Wil Wheaton
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I played #fatecore  for the first time when I was at #gencon , and I just loved it. It's the first system I've ever played that felt alive, rather than a static collection of rules. I highly recommend it.

First Impressions: "Fate Core" Roleplaying Game
Michael McMullan3 years ago
I saw yesterday that someone ran a game with Cards Against Humanity providing all the aspects. Yikes.+15
Ryan M. Danks3 years ago
It's a great game system. I've been hacking it like crazy for superheroes, steampunk and Star Wars on my website ( +2
Faye Mariama3 years ago
Alan Olsen3 years ago
Have you played "Mayan Calendar"? It is the next on my game buy list. Looks real cool. I like the moving board mechanism.
Sergio Le Roux3 years ago
I participated on the Kickstarter and got my signed books, managed to play by post a bit and loved it. Can't wait to play my first live game!+1
Daniel Taylor3 years ago
An absolute dream of an RPG system, flexible and clever.  Highly recommended for all your oddball campaign ideas, along with its FATE ancestors - especially Dresden Files and Lady Blackbird.

(Although for sheer instant aliveness I actually think Fiasco and Microscope beat it slightly.)
Fred Hicks3 years ago
Thanks for the praise, Wil! We're super proud of this new iteration of Fate over here at Evil Hat. :)+23
Isaac Sher3 years ago
Tagging +Fred Hicks, I think he'd like to see this.  :)+1
I've been playing the heck out of the slimmed down Fate Accelerated Edition also from Evil Hat.  I highly recommend it for quick pick up and play. +4
Playing with my FATE group tonight! :D+1
Fred Hicks3 years ago
+Isaac Sher Indeed I have. :) Thanks!+3
+Fred Hicks  ninja powers strike again.  B-)
Ben Dowdle3 years ago
#fatecore for the win. I love this system so powerful and flexable truly a great system for telling stories.
Ryan Macklin3 years ago
Leonard Balsera3 years ago
Thanks, Wil. +6
Timothy Barth3 years ago
We've been having a lot of fun with our Dresden Files game as set in Tidewater Virginia, exploring how the military interacts with the supernatural. It really is a great story system. +1
Todd Zircher3 years ago
FAE has become my go-to game when I want to explore new settings.+1
David Messer3 years ago
I wish it would work for TableTop. I don't think RPGs would fit the TableTop format very well though.
Fred Hicks3 years ago
It can be done. Might take some deliberate design choices in the scenario, but it's not insurmountable.+2
Adam Goldberg3 years ago
[Will used RAPPORT to create the aspect "Seal of Approval" on the game. Evil Hat studios can invoke it for +2 to their next resources roll. ]+8
Dean Gilbert3 years ago
They've already done the Dragon Age RPG on TableTop.

I'd love to see them get all the Firefly actors together to play the Firefly RPG.  And have them play different characters.  Adam Baldwin playing Kaylee would rock.
Gene Warren3 years ago
So for people who've played #fatecore , if I'm running other FATE games (SotC etc) would this benefit them?
James R3 years ago
Having been in enough fast paced Fate con games, I think it would work on TT no problem.

+Gene Warren it would benefit them quite a lot with understanding the philosophy behind the game as long as they knew that there are certain mechanical actions that are different in Fate Core (although they have analogues in the other games for the most part).
Fred Hicks3 years ago
Lots of folks over on the Fate Core G+ community who'd be willing to help you sort out that question too, +Gene Warren 

