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In the last six months, we’ve been amazed and inspired by our Explorers and the individual perspectives you bring. A few weeks ago, we opened up our site for a single day. The response was overwhelming – we almost ran out of inventory and had to close things down early. We’ve since built our inventory back up and plan to continue to accelerate new ways to expand the program in the weeks and months ahead. Our hope is to bring Glass to new Explorers, like optometrists, sports lovers, online retailers, cooks and travelers, who (like you!) can get in early and help make Glass better as part of our open beta, ahead of a wider consumer launch. These are exciting times and we’re glad to have you along for the ride – keep the feedback coming!
Robert Warren9 months ago
Awesome! +4
Sarita Graham9 months ago
I'm glad to be a part of this:)+4
Lucas Freeman9 months ago
Bring on the new explorers! 😁+6
Renaud Lepage9 months ago
/something something Canada/+26
Jake Van Epps9 months ago
When will it be available for purchase again?+2
Jeff Bond9 months ago
... i'm gonna tell my mom on you ;)+4
Kevin Wheat9 months ago
Optometrists and Glass!   Already on board but I am excited about the next group of ODs to play with the device. +3
I'm excited imaginating to have it!+2
Chris Van Haren9 months ago
I want it! +1
Aaron Mason9 months ago
+Google Glass Thats awesome keep the quality Glass updates coming and I'm extremely proud to be a Explorer and Ambassador for Google Glass! +SmartGlassFans+6
Jake Achée9 months ago
I just hope the price comes down to something John Q. Consumer can achieve.

Also: support for strong-correction eyeglass-wearers—such as myself—would be a Good Thing(tm).
Lance Burkhardt9 months ago
+Renaud Lepage you just got Google Music All Access, stop your crying for once. 😜+2
Renaud Lepage9 months ago
+Lance Burkhardt you know this'll never happen.+2
Lance Burkhardt9 months ago
+Renaud Lepage that's why you're a great man Sir. Keep up the good fight my friend +2
Spencer Kleyweg9 months ago
So glad to be a part of the Explorer program!+4
Otakar Schön9 months ago
Saying that with a little experience with glass... its simple not worth the money right now. The hardware is slow and oh so power hungry...

This is not the time to sell explorer edition with two year old guts for 1500 bucks.

Now would be the time to go under 500 with heavily upgraded innards.

