Joaquim Verges
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Falcon PRO Announcement

As you might know, Falcon Pro has reached its maximum amount of users.

That doesn't mean the app is dead, that means I had to find a way to provide updates for existing users only. And I found a way to do just that.

Falcon Pro updates will now be available for free from

Please install over your current installation.

The condition to use the updates is to already own a token.

If you already own a token (you already used the app before), you can login via the "sign in" button on the top right of the Twitter login page (ignore the error message)

That way, existing users can still get updates and enjoy the app, and I'm not breaking any Twitter rule.

I'm living a big change in my life at the moment, I'm starting a new job and moving countries. So don't expect as many updates as before, I'll be too busy with my new job soon.

But in the meantime, you can already download the latest Falcon Pro update, v2.0.4 !

v2.0.4 Changelog :

- Brand new mobilizer - seamless integration of articles in the app !
- New image loaded scale animations
- Little improvements and fixes

Hope you all enjoy it !


One more thing :

I want to try a little experiment with this version of the app.

If you don't own a token, there's still a way to log in... but you have to find it :)

I want to see how long it'll take you to unlock the hidden feature.

Make sure to let me know your findings, let the experiment begin :)

It all starts here :

Falcon Pro
Muhd Fadhil1 year ago
Let the hunger games begin! (i mean the search of the hidden trick)+42
Andy Barron1 year ago
Thanks for the great app, where are you moving to?
Hello! I've bought legally your app. But I can't find the "alternative" way to login... What I have to do?
Ali Sultan1 year ago
I Bought This App .. and I want to support you .. HOW?+2
Phil Oakley1 year ago
Can't wait to hear you speak in London on the 16th! Thanks Joaquim!
Philipp Born1 year ago
You should include an update function.+24
Juston Li1 year ago
Glad you are continuing work on the app. Trying your little experiment but apparently I'm being to obvious
Kevin Lariviere1 year ago
Yeah, update check would be nice. +6
Joshua Percell1 year ago
Sad that you have to move and get a different job just because twitter doesn't like third-party developers for their app.+1
James Carmine1 year ago
Thank you for not selling out. Never doubted you +10
Wonderful. That process was quite painless. The new picture load-in process looks quite slick!+2
Martin Reinders1 year ago
How can It be that it is running on my GNex but I want yo install it on my Note2 and than it says token problem..+1
Léo Cacheux1 year ago
I have the same issue than Martin : connected on my Nexus 7 so I think I have a token, but can't login with the same account on my Nexus 4... I'm quite close to find the hidden way to connect, BTW.+1
Martin Reinders1 year ago
Can you notify me please+1
Juston Li1 year ago
Hehe unlocked it, first time was by total accident in frustration+1
Nicolas Marien1 year ago
Unlocked as well. Damn cool!
Martin Reinders1 year ago
+Juston Li how???+1
Martin Reinders1 year ago
Joaquim Verges1 year ago
good job guys !

For the others, don't get spoiled, find it by yourself :)
silsha fux1 year ago
Yay, unlocked. But I already have a token. :p
Juston Li1 year ago
Lol I was trying with genymotion for awhile >_<
Charles Roper1 year ago
Found it - works like a (hidden) charm :-)
Can you give us an hint, please???
James Carmine1 year ago
Same here. Don't see the hidden feature
hitting buttons like crazy lol+1
Léo Cacheux1 year ago
"still have something to do", but what ?+3
Juston Li1 year ago
+Joaquim Verges  I had a token from your reset June 17th. I logged out to play with the hidden feature but now won't let me login 