As far as Tabletop goes, I know you can go through full character creation and at least an initial scene or two with Fate Accelerated in an hour-ish. Skip the character creation and I bet you could get in a fair amount of play.
Bryan Brake3 years ago
+Fred Hicks great... wheaton likes it now... guess the hipsters will be out on it now ;)
Fred Hicks3 years ago
+Bryan Brake Maybe... but they probably never heard of it.+3
Lisa Padol3 years ago
Talk to +Scott Acker about how to start with partial pregens you can combine very quickly, and customize, if desired. That's how his game worked at #gencon.+1
James R3 years ago
Played an awesome trilogy of Fate Star Wars episodes using pregens. Works great! The scenarios were well suited to the time constraints and things kept moving. Lots of light saber duels and struggling against dark side temptations.
Phillip Schmidt3 years ago
+Wil Wheaton Hey man other than star trek what would you suggest for a good sci fi rpg in the same style as this one?
Ron Waldon3 years ago
Some of the character sheet stuff is quite similar to World of Darkness 2. Although, I don't think White Wolf ever intended games with humans and vampires to be balanced, unlike in Fate Core.
David Goodwin3 years ago
I've said this before, but I think Fate actually makes for great television. The visible stuff on the table is mostly Aspects and fate points, and they actually illustrate the dramatic nature of an RPG - as opposed to miniatures, which illustrate the tactical side. Also, there's always a moment of drama when the GM jots down an Aspect and throws it out there - "Ceiling Collapsing" or "Totally Loves You Guys" - and everyone groans.

Of course, you need a GM with excellent handwriting.
Danny Harms3 years ago
Looks good, glad to see you had a good time with it and made such a big impression on you.
Wayne Peacock3 years ago

Dave Peterson3 years ago
one thing I do like about it is the malleability of the system to adhere to almost any setting you can think of. We had just finished watching an anime called Redline a couple weeks prior. So one night, a buddy came up with some mechanics for a over the top racing scenario using the fate core system. It's very versatile.
Jay Cie3 years ago
A little late to the party Wheaton. (Looks at shelf with collection of fate games including Fate Core.) (BULLDOGS!!!)
Cam Banks3 years ago
Wil Wheaton3 years ago
+David Goodwin "The visible stuff on the table is mostly Aspects and fate points, and they actually illustrate the dramatic nature of an RPG - as opposed to miniatures, which illustrate the tactical side."

Yes! This. As I've gotten older, the story has completely overtaken the combat for me. I am starting to resent tactical minis messing up my RPGs.
David Goodwin3 years ago
It's what I love about Fate! The story elements become tactical, and vice-versa. It lets the social and dramatic elements be part of the tactical landscape, making them accessible to more traditional gamers like myself. Inigo Montoya would be a great Fate character. +1
Clark Valentine3 years ago
Thanks for trying our game and for the kind words, Wil! I'm really glad you like it. I had a great time playing with you and the rest of the gang. +4
Chuck Durfee3 years ago
Since you like Fate, of which I'm a huge fan, I recommend also exploring one of the Powered by the Apocalypse games such as Dungeon World. I find the roleplaying styles expressed by these two engines to be quite harmonious. For example, GM moves inform how I gamemaster Fate, and the Fate Fractal informs how I compose scenarios for *W games.+1
Mankcam3 years ago
I really love the FATE Core game mechanics and also the simplified FATE Accelerated mechanics. Its got to be one of the best systems out there! 
Gareth Lazelle3 years ago
Maybe an opportunity for another Tabletop RPG episode?+1
Tabletop RPG with FATE would be a dream!
Alle the visual elements should work nicely. The scene and character aspects can very good be edited in as visual clues and the dice are so easy to read you don't have to zoom much in.
And I would care to wager that a Evil Hat guy would GM for you as well :D
Maria Day3 years ago
Thank you for the recommendation, Wil. I've been "shopping" for a flexible gaming system, one that I might want to become a GM in. This is very intriguing and I'm now doing some research on it.+2
Wayne Robitaille3 years ago
Are you a fan of the novel's of The Dresden Files? Cause the RPG of it is based on fate and it's a Great system+1
Maria Day3 years ago
+Wayne Robitaille, yes I have read all of the Harry Dresden books. Interesting idea. Cheers.
Nathaniel Harty3 years ago
Going to play some Fate today actually. I agree, it's a great system. 
Ben Duchac3 years ago
Have you played Dungeon World? The ultimate living RPG I think, for both new and experienced people. Demands imagination rather than a calculator.
McKay Marston3 years ago
+Wayne Robitaille I love the Dresden Files and am intrigued by the fate system. Can I start with just the Dresden volume 1 book, or do I need to pick up the Fate Core book, too?
Cam Banks3 years ago
+McKay Marston Almost all Fate games are standalone, including Dresden Files.+1
McKay Marston3 years ago
+Cam Banks Excellent. Thanks!
Thomas Giles3 years ago
Sounds cool. I've never played an RPG before. How easy would it be to pick up and learn? Or are there any other cheap, quick, and fun RPGs you'd recommend for a newcomer?
Zachary Martin3 years ago
Great game system
Anton Sweeney3 years ago
+Thomas Giles , it's really quite easy, depending on the game you settle on.  For a "story" driven RPG game like Fate, it's really a case of all of the players reading through the rules once or twice (or one of the players explaining it to the others), finding an adventure to run, and just going for it.  

