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Where To Start - Learning Android Development the Right Way

My wife recently asked for help to get started Developing for Android so I felt it would be best to gather up some resources that would get her off and running in the right direction with style and UI consistency in the forefront to ensure that she knows how important it is to follow the UI Standards set down from Google.

Here are some excellent resources I found that I hope can help you too:

First Things First, Learn Java

If you don't know the Java Programming Language or maybe you are coming from a different language and need to get familiar with some Java constructs, here are some excellent resources to get you started.

Java Tutorial (Extensive Tutorial)

Getting started with Java - "A beginner's guide to Java Programming"

Introduction to Java Programming - Lars Vogel

Introduction to Programming in Java (MIT Course)

Video - Learning Java: Part 1: Basic Introduction
Learning Java: Part 1: Basic Introduction

Free Interactive Java Tutorial

Java Beginner Tutorial

Thinking in Java Book by +Bruce Eckel
NOTE: Excellent book. 3rd Edition FREE Online

Getting Started with Android Development

Resources every Android developer must know by +Sergey Povzner

NOTE: Even if you skip the rest, make sure to check out Sergey's list above. 

Getting Started with Android Development by +Ray Wenderlich

Getting Started With Android Development by +Chris Lacy

Support Library (to help maintain support with older versions of Android)

Video Training

Android Bootcamp Training
Tutorial: Android Application Development - A 9,000 foot overview

Recommended Books
NOTE: Thanks to Nima Gh for the great Book Reference list posted in the comments.

Best Android Books and Resources 2014 Edition

FREE eBooks

andbook! Android Programming

Essential Code Libraries, Samples and Tools to Build Modern Apps

Android Asset Studio by +Roman Nurik

ActionBarSherlock by +Jake Wharton



ViewPagerIndicator by +Jake Wharton +Patrik Åkerfeldt


Pull To Refresh Views for Android


Android PagerSlidingTabStrip by +Andreas Stütz
NOTE: Slide style Tab Indicator like in the Play Store

Make Your Apps Tablet Friendly - Learn To User Fragments

Working With Fragments by +Shane Conder

Using Fragments in Android - Tutorial by +Lars Vogel


When developing for Android it is important to understand Java, Layouts and Fragments but it is also really important to understand the Android UI Standards and how to use them to ensure consistency in your App Design, as well as, familiarity that will ensure user-friendliness in your design.

Hopefully the resources and links above will be helpful to get you started with Android Development or if you are already Developing for Android, maybe you can find something to make your Apps even better.

Enjoy :-)

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Resources every Android developer must know
Stefan Sonesson1 year ago
Very fine collection sir!+1
Kevin Darty1 year ago
Added a new ViewPager code library that will help you mimic what Google does in the Play Store:

Android PagerSlidingTabStrip by +Andreas Stütz 
NOTE: Slide style Tab Indicator like in the Play Store

Thanks to +Nick Butcher for posting this one earlier today :)
Kevin Darty1 year ago
I can't believe I forgot to add one of my most favorite books on Java Programming that is available FREE online in a prior edition. This is one you definitely should add to your bookshelf.

Thinking in Java Book by +Bruce Eckel
NOTE: Excellent book. 3rd Edition FREE Online

This is actually the book I first started with to learn Java and is still one of the best available. Bruce made this book available for FREE online up until the 4th edition. The latest edition is 4 so the online version is not very stale at all. Take a look and I'm sure you will want to buy this one to add to your technical reference collection.
Furquan Ahmed1 year ago
Really helpful....+2
hello sir..its a great tutorial..i wanna learn about android and the database for android, can you share a link which part do i start to learning it..thanks :)+1
Kevin Darty11 months ago
Hey Vincent, I'm glad you enjoyed all the great information and reminded me that it is time for some good updates to this post.

I've got some new tutorials and components that I think everyone should learn that I will be posting very soon. I'm very busy today but will hopefully get those updates posted soon.

I'll make sure to post some good links to tutorials, ORMs and other good database related frameworks as well.

