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With the Boston Marathon only a few days away, +Runner's World Magazine sat down with Olympic Marathoners and training partners, Kara Goucher and Shalane Flanagan to discuss training regimes, post-race vices and friendly competition. 

Watch Kara's Hangout here:
Watch Shalane's Hangout here:
HARUN ÖNSEL1 year ago
sporcu bunlar iyi bak+1
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Norman Ma1 year ago
Not to dis Bean Town, how about a San Francisco Marathon?
They will be used the Google Glass in the marathon?
Lester Walters1 year ago
Rooting for +T-Mobile CEO John Legere to finish well. Run John, run!
Victor Borisov1 year ago
Where's their breasts? Girls, don't wear this sporty shity clothes.+2
Ken Hedrick1 year ago
Don't live in Boston.%##@&++??+""--
Anmol Goraya1 year ago
Sorry to be rude, but women don't live to please your disgusting desires. And if they didn't wear this "shity sporty" clothing, they wouldn't be able to be as modelic as people like you want them to be. -.-+3
Rodney Brown1 year ago
Good Luck Shalane  and Kara!
Ram singh Gusai1 year ago
Kevin Johnson1 year ago
And... victor is now blocked. An example of why I'd like a one click blocking method in g+.+4
Victor Borisov1 year ago
In my artist's opinion wimen even in sport must have perfect forms. When i watch olympic games or some beach volleyball competitions i can see the beauty of their body and i don't think that their forms are tighted by any clothes. But if you want to deform your breasts and you have realy reason for it, good luck.+1
Kevin Johnson1 year ago
From me seeing him in G+ anymore. Not worth my attention in the future.+1
Victor Borisov1 year ago
You must read some books about motherhood. Tight clothes can deform breasts forever. You like that?+1
Richard August1 year ago
+victor borisov Why would you care what a woman does with her own breasts?  What does it benefit a woman to surgically alter her breasts, anyway?+2
Norman Ma1 year ago
+victor borisov Victor, Victor, Victor, I know you are indeed an artist, and artistic people tend to speak their mind.+1
Sean M1 year ago
+victor borisov, I am just going to go out on a limb here and assume that you have never run long distances. And, given that, are very unqualified to judge what is proper form for a distance runner. 
Zdenek Sibrava1 year ago
.yes runner love marathon. No my morte i sprinter 100 m 10 .3 s
Donovan Manger1 year ago
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rama chandran1 year ago
Purwa Piplewar1 year ago
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Diep Lang1 year ago
لوف قيم1 year ago
Wow you success
emad idabusa1 year ago
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Kenneth Childs1 year ago
Marcela Guierrez le gusta esto
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