago
George Zimmerman 30 and MMA training and a gun....Trayvon Martin 17 no training, what was he worried he was going be beating by a bag of skittles I mean seriously +2
Bonnie Davis3 years ago
Sad day in America when the jury reaches this type of verdict!+2
Keisha Webb3 years ago
Spencer Earl3 years ago
It proves Hispanics can receive a fair trial in America+3
I Rock3 years ago
That's some bull shit. So u can kill a some all Bc u see him out walking at night. Be for real+1
Jellicle Kace3 years ago
The prosecution didn't do a good job on this. Hoping for peace - Zimmerman will pull some kind of OJ, and then end up locked up. Patience and peace.+2
Charity Townsend3 years ago
To kill a mockingbird
Tanya Acevedo3 years ago
Someone is on the inside and don't tell me not enough evidence cause that's #bull**
kevin brady3 years ago
If the head is split you must acquit+3
salah FL3 years ago
Not surprised!
kevin brady3 years ago
+Wyatt Walter-Dawahare well bye......+1
Steve Balogh3 years ago
The people calling GZ a dead man are the dumbest ones here. Just because you don't like the verdict doesn't allow people to act like vigilantes. We all know he killed the kid. Hey was protecting himself. Now if one of you bright people have a video of the actual shooting that showes it was not self defense then maybe I will believe you. But the jury found him not guilty and we need to accept that. Maybe we should turn to Trayvon's parents? Maybe if they had more control over there soon this also wouldn't have happened.+3
Stark Tech.3 years ago
What do you expect from a former confederate state+1
Regina Mcalister3 years ago
the that's so sad
Colbey Mcgee3 years ago
why it was all in self defense
frances colon3 years ago
Stark Tech.3 years ago
+Steve Balogh have you ever heard of great men such as Abraham Lincoln, MLK, and JFK? If does great men where assassinated for their great cause. Then why can't GZ be a dead man walking? Protect your feelings when you hear the real verdict cause it's coming. Your the dumbest one if you think he can't be touched.
Khabir N3 years ago
+Ryan Rogers did you know Trayvon? How often did you and him hangout? you say he was a thug but I bet you all the money in the world you never met him so you can't say he was a thug. Just like I can't say you are a idiot, because I never met you. +2
Bart Quinzon3 years ago
Hindsight is always 20/20.
Did GZ know Travon was a teenager that night? Need you be reminded that 6 jurors decided the outcome not just a prejudice person against a teen of color. The defensive team just did a better job than the prosecution did. Their job was to place uncertainty in the jurors and they did just that.
Travis Bromell3 years ago
That some bullshit
frances colon3 years ago
No its not bout race but if it where the other way around the black shooter would be on death row rite fuckin now that's the truth +2
frances colon3 years ago
The boy was walking home n gz was looking for sum action n travon was the one to cross gz path wtf I'm so pissed +1
L D Morris3 years ago
Give this creature 3 months & then  Stalk it  Kill it... & know one speak of It again....Justice will be done....
By the way I had sympathy on the war on women... but mothers to get this fucked up... I have to wonder if they can make a discussion concerning their  reproductive right... Sorry Girls these 6 Hussies gave YOU a major BLACK EYE....they COULD NOT GET SIMPLE RIGHT... Remember 3 Month= stalk=shoot = silence & we move on....
shelby thrasher3 years ago
by looking at some of the posts on here, I think it's sad that when things don't go the way they wanted, they blame a race issue or accuse America of being racist and a member of the Klan.  Get an education people. Seriously...
Carina Araujo3 years ago
Hitler killed and tortured children. He did experiments on them and wanted to eradicate what he called an inferior race. I get that people are outraged by the verdict but posting ignorant comments is not going to change the verdict.
L D Morris3 years ago
Funny James I don't think you said that B.S after the O.J. judgement
Rich N3 years ago
Stolen election ballot + Casey Anthony + George Zimmerman = Florida+3
mrs curlin3 years ago
I'm just in schock! Why the jury couldn't focus on Zimmerman disobeyed the policeman instructions? Trayvon will be alive right now. +1
D Lemons3 years ago
+Ryan Rogers, you knew Trayvon Martin?
