Mike Elgan
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Samsung and Qualcomm fail to launch the smartwatch revolution.

Everybody's been waiting for the smartwatch revolution to begin:

Samsung announced this week their Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Qualcomm also announced a smartwatch called the Toq.

Press and pundits are treating these new entrants as the beginning of the revolution. But they're not. They're throwback, unserious relics from the past. They will both fail in the market. And they don't represent the awesome smartwatch lineup to come.

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Sure did. That thing is ugly.. The Nissan watch looked 100x better+2
Omer Sheikh3 years ago
Oh well, Apple will have to do this too!+2
B Powell3 years ago
Yea wasn't at all impressed with the design or UI of this phone. If anything I thought the camera placement was decent! But overall, not worth the asking price....+3
I'm having a hard time figuring out what advantage a smart watch would hold over present day smart phones. Looks bulky for a watch, less powerful and it's not like someone would get rid of their phone for it.+6
Douglas McMillan3 years ago
I just got a Pebble watch and absolutely love it. If you have the opportunity, grab one as soon as you can.+2
Jason Kruger3 years ago
Completely agree. That's why I am looking forward to my +Omate TrueSmart arriving next month. Standalone and great specs for a smartwatch. How could the big guys not see a trend with Android on smaller, low power devices? Would you do a write up about low power wearables that have cel modems in them?
Tom Rich3 years ago
Samsung wins the 2013 award for ugliest piece of technology.+5
Oli F.3 years ago
That happens when companys want to be the FIRST before Apple. Samsung launched her watch in a big hurry. That's the result. It sucks....+3
Isn't it too early to conclude? I mean the thing isn't even out yet and there isn't even a single review unit. I'll reserve my judgement a month later after release. And yes I'll be buying a Galaxy Gear. I don't want to bad mouth it without having any first hand experience using it. +1
Eli Amler3 years ago
Charging your phone at the end of the day is bearable, but your watch?  No ways.

I heard the pebble has a week battery life, and I would have to say that would be the acceptable limit... anything less is no no imho.
Amritanshu Kumar3 years ago
Then there's a smart-watch by Nissan, yea the automobile company.
here's the link:
Nissan Nismo Smartwatch | Engadget
Lance Burkhardt3 years ago
It'll be a few more years before this really takes off.
Zac Lowing3 years ago
When apple comes out with it's iWatch, people will bust a nut.
Steve Gundill3 years ago
Blackberry had a working prototype smart watch years ago. But people never took to it.
+Jason Kruger me too. Getting the dev edition with ram upgrade.+2
christian wilson3 years ago
Hopefully whatever +Google comes up with is better than this Samsung watch.+3
Timothy Collins3 years ago
Seems kinda larger to me... Which is the exact problems I have foreseen when it came to smartwatches - they are too big and their apps are too limited.

