Adam Lawrence (coggy9)
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Google removed debug menus from the production APK. If you STILL need a feature to be toggled, go yell at Google.
John Bowdre1 year ago
You're a genius / my hero.
Dennis Götz1 year ago
+John Bowdre Did it work for you?
John Bowdre1 year ago
+Dennis Götz Yup!+2
Dennis Götz1 year ago
+John Bowdre Ah ok, I also got it now! Only thing is i don't know the country code for german, so it still shows me "unavailable in this language" ...
John Bowdre1 year ago
+Dennis Götz de-de
Dennis Götz1 year ago
+John Bowdre  thx! tried it, and it works so far that i can enable the option now. But after enabling "hotword everywhere" and saying three times "ok google" for configuration it force closes ....+6
Tim Towle1 year ago
works for me, but I don't see the e300 toggles or the speaker_id settings.+1
It only officially supports US English. +3
+Tim Towle have you updated Google Search/Now? +John Bowdre included a link to the update in his reshare.
Tim Towle1 year ago
+Adam Lawrence Oops. That's the step I missed. Thanks Adam!
>OK Google is already enabled everywhere
>motox master race
Mike Matthews1 year ago
Anyone try this on L yet?
It won't work as you need root. There is no root for L yet.+1
Jared S1 year ago
+Adam Lawrence there is a modified boot.img which allows root to work, so there is.+1
Márcio Dantas1 year ago
Last step it forces close for pt-BR ... :(
Márcio Dantas1 year ago
Play services updates, google search updated . after the three times OK google OK google it forces close. A logcat may help ?
Are you set to US English? Thats the only language that works AFAIK. +1
Márcio Dantas1 year ago
Worked perfect !!!! Thank you !!+1
Michele Pavese1 year ago
Thanks man! +Andrea Ristoldo you have to root your damn phone!
Márcio Dantas1 year ago
Hey +Adam Lawrence any way to disable the debug options after it is unleashed ?+1
IIRC, you can edit a SQLite database in the app's data and remove the debug flag. It should also go away after a day or two.
Márcio Dantas1 year ago
Kkkkkk guess ill just wait a day or two ... Its just for stetics purpose .

Again thanks for your time and patience !
Michele Pavese1 year ago
+Adam Lawrence did you discover this method and write the app by yourself?
No, it was discovered by zhuowei last year. Did the toast not say that? Thought I uploaded the one with credit this morning...
Michele Pavese1 year ago
If it appeared I may have missed it, I was too much excited for the feature! Thanks anyway for sharing!
where is the settings part? what app?
The overflow button at the bottom of Google Now/Search.
+Adam Lawrence do I go out from the settings app? because when I go back to Google Now/Search from the home screen and press the overflow button it doesn't show config flags. Thank you for your help.
Press Settings. Config flags is under the settings menu.
Or Avraham1 year ago
Dont work on the new L preview version with root ,it reboot my phone.(Alot apps crash or reboot so its not only your problem Example firefox twitter and more )+3
Johan Garcia1 year ago
well i tried with L rooted and the whenever i open utg system restarts and after boot animation it starts to convert apps to art i guess n cant seem to make it work+3
Jake Bloom1 year ago
What is it that causes the debug options to go away after a day or two? 
I'm guessing that it gets a config from Google without debug enabled.
I just got it without this :)
Mike Fadamiro1 year ago
L Preview can have root??? tutorial plz.
Mike Fadamiro1 year ago
Thanks +Jared S but how can I flash super su when I don't have a recovery?
Jared S1 year ago
+Mike Fadamiro you can't, if you want root on the l preview you need to get a custom recovery
Mike Fadamiro1 year ago
are there any custom recoveries that are compatible with it +Jared S  like what recovery are you using
Jared S1 year ago
+Mike Fadamiro twrp
Arthur Boddie1 year ago
Did all the steps and get greyed out options and it says the Language is not supported what did I do wrong ?
Mike Fadamiro1 year ago
Oh so that works on L? I never knew thanks
Bora U1 year ago
Managed to do it without root on the L Preview. Make sure English (US) is set in the Voice options. Install the APK linked in the post, force-stop Google Search. Then go to Voice Settings again. Enable "OK Google" from home screen, and the "OK Google" everywhere option should be available. No debug flags needed.
+Bora U that may have just been luck. This app does nothing at all without root. It should crash if there is no root. Google is rolling this out a lot quicker now. I posted this trick thinking it would be a few weeks like everything else. But I'm glad to hear that you got the feature working. +1
Bora U1 year ago
+Adam Lawrence You're right, it may have just been placebo. It wasn't working yesterday despite everything I tried, but it popped up today. Whether it has anything to do with the APK, idk. No other debug options are in the app, so I assume they just rolled it out to me.
daniel ward1 year ago
Is this only for 4.4+?
Chris Bellew1 year ago
Works great! Thanks!
Dave Owie1 year ago
Will this work on ART?
Dave Owie1 year ago
+Jacob Söderman Yes!!! Thanks +Adam Lawrence for letting me use this awesome feature on the moto G!!! 😁
Greg Czepiel1 year ago
Yup it works on ART.  I just enabled it on SlimKat 4.4.4 on my SIII and it works beautifully
Aniket Patni1 year ago
Followed your instructions, and works perfectly on my rooted Nexus 5. 