Romero Reyes3 years ago
He better not be caught slipping in public alone cuz someone is gonna get him.+1
noⓋá cula3 years ago
Ah, nice, he has his self-confident killer face again.
allan weir3 years ago
Todd LePard3 years ago
You are right on, +Steve Balogh and +Kimberly Hipps . Two of a few on this thread with an open mind. There are so many fact-less opinions on this thread. Most people didn't follow a second of this trial and have a narrow-minded, pre-conceived, mind-already-made-up attitude that satisfies their self-serving agenda. To hell with right or wrong. It's "this is the way I think it should be, so that's what side I'm on". Check some facts and open your mind. It's so easy to spot who I'm talking about, especially 'cuz it's about 80% of you.+2
Curtis Kenworthy3 years ago
And the riots break out in 3...2..1!+1
Christina Wilson3 years ago
Its not over ...I smell civil case...
+charlie s you are an ignorant ass....
noⓋá cula3 years ago
Ah, +Todd LePard, you talk about the »facts«, the facts of a trial. Not the facts of its (media) forerun. Oh, and of course not of the societal facts of the underlying law (culture), rules and privileges. - Narrow-min... what?
Clint Wilber3 years ago
Called it
S Tatasciore3 years ago
Congratulations Zimmerman! +1
Marie Hall3 years ago
Sad day.
jackie serve3 years ago
There must have been a reasonable doubt. No one actually saw the thing come down. Does anyone know why there were only six jurers?
Todd LePard3 years ago
Only a 12-member jury on capital murder cases. This being a 2nd degree murder charge in Florida it calls for 6 jurors.
Todd LePard3 years ago
Spot on, +Samantha P .
James Cecil3 years ago
Go ahead and take race out of this. You still have an adult killing a child. It makes me sick to have to accept the verdict, but I will never agree with it!
What a SHAME...this could have been avoided if Zimmerman would have followed the directives "don't follow him...go back in ur hse." So there's another cold blooded murderer on the streets.+1
Mark Herndon3 years ago
Surprise! after the way the prosecution was breaking the law left and right doing whatever it took to get a prosecution I am not at all surprised at the verdict. Oh and the bill from his attorneys will be more than enough punishment ; )
Brita Mansfield3 years ago
This is sad so much hate on this here is crazy..... Fuck race this was a kid.... And the person that killed him was told 2 stay in his car why the fuck did u kill him....
Rebecca Minshew3 years ago
Thats what im saying its over with not trying to be mean but i would have been over if they found him guilty they would have had a sentence hearing and he would have done his time but they decided otherwise its over except that that boy family might take him back to court and sue him its not over yet but the jury found him not guilty and everbody got to accept and going after him not going change the fact that the boy dead its not going bring him back like i said before he got to go through the rest of his life with that on his mind and when he out in public the people he has to deal will have to deal with hell he might have to move out of country his life and his familys life never going be same again and neither is trayvon martins
Shawnillia Dixon3 years ago
So said...
Kay Fash3 years ago
Knew he would go scotch free. I am surprised that people are surprised.
In majority of countries it would be a death/life sentence.

Todd LePard3 years ago
Take a breath +Rebecca Minshew . :-)
The Martins never had there day in court and they never will this was a done deal the day they lost their son shouldn't be a suprise to anyone cause it wasnt to me after casey another is when I really started paying close attention to our justice system, to start there must be a change in our jury system, HOw many people are truly honest when it comes down to selection and how many people do you think are really on the down racist ?..
