Alan Cox
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They seem to have made me an honorary fellow, although in truth a little bit of this really belongs to everyone who I've worked with on patches, reporting bugs and making Linux great. Thats a lot of people!

(Fortunately all photos of me in the cap & gown have been suppressed so far !)
Alek Grigorian1 year ago
Well deserved +Alan Cox +2
Paul Newport1 year ago
I fully expect the uncensored cap and gown pictures to surface soon. Congrats. I finally work at a place where I used Linux on my main development box, haven't used Windows for 4 months now. Sure i'm running some of your code everyday - thanks !+2
Hans Wolters1 year ago
I still like the days where I downloaded kernel sources and patched them with your usb patches.

Edd Turtle1 year ago
Great to see you at graduation, feel ashamed to have not heard of you until today. Keep up the good work :)
Hey congratulations!+1
Jon Disnard1 year ago
Congrats Alan.
Tim Cuthbertson1 year ago
Rich Boakes1 year ago
Kurt Garloff1 year ago
Daniel Kelly1 year ago
Congratulations well deserved :)
Mhd Sulhan1 year ago
You deserved it, sir.

And thank you.
Paolo Borsa1 year ago
Congratulations +Alan Cox . Is that written in Welsh?+1
Andrew Price1 year ago
Rather a lovely gesture. What font is that? :)
Lee Ball1 year ago
+Andrew Price looks handwritten to me.+1
James Salsman1 year ago
/waits for someone to question the authenticity because of the calligraphy

+Paolo Borsa the black is Welsh and the red is English
Homer Slated1 year ago
Sven Guckes1 year ago
Alan Cox++
congratulations! :-)
Paolo Borsa1 year ago
+James Salsman thanks for the info

Have to say, it's nice to see quality calligraphy again!
Felicitaciones = 
Pat Le Cat1 year ago
+Alan Cox Who is "they" the lords of the ring??
Ulf Hofemeier1 year ago
Congrats Alan!
Georg Greve1 year ago
Congratulations, Alan!
Dirk Brandewie1 year ago
Congrats Alan!! You are awesome man..indeed..
Daniel Veillard1 year ago
Shall we call you 'Doctor' yet ? ;-)
J.O. Aho1 year ago
Llongyfarch Alan.
(not sure how grammar works in Welsh and you never know with google translate).
Frank Küsel1 year ago
Congratulations! This is well deserved!  ..and you'll have to share at least one photo with gown. :-)
Patrick Bulteel1 year ago
I expected a picture with Red Hat and gown ;-)+1
Rajeesh K V1 year ago
Congratulations, Alan!

(Oh, that calligraphy is so beautiful... is that a font or handwritten?)
renas boy1 year ago
Congrats man, you deserve it!
Mark Einon1 year ago
Congratulations! Free degrees are awesome, almost as awesome as free software!
+Mark Einon :) but jokes apart ...Alan is kind of person everyone involved in Linux  want to be like that...I meant to say the knowledge he holds..probably only Andrew Morton match with him..they both true alrounder and knows almost everything ..yep everything about linux kernel and their works reflect that.An inspiration to every other people in linux he greatly deserve that...may be more then that...I know you know all this..every one knows this..but still a reminder...he is a man to look for when the real crisis come...

This all said with my little understanding of him..not personally..correct me ...
Gert Doering1 year ago
Alan, congratulations :-)
Dave Cridland1 year ago
For he's a jolly good honorary fellow,
For he's a jolly good honorary fellow,
For he's a jolly good honorary felloooooow!
And so say all of them.
David Corking1 year ago
About time too. Well deserved!
David Mason1 year ago
Congratulations Alan! That's some impressive calligraphy to hang on the wall
Thanks to you Linux is what is is today, enjoy.
Well deserved. Surely. :-)
Modesty become you, Alan ;-) Congratulations!