For what i gathered after using it a little it is not that great for general use. I found out smartwatch does just fine for fraction of the cost
Marty Ballard9 months ago
The excitement keeps on with Glass!+2
Brian Fudge9 months ago
Now if Google would make clothing that can read our bio-metric states and tie it into Google Glass with the command, Okay Glass, show Bio-Metrics. It would be so cool to see our heart beat patterns or body temps and even oxygen intake in live time. Man does the future sound cool..+9
Kogorou Kitamoto9 months ago
plz for japan😂i am waiting!!
Spencer Kleyweg9 months ago
+Kogorou Kitamoto You can still buy it!+1
JR Smith9 months ago
Garett Rogers9 months ago
How about Canadians?+2
Brian Fudge9 months ago
+JR Smith I am proud to be a Glasshole! The meaning of Glasshole has changed by the influence of the explorer community.+5
Tyson Kemp9 months ago
Spencer Kleyweg9 months ago
+JR Smith I think you have issues... Have you even tried Glass? I assume you haven't because if you have, you wouldn't be saying that.+10
Marty Ballard9 months ago
Haters gonna hate +JR Smith+9
Robert Boczkay9 months ago
+JR Smith no different then a phone, in dash system or standalone GPS.  Actually probably safer.  Get over yourself.+8
Lucas Freeman9 months ago
+JR Smith ha. oh really, you dont say.
Marty Ballard9 months ago
+Lucas Freeman that's awesome!+2
I really want to be part of this
Kevin M Combes9 months ago
Is this the first time an official Google outlet called Glass a "beta"?+2
Brian Fudge9 months ago
+JR Smith Your lack of knowledge of this device is staggering. The display has a default of 10 seconds till standby. GPS is safer than any device currently on market to date. The prism and foil within the prism displays your "Cards" or information with  translucency. This allows the wearer to see past the data or information without distractions. I see you only target people who use Google Glass, am I to assume that you think Cell Phones are safer than Glass? As for "we've got people who can't walk and chew gum at the same time now we have to worry about glassholes" This is not the case. As I walk around with glass I am still aware of my surrounds because of the design of Google Glass I mentioned above. you have a better chance of getting walked into by a person who is not watching where they are walking or by people who are looking down at their phones. If you would just research into how Google Glass really functions you would enjoy them just as much as us Explorers.+7
JR Smith9 months ago
Carefull glassholes are easily broken
Robert Boczkay9 months ago
Careful, you're an asshole+8
Spencer Kleyweg9 months ago
+JR Smith Careful elderly men have bad attitudes.+4
Brian Fudge9 months ago
+Spencer Kleyweg & +Marty Ballard Let us act in a more mature way then +JR Smith . He\she probably wants us to lower to his\her level. Let's not give him\her the joy of it. I believe we can all chat in a civil disposition.+7
Michael Vaccarino9 months ago
You need to understand the purchase order process for Education.
steph lake9 months ago
I love all Explorers, almost all anyway :D bring it!+6
Nick McManus9 months ago
I'd love to be a glass explorer and contribute to the community, but I sadly can't afford the price tag...+3
Spencer Kleyweg9 months ago
+Nick McManus I know it is hard to justify. Definitely worth it though. The #GlassFamily makes it all worth the money.+1
Brian Fudge9 months ago
Speaking of other Glassers, I have yet to run into another explorer. Has anyone come in contact with another fellow explorer?(Excluding the Glass night out). I am interested in any stories related.
Jared Caperton9 months ago
Can Glass give me a HUD?
Brian Fudge9 months ago
yes +Jared Caperton  it can. There is side loaded apps for that.
Spencer Kleyweg9 months ago
+Brian Fudge Yeah I am friends with one. Also at Google LA and different meetups at the LA Basecamp.+1
Sarah Rosen9 months ago
Really? Let's get the software working again first.
Gregg Lantz9 months ago
+Spencer Kleyweg you can try, and try, and try but you can't teach someone that doesn't want to learn.
I had a situation the other day where I was approached by a young couple. She was open and wanted to try Glass. He was an Apple fan and didn't want to look in our direction. I demoed Glass for her at the beginning of our event. She spoke with him during breaks and by the end of the meeting he was willing to try Glass.
All we can do is demo Glass to the people that are interested. Eventually we'll demo Glass to someone JR Smith trusts and that person will be able to change his mind.
Spencer Kleyweg9 months ago
+Gregg Lantz That is exactly right. Well said.+2
John Dickens9 months ago
Please bring on the consumer launch asap!
Marty Ballard9 months ago
+Brian Fudge you are correct. And yes I met +Lucas Freeman in the Orlando airport randomly.+2
Dexter Brooks9 months ago
As a online retail this is an exciting opportunity!
Paul Goldstein9 months ago
Glass is available to buy at The Players Championship in FL (ends Sunday). +3
Ryan Hanna9 months ago
+Google Glass any plans for Canada?+1
Scott GrantSmith9 months ago
I think "glasshole" is for people who expend a lot of effort hatin' on Glass. I've met quite a few Glass Explorers but never a glasshole.+4
Miguel Sanguino9 months ago
Yeah yeah yeah just make them so that we could afford them. And make it snappy. Hahaha jajaja+1
Roosevelt Gist9 months ago
+ Google Glass the new group of explorers you're targeting in your post could use live broadcasting/video hangouts as a feature to best demonstrate their activities. bring video hangouts back.+4
Cesar Saray9 months ago
+Google Glass Would love to be an explorer....I'm with law enforcement in California and have some great ideas to utilize glass technology in the public safety arena...please contact me and let's work on this together....I believe law enforcement can really take advantage of such technology, specially if it can be integrated with emergency dispatch and databases that we use. I already work with top of the line GPS tracking companies and would love to see how we can merge all this together to create the officer of the future. I'm sure u guys are already branching out in that direction; trust me when I say I can be an asset here.+5
Shazafar Khaja9 months ago
+Focal Pointe Eye Care of West Chester Dr. Michael Lyons is very interested. They are one of the recommended providers for getting prescription lenses for the frames. The staff there love Glass and Dr. Lyons is pretty interested in it as well. +1
CJ Sullivan9 months ago
+Google Glass Until you guys solve the WPA network login issues on wifi, it is not ready for widespread sales.
Chris Patton9 months ago
I wish I could be apart of this!!! I wish the price was lower, if someone is telling a company how to improve a product, it should come at a discount.+1
Ginevra Peterson9 months ago
+Brian Fudge That would be awesome! It would be especially handy for people who need heart monitors for a time, or to keep an eye on their pacemakers. I am also intrigued by the idea of those ouchless glucose monitor contact lenses. There was also a study on a non-invasive device that basically uses a near-infrared light source to test the tendency of blood to coagulate- it could theoretically reduce the need for patients on anticoagulants to get routine bloodwork done. If it works, I wonder if it eventually could be synced to Google Glass, in order to monitor levels as needed. Thinking about the  possible future is so exciting! +2
Brian Fudge9 months ago
+Ginevra Peterson I totally agree. I feel the same. I wish that I could live longer. The future is going to be so amazing. I really want the Bio-Metrics and self driving cars.
Marcos Benedetti9 months ago
Something Brazil
Javier Perez9 months ago
+Nick McManus I received the invitation to be a explorer and I have the same problem, one more week and I will have the funds to make the purchase. ..+1
Greg Krynen9 months ago
+Brian Fudge I know an explorer and he loves them. His family tried them out and changed their minds about the device.
I found it funny that as one family explained the experience she would glance up and right and even her hand went for the tap LOL
Brian Fudge9 months ago
I wish i could meet another explorer. The experience would be great. +1
Nandan Hs9 months ago
i wish i could afford a Glass!+2
Kita Eserve9 months ago
I know that Google glass would help me create more Google search experts
Austin Randall9 months ago
Kiran Konathala9 months ago
Tethering requirement is a bummer! If it could route voice commands to google app on phone and use the output on Glass, that would have been great. I doubt many will buy exclusive tethering option from carriers, it's not cheap!