On my phone I restored a backup and install 2.0.4 over it, working fine.
Tony Castano1 year ago
Im stuck at the that's too obvious point
_artem_1 year ago
Those who used a pirated version also had tokens but now they are able to use fp without nop'ing the license checking function? That's unfair. I paid for it but could just use the patched version until now to get it for free and legally? +2
Daniel Smith1 year ago
+Tony Castano Do as your you're told.
Saif Miah1 year ago
Joaqim said to share your findings, so stop being wastemans and share. +2
Daniel Smith1 year ago
+Christina Epping I don't want to spoil. But if you're stuck at too obvious, maybe you should stop pushing too many buttons.
Adam Landry1 year ago
Is there any dragging or long pressing involved? (after the obvious step)
Not a huge fan of the "- New image loaded scale animations". It just seems to cause massive stuttering when scrolling through tweets...+1
OK, I'm lost+1
Aaron Revill1 year ago
Good lord just post the feature already. +3
Axel Leroy1 year ago
So you did the "à l'arrache" method :) Glad you did it, and "merde" for your new job at UpThere!+1
Dean Jones1 year ago
What happened to the "Interactions" panel? I'm back to "Mentions" and can't see an option in the settings..+1
Juston Li1 year ago
+Jordan Khoviteri-Zadeh it's butter smooth for me. Maybe even faster, the old loading annoyed me.
Perhaps device difference? Nexus 4
+Dean Jones It was removed due to changes in the twitter 1.1 API :(+1
+Juston Li Nexus 4 here as well... :-/
Tony Castano1 year ago
Please, I need a hint. +1
Steve Garon1 year ago
It's a bit sad that you had to move away from the play store.+2
Philipp Born1 year ago
+Jaroslav Janukevic you don't want the orange box 
corners? huh? I didn't even needed to log back in...
Juston Li1 year ago
+Saiful Islam that went to twitter html for me, will try again
Champ Santos1 year ago
So i now have to sideload the app? Sideloading isn't enabled on all my devices since the 4.2 update. Isn't it risky to enable it?
do I need to log out?
Daniel Smith1 year ago
Custom login does not work due to some time problem.+3
Saif Miah1 year ago
Turds share already. +1
Thomas Lucke1 year ago
+Philipp Born I know I stuck right there, because I need one thing to do. +1
+Champ Santos No its not risky. Just don't download shady looking apps and you'll be fine.
Matteo Piotto1 year ago
+Thomas Lucke me too :-\
Phil Oakley1 year ago
+Joaquim Verges getting an error after I've done the hidden login - "Error - make sure your date/time settings are correct (automatic from network)". Both my timezone and time and date are set as automatic, and I rebooted my phone. Any fix?+29
Used the hidden login with success, but the app minimizes itself everytime i try to open it :(
Martin Reinders1 year ago
Custom login Failrd
Martin Reinders1 year ago
Something with authomatic time +1
hidden log in??
Tony Castano1 year ago
The last thing to do. I'm touching everything on the screen. Maybe I should quit.