A lot needs to be turned around and put back into the courts hands , not the hands of complet strangers. !,,,,,,,
Darrell Heath3 years ago
Forget the boys was his rage that got him killed.. these kids aren't taught respect. He could have went in his house. Instead he thought he was a bad ass.. and paid the price.+3
debbie meloy3 years ago
Why? We need to stop killing our own and put this anger that we have been carrying since the stone age to work in our favor+1
Kimberly hipps your theory is like an asshol full of sh,, it as you are tim care of everything and everybody:::::::+1
Rob Marks3 years ago
+Mais Ahmed Zimmerman isn't white. When are you people going to stop making this about white and black. This is 2013... We have a black president. +2
Ryan Reed3 years ago
Weed does not make u look/act like a zombie
Craig Haught3 years ago
Justice has been delivered ! Nw we should investigate and put on trial those in the justice Department that tried to influence this trial by setting up funding and providing security for anti Zimmerman protests before the trial. What I have learned from to trial is that the only time the black community cares about black men being shot is when non black men are defending themselves , doing the shooting. I have learned the seething hatered black folks have for white people. I always knew it, we will go forward as a country that is as divided as it can get . Yes it is sad that Trayvon is dead, he shouldn't have jumped Zimmerman and began bouncing his head off the pavement . It ignorant pablum about Trayvon being some nice young kids who isn't aggressive at all is laughable on its face. The liberal media , Barack Obama , Eric Holder and the black community that is steeped in racism against white people should be ashamed of themselves for the way they acted during this trial .+2
Rob Marks3 years ago
But in addition.. I feel bad. The boy didn't have to die. Even if he was putting a beat down on Zimmerman and he WAS afraid for his life, shoot in the air or at worst case his leg or something. But don't kill the poor kid. The justice system isn't half as fucked up as the world we live in. Why can't we all (around the whole world) respect each other and respect life? +2
Taiwo Akande3 years ago
Train up your Child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it. God knows best & he's the perfect Judge.+2
Bacon Pope Shane3 years ago
+Rob Marks If Zimmerman was in fear for his life, why the hell was he following Martin in the first place? Fishy.+1
The civil trial will result differently... although you can't get anything from nothing. That is until the book and movie deals are signed. Then GZ will truly know what it is like to be stalked.
sean hartnett3 years ago
This should of went to a grand jury. Not a bunch of Paula Deens(very smart decision by defense).

A lot of hearsay in this posting even in the trial only two people knew what happened that night from the moment Zimmerman hung up his phone til he killed trayvon one was dead the other didn't testify huge admission of guilt but the prosecution didn't bring it up once.

The moment this trial started it was fairly obvious that the prosecution was a dumptruck.

this civil case will destroy George Zimmerman financially for the rest of his life.
L D morris OJ Was a asshole then just like your an asshole now shut up and educate youself
Al Elliott3 years ago
"These ass holes always get away."
Curtis Kenworthy3 years ago
You're an asshole for not educating yourself +Michelle Coaxum ! It's spelled YOU'RE! One letter away from YOU ARE! U get YOUR internet privileges revoked for 90 days! +1
Michael Donovan3 years ago
Well that escalated quickly but I'm happynwith decision of yrial+1
Lasha Johnson3 years ago
At the end of the day a mother has list a child she brought into this world. The judicial system is flawed on all levels. Zimmerman took it upon himself to be judge, jury and executioner and Treyvon paid with his life. I fear for my son who just graduated with honors because the world is a cold place. Do i tell my son who wears hoodies but never wears saggy baggy pants to stop wearing his hoodies because you are seen as a threat without even knowing you the person you are and hope to become one day. +3
I wouldn't worry too much, he'll be back. 
Usamah Hayes3 years ago nation indivisible with liberty and justice for some.  This is the outcome that I have come to accept being a black american it is always guilty until proven innocent for us.  We were never looked at as 100% humans let alone 100% citizens we were imported to this country as cattle to perform and be treated as such.  Once one of the cattle displayed a free spirit or ran away they stalked and killed or brought back to the slave owner.  Sound familiar to what happened to Trayvan?  Zimmerman is fulfilling an American legacy and re-educating the people on the true status of a black american.  I haven't played a day of football in my life, but whenever I meet someone new I'm always asked if I used to play due to my physical build we (Black Americans) tend grow larger and more muscular than any all other races aside from Africans.  This is one of the reasons that the European American and Native American (Civilized Tribes) chose to enslave the Africans.  Sure Trayvan was adult height which is the exact reason why Zimmerman (which is a German name) shouldn't have approached him.  I'm not saying that the verdict that was reached was wrong, I'm saying that from the day that Trayvan was born he never stood a chance at justice and that is every arena not just the legal system.  Just as I have to work harder than my co-workers to receive an equal grade this injustice is at the root of our country it is what is was established on.  Have you ever seen an oak tree seedling take root and then produce wall nuts?  This is the fruit that America was meant to produce since it took root.  It's not a white and black thing it is a black thing and it is the recessive fear of the dominant.  When in all scientific reality the dominant only wants to share it's traits via osmosis.  For once in my life I would like to be understood before feared, but since I know this will never happen I present my body language in a manner that can't be misconstrued as threatening.  I'm teaching my children the same so that they can get a closer chance at a fair shake than I can, so while we can't change the roots of this country we can adapt to survive.+3
John T.3 years ago
Zimmerman may not have Criminal Intent for Contemplated Murder... but ALL his actions led up to an unarmed human death that night.+2
Justice yeah sure everything points to self defense plus his most recent picture he looked gang related not the one they show the whole world.