But more importantly, I was able to use it to enable 'Ok Google' detection for my language, English(India)! While scrolling through the flags, I found 'hotword_supported_locales' and added en-IN to it, and it works!

This is huge for me, have been tried multiple methods to get this working with no luck. Any screen doesn't work for me, but I don't care!

Thank you so much!
Dennis Mo1 year ago
So this worked on my OnePlus One (do not ask for invites), but how do I get rid of the debug menus in Google Search?
I'm live in Brazil, I have an root nexus 4,how can I have this setting?
Jared S1 year ago
+Adam Marcos download the apk in the op, then install it. Open it, grant it root, then force stop google search.
I rooted it with towelroot, not even an ota update i can have, that's sad, but i put the language to en-us,put the speaker thing support to en-us and it didn't let me :C
Peter Blanco1 year ago
Followed all of the steps, I got the manage audio option to show up so that's good, but nothing explicitly about Now everywhere. Can't really test it in my office right now either _
Jim McClain1 year ago
can not get google search to update  still on
Jake Bloom1 year ago
Something I found interesting was that on my HTC One M7, both e300 toggles were on, and the country code was already in the supported locales input, so all I had to do was hit save. I gained the "Audio History" option, but "Ok Google" detection is still only showing up as from the Google Search app, no options to get it anywhere else.
Chris Grosvenor1 year ago
any one able to use this on the L preview? Looks like its a probblem with root whenever you open the app the phone reboots.
Rick Kuo1 year ago
works great!!!
Nathan Gage1 year ago

This does not work on the latest Android L preview.
Your device will be soft bricked and you will have to factory reset and reinstall

We are just going to have to wait for stable root.
Fahad Mushtaq1 year ago
+Jake Bloom
 i am having the same problem too.not working.
Nick Bogan1 year ago
+Chris Grosvenor Yea mine reboots too when I click to open the app on the L preview. I have a rooted Nexus 5 too
Brandon Yang1 year ago
Does anyone have issues listening to music with always listening enabled??
+Brandon Yang no issues here.
Can we uninstall UTG apk after using it or is it required to remain for proper functionality?
You can uninstall it.+1
Thomas kp1 year ago
it keeps force closing after the search is completed +Adam Lawrence 
Did you set to English in Search settings? 
Thomas kp1 year ago
yup just like you said set to US
Jonas Cox1 year ago
Thank you for this post. Worked like a charm.
Benoît Mercier1 year ago
THANK YOU! It worked! N5 cm11
Weird. My brother did this in his LG G2 without a problem, but on my G2, it seems to be unable to listen for the three voice confirmations at the beginning. It Just keeps waiting for the first "OK Google", although it listens perfectly when I tap on the microphone search.

