Armando Ferreira
3 years agoPublic
Those that follow +Chris Pirillo know he loves Apple. In fact, many have have called him one of the biggest Apple Fanboy. So for him to say everything he did about the 5S truly shows that Apple has a big problem on their hand.  
Kevin Daniel3 years ago
"Big Problem" is an understatement..+68
Terry Boccarossa3 years ago
I stopped following him because of his, to me, apple biased opinions+100
rajan nakarmi3 years ago
Without bigger screen apple will not survive he is right. +1
Daniel Sacks3 years ago
Interesting. Meanwhile at the Verge and Engadget, they are as happy as ever with the new iphones somehow. I guess the standards are lowered for apple.+23
rajan nakarmi3 years ago
No verge and Engadget are funded by Apple +39
Cubamus Prime3 years ago
Him and his freaking "Android lags" Now iOS 7 lags..KARMA IS A BITCH+85
Hector Rosario3 years ago
Imran Fritz3 years ago
lol his voice seems to be shaking to tell how ios7 has bad impact on ip5 n ip5s on minute 3
Cubamus Prime3 years ago
I rather have some lag on Android than complete lack on iOS.+40
Hector Rosario3 years ago
LMAO.....iOS7 sucks in short terms...+2
Hector Rosario3 years ago
the bigger improvement is that it can read you finger...but dont go out drinking ....when you get home and fall into a deep sleep your wife might just be able to unlock your precious device!!!+9
Farshad Ghanbari3 years ago
Even an Apple Fan-boy mixes which is Iphone 5, which is 5s.  because it's the same shit.  11:20+46
Hector Rosario3 years ago
Cubamus Prime3 years ago
+Farshad Ghanbari HAHAHAHA...
Michel leana3 years ago
+Terry Boccarossa same here ,I can't believe the words coming out of his mouth +2
Ronnie D (Doc)3 years ago
I hate watching him he talks to much about nothing. Takes him half an hour to get out a sentence. +15
Alrick Gisiger3 years ago
Lol yeah 25 mins on how iOS7 sucks! Only pictures and the fingerprint... Really? He finally realized that when Apple tries to do like Android it's an epic fail...+4
That hurts, Apple. +1
+Daniel Sacks I was amused by Endgadget's review because they no longer said the iPhone is the best phone.  No, they said it is the best small smartphone!  So, they are having to shove into the category of "small" to call it best.  LOL  +25
Alrick Gisiger3 years ago
Also security? What about the iOS7 bypass of the lockscreen? Awesome hardware? iPhone 5S has a SAMSUNG made A7 processor... Nothing to do with Apple...+3
Armando Ferreira3 years ago
I like +Chris Pirillo style. It's different and that's okay. Some YouTube channels sound the same. Then I think and wonder "Did I already watch this video?" You never know what your going to get with +Chris Pirillo clearly this video proves it.+35
Nick Carroll3 years ago
I agree, Armando, he always has something interesting to say. :)+1
Apple can easily fix this with a software update.+1
Ronnie D (Doc)3 years ago
Like 7.0.1?+2
Armando Ferreira3 years ago
+Willie D. Washington they can, but once you lose that experience. The "Magic" is gone. This isn't an overnight update. People will be fed up and leave. If it bothered +Chris Pirillo so much and he would be the guy to tollorate this the most shows this is bad move on Apple. Bottom line they can't keep up with Android's movement so their just rushing code to try and stay relevant. +36
Jason M3 years ago
+Armando Ferreira Now they see how it is for us android users when we have all those features!That's y we need all those processors and jellybean optimizations.64bit marketing doesn't cut it.Apple is dying.Software is already dead now I'm waiting for iphone 6 when they screw up the design because it will be the same with a bigger screen!
Ali Adnan3 years ago
Cubamus Prime3 years ago
And yet Android phones are still stuck in 16gb gaga land..WE more storage options. For those who don't have the data for cloud all the time.+1
Terry Boccarossa3 years ago
I watched the video and I jaw dropped. Couldn't believe he was saying all those things about iOS 7. I played with it at work, and though the launch is riddled with issues with apple I'd, iMessage ect... I didnt really notice or pay attention to the stuttering
Got to give it to +Chris Pirillo for being honest in his review
He gained a bit of credibility in my eyes today. I usually don't watch his videos because I hate the jank argument but perhaps he is just picky as he said.

I am bit curious about him squinting at his iPhone 5 while reading. Does he do the same thing when he reads from the HTC One? Is it just his eyes or could the size of the screen actually cause the problem. My point? Why wouldn't he use a device with a bigger screen which would be easier to read?

Dino Rodriguez3 years ago
Biggest Apple fanboy I know, yes. This was an interesting review to say the least.+1
J Valencia3 years ago
There's ways to get around lag on android not so on iclone.
Chris Pirillo3 years ago
Yes, well... I'll still get accused of everything, despite having everything at my fingertips. :) I simply don't trust the opinions of people who haven't at least tried something that they think they're fully qualified to comment on - and that's 99% of the Android community. 

The hardware on the 5s is fast (on paper), but iOS itself simply isn't keeping up. If iOS 7 wasn't rushed, it sure feels and looks like it. On the other hand, faster hardware runs Android better and better, as evidenced by my recent experience with the Note 3. Granted, Android's taken a while to mature (to get to the point of Jelly Bean, at least, whereas iOS 7 is a pretty radical reinvention of UI that happens to have a ton of slop still within it).

"Android jank" is definitely still there, but it's getting less apparent with every year that passes by (which is important to recognize). iOS 7 has animation jank and other UI fuglies abound - which may, or may NOT, be addressed - sooner or later.

There are benefits and drawbacks of either side - but that's why I have chosen to live with everything. ;) Google does NOT have stores (or very good customer service, either) - nor does it yet have seamless/painless experiences across consumer electronics. Apple, on the other hand, doesn't seem to have its software design or cloud services shit together.

I'm a fucking fanboy of good fucking products, period. 
Cubamus Prime3 years ago
+Davante Wilson Because I don't feel like using the cloud for everything..
+Chris Pirillo I noticed you squinting at times to read the iPhone. Do you have the same problems with larger screens or is the Android jank on some phones so bothersome that you can't trust an Android device as a daily driver just yet?

Not trying to start a fight here. Just curious.
Ronnie D (Doc)3 years ago
+Relojo Asenime that's funny I was just talking to my wife about that today when we were in Starbucks. All three of the Iphone users had the same position; Two hands wrapped around the device in portrait mode, phone about chest level and back curled over so that they could bring their eyes as close as possible to the screen in order to read text. Apple has dug themselves in a rut by feeding all this nonsense to their fan base about the "perfect screen size" and no need for widgets and all that other garbage that I honestly don't see it possible for them to change the obvious on their devices without severe repercussions.+3
+Ronald Dockery One of my friends does the same thing. I asked him about it and he said it didn't bother him. I'd get tired of raising the phone that close to my face to read it. But some people just seriously don't like the way Android works so they would prefer to stick with their iPhone.

All this said, I'm trying to be more objective when listening to people discuss Apple related products or competitive products. You can't really learn anything if all you do is hate and dismiss. 

