Erin O'Callaghan
2 years agoPublic
I want to confirm some Custom URL's for clients - but at the moment none have the option to request a different URL from that which is set for them. I read that there would be a radio button next to "Not Now" giving you the option to edit before you verify?

The reason I need to edit is because some Clients are based in the Cook Islands, and their websites end in "", so Google has now given them custom URL's with CoCk at the end of their business name!?! 
Edward Chaltron2 years ago
It seems that the customization radio button only appears on the desktop. Outside of that I don't know.
Eric Reich2 years ago
Ha! How is this not on What's Hot yet? Hilarious.+2
Taku Kumabe2 years ago
From what I read on their support page you are only allowed to change the capitalization or accents in the custom URL. Changing the actual URL is apparently against their policy, unfortunately.+2
Charles Lee2 years ago
omg! this is funny! sorry mate, I really think this is funny!! Hope you get it fixed soon!
Peggy K2 years ago
+Erin O'Callaghan That sounds bad! Unfortunately there is not currently any way to request a different custom URL. +1
Carl Bischoff2 years ago
lmao thanks for the laugh Erin! woke a few people up round here -  :)+1
Erin O'Callaghan2 years ago
Thanks everyone - yes gave us all a bit of a laugh here too. Fortunately Google listened and the URL has been changed! Hopefully it won't be long till they let us edit and apply for our own custom URL's....+1