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The Twelfth Doctor to be announced on Sunday?

Rumours on Twitter today are suggesting that the BBC is getting ready to reveal the Twelfth Doctor on Sunday (4th August) in a special edition of Doctor Who Confidential!

Although the TV listings have Celebrity Mastermind scheduled at 7pm on BBC One, this is a repeat and is therefore easily pulled from broadcast. The slot is usually occupied by Countryfile, which is this week on at 8pm.

Details, of course, are sketchy, but there has long been a rumour of an August reveal. Sunday is 4th August, and with the Christmas special set to enter production very soon, Sunday seems a good time as any for an announcement to be made before the name of the Twelfth Doctor appears in the press as he turns up to a read-through.

We will keep you posted on any developments on this story, as and when they are announced.

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Jamie Gibbs3 years ago
... what makes you think Twelve is a he? ;)
K.B. Burnfield3 years ago
Yeah... just like the trailer was going to be out very soon for the people who didn't get to #SDCC and its been almost two weeks.

Rumors on twitter aren't worth a lot unless they're coming from a solid source.
Aaron carpenter3 years ago
Twelve is probably a he largely because of the appeal to the female fanbase. The current shtick appeals to girls who want to be whisked away by the doctor, guys would watch a hot doctor for a while, but not be the die-hard fangirls that already are.