Stranded on something more to do. :/
Yannick Werner1 year ago
+Tony Castano Shake it like a polaroid picture ;)+14
Thomas Lucke1 year ago
+Yannick Werner Fuck it :-D
Arjit Mehra1 year ago
FAlcon can see things your eyes cant :s
Martin Reinders1 year ago
Error something todo with Time????+1
Martin Reinders1 year ago
Any help much appreciatedb+1
Martyn Ranyard1 year ago
+Martin Reinders +Phil Oakley  - click help and be sure that you followed all the steps - I forgot callback url, the checkbox for allow sign-in and the Allow read/write/dm bit.+2
Martyn Ranyard1 year ago
+Joaquim Verges Awesome work! Love it and now I can use both my accounts!  I wonder if you did it in an obvious way, would twitter have a problem with this course of action?
Martin Reinders1 year ago
Everything worked
Martin Reinders1 year ago
Last step with loging I get Time errir+2
Juston Li1 year ago
Never mind, log-in with token works fine.
Martyn Ranyard1 year ago
+Martin Reinders Re-check the settings in the dev site - it didn't seem to save first time for me.
can someone fill me in please?
Finally, got it... when in gonna throw, it's unlocked.... lol
Martyn Ranyard1 year ago
+Christina Epping the information is all in the comments here, any more obvious and we endanger being able to continue this trick by twitter shutting +Joaquim Verges down.
José Antonio1 year ago
How? :-\
+Martyn Ranyard pm? I really have no clue where to start
Martyn Ranyard1 year ago
Oh, one last thing before I forget - +Joaquim Verges have you seen Modaco's out-of-play-store auto-update system.+3
Saif Miah1 year ago
What is the Callback URL?+1
Philipp Born1 year ago
+Saif Miah leave it empty
Rob Earls1 year ago
I paid, but cannot login, .. "This application cannot authenticate more users at this time"+3
Bob Highmiller1 year ago
worked fine here !! 
totally clueless here
Markus Vogt1 year ago
Great thing!
Grd Peter1 year ago
Hi all, Please i wanna buy this apps and i know its no more Gplay where to find and when its gonna be available i don't beleive that furking token reaching twitting messaging on net they're all mor'furker, JO just tell me where to buy this
 +Joaquim Verges 
Martyn Ranyard1 year ago
+Saif Miah +Philipp Born no, fill it in like the instructions under help say!+3
Saif Miah1 year ago
+Martyn Ranyard Thanks mate, worked after I filled in the 'callback url'.
Saif Miah1 year ago
Now the app automatically minimizes :S
Martyn Ranyard1 year ago
If you're getting the minimise thing, perhaps reboot phone?
So, if I understand correctly, if I logged in with no problem, I won't find (or need) this hidden thing, correct?
Matt Coomber1 year ago
Lol. Shaking, pressing, falcon sees..... Nothing . Installation works fine. No idea unlocking secret though.
Martyn Ranyard1 year ago
+Scott Oldfield You won't need it. You can still find it under add account.+3
Andrea Contieri1 year ago
So...the "big news" is that an app we legally bought in now free for everybody?