Hannah Burrows3 years ago
he got what he was looking for there is a saying
"what goes comes around"
Jellicle Kace3 years ago
+sean hartnett Good point about a jury made up of mostly "Paula Deens". They weren't very smart, and neither was the prosecution.
Stacy Dempsey3 years ago
I am appalled at the number of people (on both sides) who know very little about this case, other than the names of the defendant and the person who was killed. Shocked that you can honestly form a guilty or innocent "verdict" on a case you obviously know nothing about. I pray the majority of you do not ever get put on a jury. 
Kalem Ginsberg3 years ago
Unarmed.... I know people who got worse for a fist fight.... not guilty. nothing. No reprimand at all for killing an unarmed minor.  Good verdict. Excellent precedent.
John Phillips3 years ago
Well things like this happen all the time every where the jury was all mothers and the facts are George didn't just shoot him In his mind on his back with a 17 year old on him beating him no-one their to help him get trayvon off he pulled the trigger he didn't just get out of his car and shoot him travon confronted him he wouldnt of got shot if he would if made the decision to keep walking home so it's on both of them for bad decisions made
And at 17 years old he's not just a teenager and why does it always have to be about color of skin everytime someone dies that's black no matter who kills them the race card always get thrown out there right now on the news black power signs come on who's racist
L D Morris3 years ago
We always talk about Kids & how they can't make Adult Choices yet. Martin was 17 A Kid..Sewer Scum Z was 28... He did make a bad choice, He knew to Stalk a kid was wrong  from the start...We do have stalking laws...When a 28 yr old kills a 17 yr old they should not get off without some penalty.
I can't blame the news out lets I blame the society ... We all knew from the start this was because Martin was Black.. When this happens we try to find any other excuse, but that truth. I always said this was a Show Trail & that creature would walk...
mark wiliiams3 years ago
If he was black be in jail
Rebecca Pete3 years ago
According 2 Juror B37 her verdict of not guilty was decided the 2nd day so y is she on CNN crying, can anyone say FAKE, dont get scared now, be careful what you say on TV. I guess now they will pat Shelly on the back and send her home 4 lying about their finances.
John Phillips3 years ago
No not really if he wouldn't have went after Zimmerman he might still be alive though
Kristin Glover3 years ago
+Rob Marks it doesn't matter if we have a black president! Don't you get it? Racism is still alive and flourishing. This whole trial is bringing out the worst in people because of these photos being circulated of Trayvon with his gold teeth, with his weed, throwing up the middle finger. The media is fear-mongering, and everyone is falling for it. It's bringing up the fear of "other" and making us want to stay within our "group." Just because we have a black president doesn't mean all of that just disappears.
Rebecca Pete3 years ago
+Kristin Glover , AMEN+1
Natha Bass3 years ago
Hi mom
John Phillips3 years ago
What a black president have to do with it every time it's always racism always is never can be normal I have black friends that go to work every day and white friends that don't have a job and my one black buddy he gets called uncle tom because he goes to work and does what a man should take care of his family there's racism within our black population it's not the white that's racist
Rebecca Pete3 years ago
Theres a little racist n everyone
L D Morris1 year ago
Oh Yeah... I wonder how you would feel if he gets shot. If that ass was on my street I would have to it. I agree we should all stand our ground against Mad Dogs loose in the world...