I think I heard rumors about bigger screen sizes for the next version of the iPhone.
ZWADIE PHIDD3 years ago
Hahahahaha for real
Ken Chen3 years ago
I watched few of his videos, I don't like the way he reviews a product, it just makes me want to close his videos. +4
Ronnie D (Doc)3 years ago
And that's fine you like what you like but don't deny the obvious because you feel it would ruin your credibility. Embrace progress and still like what you like. Idk km over it everyone knows apple bombed iPhone 5s and are clearly depending in the fingerprint scanner to make the sales.
Ronnie D (Doc)3 years ago
+Ken Chen that's the outcome every time I play one of his reviews. I want to watch the full video- its just too much to take in. He reminds me of my brother. All this information to get out of his head that its just puddles in a long drawn out babble.
Cubamus Prime3 years ago
+Davante Wilson WOW bro you really know me..I got a GS4....I just want more internal space..Tired of being stuck on 16gb..YOU FAILED..Getting a Note 3...
Niels Mul3 years ago
+Chris Pirillo love that video. I am kinda stunned that the iOS 7 is such a downer. I thought when using it on misses iPhone 4s and iPad 2 it was due too hardware trailing behind. It probably does anyway but I did noticed the stuttering. So the 5s stutters as well. To bad, again it proves my opinion that apple had a brilliant marketing strategy but badly executed. Again I might say. Must give apple credit though, well maybe Steve should have the credits, this wouldn't had happened if Steve was still around. Apple screwed up and have to play catch up now. Funny thing though I read that article from some ceos of apple saying that there in the upper market. Well if you keep this up you'll be in the lower market rather quickly.
Cubamus Prime3 years ago
+Chris Pirillo Apple needs to wake the F up. Open up more the OS, with more ANDROID Copying features (They are really good at copying) and let its users have more freedom. Stop using SHiTunes to transfer music over..And let people do WTF they want with their phone..And start giving out more screen size choices..They should of released a 4" and 4.7" or 5" iPhone..To this day users still cannot watch Youtube on HD without being on WIFI..Its pathetic.+2
Brian West3 years ago
+Davante Wilson cool your jets! My Samsung is Android through and through, 4.3 and all. You must be crazy to say Samsung isn't Android... why? TW? It's called root son! Save that hate for the fruit.
Cubamus Prime3 years ago
+Davante Wilson YOU SIR ARE A MORON. Samsung is killing everyone else..Wake the F up and smell the coffee..Without Samsung Android wouldn't have all that marketshare..Stop the Samsung hate..Last time I checked, I had Android running on my GS4..And Samsung gives a F about its user choices..Not like Google and other OEM..They still offer SD card and removable battery. And they still outsell any other OEM. Don't be hating bro. +Richard Yarrell +2
Cubamus Prime3 years ago
+Davante Wilson Bro learn how to fucking spell first. Samsung is not leaving Android at ALL.. They will die without Android. And Nexus is good but is has to many no no..Especially with shitty storage they offer. END OF STORY...Its all about choices..And that's the magic of Android.+1
Project Butter has succeeded in most parts. Nice. Very nice.
Pieter Uys3 years ago
+F. Diaz Even GS3 has been available with 64g internal memory from launch, 2 years ago. What you on about?
Cubamus Prime3 years ago
+Pieter Uys NOPE..only came out on 16 and 32gb. You are confusing 64gb SD card. Talking about internal storage. Well at least the Note 2 will have minimum 32gb+3
Miha Kukovec3 years ago
+F. Diaz Samsung? You must be joking? :D But OK, it's good for users with low expectations. Nexus is for us others.
Have a nice plastic day ;)
Brian West3 years ago
I'm pretty sure the Google Play edition GalaxyS4 falls under pure Android. I could be wrong though! +2
I want Apple to succeed, as an +Android fanboy. Because if not, this will be the beginning of end of competition.

So hang in there +Chris Pirillo we still need you to be the enemy.

Anybody that says Apple is dead, should learn from the movie Megamind.
Cubamus Prime3 years ago
+Miha Kukovec +Davante Wilson Not gonna turn this into a Galaxy S vs Nexus...Its pathetic that we are fighting and we are on the same team. +1
Cubamus Prime3 years ago
+Francis Imperial What about MS and their WP OS?+1
Pieter Uys3 years ago
+F. Diaz Nope, international version also had 64g internal memory.
Cubamus Prime3 years ago
+Pieter Uys Maybe in Korea, I saw someone on Youtube had the Note 2 64gb. But I remember they were gonna bring out a 64gb and it got cancel because of low demand.
Juan Zuluaga3 years ago
+F. Diaz are you stuck on 16 gb with a s4? A phone with 16/32/64gb versions and sd card slot, really?+2
Pieter Uys3 years ago