I've tried to clear cache and everything, I have no idea about what to do now.

What can be the problem?
Jason H.1 year ago
On my G2 both the e300 toggles were already on, and the en-US was already there too... But it still worked and works flawlessly. Thanks!
David Patrick1 year ago
works good on rooted s5 tmobile thanks
Brandon Aho1 year ago
Does not work for my audio history is there but no options under ok google settings+1
Brandon Aho1 year ago
Audio wizard comes up I click agree and then nothing
Afzal Najam1 year ago
+Nathan G. :( wish I read this earlier. Time to wipe.+1
Jozef GS1 year ago
Works great on my HTC M8 GPE, but disables Android Wear until you update Google Search and reinstall the Android Wear app.
I'm using an LG G Watch, so unfortunately I'll have to wait until it gets pushed to me :P
Nathan Gage1 year ago
+Afzal Najam Yeah that happened to me too...
Donnie Lurk1 year ago
+Adam Lawrence but there is root for "L" 😊
Afzal Najam1 year ago
+Donnie G *Don't try it* but there is a hacky way that ChainFire posted.

Problem is, most root apps need changes to accommodate SELinux stuff in L.
Araam Z1 year ago
Can't find e3 tooglea nor the speaker id
Mike Cordova1 year ago
Still won't work, I enabled Audio history, a window open, I hit Agree and still not working. +1
Brandon Aho1 year ago
Mike I have the same issue
Nicholas Mrak1 year ago
Noob question, e300 toggles?
Mike Cordova1 year ago
+Brandon, you wouldn't happen to be on a Vzw S4 would you?+1
Donnie Lurk1 year ago
+Afzal Najam I've tried it successfully.
Alex Ryu1 year ago
Will I have to revert what I do later in order to not break anything? What happens if I leave the settings like this forever? If I have to revert later, how do I do it?

edit: worked like a charm!! Thank you :) I still have above questions though...
daniel ward1 year ago
I'll ask again, is this only working on 4.4+? Has anybody had this work on any older versions of android?
Any idea if this is working with the L preview yet, or if there is a way to manually make the edits that that app is making if we have root?
Brandon Aho1 year ago
+Mike Cordova  Yes I am +1
Matthew Fura1 year ago
Is there a way to disable the debug/dogfood settings once the change is complete?
Umberto Amidei1 year ago
+Adam Lawrence It works for italian thanks, but as +Matthew Fura i want to remove the debug settings, is there a way?+1
Nicco M1 year ago
+Umberto Amidei anche io ho Nexus 5 ma non riesco a capire come fare. Se sapresti aiutarmi, ma per favore?
Translated from Italian|Original
Umberto Amidei1 year ago
+Nicco M devi avere il root, io ho eseguito il suo apk poi ho aggiornato Ricerca Google alla versione 3.5 e mi funziona...
Translated from Italian|Original
Nicco M1 year ago
+Umberto Amidei non riuscivo a sbloccare la sezione Config Flags ma ho risolto. Grazie ;)+1
Translated from Italian|Original
Umberto Amidei1 year ago
+Nicco M ah forse io la avevo già sbloccata prima facendo altri tentativi 😅+1
Translated from Italian|Original
Gagan Deep1 year ago
going right all the way but when i go to conf flag then there was no any sign of "speaker_id_supported_locales".what should i do now? i m no 4.4.2 moto g stock rom.
vinicius oda1 year ago
hey +Adam Lawrence have you tried setting voice debug option "Recognition engine restricted" to "embedded only"? any insight on this? Wish it worked offline... before this patch, I could achieve this through GoogleOfflineVoice xposed mod but now it's not working anymore.
EFFF!! Everything went fine. Toggled Audio History On, but STILL no OK Google everywhere option! I think they may have found this loophole and patched it server side or something. Why the hell do the release shit like this?!
Dan Broersma1 year ago
Works great! Now the question is what else can we do with that debug menu :)
+Dan Broersma I found a feature quite a few people have been looking for: always_show_hotword_hint will toggle the "Say OK Google" hint in the search bar! I've been trying to figure that out for a while. 😁+2
Dan Broersma1 year ago
+Christopher Como I found that as well.
Gabriel Moraes1 year ago
Hey, this patch wears out after some time. Why does this happen?

The debug options goes off and the multi-language (with primary and secondary languages) is disabled, all that without any warning.

Is there a way to prevent this to happen, or something? 
Is this happening to anyone? LG G2
You'll just have to rerun UTG. The debug options are removed whenever it syncs with Google, and it removes most of the hidden settings AFAIK. Thankfully always on OK Google is considered a normal setting regardless of account status.
Gabriel Moraes1 year ago
Nope, it removes the OK Google feature on every screen, on my phone at least, and the multi-language switch is turned off.

Basically, it returns to the point it only works on the Launcher, or with Google Now open
:\ What region was your Google account made in? The US accounts I used to test seem to be keeping OK Google anywhere just fine when debug options are removed.
Gabriel Moraes1 year ago
Brazil. I set the primary language to en-US and the secondary to pt-BR. It works flawlessly, until the debug mode wears out.

Then it only works OK Google in english, on the homescreen and with Google Now open (which was the previous setup).

Can't I deny Google to rewrite the Google Now settings?
vinicius oda1 year ago
+Dan Broersma indeed many possibilities there. I'm wondering if anybody enabled successfully voice debug setting "Recognition engine restricted" to "embedded only" thus making the process fully offline.
Jason Hatcher1 year ago
Cool thanks!
Atiqul Hussain1 year ago
How do I disable Dogfood setting?+2
Jonathan Adams1 year ago
Works great on my Nexus 5, thanks! I was getting way too impatient...
vinicius oda1 year ago
+Davante Wilson here it doesn't work. when i set "recognition engine restricted" to "embedded only" it says it can't reach Google anymore. what's the trick
awesome.thanks a lot
Jozef GS1 year ago

Is there a way to remove all of the debug options after enabling voice everywhere? It's kinda obnoxious with that debug stuff IMO :P
Joe Cucuzza1 year ago
Worked perfect. Although I do wanna get rid of the debug stuff. Is there an easy way?
Richard Bastian1 year ago
+Jake Bloom I am having the exact same issue. VZW M7
+Joe Cucuzza It'll go away the next time Search receives the config from Google. You might have to reapply the trick every few days until Google gives you legitimate access though. 
Joe Cucuzza1 year ago
Cool thanks.
Tony Simons1 year ago
Unfortunately, it's not working here. Galaxy S5. I have Audio History settings but not the Enable Everywhere setting.+1
Joe Cucuzza1 year ago
Just realized how unsecure it is to have this enabled on your lockscreen. Was able to easily text someone from the lockscreen using OK google despite not entering in my password.+3
Jeremy Seigle1 year ago
Anyone have noticeable increased battery drain? Is that something to even worry about? Just wondering.
Jozef GS1 year ago
+Jeremy Seigle If you have recent hardware it shouldn't be an issue. Maybe if you have it set to work on the lock screen it could hurt a little, but I doubt there be any harm while the screen is on.
It'll only listen while the screen is off if you are charging. It also doesn't use the low power listening modes on newer Snapdragon processors like the Moto X does.
+Umberto Amidei mi spieghi come hai abilitato ok google in ogni schermata?
a me dice che la mia lingua non è ancora supportata, e se cambio in it-IT crasha dopo il wizard che mi chiede di dire tre volte ok google.
Translated from Italian|Original
Umberto Amidei1 year ago
+Michele Cinquemani io ho abilitato la scrittura nella cartella della app in data/data/ (e non so se serve questo passaggio), poi ho aggiornato Search alla 3.5 e ho lanciato l'apk di Adam (con root). Ho fatto solo questo, adesso Google me lo ha disabilitato di nuovo via server, ma posso rilanciare l'apk di Adam di nuovo per riabilitarlo.
PS: io non ho cambiato la lingua in it-IT manualmente e non mi è apparso nessun wizard...
Translated from Italian|Original
+Umberto Amidei e ti funziona anche da schermo bloccato ?
Translated from Italian|Original
Umberto Amidei1 year ago
+Michele Cinquemani da schermo bloccato non ricordo, credo di no anche perché ho la sequenza come blocco; a schermo spento invece no di certo perché lo fa solo Moto X (oppure tutti con una modifica che però consuma tanta batteria...).
Translated from Italian|Original
Jörgen Lindahl1 year ago
Dont update to version 5 of google play service. It will make your phone always active and will drain tour battery.
Anthony Dejesus1 year ago
Dropped out of android L to do this. Once I went back to KitKat the option was there before any steps were taken, after search updated. Then after some more apps updated the option went away on it own... Followed your steps and it worked. Question does anyone know if this will stick going back to android L?
Anthony Dejesus1 year ago
Update. Just flashed back up to L and it won't stick. So if u want to keep the touch less controls everywhere stay on KitKat.
vinicius oda1 year ago
+Davante Wilson exactly, its a pitty that offline speech recognition doesnt work, despite specific togle being available. very important feature to save data.
Jimmy Laureano1 year ago
Worked, thanks!
John Welch1 year ago
+Brandon Aho +Mike Cordova I'm on a VZW S4 as well and I'm getting the same (lack of) results... obviously there's some sort of connection.
Followed all the steps. Even after adding "en-US", I can't select the boxes for any screen and lock screen. Can see them but they are greyed out.
Paige Miller1 year ago
+Matthew DiGiacomo same here 😕
Worked great for me. Just wanted ask, any way to force listening when the screen is off? Maybe trick it into thinking the phone is charging? My cpu is the snapdragon 800 so I guess it should be supported. Thanks in advance
No. It doesn't use the low power listening functionality of the 800 series. If it did, I wouldn't have tried to keep the Moto X I tried for two weeks.
Ben Kalziqi1 year ago
Now that L has working root:

... Should this work? Or is the problem rooted somewhere else?
Still won't work with L. +1
Marco Spinaci1 year ago
+Umberto Amidei mi puoi spiegare anche a me? Ero riuscito a farlo funzionare sulla home, poi credo che abilitando la funzione per avere la hot word su tutte le schermate si sia incasinato e ora non va più 😢
Puoi dirmi i passi che hai fatto te?
Translated from Italian|Original
Umberto Amidei1 year ago
+Marco Spinaci leggi la mia risposta a Michele, comunque il problema è che a volte controlla il server e ti disattiva tutto di nuovo, anche a me non fa più ora, dovrei fare il procedimento da capo e poi dopo poco si attiva di nuovo, ma ormai aspetto che lo rilascino ufficialmente anche a me che non ho voglia di rifare il procedimento da capo...+1
Translated from Italian|Original
+Marco Spinaci meglio aspettare il rilascio ufficiale, credo sia legato all' account non all applicazione quindi in italia ancora non funziona, infatti anche mettendo inglese come lingua di sistema non funziona.
Translated from Italian|Original
Adam Bennett1 year ago
For anyone who wants to remove the debugging/dogfooding settings after they've finished this method, I found a force close of Google Search followed by clearing all data worked a treat.
That would also remove the always on setting if it hadn't synced with the server, or the server rejects the change. Just wait. It'll go away once it syncs normally.
Adam Bennett1 year ago
Oh okay, ignore me in that case.
It works! Thanks
In L, the system reboots on opening the UnleashTheGoogle app. But it works fine on KitKat. Awesome.
Samwise Lee1 year ago
So OK Google hot word is working gloriously. It even works with screen off granted my phone is connected to a charger. It even works when connected to wireless charger. I am so thrilled because I've been messing about and using tasker and such to try and make my phone respond to voice or some very simple trigger like the knock on because I don't want to have to fiddle with it while i'm driving. Perfect.
Wouldn't this affect your battery? I know how worried people are about the slightest drops...
Nothing that I could see. Same battery consumption as before enabled
Samwise Lee1 year ago
+Aleksandar Tešić Virtually no difference. The listening happens only when the phone is on (and off when charging). Hot word detection cost very little power. Also process is local so not much wasted energy to keep on 4g, wi-fi, etc. I suppose it costs no more than it does to keep say... battery usage statistic poling alive in the background.
Abner George1 year ago
that's cool
Vlatko Trpeski1 year ago
And for not rooted devices????????????????????
Wait for it to come to your account.
Waiting music
Vlatko Trpeski1 year ago
Thanks Adam :D
Scott G.1 year ago
Got the 3.5.15 update in the Play Store for my G2 running the G3 port but there are no options at all for audio history or "OK Google" everywhere. I haven't tried this method in the OP on the G2 but since I got the update it should have worked right?