I honestly hope not to read tear-jerking speeches on piracy from small developers anymore.
David Rouleau1 year ago
Custom login i was really hoping to see my "app name" appear as it was tweeted from :(. i spent a good 10 mins coming up with flightless tweets as a name :P
Matt Coomber1 year ago
If I wanted to add another account I would need? +1
Saif Miah1 year ago
+Andrea Contieri You paid for the app because you thought it was worth it and to support the developer, just because it has now been available to the masses for free, shouldn't change a thing.+17
Martyn Ranyard1 year ago
+Andrea Contieri gee how to look on the dark side. The dev has given us a way to use the app we bought without an issue. The piracy was a huge issue and that's why we have to jump through hoops to add new accounts. Don't undermine small developers' problems because this one has decided to go free.+10
Bob Highmiller1 year ago
+Andrea Contieri I see some people are never happy. +1
Goran Simonoski1 year ago
+Matt Coomber HEHE. same here. :)
Samir Makwana1 year ago
+Martyn Ranyard I did everything that was said in the help portion. Let me try it again. :-\ Edit: Nope tried it again. Still no luck. :-\  Edit 2: Figured the issue: Key characters were confusing in the Twitter web fonts. Rectified that and now in. :D
Martyn Ranyard1 year ago
+Samir Makwana check after save it didn't seem to save properly for me first time.
Matt Coomber1 year ago
Got it. Thanks Joaquim
José Antonio1 year ago
I got error with date :-\ any idea? +2
Martyn Ranyard1 year ago
+Joc A check and double check your app settings as seen in the help screens and my comments above.
María P.1 year ago
Awesome! Good luck +Joaquim Verges with the new job and the move.
José Antonio1 year ago
+Martyn Ranyard what about callback url? I don't know what's that? And do I have to check in: Allow this application to be used to Sign in with Twitter.. 
Martyn Ranyard1 year ago
+Joc A Press the help button in Falcon Pro and also reread this comment thread. I'm not the person who wrote the app, just a fan, and I've contributed enough to this thread now.
José Antonio1 year ago
+Martyn Ranyard thanks man, I made it work, now it just closes, I'll boot the phone to see..
So you'd announce new updates on this G+ community?
John Clark III1 year ago
anyone just stuck at the log in. I enter my credentials and never goes created my apps token on my account but never redirects. I set everything up ok I think
José Antonio1 year ago
Mine just closes :-\ i did everything, and after log in, Falcon opens but it closes right away... +4
John Clark III1 year ago
+Samir Makwana yes all access but don't see the other setting. Is it the check box?
Yong Zhen Kit1 year ago
saved the other login details but when i try to login it says adjust time/date..any help?tx
John Clark III1 year ago
screw it...just reinstalled and went back to the old school log in b/c I have a token and only 1 account.+1
Hahaha i was about to quit until i found certain colors on the app.... Very clever!
Samir Makwana1 year ago
Time errors occur because keys are incorrectly copied. Please copy and paste those keys in a notepad on your PC/Mac to see the letters correctly.+2
Samir Makwana1 year ago
+Martyn Ranyard The issue was from Twitter's Web end. They weren't updating the chosen options on quickly.
Mats Gripenmalm1 year ago
No problem getting the new version to work. Everything went smooth on both my Gnexus and N7+1
Luise Sarmiento1 year ago
GOT IT! Hahraha good thing i have a token. Don't know what is the hidden login blabla though. Good luck on your new job +Joaquim Verges 
Yong Zhen Kit1 year ago
+Samir Makwana i keyed-in thrice still same prob :(
tweeting like a boss now :)
Rob Earls1 year ago
Light up all four corners, unlight orange, shake, enter your tokens... And were in!+4
Reggie T1 year ago
I just installed the new version over the old version.  I don't see an option for "help".  Do need to uninstall and re-install the app?
Sean Jackson1 year ago
+Philipp Born Google does not allow Play Store apps to do that but as it is not in the Play Store anymore ... ;-)
every update I take for falcon pro does a hot reboot of my phone.  (but then works fine)  I'm a verizon sgs3 on the Carbon rom.
Neto Cavalcanti1 year ago
+Joaquim Verges The app is closing when i open him. He keeps running if I quickly open a tweet or if i go to Config.. What can it be? My phone is a Galaxy Nexus 4.2.2 stock rom. Thanks for make it free.+2
Pablo Bello1 year ago
This will be the dead of Falcon Pro. Very sad. Mayve you can sell or transfer the app to someone else. Good luck !
+Pablo Bello why would it be the death of Falcon Pro?
+Neto Cavalcanti Same problem here. Have you resolved it? +Joaquim Verges 
Brayan Rondón1 year ago
Translated from Spanish|Original
Daniel Gray1 year ago
I purchased the app a couple months back and have been using it quite happily. However recently I uninstalled it after the last update when I was unable to get a token. Now after reinstalling it after seeing the update, I still can't authenticate since it doesn't remember me having one. :(
Weerabhan Aob1 year ago
joy it :)
Sabil Valdano1 year ago
Kyle Miller1 year ago
+Joaquim Verges You are very clever. Good job!
nobi nobita1 year ago
your secret login was awsome ^^
J.J. Valenzuela1 year ago
arggg. where is the hidden feature!
Wow, that was not easy. Finally figured it out.
Randy Hoopes1 year ago
Some reason wouldn't install running Hyperdrive rom, had to flash a different rom and it worked!
Humbert Beltran1 year ago
Thank you very much +Joaquim Verges You're simply the best
Nando Garcia1 year ago
Rdy update in my SGS4
Randy Hoopes1 year ago
Love it!
Alex García1 year ago
Chris Dartois1 year ago
Awesome work! thank you so much ..  you guys rock :)
Chris Mitchell1 year ago
Its too bad what Twitter did to this app its the best Twitter client I have used thus far
Ben Mynott1 year ago
+Joaquim Verges Ok, I was using the previous version from the play store, I've downloaded the new version from and installed it over the top of previous version.