I mean, heck - why not just strap a iPhone to your wrist at this point?
Keith Carmichael3 years ago
LOL!  +Ernest Marvin Esteban, your hearing a bunch of fanboys trying to down the best thing on the market cause it isn't apple (again)!  Don't let the propaganda they push fool you.
Mike Elgan3 years ago
+christian wilson Google bought a smartwatch company a year ago and that watch was ALREADY better than the Samsung Galaxy Gear. The Google watch is gonna be good. +5
Eli Amler3 years ago
+christian wilson hate to say it, but when it comes to design, Samsung is a follower and not a leader.  Others will come out with better design and eventually samsung will be able to come up with something more inline with what people actually want... IF they calm down on the bells and whistles.
Vitali Kloster3 years ago
Why is it flat and not curving with the curvature of  a person's wrist? It looks pretty weird as of now.
Ryan Evans3 years ago
+Oli Fritz I wonder if this is the result of the aggressive lawsuits Apple has been using against Samsung (and others). There's such a desire to push something into the market first in order to show prior art so that Apple can't patent and then prevent anyone from competing...+3
Mike Elgan3 years ago
Corning's Willow Glass, which is for touch screens and curvable, won't be ready until next year. 
Ivano Forgione3 years ago
people still fail to understand that this was no first, smartwatches have been made, by Sony among others, for two years now. And Samsung fails to innovate here. I don't expect Apple to do any better. +1
Hussain Ahmadi3 years ago
I am not big on smart watches, but the Sony smart watch can support any strap as long it's 24 mm, the standard size. That's a cool style point.
+Keith Carmichael it's just weird how people can conclude that it will suck without even having first hand experience with it. Heck, there is not even a single review about the gear. I used to think Android sucks but having to experience it myself I realized how wrong I was. +3
Timothy Collins3 years ago
You know, I was just thinking... you know what could be cool? Actual wearable computers - not glasses or watches but computers that are embedded in our clothes. Think about it - a smart watch type idea embedded in the cuff of your shirt or a GPS unit embedded in your belt that told you which way to go by way of vibration ("Turn left" would become a vibration on the left side of the belt in other words)...
David Perez3 years ago
I agree.
Keith Carmichael3 years ago
I agree with +Mike Elgan that the watch is kinda old news though.  I don't really think a watch could replace my smartphone and I certainly wouldn't want to get rid of my connection to the planet!  (I say this, but you should know I don't wear watches)  
Oguz Okur3 years ago
Time for a smart ring i guess...+1
P. Berghege3 years ago
I just love a watch that is stylish and customizable. Don't think a second (smart) screen for a phone could be that usable.

Love what Qualcomm did with the battery. Good thinking.
John Jenkins3 years ago
Everyone is crying out for a new device to take the world by storm and the industry and consumers think it's a smart watch.  Everyone got rid of the watch once smart phones came out, now were going to get rid of the smart phone because of a smart watch?  NOT!+2
Hartley Spurlock3 years ago
+Emmett Lollis the smart watch should be a dumb device with tons of sensors. Heart rate, respiration, body temp, if big enough, even blood pressure. Even non body sensors like GPS, barometer, and voice sensors. Use it like you would a Bluetooth receiver in your car. Display notifications from your phone. It doesn't have to be on your wrist. A dumb Google glass could work the same way. Let your phone do the heavy lifting, and let your wearable devices do the reading. (Or in Glass' case, displaying). Imagine a smart watch with a gyroscope, and Glass. You now have Minority Report interface. It would also help on the upgrade problem. All your dumb devices will still work with your new phone, without having to upgrade each device. Only reason to upgrade the wearable device is if more wireless bandwidth would be needed or for fashion/style purposes.+3
Eli Amler3 years ago
+Ernest Marvin Esteban thats true, however, this is FUGLY, its massive compared to a normal watch and has a reported 10hr battery life....  Just that alone cancels any positives it might bring.  Plus, there are already alternatives out there as people have been saying.
jason v3 years ago
I am not excited about any watch. +1
muhammad afzal3 years ago
+Eli Amler looks is very subjective. I actually like the design. Not the best but it's a lot better than what I currently have. Lol. 

Report says battery life is somewhere 20-25 hours. I don't mind charging it every night since I usually remove my watch before going to bed. 
Eli Amler3 years ago
+Ernest Marvin Esteban ok, take away the looks, would you really use a watch that can't even last the day?  (if reports on the battery life are to be believed)
Andrew Atkins3 years ago
Tacky rubbish
Timothy Collins3 years ago
I'm also suspicious of how useful a camera on a watch could be. I mean... shooting a picture seems like it would require arm placement in strange ways (Or just taking the watch off and using it that way). I am sure that some people will adapt to it well but I just picture groups of people gesticulating wildly to take pictures...
+Eli Amler again if Samsung is to be believed, regular usage will make the gear last 20 hours+. I usually remove my watch before going to sleep so charging it together w/ my phone while I'm sleeping is a non-issue+1
Mike Elgan3 years ago
+Timothy Collins I want a video camera for hangouts facing out from the watch, like Dick Tracy. 
Timothy Collins3 years ago
+Ernest Marvin Esteban Yes, and Samsung thinks that regular usage of my phone will make it last for more than 24 hours... but apparently me and every other normal humans beings "Normal usage" differs from what they think.
Edgar Michel3 years ago
I am not the biggest fan of watches. I will not be buying a "smartwatch". However, I have to give prompts to Samsung for trying. They are not scare to try and that's what making them what they are. That's what Apple will never have. They are afraid to get out of the bubble. They did do it when they first launched the iPhone, although  they knew that the market was waiting for that smart device. +2
+Timothy Collins my note can last 3 days. So what's your problem? Lol+1
Timothy Collins3 years ago
+Ernest Marvin Esteban My Samsung Galaxy s3 lasts about 12 hours with the way I use it. Because I actually, you know, use it rather than just having it in airplane mode the entire time.
Until they can operate completely independently from phones, I'm still not convinced that a smart watch will be good for anything other than glancing at notifications, and maybe the occasional reply via voice. Anything more complex than that and you might as well have pulled your phone out your pocket - it's just as distracting. Would be happy to be proven wrong.
+Timothy Collins so is that your problem? 12 hours is pretty good already when HTC phones barely lasts 4 hours. Lol. +1
Eli Amler3 years ago
+Ernest Marvin Esteban so this might be one for you.  Unfortunately I always take the battery life manufacturers give and half for real world conditions... usually more realist that way.