I did try this method on my GPad but I only get the audio history toggle. Still no everywhere OK Google.
David Had1 year ago
I prefer to use +Open Mic+ for Google Now it's works when the screen is off like Moto X and is awesome!
Jozef Dupre1 year ago
OK people, great news! This definitely works with android l! Scary process for me but I got it. BTW the way, I live in China... So maybe that will help you understand why it was a scary process. But, alas, after 20 minutes of fiddling, I properly got my Google Now back and working, alongside the OK Google at any screen. But I'm sure many of you figured it out before me. This nexus 5 was my first unlock, first root, first everything. Good luck to the rest of you, I have faith
+Jozef Dupre how you do get it to work on android l?+1
Jozef Dupre1 year ago
Where are you located? I can skip explaining some steps if you are in America. Haha
Haim Peretz1 year ago
Thank You! Its Works :) 
Just curious: what stops this from working on L?
If Google becomes sentient, as is their avowed intention, does any of this make any one just the slightest bit nervous? If not, would be interested to know why. Very cool technology, though, no doubt.
Samwise Lee1 year ago
+Brent W. Hopkins As long as Sergei and Larry are alive and leading Google, I'm not concerned. I think Google is a group of nerds just happy to be able to index any and everything on this planet. I share their vision for what technology can and should do for people. So at the end of the day, if any one mega corporation is going to have a record of all my digital presence, I'd rather it be Google than any other company or agency.
Joshua Gordon1 year ago
+Adam Lawrence to turn off Debug/Dogfood mode, you said:

" can edit a SQLite database in the app's data and remove the debug flag. It should also go away after a day or two."

Can you provide any further info on where that SQLite database is located on the device and how best to edit? Is it in /data/data or other directory? Is there any easy way to do this?
On a nonrooted device ATM, so I can't look at the actual file name, but the DB is in the data folder of the Google Search app. 
Edit: Sorry, I was thinking about other Google apps like the Play suite and Hangouts. The Search settings file is a BIN file, so it won't be as easy to edit. If you want to see how it's done, look here.
Successfully enabled it on L preview with the help of source code. :D+1
Awesome, thanks. Totally worked :-)
Matt Tulman1 year ago
I followed instructions on my N3 and I have the options to use it anywhere greyed out sadly.  I am in the states and use english, obviously.  Any advice?    EDIT:   Noticed my language wasn't perfect as en-US.   
Reposted as a post here:

For what it's worth, if you have root, you can carry out the UnleashTheGoogle steps manually. I did so and successfully got OK Google anywhere working on my Nexus 5 (running L preview).