What next? What's the help/secret login stuff? Does that apply to me now I have the new version 2.0.4?

Please advise. I've read all the comments above and am totally lost!

Cheers muchly.
Sharing Smoke1 year ago
I can't install over existing installation. I have unknown sources checked. Help (stock droid DNA)
Esahu Colorado1 year ago
yeah i did it
Kareem Brothers1 year ago
Downloaded the new version but I think I'll stick with the version I currently have.  I KNOW this one works.+1
Bryan T1 year ago
Yes! I figured out how to do the hidden lock and I figured out how to fix the time error! +1
Chris Klosowski1 year ago
Can the secret login method be used with multiple accounts?
Mat Q1 year ago
+Joaquim Verges  Found the hidden feature. Well done sir, well done. Got my favorite twitter app back.
Van TroI1 year ago
Al FIN!!!!
Bruno Pavelja1 year ago
i still cant use your app.. you app is epic but i dont have token :(
Neel Kowdley1 year ago
Grr...stuck at still have something to do. Although this is way more fun than just logging in :-)+1
Patrick Davis1 year ago
+Joaquim Verges great app! Wish you the best in your move and new job!
Trey Allen1 year ago
Awesome app. Found the way in. Only issue is video won't play from within app. Connection to server lost message appears. Great though. Just threw you some bones for hard work
Abhishek Nair1 year ago
+Joaquim Verges Awesome thank you for this. :-)
Bruno Pavelja1 year ago
i finde only one bug :D autocomplete for username dont work :)+1
Edwin jimenez1 year ago
I'm with you all the way!+1
Pero este señor desarrollador no era español ?+2
Translated from Spanish|Original
Iván López1 year ago
Guys, I've found that... after find it click help to see how to create ''it''. ;)
Iván López1 year ago
+Phil Oakley You have to quit the coloured corners (it works on mine)
John S1 year ago
So twitter isn't going to kill this after suddenly seeing thousands of app developers pop up in one day? I hope this doesn't ruin things for those of us that didn't need a "secret logon".
+Daniel Gray Log in the hidden way! ;)
I didn't have a token from before and managed to log in the hidden way. ;)
First, Thank you very much for keeping this effort for us, i  thought the app was dead, yet im glad to see that it's not! :) keep that effort! way to go!
Rudy Suyanto1 year ago
I must admitted I use dated and small screen phone. Due to the small dimension of the screen, can you hide the falcon logo and let me enter the Consumer Key and Secret? I only be able to enter Consumer Key and no luck to enter the Secret even I rotate my phone.
Yong Zhen Kit1 year ago
gotit tx!
I have a token, in fact i bought this app at the very moment it was release, and now i cant even use it... So much for paying for a good app...
Yong Zhen Kit1 year ago
+Joel Escudero why?just login?
Samir Makwana1 year ago
+Yong zhen kit Then you should check if you have enabled "Read, Write and Access the DMs" as well as "Allow this application to sign" at the Settings page on
Samir Makwana1 year ago
+John Clark III Yes. It is the Check Box in the Applications Tabs menu box.
Andrea Contieri1 year ago
+Bob Highmiller I was very happy when I could get updates from the Play Store without manually getting them outside.
Abhishek Kurve1 year ago
+Bryan Truong How did you fix the time error?
Yong Zhen Kit1 year ago
+Samir Makwana nvm i gotit tx +Abhi Kurve i had the same prob for ages did everything but didnt work.just follow the help steps and tick the allow sign in thingy.i also ticked the create token thingy.and it worked for me when i copied the whole thing and pasting it directly as opposed to typing it as even tho i typed it 100% correct for some reason it doesnt work.good luck!
Nes C1 year ago
Got it working, thanks.
Ismael Toé1 year ago
Trying the custom login feature but I can see only the "Consumer Key" field. I don't the "Consumer secret" field and the submit button.
Got the Custom Login working and the app too! It's pretty cool man. But there's a small bug I found +Joaquim Verges  with the widgets. After a while, particularly after an Automated Task Killer closes the Falcon Pro process, the Quick Action Widget doesn't work. We've to add the Widget again to get it working. Not sure if it's specific to my device or general, but this is what I encountered.
Vicky DB1 year ago
I tried everything (using copy & paste or my hands + eyes & patience), but it didn't work and I keep getting the same error message related to the date and time. Maybe Twitter made some changes to prevent us from entering this way :(+2
+Vicky Db I activated it only today(Or should I say yesterday? ) and it worked for me. But my application was an old one though. Quite old. About a year and a half. Used the Key and Secret from there. Check your App permissions man. You need to give it Read/Write Permissions. The 3rd option in Twitter Dev Dashboard.+1
Matthew Miller1 year ago
Is their a way we can support you with the $2 it used to cost? Via Paypal or some other way?
Joel Trace1 year ago
Can you please now remove the L.P. calls?
Nikhil Shankar1 year ago
+Vicky Db On the dev twitter page ensure that "allow sign in.." is checked. And paste the keys. I had the same problem. Now it just keeps crashing. Any ideas guys?
Daniel Logan1 year ago
So if a bunch of us advanced users remove our tokens and use our own "twitter app" will twitter allow those tokens to be used for normal/lazy people...?
Daniel Logan1 year ago
Also, would there be an easy way to share our details so people can use our tokens?
Vicky DB1 year ago
+Nikhil Shankar +Lakshmi Narayanan Gurumurthy Thank you, guys! But I'm afraid that I have the permissions correctly configured and I also checked that about "allow sign in.." with the same results :S
Monty Lov1 year ago
I finally got it to work! There are a few things missing to the help section.

These are just additional steps I took to make it work.