A more number-crunchy, combat-oriented game like Dungeons & Dragons means a bit more note-taking, maybe - but then D&D also has very simple introductory versions of the game available, and you can move on to more advanced versions later.

Maybe visit a friendly local games store and see what's available, what they recommend, what sounds interesting to you.  And/or do some research beforehand - search through Wil's Tabletop channel on YouTube and have a look at episodes where they play different RPGs to see what takes your fancy.
Mike Loftus3 years ago
Try Dungeon World or Numenera as well. Both Terrific! I still need to try Fiasco on your recommendation.
Jay Cie3 years ago
+Thomas Giles Fate is very simple. Roll 4 6 sided dice (special dice are available but any die with 6 sides work) 1 or 2 subtract 1 from the roll 3 or 4 add 0 5 or 6 add 1. Higher better. That's the absolute basics. To read more, no commitment. My purple haired friend has a pay what you like thing going on. Here is a link to the free abbreviated pdf form evilhat,

Other simple systems that have a free version or test drive rules.

Savage worlds: generic system with alot of settings:

Engine Heart: slightly crunch game about tiny robots (WALL-E the game):
Gareth Lazelle3 years ago
Or FATE Core is available as a free download from the Evil Hat website:
Luenardi De Polo3 years ago
Yo dude.. i know off topic.
But i like your style dude.
Keep it up.
Alex Trépanier3 years ago
+Wil Wheaton , you must play Apocalypse World. You must.+1
Candace E3 years ago
I love Fate Core and Dresdernm.
Maria Day3 years ago
+Anton Sweeney thanks for the very helpful explanation of how Fate Core works as opposed to D&D. I like knowing about the different gaming systems.
Ben Monroe3 years ago
Something I've been thinking about lately, is the "pick-up game" aspect of Fate. I'd really like to try it out by using a Fiasco play set as a quick and dirty framework. Bonus is that the Fiasco play set practically hands you all the Fate PC Aspects.

I think it'd be an absolutely tremendous match.
Chuck Charbeneau3 years ago
Backed it. Love it.
Jay Cie3 years ago
+Bela Kampis What? Alot of system use D6's because they are common. Most people even non games can scrounge up enough dice to play shadowrun. But there are some inattentive systems out there. There are D10 systems, some with dice pools and some with single rolls. D100 systems. The Ubiquity engine works off any randomize with an even number or special d8 that replicate the odds of 1, 2, and 3 D2s. Systems that use cards. A new one to look at is Fortune's Fool which uses a tarot. Hell there is even a system that uses a Jenga tower. The number of systems that just use D6s is actually quite low when you thing of it.

There's just a trend away from D20 systems do to WOTC's making their the D20 system open to everyone and a ton of people using it. It became over used and people fought back.
Fil Baldowski3 years ago
I love the fate system, I'm a newbie at RPG and it's helped me to enjoy the games. Nice simple YES/NO answer to the dice roll instead of figuring out which geometrical shaped dice to roll :-O - Hubby even adapted a Hollowpoint scenario with it- Hobbit Point lol.
Jay Cie3 years ago
Fate dice are an option now too.

They is pretty.
Chris Burian2 years ago
Haven't played FATE, but love Dresden Files RPG, which I believe is pretty close to it and I love it.
Jay Cie2 years ago
+Andrell Laniewicz Character creation is pretty fast considering that by the end you should have a character not just a list of stats.