Price for beta testing is out of the park ;) Rumored $300~$500 would be far more practical. $1500~$1900 with frames and taxes is a mighty chunk of paycheck right there!
Peter Harrison9 months ago
+Allen Jr They've said it will be cheaper, they just haven't said how much. Nowhere near the Explorer price.
Simon Morris9 months ago
/something something UK/
Zachari Saltmer9 months ago
Please open spots for Australia! I want to buy a pair for a friend in the Mining industry as well as a pair for myself in the Photographic industry! 
Brian Fudge9 months ago
+Kiran Konathala It is a misconception that you need to rely on mobile data. Glass has ability to connect to wifi on it's own, allowing the user to leave their phone at the front door. sure if you are out and about you will not be able to use some apps without data be it home internet or carrier data. If you happen not to have a data plan you can make calls, text, listen to Google Play Music (Playlist or Previously played music), take photos and record video. The lack of data access really does not hinder the device that much. you can send photos and videos to be shared via facebook, twitter and google+ without data, once you connect to internet or data it will send your share requests.+1
Nick Chamberlin9 months ago
+Jake Achée they don't want John q. Consumer to have glass right now, that's why the price is what it is. They want people that will cherish the device and put time into it. It's a beta.
Nick Chamberlin9 months ago
+Spencer Kleyweg lol he's self employed which means he probably doesn't have a job, and can't hold one, and is just jealous. Get a job +JR Smith, you lazy pos. Thanks! Lol+1
ChinnaPonnu T9 months ago
 contains amaze
Derrick H9 months ago
I can do all that shit with my fifty dollar phone. Nitwits.
Ashish Desai9 months ago
Rather than just videos & pictures if you think about what this device can do and then buy it, and help it make better, that would make more sense, thats what  explorers program is all about.
1. Apps for assisting visually impaired
2. Apps that can help the physically challenged navigate.
3. Apps that can eliminate language barriers.
4. Apps that help fireman rescue efficiently.
5. Apps that can help drive safely.

And many more apps - they improve several thousand lives and mobile phone is simply not a feasible solution for these. I believe - if we can change one life and help people do what they cant - I think $1605 is worth it.

I am a Glass Explorer!
Jake Achée9 months ago
+Nick Chamberlin I get that, but I'm talking about when it hits beta and/or open market.

Not much call for a $500 wearable that requires a $100/mo tethering-capable data plan, as I see it. 