I haven't worn a watch in years, and this is definitely not something that would entice be back.  Apples offer would probably ONLY be for iphones, so it rules that out as well.

But then thats the glory of the android type ecosystem... different strokes for different folks. 
Timothy Collins3 years ago
+Ernest Marvin Esteban It's perfectly fine. It is not, however, as perfectly fine as Samsung's promo materials try to claim, which is my point about the Samsung promo materials about this watch.
Ken Bonilla3 years ago
I Don't think it's too big, per se, it really just needs to be curved glass to fit right.

I'll get a smart watch once the tech improves. Be nice to not have to whip out the phone to check a notification or to do a simple Google voice search with the phone off my choosing.

Obviously this is not the watch for me, but I'm excited by the possibility of smart watches.

You're right, this watch is doomed from the gate.
Christophe Bobda3 years ago
Got it, they're not Apple, the pundit would be praising any shit from Apple as revolution
+Timothy Collins and again, we still don't know how battery will perform. If it indeed will last 20 hours a day, that is already a very impressive battery life for a watch that can do so much things. I'll just reserve my judgement after the first reviews come out. +1
Timothy Collins3 years ago
+Ernest Marvin Esteban You are correct - we don't know. We do know, however, that corporate PR people tend to take best case scenarios and call them "Normal Usage", to what Samsung says will be the battery life if probably about twice as long as what it really will be.+1
I agree, while these smartwatches will sell, they aren't selling hundreds of thousands.  Maybe next year will start the watch revolution.
+Timothy Collins I just hope Samsung is being honest. I like the gear and I want to have one. I want its features. I hope I won't get disappointed. 
Timothy Collins3 years ago
+Ernest Marvin Esteban If Samsung (or any company touting tech specs) is honest anytime soon, then it will be one of the signs of the apocalypse.+2
Eli Amler3 years ago
+Franklin Morrison personally i think this is the cusp of Wearable computing with the smartphone as the main PC.

Think of having flexible screens on your sleeves etc, thats where these watches are going, and we are still in the baby step process.
Tom Jahnsen3 years ago
Gadzooks that's horrible.  I'm waiting for e-ink or e-paper, like Pebble, but smaller... no larger than a standard watch.  This looks like someone's 1985 vision of  a watch-based computer. 

+Hartley Spurlock Yes... sensors galore, simple, idiot proof interface on the watch itself.  Audio/video capture  eventually bluetoothed to my phone would be cool.  In other words, snap it/record/capture and deal with it elsewhere (on a different device). 