adb shell
$ su
# cp /data/data/⁎quicksearchbox⁎/app_shared_prefs/StartupSettings.bin /sdcard
# exit
$ exit
adb pull /sdcard/StartupSettings.bin StartupSettings.bin

now hex edit StartupSettings.bin on your PC - you're looking for debug_features_flag followed by a space. There should be an 0x00 byte after that - modify it to 0x02. Save.
For the adventurous:
cat StartupSettings.bin | protoc --decode_raw
for more interesting fun.

adb push StartupSettings.bin /sdcard/StartupSettings2.bin
adb shell
$ su
# cd /data/data/⁎quicksearchbox⁎/app_shared_prefs/
# cat /sdcard/StartupSettings2.bin > StartupSettings.bin
# exit
$ exit

(I use cat rather than cp to retain the owner of the file, as well as possibly the SELinux label)
Dennis Götz1 year ago
+Luke Granger-Brown  I always get a 'permission denied' error, although I'm rooted and su access is there and everything ... any advise?
+Dennis Götz hmm, what do you get if you run "id" after su-ing?
Dennis Götz1 year ago
+Luke Granger-Brown uid=0(root) gid=0(root) context=u:r:init:s0
Dennis Götz1 year ago
+Luke Granger-Brown I got it. Somehow I had no access to /sdcard ... Restarted, Problem solved :)
Gordon Marsden1 year ago
+Adam Lawrence cant seem to get this to work for me. i followed the steps your provided and installed both apks. i have a rooted Droid4.
Does not work anymore. Worked all the time, not anymore - why? :/
Kevin Reese Sr.1 year ago
Thank you thank you thank you! I've been trying to get this on my phone for months.
Shabang1 year ago
Thanks ...
-> I use Galaxy ACE 5830 (armv6) CM 11 (4.4.4)
-> I use Google search version is
-> i have install By Default CM ->PicoTTS
After install Google Text-to-speech and go to its setting it display error like (Unfortunately,Google Text-to-speech Engine has stopped.)
so, how can i work google search voice???

plz help me... reply please... 
Michael Mantion1 year ago
This didn't' work I am using 4.1.2. I assume I need 4.4.4?
Kevin Reese Sr.1 year ago
Yes you do.

Kevin E. Reese Sr.
Shabang1 year ago
I just updated the search n play services n it worked fine. Didn't have to do any settings except change language from UK English to US English and even tho in English the US voice recognition doesn't seem to make any errors which I thought it might cos obviously English people pronounce things different that people from the US ... Hope that makes sense, I'm baked lol
Gordon Marsden1 year ago
i forced it with root using s custom Rom. now running google now launcher with ok google everywhere.
Hauvtoj Lyfoung1 year ago
+Luke Granger-Brown
I can't find "debug_features_flag" in the bin file??? Did I miss something???
Jacob Escoto1 year ago
+Adam Lawrence Anyone else having issues with trying to record videos?
Kevin Reese Sr.1 year ago
I'm having all kinds of issues with the open mic app.
Parker Reed1 year ago
This doesn't work on my Moto G 4.4.4 PA 4.45

Play Services is 5.0.89
Search is

Both the e300 are enabled, speaker id is set to en-US

Only have "From Google Search app" under the detection methods.

And if it matters I have Nova as my launcher.
+Aniket Patni
Yaar kindly help me , i m not able to get the option anywhere ok google after doing the whole process
please adam help me, i am not getting the option after doing whole process
vinicius oda1 year ago
Did anything UTG related change after the new google search update? whenever I go to the dog food debug config switches, all I see are ids instead of descriptions
Yes. They removed descriptions for everything. Don't change anything. Use another method.
vinicius oda1 year ago
There seems to be though one new option that says "Remove experiments overrides". looks useful
Remi Desroques1 year ago
The option from any screen in the ok google detection is gone :-(
Remi Desroques1 year ago
which  id is e300, I uninstalled unfortunately...
"Use another method." what does this mean? won't work anymore?
i also just see a bunch of ids
Parker Reed1 year ago
+Remi Desroques
I don't think there is another method atm.