Also, I think they explicitly mention "beta" above in contrast to the Explorer program, rather than to refer to it as such.
Marty Ballard9 months ago
+Brian Fudge come to the big Android BBQ in the fall, we had about 25 explorers there last year.
steph lake9 months ago
+Brian Fudge my husband is an Explorer also, so there's that one I've met, also another friend in Boise has Glass that I knew before the Explorer program started. +2
Spencer Kleyweg9 months ago
+steph lake And hopefully soon you will meet me :)+1
Jani Andersson9 months ago
/something something Sweden/ would just love to have some glass here in sweden.. 
steph lake9 months ago
yes, if I'm lucky in June I'll be in San Francisco meeting up with a bunch of Explorers, including +Spencer Kleyweg !!!+2
Marty Ballard9 months ago
+steph lake are you coming to IO? I'll be there.+1
steph lake9 months ago
+Marty Ballard I'm not going to IO but I am trying to come to town the Saturday before and stay thru Tuesday afternoon +Joe Lake has to work on Wednesday. We are hoping to hang out with some Explorers and have some fun!+1
Marty Ballard9 months ago
OK well I'd love to meet up with you and +Joe Lake.  I'll be getting in Tues afternoon and leaving Friday morning.+1
Derek Tweedy9 months ago
Great to hear +Chris O'Neill will be moving back to the mothership to head +Google Glass day-to-day ops.+1
Greg Krynen9 months ago
+Derrick H Yes but you look silly with your phone attached to your head while you use your hands for something else.
Marilyn Martin9 months ago
Showed them to my optometrist/bike enthusiast - he would get some. So would the sheriff, the doctor, my dance pals. That's just this week.+1
Charlie Hohn9 months ago
As an ecologist I see great potential for google glass in both professional field surveys and citizen science. But I can't afford them for 1500 dollars or anywhere near that. I'm an ecologist. We don't get paid that well. That's a lot of money. +2
Chris Schaeuble9 months ago
As a technology professor, I would love to get my hands on a pair of glass to utilize in an educational setting. How would I go about doing this?
Marty Ballard9 months ago
+Chris Schaeuble it looks like Glass will be becoming more available soon. Watch your feed! Oh and have your $1500 ready!
Charlie Hohn9 months ago
Because professors all have 1500 to drop on a new tech item. +1
Francis Chan9 months ago
All i hope is Glass will be fully developed by next year March! Please make it so much cheaper :)+1
Marilyn Martin9 months ago
Check out the Epson stereo vision glasses.
 I think they are $600 now.,26713.html
dharmendra patel9 months ago
i am intrested to purchase it imm
in india
Jordan Support9 months ago
My dream last night was getting Google glass as a gift and begin to use it, all of you would like to know what I've filmed throughout the period of the dream! I spent my dream trying to get a key to activate the glasses, which I do not know the truth if that is present or not, and without which I cannot use the glasses. 

I hope my dream to be achieved and I get Google Glass soon despite being in one of the countries in the Middle East, The Jordan!
TEL Groups9 months ago
Please could someone contact me at as I would like to speak to someone about the use of Google Glass in healthcare in the UK and as part of Technology Enhanced Learning within universities.  Many thanks.
Google Glass9 months ago
Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm everyone. +Kogorou Kitamoto +Garett Rogers +Ryan Hanna +Simon Morris +Jani Andersson +dharmendra patel +Jordan Support +TEL Groups Glass isn't available outside the US, but we hear you. We hope to make it more widely available in the future. You can sign up to stay informed here:

+Cesar Saray Thanks for getting in touch. We'll pass your info along and get in touch if there's a fit. For now, we'd recommend signing up at the link above to make sure you know what's happening with Glass. 
Randall Curtis9 months ago
Cost is just too great.
Google Glass9 months ago
+Nick McManus +Miguel Sanguino +Chris Patton +Allen Christian +Nandan Hs +Charlie Hohn +Francis Chan  +Jake Achée  We hear you. We're still getting started with Glass and this was the right price for this version. We don't have any updates on timing now, but we do expect the next version of Glass to cost less than $1500. Keep in the loop at  