I don't need to see color, video or anything other than numbers + simple text on a watch face.
Pandu Poluan3 years ago
Well said, +Sowande Brown-Lawson !+1
javier miguens3 years ago
The problem that most smart watch makers have is that they are missing the whole point of why one would want a smart watch. It's about basic functionality and convenience not gimmicks (I'm especially looking at you Samsung). It should be a basic non-intrusive device that works with your phone instead of simulating a full phone on your wrist. We don't need a shitty camera or a lot of the useless Crap they add. That's the whole point of having a phone that does that! The watch shouldn't vibrate or beep for notifications. Something like the moto x active display would be perfect. The phone will notify you and then you can easily check out dismiss it on your wrist. It should be all about convenience and ease without sacrificing battery life. I don't want to constantly have to look for a charger for my phone and watch constantly. You don't need crazy specs. If anything the bare minimum to run Google now for quick searches and the ability to reply to a text. Keep it simple and clean. This has the added benefit of also being able to price it cheap. The biggest profit margin can be to work with designers for interchangeable wrist straps. Accessories are huge for profit margins so why would you leave that out? It is a fashion accessory as much as a tech device and you cannot forget that.

I'm hoping google/Motorola get it right because if not apple's minimalistic and simple design has the possibility of coming late in the game and dominating. They already inadvertently pulled it off with the nano. The only thing missing was blue tooth. But they've proved that lately they're happier following trends then setting them.
Pandu Poluan3 years ago
True, +Sowande Brown-Lawson . And doing anything for an extended period of time on a watch (e.g., playing games) is very tiring.

Plus, even though I'm right-handed, I wear my watch on my right wrist. So I'm totally disinclined to do anything requiring dexterity on the smartwatch.
Giles Crouch3 years ago
I'm not sure anyone will really "launch" this gut tells me this won't be a huge thing...Sony has had a watch out for over a year and it hasn't done anything. Apple will, if they are working on this, have to pull out a stunner product. These companies have hyped themselves out of the market by building up too much expectations.+1
Eli Amler3 years ago
+Giles Crouch actually microsoft/casio had one ages ago that read the flicker of the screen to upload data.  Can't remember the name of it.

But, I would disagree with +Mike Elgan , this is PART of the revolution.  It startled as a trickle a while back, but when the BIG companies start getting involved, its a sign of that the revolution has began.

Samsung did it before with the Note devices.. now tons of companies have "Big Arse" phones.
Tony Valentino3 years ago
For these devices to take off, they must be more than just a second screen.  They've got to either provide some new functionality or make existing functionality work better.  I don't see that in these initial products, but maybe future generations.+1
Andrew Bagsic3 years ago
+Mike Elgan What do you think of the new +Nissan Nismo smartwatch? I'd love to see something similar from +Google +1
Rob Mellor3 years ago
The whole "smartwatch revolution" is just marketing trying to dictate where technology "should" be going next rather than following the usage trends of tech.
Many people here all see the issues of the "smart watch".. They are inferior to a phone in every way. In fact I stopped wearing a watch back round 2001 when I realised that my phone had a clock on it.
Why would I go backwards?
The only reason to wear a watch these days is fashion.
Not because its the greatest timekeeping mechanism.

I think glass has a better chance of being a game changer, but being that I haven't played with them, I can't say for sure.
Michael Dopp3 years ago
There is no evidence yet that anyone has the technology developed to a point which allows for these watches to be small enough not to stand out as bulky and still provide any degree of 'smart' functionality.
I think the Qualcomm unit is actually pretty clever in that they moved the battery to the clasp area to keep the body of the watch itself smaller. Also the mirasol screen tech seems well placed in such a device. Finally the wireless charging setup looked very well thought out. I thought it a really impressive offering for a company which is not usually building direct consumer products.
The reality is that we might still be several years off from the tech being ready to build the product people actually want.
+Mike Elgan Why bother even mentioning Toq? It was just a technology demo for Mirasol and will likely never see a single sale. That being said, it is awesome technology that I wish some smartwatch will eventually incorporate. Between this and Qualcomm's recent Envelope Tracking LTE chips, full featured smartwatch are starting to look more promising.
Olivier Malinur3 years ago
One simple advice to Qualcomm: RENAME THE DEVICE for the french speaking markets.
"C'est du toc" is a very common expression to say, it's cheap, low quality goods.
^^^ LOL!
Jerry Ham3 years ago
Everybody's been waiting? No, a bunch of tech pundits have been waiting and speculating and driving ad hits based on the speculation. We'll see how many actual consumers have any interest. Most folks probably have a lot more interest in better quantified self devices than they do in oversized watches that must be charged all the time and provide very little useful functionality. We'll see...
Brian Paone3 years ago
Let me put it like this: Do mainstream techies still rock the "calculator watch"? 