+F. Diaz The Gadget Show | Samsung Galaxy S3 64GB not cancelled, just ...
Jul 19, 2012 - The Samsung Galaxy S3 with 32GB of internal memory has ... More Samsung goodness expected to arrive in the coming months, with the launch of a new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ...
Samsung Galaxy S3 review | Phone Reviews | TechRadar
by Gareth Beavis - in 288 Google+ circles
Jun 7, 2013 - Samsung Galaxy S3 review | The world's greatest phone gets ... to launch it at a big and glitzy standalone event in London but has ... Expandable memory? ... S3 if you combine the top spec of internal memory (64GB) with the ...
Samsung Galaxy S3 Black will have 64GB storage, coming early ...
Aug 17, 2012 - Samsung Galaxy S3 Black will have 64GB storage, coming early October. There was rather exciting ...
Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini vs Samsung Galaxy S3 - News
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Samsung Galaxy S3 64GB - Compare Plans, Deals & Prices ...
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We'll help you compare plans, deals & prices for the Samsung Galaxy S3 ... Video Formats, MP4, DivX, XviD, WMV, H.264, H.263. Memory. RAM, 1GB. Internal, 64GB ... device that meets and often exceeds the hype surrounding its launch.
black samsung galaxy s3 will feature 64gb internal storage launch in ...
64GB black Samsung Galaxy S3 to come in October, according to UK's Clove ... that the newly painted Galaxy S3 will be the first edition to feature 64GB in internal memory, and that's not even counting ...
Comparing Apple iPhone 5 64GB vs. Samsung Galaxy S3 Specs ...
Substantially more internal storage. ... The device has a standard memory slot ( such as an SD or micro SD card slot) so that you can .... All of the above it's lacking compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3.
64GB Samsung Galaxy S3 Outed on Retailer Sites - Tom's Hardware
Oct 9, 2012 - Samsung said in July that a 64GB version of the Galaxy S3 will be arriving during the latter stages of ...
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Cubamus Prime3 years ago
+Juan Zuluaga There is no 64gb version bro..Just because Samsung announced it doesn't mean it came out.
Brian Utne3 years ago
The amount of hatred on this post is absolutely retarded.+11
Cubamus Prime3 years ago
+Brian Utne I am getting so tired also. Especially Android user vs Android user...+5
Brian Utne3 years ago
Yeah it's annoying as fuck +F. Diaz ...Someone always has something stupid to say about why company X is better than company Y. They're all part of the Android community. No point in fighting. =/+4
Mark luckey3 years ago
I phone 5s powered by Samsungs a7 chip lol+2
Cubamus Prime3 years ago
+Brian Utne That guy I was debating was a child...The way he responded..Like a child..I blocked his dumb stupid ass..Just making a fool of himself.
Cubamus Prime3 years ago
+Mark Simis I thought Apple stopped using them..I guess those 2 love to bang each other in bed.
Mark luckey3 years ago
+Brian Utne but it's true, look it up lol +1
Cubamus Prime3 years ago
+Mark Simis I read the article..its made by Samsung.
Juan Zuluaga3 years ago
But you can't say that you are stuck on 16gb +F. Diaz , common bro, it's android ecosystem, you have almost infinite options to choose.
And i don't get why all this hate for +Chris Pirillo , I'm a huge android fan and actually i really like his videos, he knows a lot about both ANDROID and IOS, common guys if android is the best os for me doesn't means that i must hate ios or apple, is just about what you need. There is not a best os, just a better os for what you need.
Pieter Uys3 years ago
+F. Diaz If you glance thru the more than 20 Internet articles posted above, you will notice that a SG S3 64G is actually available in Europe. It is also available in Asia, Africa, New Zealand and Australia.
Awaiting you comeback. 
Mark luckey3 years ago
Truth is +Chris Pirillo is an apple fan but realizing android is surpassing ios by leaps and bounds. +1
César Martínez3 years ago
Apple is a zombie
Cubamus Prime3 years ago
+Pieter Uys the 64gb got canceled. Show me a online store that sells one?
Cubamus Prime3 years ago
+Juan Zuluaga you know the apps are getting bigger in size. Once you run out of space there is nothing you can do about it.
Pieter Uys3 years ago
+F. Diaz You're clutching at straws. The proof is there. 'Nuff said.
Juan Zuluaga3 years ago
Well, i have 56 apps on my 32 gb optimus g (8 of them heavy games), 300+ songs and a lot of documents and all that stuff. And you know, i sti have like 10gb of free space, how i say's, there are a huge number of android devices, if you don't want 16gb just choose another one with nore space, or a sd card slot
Brian Utne3 years ago
Every phone manufacturer sucks. Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Asus, LG...all of them. There now we can stop fighting because all of our phones suck.+3
Cubamus Prime3 years ago
+Juan Zuluaga sd card will not work well. It only installs the application. The data which is a he one that takes space stays in the internal storage.
Mark luckey3 years ago
Boy it's hard for +Chris Pirillo to admit that the HTC one has better build quality then the I phone 5+2
Chris Pirillo3 years ago
Because the HTC One didn't have a "better" build quality. It's different, Mark - the speaker positions are fantastic, but the buttons are absolutely rotten. Better is relative (and I really don't feel the need to pound that bit of truth into your head, nor the heads of every other Android troll in this thread).+9
Niels Mul3 years ago
Damn this thread has cluttered up in a hour. Common guys, It's all about personal preference. If we all had the same taste live would be frigging boring.
Mikel Sigler3 years ago
Anyone who thinks the iPhone is a bad phone is delusional. I've owned every nexus phone since the Nexus One, and I clearly prefer Android, but come on. +1
Mikel Sigler3 years ago
And agree with +Chris Pirillo on buttons. I have an HTC One Google Edition. Everyone needs to go to on screen buttons.
I don't think anybody in here truly thinks the iPhone is bad. It's the Apple culture that makes us loathe the devices. 

What I personally think is that their devices are overhyped and compared to best devices, functionally inferior. Is that a

The truth is I've only seen a few YouTubers like +Armando Ferreira actually go step for step and compare the features where people can see what the truth is.

I'm not talking about speed...I'm talking about helpful features and ease of use. I'm talking about true innovation that integrates a phone seamlessly into your life. 
Cebastian Rosing3 years ago
I think Chris is excellent. He's just sharing his opinion and experience. Sure if say there's always a little bias, but I do, for the most part, understand him. I was also pleasantly surprised to see him review the new iPhones and iOS :) +1
Lyn Scott3 years ago
I love tech reviews.. I have 3 Android devices and 1 iPod touch.. Both OS are good to me but I prefer Android ecosystem (by now). Pirillo style is not like a traditional reviewer.. He don't prepare or edit videos.. Is like a live stream all the time, by example he took 25 minutes to give his impressions about iPhone5s. I don't have that much time or data plan. No intros, no camera job, no order.. I'm not saying that it is bad but I really enjoy more condensed approachs.

If Pirillo said that iOS7 has some problems then he is overcoming his fanboysm. We should do the same!
Jezwin Jebanesan3 years ago
+Craig Thornton +Lukasz Stepek +Matt Ashrafi Might want to have a look at this...  :-)
Craig Thornton3 years ago
Watched it earlier +Jezwin Jebanesan Nail on the head. IOS 7 needs work.
Andrew beaney3 years ago
Whats annoying me more than anything is how thedroideffect and or armando have got so little to say now that several post are all about bashing apple or snidey little digs which is not what their website was about (check the about us section) i reall liked (and still do) armando's reviews and videos but now its just like he wants to throw a fire cracker in the room and he knows how you all will respond on here. This chris pirillo video is good and honest review. Iphone hardware is great fullstop. I am android through and through am a dev on xda and wont own an iphone but seriously its sad to see comments like this over and over again. If someone wants an iphone great if you dont then great that why we are lucky as we have choices. Not every user wants to load up wanam xposed and tweak every detail of their phone some just want to use and enjoy their device as it is. +6
Jay R3 years ago
+Andrew beaney then exit stage unsubscribe. Its' not the fact of what device it is... The point everyone seems to miss is how there are countless court cases of copying... but ICS is certainly in this new concept and its suppose to be accepted? I don't think +Armando Ferreira means harm, but the way things have transpired over the year comes with the title of " hypocritical".+1
Andrew beaney3 years ago
+Jay R But that is another issue altogether, patent issues are  the pain yes and your are correct in stating its hypocritical that one can copy so to speak and one cannot. So the question should be asked are patent laws stringent or thorough enough (most of the design patents carry less weight in the uk than us) and lets not forget Apple is a business and they will do whatever is required to stay on top. I dont know of one business that does not copy or simulate another to stay ahead. The issue you touch on is actually the stupidity of the patents issued and im afraid that my friend is an issue the US issuing authorities need to resolve. 

Again i love Armandos Videos in the most part, and was making my point on how i view these posts, and maybe my view differs to many others 
Fk Of3 years ago
i would have put +1 if i had one
Matt Armstrong3 years ago
After watching this video, here's what I see... I see someone who is completely disappointed with Apple and how they basically ruined a great phone by giving it garbage as far as the operating system goes. The fact is that iOS 7 was rushed so that Apple could release the 5S before the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 Kit Kat... They were hoping to beat Google out of the starting gate and because of that, they have hurt themselves and their image. Just like Apple Maps was rushed for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5.