+Sarah Rosen +CJ Sullivan +Roosevelt Gist  We appreciate you guys pointing out the ways we can improve Glass. We're always working to make Glass better, so keep the suggestions coming. 
Nathan Taylor9 months ago
Can people under 18 be explorers yet or buy glass? I got invited to be an explorer some time ago but not 18.
Scott Beamer9 months ago
Great news for people who want to look like dorks!
Marcus Low9 months ago
I'd love to give feedback and $1500, but you guys are obviously not seeing the feedback opportunities from one heck of a tech-obsessed population in Singapore.
Marius Rye9 months ago
I can get 2 Galaxy S5's for 1500. Why should anyone have to pay that for glass?
Ryan Hanna9 months ago
+Nathan Taylor Sorry, but you can't get +Google Glass if you're under 18. You can, however, get someone to purchase glass for you. +1
Cody Engel9 months ago
Still shocked that there still hasn't been a price drop...
Alonda Morris9 months ago
I need this app
ann kiszt9 months ago
I won't even consider it until I've verified that it will work with my eyes. I cannot make out detail at that distance on anything and have no idea how glass gets around it, or if they do.
Susan Hall9 months ago
+Google Glass  I'm extremely proud to be a Explorer and Ambassador for Google Glass.  It's been a wonderful experience and I can't wait for more people to join us on this journey!
Aldo Fregoso9 months ago
My mother is optometrist, and I use prescription glasses. Where do I sign up?
Lance Burkhardt9 months ago
+Cameron Burgess I said that in jest to my friend and he understood that. Stand back.
Brian Fudge9 months ago
+Nathan Taylor It is not medically recommended for teens or children with developing eyes. I already looked in to this as I am a father. I wanted to allow my 8 year old to see what it was like. However, the medical field has backlash about children and teens using it. More studies need to be done.+1
Nathan Taylor9 months ago
+Brian Fudge Good to know, and you're probably right, but I don't know how much of a difference a few months will make. I hadn't thought about that though, thanks.
Brian Fudge9 months ago
+Nathan Taylor It is like everything. It may not be recommended, but your parents might opt in and allow you to wear it. If this happens just pay attention to your body. If it puts you in pain or disturbs your vision, Lighten the usage and or completely stop using the device. I personally would not allow my 8 year old use it due to growth and age. I would allow him to do so in another 10 years.
aimee whitcroft9 months ago
How does one go about becoming an Explorer?
Brian Fudge9 months ago
+aimee whitcroft Wait for a date for nation purchase or ask around for an invitation code from another explorer.+1
aimee whitcroft9 months ago
Thanks, +Brian Fudge!

Anyone wanna give this wee New Zealander an invitation code? Hrm? HRM? #pwease
Dan Neal9 months ago
Great news. Any ideas on the consumer price? That is the only stopping point for me.
Pastiche - able'9 months ago
My 'i's can only 'C' as far as U :))
Richard Sais9 months ago
$1,500.00  I hope the price comes down soon or maybe later.
Christopher Carr9 months ago
This suggests to me that a 1.0, commercial product is some ways out. 

I'm concerned that by the time it's ready, a little monocular HUD notifier-thingy will be old news -- possibly with a company like Vuzix offering something approaching full AR-ish. 
Scott Leathersich9 months ago
michael allen9 months ago
Well i cant wait for them to come to the consumer market i will be one of the first to get it. I just hope they come in under $1,000 because these things should not cost as much or more as a top level android phone does 
Benjamin Kuz9 months ago
I'm still waiting to see something that doesn't equate to "oh, it has a camera".  $1500 is ridiculous for this device, and that campaign is doing nothing but hurting its credibility.
Google Glass9 months ago
Hi +aimee whitcroft, Glass is US only for now, but we hope to make it more widely available in the future. We're here if you have any questions! 

+Dan Neal +Richard Sais We don't have much info on future pricing of Glass, but we expect the next one to be less than $1500. 
Chris Patton9 months ago
+Google Glass i understand thank you
Fran Walls9 months ago
¿Para cuándo tiene previsto llegar a España?
Translated from Spanish|Original
Alexander Hayes9 months ago
When in doubt make a cup of tea, sit back and watch one or two #glassexplorers  answer the hardest questions of all -
Jolyn Bowler7 months ago
 *I continue to learn from, am challenged by and evolve with GLASS ... '-}*+1