1. Allow application to sign you in
2. Fill out the Organization section. (Make up a fake organization or something)
3. Make sure callback URL is checked and has a valid url.
4. Twitter may have a website checker, similar to their card validation system, so make sure the urls you use are valid and of a real site. I just used my blog.
5. Make sure you type in the consumer key and secrets correctly :)

Random Idea:
I'm not a developer, but I code a bit. I wanted to know if it would be possible for a few users to upload the app to market so people could download it for free and more people could use Falcon pro? Of course we could add the donate/follow/credits button which would just link back up to your (Joaquim) paypal, but that would also allow more people to use Falcon Pro and you could still build up your app. I mean we could still call it Falcon Pro Punch or Falcon Pro Red, just to change it up within the market. We already know its a great product and I'm sure more people would donate. I may be very off, but its just an idea I had. I already know my friends and family would use it, if the tokens were open.
Vicky DB1 year ago
+Monty Lov Great! I've just tried and I managed to enter. I have to check now how it works since it's my first time using Falcon Pro, but it seems quite an advance for me :)+1
Jordan York1 year ago
+Monty Lov YES! That was the missing step for me and took care of the stupid date/time issue. Didn't think having organizational info in there would make a diff since it said it's optional. Thanks a million, man! Loving this app!+1
david Adeniyi1 year ago
Great job man
+Vicky Db Curious. It worked well for me ! But as I said earlier,I had a simple Twitter app, used for posting to Twitter from mobile, something built for fun. Used the consumer keys and secrets from that. It's over a year old, perhaps new restrictions are now in place
Outhman BADISSI1 year ago
Hi, first thanks for the app +Joaquim Verges, awesome work !
For those who are still searching for the secret : touch and shake.
For those who have time and date issue : verify that you have entered the right keys, that your app have all the permissions, and that you created an access token.
Have fun !
Herbert Enser1 year ago
nice :) thanks for the update, but unfortunately i had to switch to "Awesome Tweets" :D ;)
Koby Lev1 year ago
very nice,  tought I liked the Instapaper Mobilizer more :)
Vicky DB1 year ago
+Lakshmi Narayanan Gurumurthy Never mind, I'm happy now using Falcon Pro :)
Felix Stumpf1 year ago
+Joaquim Verges I bought Falcon Pro, but wanted to find this trick. Very nice!! Thanks :D
Elio Campitelli1 year ago
Damn! My phone has a small screen and the app doesn't scroll thus I cannot see anything below the consumer key. :(
Timothy Pickett1 year ago
I have tried to install the APK many times, but keep getting a out of space error. I had lots of space to begin with, but I went ahead, and removed a tons of unused apps without it helping. I continue to have the out of space error no matter what I do. I don't even have very many apps on my phone anymore from making room. Its a galaxy nexus, and lots of space. Any ideas?
Is it just me or is down?
Outhman BADISSI1 year ago
Just you, next time "Down or just me" Giyf. ;) +1
Weird. Well, atleast I added 2.0.4 to my Dropbox.
Joel Johnson1 year ago
I am getting an error after setting up my new twitter app.  The error said to make your date/time settings are correct (automatic from network).  I have no clue what that is referencing.
Joel Johnson1 year ago
Never mind, I was missing a letter.
Dominic Fabian1 year ago
I getting an error make your date/time settings are correct (automatic from network). How do I fix this? Can someone help me!!!!! 
Joel Johnson1 year ago
Make sure you copy and paste correctly. I was missing a few letters and/or numbers. After that it worked great.
I'm getting a "Time/date" error when logging in. Says I have to check my date/time settings (Network default). Why is that? I already set my time to network default but, I still can't log in =(
Elio Campitelli1 year ago
Yep. Same problem here. :\
subhan nugraha1 year ago
my bad, didn't follow your instructions, after i filled "callback url" ,it works like a charm
thanx sir :)
Elio Campitelli1 year ago
Yep. That was my problem too. :D
Problem solved. Callback URL was missing, that's what was returning an error. 
Tony McDonald1 year ago
I've never used Falcon Pro before today, but after going through the super secret handshake (thanks to this thread... cut/paste are your friend when dealing with ambiguous characters) I intend to use it like crazy. I also snagged a copy of Falcon for Twitter (Donate). Thanks +Joaquim Verges 
Kol Tregaskes1 year ago
+Joaquim Verges I think I have this working, or least I have the profile page saying "loading profile" which is better than 30mins ago.  Either way these are better instructions here:
After pasting the api key and the secret also if i press on log in it says error set your time to automatic eventhough my time setting are auto please fix