Correct me if I am wrong in anything I have just said, I probably am wrong. I'm not an Apple fan, not even close. I absolutely hate what the company has become ever since Steve Jobs passed away. But in my opinion this is going to be the final nail in the coffin unless Apple can fix this soon. I can't tell you how many iPhone owners I know that are disappointed with iOS 7, it's about as many people who are impressed.
Alex McBroom3 years ago
+Matt Armstrong slow progress and optimized wins the race! This also kind of highlights the great leaps and bounds that can come out of open source projects.+2
Although I dislike like 40% of his views but he does hold certain things about Apple to higher standards. And I don't watch all his tech videos but this was one I watched, it wasn't in depth but it could help the run-of-the-mill person. 
Adrian Greig3 years ago
I saw my first real person using ios7 after it updated a few days ago. She was lost. All she wanted to do was browse a company's webpage to compare a price with the store we were in. She is a realatively savvy use too. She just couldn't cope with the changes. She couldn't find what used to be a simple thing that she had done countless times before. She was very frustrated. So when I pulled out my nexus 7 and stayed swiping away on the keyboard to do her search for her she added that she wished her keyboard would do that too. :)

She sounds like someone considering a switch.
And so the post-Jobs downwards slope run gains traction. Who will be the next Gil Amelio, how far down will they go, and does there exist a new Appliah ? (yeah yeah, wordplay on apple+messiah :p) 

I had seen the future and now it is here - thank you Chris Pirillo :)
Shane Edwards3 years ago
Michael prudhomme, apple is no small company. I have never liked apple products especially smartphones I am an avid android user. Everyone I know that has an I phone are very unhappy with them now, so I have to say good job apple on the epic fail, you ate not android.
Mike Ward3 years ago
Couldnt watch the video, really annoying prick...typical iphone owner! :-)+1
+Juan Valencia you can turn off the animation. IOS7 doss not have a system wide lag.
+Swee Sien Lim I would love to have some of that project butter on my Galaxy S4.
hmm +Roodly Philogene do you want Samsung's features? if not try to get one of the AOSP roms from XDA.. hopefully it becomes more buttery.
c3 years ago
objectively I have not seen anything in an apple product tgat was clearly in front of an android product since the iphone 3gs. ever since then the release cycles have been stradily more in the Android direction. now I think the gap is getting comical. my opinion, but I think in terms of features the ip5 is right around the sgs3. and with this review it doesn't seem as though much has really changed.

my only issues have been with the culture surrounding the idevices not necessarily with the devices themselves. seeing one of their biggest ardent supporters dog them like that should gife the folks at apple some pause. by the way, I've seen a lot of unimpressed apple supporters speaking out since the ip5c/s was released.
Cheryl Zamudio3 years ago
El centinela
the sentinel
Translated from Spanish|Original
Cheryl Zamudio3 years ago
El centinela
the sentinel
Translated from Spanish|Original
Satish TV3 years ago
Armando, I am a big android fan as well but one thing is bad, I am still stuck on 4.1.2 on galaxy s3, the phone is only 1.5 yrs old. I am not sure if I will get 4.4 and being... but on the other hand Apple updated the ios7 for all devices from iPhone 4 which is from 2010?+1
Piotr Majewski3 years ago
Only Nexus is true android.
Noticed myself massive lags on my ipad after upgrade to ios7.
Harry Evangelou3 years ago
+Satish TV You want fast updates, get a Nexus. Android is all about choice. BTW, iOS 7 adds huge lag and has performance issues, even on the iPhone 5s. People with iPhone 4 and iOS7 are furious with iOS7.
iOS7 Lag on iphone 4 critically slow text
iPad 3: iOS 6 vs iOS 7 (lag & performance issues)
iPhone 5s Features, Hands On, First Impressions
Sri Harsha3 years ago
"True multitasking and a fancy live wallpaper".. iOS lags... Not sure what happens if iOS gets every feature that Android had for years... like background widgets... etc...+3
Brian West3 years ago
+Satish TV Ios7 is comparable but barely to 4.0 ICS. Your on 4.1.2 JB. By the time Kit Kat comes out your phone will 2 years old. By the time Apple comes out with another update or phone your phone will be 2 and a half years old and still better then the iPhone. I think your in good shape. Besides if it really bothered you, root! 4.2.2 does wonders for the GalaxyS3. ;-)
Jose Mendoza3 years ago
+Chris Pirillo is awesome.
Robbie Adams3 years ago
I have said this in the past. One of the main reasons iOS had very little issues or problems was it's lack of advanced modern features like Android... I stated many times as soon as Apple would start putting in more features, they would have problems... And there you go.
You want more features like the ones Apple "borrowed" and I am being nice by saying "borrowed" from Android, Windows, WebOS and MIUI, watch what happens. Android has overcome almost all the lag issues with their OS and runs smooth especially on higher end Android devices... Apple with iOS 7 and the iPhone 5s... Oh well.
Prepare yourselves for the excuses from Apple and the herd... 
Brian West3 years ago
+Robbie Adams you took the words right out of my mouth. +1
Riley3 years ago
Yeah he's a tool. Never liked him but that's my opinion. He was annoying on tech TV and even more so now
Mike Ward3 years ago
+Satish TV exactly, 1.5 years old. The S4 has been released and they are working on thr S5. This type of technology is old after 6 months. If you want the latest updates get a Nexus!. And I am sure that ios7 runs badly on the older phones as would the latest and Android. Phones are much more disposable than they used to be. Luckily there is still a healthy market for used phones.
+Armando Ferreira i updated my brothers iphone 4s and ipad2 and there its laggggg all over the placee!! Slow animations framerate drops all over the place. When I swype in the homescreen the finger doesnt follow like it used to! +2
I ser many videos o +Chris Pirillo and i know what he is looking for, when i see that vídeo, i expected that UX based on the vídeo about iOS7, i see In him a very honest review... Even in android devices!
Patrik Lovrin3 years ago
+Satish TV Keep in mind that this is not a problem of Android and Google but it is problem of Samsung and every other manufacturer of phones. Samsung has made more than 50 phones since S3 and it is hard to keep updates for all of them.
Meanwhile iPhone 4 sure is from 2010 but there were only iPhone 4s, 5 and now 5s till then. So a lot less phones to keep updated.
If you want updates you should buy nexus devices, those, as Apple, get all updates immediately as they get out. No worries about future updates.
I also have 1.5 year old phone and I'm stuck on 4.1.2 and no more updates for me. So I'm also considering Nexus device next time. And Android experience is also the best on Nexus phones in my opinion.
Thomas Vu3 years ago
I hope they take him seriously.  I have way too many correspondents considering switching, and I'd like to be in the know of the little things about the OS.  
I read an article somewhere--I wish I knew where--about the fingerprint sensor being an ergonomic error, and I noticed it in this video.  Chris seemed like he was used to unlocking his phone with the power button.  It looked awkward for him to use it since he used two hands to unlock it.  Having that said I do know that you can use the home button to turn the screen on, its a force of habit for some.

Edit: Wow gizmodo of all places
Satish TV3 years ago
+Harry Evangelou, +Mike Ward, +Brian West, Guys, I will get nexus 5 and I do know that 4.1 is superior to ios7, it is the attitude of s3 manufacturer that I am not happy with, they are busy making cheap phones with 4.2 and not bothered to take care of their potential customers for s5. Ps: I do know 4.3 is coming next month for s3
Patrik Lovrin3 years ago
Apple is basically hiding all the lag with their "pretty" animations.
Bay Salinger3 years ago
I'm running iOS 7 on my iPhone 4 and iPad mini. No idea what people are on about with lag as both my devices are working perfectly.+1
Mario Giustizia3 years ago
Yeah Apple really is in a bad spot. Selling like hotcakes making more money than everyone in the industry, has all the developers on their side, and will have 99% of apps updated to x64 before android has half of their apps updated. Just stating the facts here although none of this would make me want an iPhone. Simply put there are good and bad that come with both iOS and android (I can go on for days about how good notifications are, screen sizes, and potential features that apps like tasker bring to android that trump iOS). It's the nature of both beasts. I'm sure most of types bugs will be fixed swiftly by Apple (they almost always do, unless they don't see it as a problem, which I doubt if it is that severe). 
Will W3 years ago
+Armando Ferreira I disagree. How does slow animations define a big problem? All Apple has to do is put out a software update to speed it up. I agree with some of the things +Chris Pirillo said, but what some don't like many more do. +1
Andrew Currie3 years ago
+rajan nakarmi Do you have a citation for that? Not doubting your claim necessarily, just wondering where you heard it.
Henry Sinclair3 years ago
+Will Walker He is not referring to iOS slow animations as the big problem. +Armando Ferreira  is referring to a long time Apple advocate, Chris Pirillo, calling out the iOS 7 so so experience as a big problem because if Chris finds something wrong about an Apple product or OS, then there's definitely something wrong.+2
David Dire3 years ago
Steve Jobs missing is really starting to show for Apple
David Dire3 years ago
He never would allow this OS
Will W3 years ago
+Henry Sinclair good point, and I stand corrected +Armando Ferreira. But honestly, Apple is not in anymore trouble than they have been since the 4S was released. I think iOS7 is a step in the right direction, but it still needs refinement.+2
Maurice Garrett3 years ago
No Michael Prudhomme you can because apple makes themselves out to set their own bar high. They feel they are the class of the entire smartphone world. So it took them 6yrs to get this right. Out the box it should be perfect. Apples problem is they won't admit to themselves and everyone else ( even though we already know) that they are having a hard time keeping up with everyone elseI and what they are doing. Let me say this, I love android and always will. But apple has shined when it came to practicality and optimization. But those days are gone. No one cares about how optimized something is or how practical it is anymore because ultimately it will boil down to who has the better innovation and who's pushing towards the future of what smartphones will be and offer. What it is and boils down to is simple upgrades like expandable storage. That hurts apple in the sense that everyone had it for the most part. Exceptions to this rule is the HTC One which is an amazing phone and there are others that don't have it but is still a great phone over all. Larger screens are the norm but to apple. In the video he has to squint a few times to just read text and I have seen it on the train out here in NY. I don't have that problem on my Galaxy s4. And I wear glasses so these are things they will have to address to stay competitive with the rest of the smartphone world and I don't know with Tim Cook running apple they will.
Omar Roman3 years ago
windows phone 8 has throttled animations as well.  Very frustrating to use IMO.
Lyn Scott3 years ago
I disagree, you can't say that iOS7 was rushed.. they had worked only on that for a whole year.. Google in the same time did a great job on its OS and several Multi platform apps.. Apple just realized that they can sell their products without any significative change.. so they went for the minimum effort / maximum renueve path..

It is so sad because the performance was the only real advantage Apple used to have.
Tony Abiama3 years ago
Lol this thread is awesome... The hate shown towards +Chris Pirillo is humorous.
Mario Giustizia3 years ago
What do you mean with Tim cook running Apple they won't stay competitive? I can actually see Cook going bigger for an iPhone, unlike jobs. Also, Tim Cook understands where he is not like Jobs and assigns those jobs to people more suited, something I doubt Steve would have done (like giving Ive the promotion he got that only Steve himself had previously). I think apple will be fine, and they will continue to push towards the future. Only this time they have tough competition in Google (Google is a much better rival to Apple than Microsoft was).

Simply put, Apple should make a bigger phone (maybe make the normal iPhone 6 a 4.5 or 4.7 inch screen and the 6c or whatever it'll be called the same 4 inch screen it's always been) and needs to optimize iOS 7 a bit more (that's pretty much it, because imo iOS 7 is BEAUTIFUL, so beautiful it's almost a bit too feminine and certainly too bright for my taste). Really it comes down to how much people like the way iOS 7 looks. If people think it looks good, a simple optimization fix should suffice. If people HATE the way it looks, then they'll have a big problem on their hands. But considering nobody complains about ugly ass touch wiz, I doubt any iPhone users would find iOS 7 ugly. 
Will W3 years ago
+Mario Giustizia well said.+1
Pit Bull3 years ago
He is right about the ios7 lag..I upgraded my wife's ipad and ever since the icons won't respond from the first touch, it also lags while swiping left and right.
Nigel Dickinson3 years ago
Well what a surprise, software vs hardware issues nothing new with Apple. Think software then get the hardware would be Apples best bet as their coding has never been the best. But when your bottom line is to make money and not invest in the future your going to make these mistakes. I've had macs and iphones and it just get worse and worse.
Cubamus Prime3 years ago
+Chris Pirillo i know. HTC did a horrible job on the button placement. They shout of had software buttons like Nexus.
chris pirillo isn't an apple fan boy - he's a fucking retard.  OMG IT DOESN'T SCROLL PROPERLY SO THEREFORE IT MUST BE SHIT.+3
Greg Stewart3 years ago
How is the 8 mega pixel camera...again? lol+1
Arthur Davis3 years ago
+Armando Ferreira ok so everyone else will fluff and comment, I'm going to keep it 100, dude you are a iPhone hater plain and simple. I understand you want the likes and comments but seriously you hate a little to much. You talk as if Android is a beast and it's not. That 2013 Nexus 7 experience I had was trash, stuttering, crashes galore, they talked that screen up like it was awesome and it's not, it's high resolution poor quality... Besides putting a new rom on your phone, and the robust sharing features there is not advantage on Android IMO ... The 5S will sell like crazy, iOS 7 will continue to be improved and Apple will continue to improve. Going back to this OS thing and companies being doomed, Google lost 2 players in Android in the past 12 months, they are not leaving just because, something is changing in Google... And please tell me why Google apps run so much better on an iPhone than on an Android phone the difference is Google cripples certain functions. Then the 64bit race, loll Apple comes first and now all the Android OEM saying oh we will have it soon ok yeah follow the leader like you are use to... Closing seriously +Armando Ferreira you really like to run this Android vs iOS crap and any chance you get that's what you do, why? Do you want an Apple shirt or something? I like both systems and will use both, but I'm not going to go pull someone else post to try and prove a point as if +Chris Pirillo is the go to Apple commander of the iSheep or something smh...He said, she said lol come on man...Just curious to know your infatuation about Apple going down? I use to follow you about 6 months ago but you went from being helpful and tips and tricks about Android to just straight oh here is why Android is better and here is why Apple is in trouble. Trust I only came to this post bcz it was shared to me by a friend that wanted me to comment...other than that no love from me...Google+ was not meant to be a hive of Apple bashers but it sure seems to be that way. Get back to what got you started man, not this bitter bash, get plus ones stuff...+4
Nigel Dickinson3 years ago
+Arthur Davis 64 bit is so yesterday. Its OK if its dual core with 3 gig memory but the apple route is marketing and hasn't been thought through, but that's Apple, if it were a car it would have 12 cylinders and 6 pistons and the other six pistons when the build a new car.
+Arthur Davis Have you tried more than 4 or 5 Android devices within the last two years? 

How are you going to call somebody out on their bias when you in fact are biased yourself? Where's your credibility? All that nonsense you're spewing about the Nexus 7 lets me know exactly where you stand.

Perhaps you were playing devil's advocate but I fail to see what your post actually accomplished here but fueling more fanboy stupidity. 

Pirillo and Armando can like whatever phone they want. If you don't like it, don't watch. Hence why I don't want Pirillo's videos or follow him on Google+ just so I can post negative comments on his stuff. People are who they want to be.

Apple is not doomed. Google is not doomed. The most important issues that could change that are in the courts with this patent BS. When and if Apple fails in a lot of this patent BS, a lot of the fanboy stuff will die down because our OS won't be threatened by the big bullies with lots of cash.
Cubamus Prime3 years ago
+Arthur Davis the robust sharing has the biggest advantage over ios. That one of the reasons I got rid of ipad mini. I share alot of stuff on Google + and it doesn't support it. It cripple beyong belief. IOS is so behind in features +2
Qban Celli3 years ago
The guy ADORES Apple.
Mario Giustizia3 years ago
+Relojo Asenime Sorry to say, but Google is also a patent troll. Unless you actually think they acquired Motorola Mobility because they needed a hardware division. Google has done hardware in the past and it was damn good (quality wise, like the pixel). They didn't need moto, they wanted them for their robust patent portfolio. Apple doesn't even do stuff like that (as in buy companies just for the patents. They usually buy companies that they need, like that biometrics company before the 5s came out). They are both guilty of doing shitty things here.

+Arthur Davis I wouldn't say sharing is the only good thing on android. Customization goes a long way (customizing your home screen, using apps like tasker, and customizing the phone itself, like the moto x). 

+Nigel Dickinson Really, that's what happens when you don't invest in the future? Really? Can you honestly say Apple doesn't invest in the future. They bring all these great products to the mainstream and do a damn good job at it and you say a comment like that? Fanboyism to the max right here. It's a sad day when fans can't give credit to a company when they deserve it (iPod, iPhone, iPad, all that in the last few years and people say they don't look towards the future? And what, Google does? Why, because they made Google glass? As if Apple isn't testing similar products. It's like not giving Google credit for all the great things they did, like Gmail, search, Chrome, and even android. It's stupid). 
Austin Cooper3 years ago
I've been sharing this video around as well. The part from about 6:30-7:30 is especially profound, where he says certain android experiences (ie Nexus 4) are more buttery and fluid than his brand new iPhone 5S. +1
Arthur Davis3 years ago
Dude the only phones I buy are flagships, Nexus 4/HTC One/Note2/GS4/Ordered Note3, owned GS2 and 3, a plethora of other HTC Phones....And of course every iPhone except the first one...I'm not just talking to talk here, like I said the robust sharing capability is huge for Android over iOS but do I miss it when I use and iPhone not at all and that's maybe because I use both and know what to expect. I've gone with only using one over the other and I can do without the other if I had to. If I had one choice I would choose the iPhone bcz it's dependable, I have major support around the corner, the apps are there and I don't have to worry about a lot of bugs or a knockoff app posing as a regular...I really like All Access, I really like the HTC One, I don't like GS2/3/4 but I like the Note series weird but hey it is what it is. Apple will continue to make move in the positive period, this is not Microsoft or Nokia here. And I stand by my point that your boy needs to get back to what got him here in the first place...
Arthur Davis3 years ago
64bit has been around on desktops and not on phones, big difference and again I'm not a this vs that person, I'm only countering what's being said on this post. But to end this reply from me bcz all of this is dumb, Apple will be just fine, people are buying the most popular phone in the world, and it makes me laugh that (it's so lame and behind the times) so I guess everyone who continues to buy it lives in the past although it has tech the android phones do not have lol smh
+Mario Giustizia 

Please list the patent cases instigated by Google after they acquired Motorola. 

If somebody is punching you in the face, you don't just stand there. Perhaps they bought Motorola for patent defense or perhaps they actually wanted more hardware capabilities. 

Where's the evidence to support your claim? What patent litigation did Google specifically start?

Furthermore, which of those cases you list, could potentially destroy iOS and limit its capabilities? 
Robbie Adams3 years ago
+Arthur Davis
64 Bit computing on mobile devices were on ARM's Road Map with the A-53 and A-57 well before rumors started buzzing around that the iPhone 5s would have this. Moroever unless the iPhone 5s is going to have 4gb of Ram or more, the biggest advantage of having a 64 Bit SOC is pretty much just for marketing regardless if Samsung, HTC, LG or any other Android manufacturer brought it out first. The same would apply.

The reality is this was bound to happen as Apple incorporates more features that the other Manufacturers phone operating systems have.
You want REAL-MULTI TASKING? More gestures? More animations? More notification options and advanced features like the other systems? Hopefully the operating system is optimised for it and the hardware has enough RAM to accommodate these new system intensive resources... From this hands on and quite a few others and even when ios7 was in Beta, this seems not to be the case. Some of the very issues that plagued Android not too long ago and Android has seemed to rectify most of those issues, are now happening to the iPhone 5s with ios7 and older iPhones.
Mario Giustizia3 years ago
+Relojo Asenime none as of now. But it is fairly obvious that part of the reason Google wanted moto was for its patents. I'm saying they could use it in a negative way, not that they did. I did say that Google isn't the totally innocent company people make it out to be. They too had their fair share of run inside with the law,and I wouldn't put it past them to do sneaky stuff with these patents. Of course, all speculation, then again so is apple suing Google again.
+Mario Giustizia Wait. So you have no proof but you're still claiming they would. 

So would it be fair for me to say that you're a troll because I saw you post something opposite my viewpoint? The evidence suggests you just want to have a conversation...but you probably are secretly doing it to piss me off right? :-)