Updates coming soon :-)
Stefan Sonesson11 months ago
Hi Kevin, you might want to check this app out. Open source libraries for Android where you can run demos of each inside the app to see how it works.
WIZIQ Java8 months ago
you can start at is the link
Shankar Shastri8 months ago
sir ur great :)+2
basem aljedai8 months ago
Great collection thanks for shearing.. :) +1
ismet özöztürk8 months ago
this collection rocks!+1
Miguel Guasch5 months ago
Thanks! +1
Vivek Malhotra5 months ago
Nice Article+2
Ivan Yudhi4 months ago
+Felicia Sidharta for learning Android+1
raj kumar4 months ago
Hi sir ,
       sir can u share a link for E-Book for ANDROID sir??? i'm in need of it...pls share the link sir...
Murali Kendai3 months ago
Thanks for sharing+2
I like list of tutorials you have prepared. Love it :)+1
Disha Mehra2 months ago
Sir, is it sufficient to learn the JAVA not from any tutor nut from videos itself??
Kevin Darty2 months ago
+Disha Mehra the concept of "learning" is very specific to each person. Some do well learning from books or classroom instruction while others can apply concepts learned through a YouTube Video with some hands-on practice to pick up new things. I saw go with whatever works best for you.

A seasoned programmer can pick up on syntax for a new language by filtering through good blog articles and StackOverflow Discussions.

Go at your own pace and do what works best for you.

The original post here presents my best advice for learning not only the basics of programming for Android but helps provide resources to get you going faster.

My best advice is to be picky about who you follow on Social Networks. Look for people that really know their stuff and actually have something good to say. Decide what works best for you (books/ebooks, blogs, videos, etc) and do your best to learn the basic concepts of Java and Android Development. Look for projects on Git where people are sharing pieces of code that will help push your App to the next level and follow those Projects and take pay close attention to discussions on User Interface Design and Coding Best Practices as they will help provide a road map of where you should be going.

Hopefully that answers your question and don't hesitate to ask more. If I don't answer, hopefully others will. There are some great groups here on Google+ that can also help so seek those out and keep a watchful eye on the Android and Java Development Discussions on StackOverflow.
Kevin Darty2 months ago
+raj kumar hey there, I want to apologize for not responding sooner. I took a break from Social Media for a while so I didn't get to all the questions people were posting.

In terms of eBooks, I will see if I can find some FREE eBook Downloads I can link to but I won't post to any premium content. For those, you can do a Google Search on your own but I won't do it :-)

Look for my post with links soon. I will need to check with some authors though as I'm seeing some links on somewhat professional looking sites that I question.

Don't forget the "Thinking in Java" eBook I originally linked to. That is an excellent resource.
raj kumar2 months ago
Thanks for your... reply sir...:)+1
Kevin Darty2 months ago
+raj kumar I started looking around for eBooks you can download freely online and unfortunately, the majority were all pirated, which I confirmed by contacting the authors.

I did find this one that is indeed FREE thought it is a little old. Hopefully you can find something here to help you out:

andbook! Android Programming
Manpreet Singh1 month ago
Thanks. I'm just starting out with Android dev and this is really a good headstart!+1
jaya shanker1 month ago
That is really an awesome track of information. Thanks for that and also just to make sure i am in right pace.  Learning java (core or any more ?) and Html ing are more than  enough to start developing Android right or any more. Please do let us know . Waiting for your precious response. Thanks in advance
Kevin Darty1 month ago
Hello +jaya shanker good to hear from you.

I believe in terms of Java, as long as you know another programming language then the basic concepts and constructs should be enough to get you going.

More of it will go along with learning the Android way of doing things and the API/SDK pieces that will be needed to build an application for the platform.

As for HTML, you don't really need to know HTML to develop Applications for Android. Now if you happen to want to build an Application that somehow works with Web Pages, WebAPIs or such, I would definitely spend some time getting a good understanding of the DOM and you probably want to find a good HTML Parser if that is the kind of thing you need. However, as a general rule, you won't need to know HTML to do typical Android Development.

My best advice is to review some (or all) of the material I referenced to get a good understanding and get started. Join an Android Development and Design Community here and ask questions. Get familiar with the Android section of Stackoverflow so you know where to go find some excellent help and tips along the way.

Good Luck!
jaya shanker1 month ago
+Kevin Darty thanks Mr. Kevin darty that was nice to hear from you. Just like you said. Will sure do that. I am completely new to android development. So was curious in knowing. Thank you once again. +1
Nima Gh2 weeks ago
Also wrote a blog with a number books and online resources for Android development, you can check it here: