Joey-Elijah Sneddon
2 years agoEditedPublic
My OCD can't cope with this happening (not least because I have two screencasts to record).

Time to do a fresh install.... 
Paul Williams2 years ago
Try Mint.
I can't make this happen... I have other bugs on my eee pc though :S
Boudhayan Gupta2 years ago
Okay, that's an interesti... LMFAO!
some people rearrange one icon at a time, others move 3 (maybe 4) at once? :P
I have exactly the same problem... frustrating in some way :/
Paul Williams2 years ago
+Ricardo Filipe Moreira What type of eeepc?  What version of Ubuntu are you using and how does it respond?  I have a 904HA and a 1015PX, both running Mint 11 (gnome).  I'd like to switch to Mint 13, but not sure how they'd respond.  Since it's based on 12.04, I imagine Cinnamon uses similar resources to Unity.  I don't want to convert if it'll break it!
+Paul Williams  I have an eeepc 1001PX and ubuntu 12.10 w/unity and it's kinda slow at times but runs well enough. it has some graphical glitches when a maximized app stops responding for a while and compiz makes the window black and white, unity's top panel and launcher flicker (become transparent/opaque alternating), and when the app starts responding again it stops. That's the only issue I see with it.
Paul Williams2 years ago
I might try Mint with Mate and see how that responds.  Mint 11 with the old Gnome 2 works great on mine, so I suspect it might handle mate ok, not sure with cinnamon though.
i don't like cinnamon, not for large screens, even less for netbooks. but ubuntu 12.04 worked flawlessly in my 1001PX. the only problem was being slow at times
Paul Williams2 years ago
I didn't like Cinnamon at the start.  It's kinda grown on me.  I went KDE for most of last year and have only just switched.
i like unity, even with some bugs :P
Marco Trevisan2 years ago
Mmhmhm... My fault? :)
Reproducers wanted!
Bart Willemsen2 years ago
I also have the same problem with the icon when I grab them.. its not that bad but still its anoying.. xD