Michael Meehan3 years ago
Couldn't agree more. This seems like a fishing trip for Samsung and Qualcomm, where they get a product out in the wild to learn more about how customers respond to various features. I doubt either company expects a lot of revenue from these devices.
Brian Paone3 years ago
+Sowande Brown-Lawson, there's no way in hell I'm going to even try texting on that thing. I'd have to whittle my fingernails into styli.

You have fun with that. 
Nishit Dave3 years ago
I'd love a flexible (futuristic) OLED wrist band (not more than 1" wide) scrolling information I need up its length. I don't need to watch photos or videos on it, just a ticker.

Also, if it could run on body heat, that would be just great.
Brian Paone3 years ago
Oh, joy, so now my texts can be overheard? That's totally great and not at all annoying! Because everyone wants to hear me compose texts in public, I'm sure. :-)
Matthew Robinson3 years ago
I couldn't disagree more! This is just the Motorola DynaTAC all over again. Yes, it's too big, too angular, and too clunky to be a long-term success. But we didn't launch men to the moon the first time into space, either. This is just an early, ugly version of what will someday be a huge part of the market. I'm not sure why anyone would expect this to be a bigger market than, say, bluetooth headsets, though. I don't think anyone needs these to replace the mobile phone, right?
Matthew Robinson3 years ago
Oh, and +Timothy Collins , I believe the camera is front-facing for video calling.
sara padilla3 years ago
quiero uno de esos
Translated from Spanish|Original
Rob McLaren3 years ago
 +Mike Elgan   why can't one of these companies develop a "self winding" watch? They worked real well and it seems too simple maybe, but the battery issue is unacceptable to me. Old technology for a new problem.
Timothy Collins3 years ago
+Matthew Robinson I suppose that there is a use for that... Not for me, though. I mean, NOBODY wants my ugly face on their monitor, plus the fact that one does have to have a connection to do video calls....

4G would be perfect for that connection. Except for the problem that most carriers put a data limit on their 4G networks that would require paying more to exceed... so, basically, what that feature does is spend a lot of money .
Bogdan Ștefan3 years ago
That's the reason for which I am staying away from them until next year.
Wheeler Weise3 years ago
That's what was originally said about the iPad...
Olivier Malinur3 years ago
+Sowande Brown-Lawson , first people are not often keen to leave other hear their SMS or posts. Second, in an office, it will soon become a hell. Third, just for fun use voice to do this:

"Adewale, this is Sowande. Tell your sister I will come to her house in Amuwo Odofin and she better stop her wahala"

Good luck... Please, be honest and show us what you got without correction. I will show you what a fellow nigerian got...

Just to show that the voice system are very heavily relying on a very standard set of vocabulary and locations. Even in french setting, the results are very poor. Which is very different from the script stylus recognition of Samsung which is excellent.
Trevor Brown3 years ago
I was definitely disappointed in the Gear, I could tell instantly that it wouldn't do well based on the stats and lack of features, but then I learned it only works for the Note II... and I realized it's hardly worth even mentioning it any longer. It's just a POS, overpriced accessory for a niche phone.

I'm hoping the first flexible display-enabled smart-watch will do better, and bring us more features we actually want.
Mike Elgan3 years ago
+Sowande Brown-Lawson I already do. People will get used to it. 
Timothy Collins3 years ago
+Sowande Brown-Lawson I can answer that : What it's lacking is the need.

It's wonderful answer.Smartwatches are the answer. But the problem is... they are an answer to a question that was not asked.
Bung Kusi3 years ago
NO. Samsung and Qualcomm did NOT failed.
It's the HYPE from media that were too high.
Trevor Brown3 years ago
+Bung Kusi
So you think the Galaxy Gear is actually going to take the world by storm, eh?
Timothy Collins3 years ago
+Sowande Brown-Lawson Because if companies want me to spend money on something like this, they can at least make it useful.
Bung Kusi3 years ago
+Trevor Brown It will sell in GREAT number, but not as much as the media/analyst ought to be.
Timothy Collins3 years ago
+Sowande Brown-Lawson Yeah... Well, you can spend the money for a sub-par bit of useless tech. Personally, I'd rather not bother until it is useful.+1
Olivier Malinur3 years ago
Me, I keep saying, despite the price, the Hyetis ( ) is the best and most innovative option.
It's a watch, but electronic is upgradable. It doesn't rely on Android, Apple or Windows. It's a real watch, so proven 'UI'. Charging is inductive and for the watch there is an automatic movement (arm movement) which allows the watch to work without batteries.
And the watch is really beautiful.
andy gowrley3 years ago
One watch will not suit all both in looks, in specification and expected usage.
Bringing out a slab of plastic every five minutes to see you have another facebook update or email which doesn't need your immediate response is not on in many social settings but a quick glance at your phone is far more discrete and practical for many.

Those who remember early computers, mobile phones or other techs knows time is needed before the product is refined.
It took quite a few years for smart phones to become effective and refined blimey even the original iPhone was very limited.
Timothy Collins3 years ago
+andy gowrley Perhaps the real answer is not to have to check Facebook/G+/email every five minutes? +3
Very Opinionated3 years ago
shut up and take my money
andy gowrley3 years ago
+Timothy Collins true but many people will often need to discreetly need to check we have not missed that one important notification but not appear rude when with others or for some at a workplace or a customers site.
The family announcement, important email etc.

I can remember loads of people wondering why I had a mobile in 1993 and for a long time afterwards why don't I use a phone box or wait until I got home or to the office to make the call etc..
Timothy Collins3 years ago
+Sowande Brown-Lawson I wonder if the real success in smartwatches is not going to be in making them like smartphones (Where they can have apps installed) but in making them more and more niche oriented.

For example - make one for a business setting that is adapted to email and such, one for exercising which has all kinds of sensors on it, one for outdoors adventure types with GPS and such... and then sell them for a price that allows people to buy a set of them so that they use the one they want for what they are doing.

That way the watch does not have battery usage for features the person is not using and the individual UI can be tailored to that use...
Timothy Collins3 years ago
+Sowande Brown-Lawson Just a passing idea I had while reading one of your posts...
Colin Fesser3 years ago
I think what a lot of tech geeks forget is that for the overwhelming majority of people a watch is a fashion statement. Cell phones were never subject to high fashion, which meant the there was no aesthetic concern holding smart phones back in favor of the candybar phone. But a smart watch, even from apple, is NEVER going to be popular with anyone but the most techie and least fashion conscious. I love my phone and my gear. I love needless data and all the rest. But I need a smartwatch like I need a fannie pack. I'll keep my Tissot, thanks.+1
andy gowrley3 years ago
+Colin Fesser Casio make a G shock watch with notifications from a limited number of androids and recent iPhone with a battery life of two years I belive. Not sure most people need a super Cray on their wrist but they do wanna know that their team has scored or the wife has arrived safely but your tucked up in a meeting with clients.
While as you say people can wear something they like, give it a year or two and I think Tissot etc will give us the opportunity to have notifications from devices if we so desire.

In fact the luxury watch market is where the consumers I.e busy people who are always in meetings or presentations will want the discrete notification on a beautiful watch. Rather than bring out that common lump of metal or plastic..
lotus onthesea3 years ago
Nneka Henrietta3 years ago
The watch is very nice, i love it
Leif Sikorski3 years ago
The problem is that they all try to make something in a watch style - a watch is pretty oldschool and a bad shape for displays in a useful size. Someone should instead make a wide flat bracelet like we've all seen in sci-fi movies.+2
Javier Cuevas3 years ago
Wendell Cuasito3 years ago
I don't see y I would need a watch! It will not replace my phone.
HB Jairaj3 years ago
Still thinking of the possibilities
Daniel Pastrana3 years ago
Neci I lake
Fridner felix3 years ago
wow how much for those watches
Wow!! how much
Eric Roach3 years ago
As much as I have always wanted the Dick Tracy watch, I don't think this is it
Edward Aguiar3 years ago
Michael Delpach3 years ago
Congratulations on your purchase +Mike Elgan! Could you please convince +Vic Gundotra to make Moto X available in Australia as well? 
Scott H.3 years ago
If everyone wants to check out a great #smartwatch  , check out the +Omate TrueSmart on +Kickstarter here, a true #smartwatch  that can be used as a standalone unit!!! A very sexy look & launcher!

A VERY impressive project already backed & going into production as we discuss this here. There is still time to back it & get one of the units before the holiday season!
Kevin Lim3 years ago
nothing special
Mike Elgan3 years ago
+Michael Delpach I'm sure Vic Gundotra has bigger fish to fry -- namely Facebook. Meanwhile, I'm sure the Moto X will show up there pretty soon.
Sean S3 years ago
The small screen on the watch is too small to be useful.  It may be useful for a few things but it's not worth paying $299 for it.  With Google Glass, smartwatches already seems obsolete.+1
Steve Igrejas3 years ago
Hate to break the news, but the smart watch revolution started over a year ago with Sony's watch and more recently the pebble.
Don't worry. Apple will make people want a watch.
Ayla Severance3 years ago
probably and then ill want the watch
Miguel M.3 years ago
sounds nice.... BUT
Manoj Patra3 years ago
very nic
Eddie Morris3 years ago
shades of Dick Tracy...only a nerd could love it.
Douglas Wake3 years ago
No, but if Apple released an analog Mickey Mouse watch and put their logo on it, you'd call it the most amazing thing ever, right Mike?
Mike Elgan3 years ago
+Rob Mellor I believe you're wrong on every point. Think of the evolution of personal technology as removing both time and psychological barriers between humans and machines. In the old days, with punch cards and the priesthood, the distance was vast. Each generation of PCs removed barriers and got us closer. Laptops and then smartphones got us closer still. Wearable devices will get us just one step away from essentially having telepathy with the Internet. The idea of a smartwatch (the coming good kind, not this Galaxy Gear monstrosity) is to create a real and psychological immediacy with our data, and also to A.I. that helps sort and filter our data. 

Smartwatches are inferior to smartphones in the same way that smartphones are inferior to laptops and laptops are inferior to desktops. 

Smartwatches will be a bigger "game changer" than Glass because more people will use them. 
Mike Elgan3 years ago
+Mike Trieu I mention it because it's getting a lot of ink. 
Tai Lee3 years ago
Give me
Rob Mellor3 years ago
+Mike Elgan I agree with you that the evolution of technology is about making everything more efficient and as you so eloquently put it "essentially having telepathy"  no arguments against any of that.  All Im saying is that I don't believe the smart watch will be the tool which achieves this.

The ultimate aim is for technology to be so integrated that you don't notice its there, but feel like you've lost a limb when its gone.
Ultimately Brain Machine interfaces..
but I think the smartwatch is not going to make anything easier or less cumbersome than your current phone since you're already carrying that around with you... where as glass at least allows notifications without having to look away from what you're currently doing.  I'm not saying that it'll be more popular, im just saying that its more of a step in the right direction.

Im happy to be wrong on this, but in my opinion. the smartwatch offers nothing new and is simply a tech fashion movement. 
Senura Perera3 years ago
Useless..Y would anyone need to surf the web on a minuscule watch instead of enjoying the wide screen on ur smartphone?? #QuestionswhichSamsungcannotanswer
Chung Xa3 years ago
oh god, I don't want to wear a smartphone on hand
James Katt3 years ago
I looked a the video demo of the Samsung watch. It was wretched. The person demonstrating it was continuously flipping the device's screen. It takes several flips to reach where you want to go. That is a sign of a poor UI for a watch. It is worse than the iPod Nano Watch.+1
Jake Stine3 years ago
Those are so big, they're very nearly the equivalent of strapping a smaller-brand cell phone to your wrist.  Wow, such innovation.  -_-