Apple suing Google is not the issue. Apple trying to prevent competition  and choice by suing Android manufacturers for stuff they claim they "innovated" is the problem. When that stops, I can honestly say I'll be more receptive of what Apple has to say. 
Arthur Davis3 years ago
+Robbie Adams makes no sense this didn't degrade the iPhone experience lol done... Useless conversation...
Nigel Dickinson3 years ago
+Mario Giustizia Apple still do poor software nothing has changed since the 80s. They don't invest in software they are a tech company that sells cheap hardware at a premium on the premise that its the best. Microsoft build poor hardware and OK software on the premise that it the standard. That is where Apple get their butt handed to them time and time again.
Robbie Adams3 years ago
Lag... Stutter... Slow animation issues does not degrade the iPhone experience? These are the very same issues Apple users said about Android for years how that degrades the user experience. Now this is prevalent with iOS7 and now this does not degrade the iPhone experience? How it does not matter? It's now ok? There is a word for this. Hypocrisy... The same how Plastic is now all of a sudden "great" and multi tasking is NOW FANTASTIC. Sorry +Arthur Davis this is massive hypocrisy like 4" screens are too big and 3.5" is perfect... Oh wait...
To say otherwise is a "USELESS CONVERSATION" 
I'm going to say I'm a fanboy of android period. I have tried living in the apple Eco system for about a year when the 4s came out. Didn't like it for whatever reason can't put my finger on it (not a pun to the finger id thing). When I switched back to Google I was happier with it. Now that I'm running on 4.3 on an outdated phone (gs2). I find myself not worrying about flashing or switching phones with the android restore feature automatically downloading all my apps. Apple was to get out of this "forward thinking" campaign if they plan on having the same phone over and over. I don't care if it's thinner it's all the same phone to me ip1 to the ip5s/c nothing has changed. Even car companies try new looks for there big selling cars every 4 years. I have had no issues with my os even being a custom ROM. If the biggest thing that was noticeable from one phone to an"upgraded"phone is just the finger print and camera,I would go back and pick another phone. When I update my phone I want it to be an update not just small changes. And android fans now what it's like to have great hardware and have software hold it back (sense, touchwise, blur) I feel for the sheeple on that one. But then just get an open phone and flash a new cleaner version of the os. That's what I did and I'm grateful for it.+1
His videos are annoying+5
Cubamus Prime3 years ago
+Robbie Adams i know. Remember when they said 3.5 screen is perfect and it doesn't need to be bigger? Now 4" screen is perfect. Bunch of fucking pathetic people. Then when iPhail 6 comes out with a 5" screen is perfect. +2
J Valencia3 years ago
+Roodly Philogene maybe because ios is optimize just to take pictures. +1
Mr RC3 years ago
I tried watching nerdzilla and just can't. Even though he sounds to be being iOS 7, the fanboy is still underneath.+1
Mr RC3 years ago
+Mark Simis , it pained him... Looked like he was going thru spasms.+1
Nate Brewer3 years ago
Yes I have a new found respect for +Chris Pirillo after reviewing his video. So what he prefers ios, I prefer Android. But the guy really seem to swallow some pride on this one and just give his honest opinion, I totally respect that. In fact wish more people on all sides would stop being sheep and do their own research and have their own opinions. Stop just following what they deem to be the popular opinion and have the balls to voice or type their own opinions about their experiences, good or bad. After all, you are the one who will be spending your hard earned dollar on whatever device you so choose. +Chris Pirillo two thumbs up on your video man. I will definitely be circling you here and subscribing to your YouTube channel. I'm definitely nobody's sheep whatsoever not Android, ios, Microsoft, BlackBerry ect. So forget what a sheep of any kind has to say. Which i'm sure you already do lol, anyway again nice job dude. +3
Henry Sinclair3 years ago
+Robbie Adams
Exactly. You know how it goes. If a feature is not on the iPhone, Apple users claim they don't need it. Features become available suddenly it's the best thing. eg. larger display. Same goes with the opposite. The brag about iOS being smooth. Now that there is lag, suddenly it doesn't matter. 
Maurice Garrett3 years ago
Mario it's exactly how your reading it bro. Apple isn't as competitive as you think or seem. You may not know this but the Iphone 5S IS THE IPHONE 5 WITH TWEAKS. That's all. There's nothing really different beside ios7 a camera upgrade with is a very good camera by the way and a live wallpaper which has been used by android for years. It's even been confirmed that the amazing M7 chip that the 5s supposed to have isn't even in the phone. The phone has bee torn down and stripped apart to see the internals and while apple claims it to have an M7 chip at the heart of its phone its not there and also the finger print scanner on the phone can be unlocked by a dog bro. Really a dog. That spells bad news for anyone who looses their phone that security will be a big issue. And I don't know if a software update can fix that. Finger prints are unique to each person but if the device can't figure out the difference then iPhone theft just got insanely easier to be accomplished because once I take an iPhone all I need is my dogs paw on standby to unlock it. Phone tech hasn't caught up to high tech sophisticated technology like a finger print scanner. Also ios7 isn't as polished as it should be and I would be OK with that if Tim Cook didn't bash android and low end phones the way he did in his interviews. Apple has been put on a pedestal for a long time. They had something special when Steve Jobs what's captain of the ship. Apple is staying afloat because of familiarity and loyal customers. But android is vastly growing improving and evolving and there's a flavor for everyone both looks and economically for every consumer and every price range. Iphones are expensive and out of the price range of many that want them. That's why the 5c was made because the android ecosystem for android provides for everyone not just the upper class of the economy. +2
+Maurice Garrett A dog can unlock an iPhone 5s IF THE OWNER HAS REGISTERED A PRINT FROM THE DOG TO UNLOCK IT. - "The funniest thing is, it only works for the paw I programmed. It doesn't work for the other three."

And the M7 chip has been identified by Chipworks on the board during their teardown.
Maurice Garrett3 years ago
Well I just saw an article that it wasn't. But I'll read it again. Still in all I'm just a little annoyed by the arrogance of apple that's all. +1
Robert Pruitt3 years ago
It's the first release and the updates will make it better and yes Apple has a competitor that is really getting good now in the Android phones. Hopefully the competition makes both companies better.
Cambo Ford3 years ago
In vino veritas.
Maurice Garrett3 years ago
D. J. Walker Morgan. Here you are kind sir. Read this please:,24333.html
Maurice Garrett3 years ago
+Robert Pruitt that's all I want man. Competition makes everyone happier even the consumers. +2
Glenn Wallace3 years ago
All of you Android fans about to be very upset. Android dominance is by 1 manufacturer i.e. Samsung. The rumors of Samsung making their own OS is true. Apple and Samsung sales more phones than LG, HTC, Motorola, and those other manufacturers who are flooding the industry with cheap phones combine. Samsung has a very cheap phone that is selling in India. The 2nd largest mobile market on the planet. Apple is competing against Samsung not Android. Reason Android is leading the market share because of Samsung. When Samsung switch their phones over to their own OS. The market share of Android will fall below Microsoft. Just a suggestion: Before making comments do your own research.
+Maurice Garrett And? Toms Hardware reporting that iFixiit couldn't id the M7... when I've already given you a link to Chipworks (who do silicon level analysis) who have identified the M7 on the board. To make it easier on you here's the section from their report.

"The M7 Co-Processor
The M7 is a new direction for Apple – in an effort to reduce power consumption, the M7 chip is dedicated to collecting and processing accelerometer, gyroscope and compass data. That being said, The M7 has been a difficult chip to locate on the board and rumors have been going around about the lack of a discrete M7 chip inside the iPhone 5s. All expectations up to now were pointing to a stand-out chip as seen below at the Apple Town Hall event.

Luckily, we’ve been able to locate the M7 in the form of the NXP LPC18A1. The LPC1800 series are high-performing Cortex-M3 based microcontrollers. This represents a big win for NXP. We had anticipated the M7 to be an NXP device based on input from industry analysts and our partners and we are happy to see this to be the case.

