John Harper
1 year agoPublic
The Seclusium of Orphone of the Three Visions in which are perils and treasure both material and obscure, made vulnerable to incursion by her imprisonment in the subrealm Paume is super fucking cool, you guys.

(thanks, +Vincent Baker)

The Seclusium of Orphone of the Three Visions - Lamentations of the Flame Princess |
John Harper1 year ago
"For wizards, the crucial attribute of a book is not its written text. When a wizard writes a book of magic, he creates or summons a magical creature or impulse and by the ceremony of writing words binds it into the book. The sole intent and purpose of this plasmic entity is to teach the wizard’s art to the student."+3
Judd Karlman1 year ago
It is really cool.
Ed Heil1 year ago
Why do I not own this yet?  Time to fix that.+1
Ed Heil1 year ago
And I bought it and the download fails with a "contact us and tell us your download failed" link and the "contact us" link goes to a blank page.  Fucking
Ed Heil1 year ago
Submitted a help request; hopefully it will all be fixed presently.
Vincent Baker1 year ago
Thanks! I'm glad you like it!
Larry Lade1 year ago
It's really very good. I've been meaning to gush about it.
Daniel Lofton1 year ago
Excellent work, +Vincent Baker. WIZVRD!
Charlton Wilbur1 year ago
It's brilliant.  I bought it out of curiosity more than anything else, but by the time I'd finished reading the first dozen pages I was trying to figure out which of my commie story-game playing friends would most appreciate something run in a fascist Old School style.+1
Ralph Mazza1 year ago
Super cool unless you're Zak S and get insanely jealous over the favorable comparisons to Vornheim and then have to shit on it to the accolades of his OSR fan club.+1
Charlton Wilbur1 year ago
Fortunately, despite my rich fantasy life, I neither am nor play RPGs with porn stars. +1
Sean Dunstan1 year ago
I honestly wish that more modules were written like this.
Ed Heil1 year ago
Yay RPGNow fixed things and I got my copy.  :-D :-D+1