The M7 is dedicated to processing and translating the inputs provided to it by the discrete sensors; the gyroscope, accelerometer and electro magnetic compass mounted throughout the main printed circuit board. Traditional Apple techniques lead us to believe that these discrete sensors are STMicroelectronics for the accelerometer and the gyroscope while the electro magnetic compass would again be an Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM). We have since confirmed the compass to be AKM’s AK8963 and the gyroscope to be STMicroelectronics. But to our surprise the accelerometer is actually a design win for Bosch Sensortech with their BMA220 3-axis accelerometer (the first Bosch we’ve ever seen in an Apple product). We dive deeper into the M7 and its children in the next section."

Oh and they have pics locating the chip and sensor set and lots of other useful information about the tech in the iPhone 5s. 
Maurice Garrett3 years ago
OK thank you.
Sri Harsha3 years ago
+Glenn Wallace  LOL! Do you think Samsung's success is just because of its hardware and not because of the OS i.e.. Android that it uses? Samsung had it's own OS named Bada initially bcas they didn't want to fully go with a third party OS like Android. But it was a flop because of the prime reason that Bada was crap(Obviously we know how Samsung makes crappy software.) Now they're giving another try at it. I don't think a new OS will be accepted by masses unless it has a very wide availability of apps no matter how good the OS itself is(look at Windows phone). So, their new OS may help them sell a bunch of cheap feature phones at the best.+2
Maurice Garrett3 years ago
Glenn Wallace you are failing to realize what the discussion is about and we know about Samsung OS project. But back to topic Tim Cook has an Interview where he is bashing ANDROID not Samsung as a whole. He had a lot of negative things to say about it when he is wrong. He can't bash Samsung because they make the processors in their Iphones. But android as a whole they are arrogant and has this fixation in believing the rest of the smartphone world is beneath them and that's not true. If apple bashed Samsung all Samsung would do is laugh at them and ask them when do they want to order their next batch of processors and parts. +1
Glenn Wallace3 years ago
Maurice: I'm not sure which media you read. However; Tim Cook pointed out that there are many different versions of Android since users don't always upgrade to the new ones and manufacturers customize the platform. What he said, “Does a unit of market share matter if it’s not being used? For us, it matters that people use our products. We really want to enrich people’s lives, and you can’t enrich somebody’s life if the product is in the drawer.” His comments did not patronize Android.
Maurice Garrett3 years ago
OK I guess you took it a different way but I'm not the only person that readwhat he said and took it the same way. But who I to say what he said maybe if you didn't read the interview you should and if you did then we both have a different take on what was said but opinion is opinion Glenn and ultimately I have a different take on the entire interview but like I said I'm not the only person who feels the way I feel about it. +1
Glenn Wallace3 years ago
+Sri Harsha Android is open source and Google releases the code under the Apache License. This open-source code and permissive licensing allows the software to be freely modified and distributed by device manufacturers. Samsung will take the open-source code and modify it to their product. Samsung makes hardware but they do have very good software that works with their hardware. How much modification to the Android OS Samsung will make? Only Samsung can answer that question. Samsung already taken Google and Apple play book and using it to their advantage. Although; Apple is not focusing on market share but Apple will continue to enrich people life's with their product.
Maurice Garrett3 years ago
Glenn I'm assuming you love apple products. Correct.
Maurice Garrett3 years ago
Or just root the current one or buy an Oppo find or Oppo N1
Nick Clarke3 years ago
Respect to +Chris Pirillo

I am also a fan of competition and good devices. I was gutted when Nokia/Microsoft screwed up Windows phone. Three way competition would be great.

Glenn Wallace3 years ago
I don't care about control but I do demand functionality. Apple iOS give me that functionality and simplicity. I'm a engineer an will have 30 to 50 apps open at once. I don't have time for my phone crashing because of resources and/or memory. Alerts are very important in my day to day life. Tracking where my kids are is the most important function in my life.

Responding to the market share comment. Their no we i.e. Android. Samsung is why Android is popular on the planet. Apple still command the market share in China and the US. Thanks to ZTE with their cheap phones the market is being flooded with. All the manufacturers have to adapt.
Far as the Nexus phone the only reason it did not do well because of a license issue with LTE and Google. Not everyone can use a Nexus phone. It's a strip down version of Android and will be too complicate to use for the average user.
Brandon Ford3 years ago
I think with time, they'll refine it even more. It's the first mobile 64-bit operating system. My iPhone 4 runs faster and more smooth than it did with iOS 6 in my experiences so far.
Izanagi3 years ago
Android and ios need improvements they both lag a lot I've used both so I can tell
Glenn Wallace3 years ago
People who like complete control over the customization of their phones, and want to be able to fiddle the lowest level functions, will prefer Android thanks to its greater openness (one downside of this, though, is that each company that makes Android phones can tweak them, sometimes replacing default Android apps with inferior tools developed by that company). Android customization can also require some complex technical skills that the average person rarely has.

Taken as a comparison done on a features list, the distance between Android and iPhone doesn't seem that far--and it seems that Android is ahead in some areas. And while that's true, the experience of using a phone, a device that's with you all day long, doesn't boil down to what boxes get checked. The experience is driven by quality and attention to detail, how the device works and how you feel about it. There's a reason people feel passionately enough about the iPhone to wait hours to get one on the day of a new model's release. This happens sometimes with Android phones, but less often and at lesser scale.

Most people want a phone that works well, lets them run the apps they want, and is easy to use. On that front, the iPhone wins hands down. Apple’s intense focus on ease of use, quality experience, and things just working (see hardware, apps, and Flash above for examples of how Android’s openness can make life harder) makes it the clear choice for most users.
Adam Outler3 years ago
Start at 22:11 . I'm glad to see +Chris Pirillo not being so fanboyish and actually seeing things for what they are. He was praising features in iOS that had been in android for years, just earlier this year. +1
Karim Leo3 years ago
+Chris Pirillo you are right that Apple hardware service and support is good. At the price they for sun standard equipment, their markup is astronomical. The last thing they want us that their sheep stray. And before you ask, I am an ex Apple customer, must have spent over 25,000 € on their hardware in the 4 years I had their products. We all love and learn I guess..
Chris Pirillo3 years ago
Android OEMs have markup, too - hate to burst your bubble. ;)+2
Glenn Wallace3 years ago
At first I wasn't going to comment Will but you have shown you know nothing of Apple itunes. iTunes ver 11 and above you do not need to copy a song. Apple made it where you can select what ever you want which will copy or remove the song, album, compilation, or what ever you use to sort your music.

Android not poplar because of Samsung??? I will used Gardner in the US only. Statically Samsung is killing all the Android manufacturers combine. Samsung is 2nd only to Apple. If you remove Samsung where will the Android manufacturers be on sales? The Nexus phone by specs is a better phone than the S4. It's irrelevant if you can't use the power of the Nexus on a LTE network. You missed the part of ease of use with Android. Specially on a phone by Nexus. The average consumer will not be able to operate a Nexus phone. Hint: Average user with no technical back ground will not find the phone useful.
Jeffery Hays3 years ago
Can't wait to see 4.4
Dino Rodriguez3 years ago
I wasn't going to comment on your ignorance +Glenn Wallace but, it's incredibly obvious that you know nothing about Nexus or Google, for that matter. {I promise not to respond to any more of your posts}.+1
Glenn Wallace3 years ago
Google does stupid things affect Android. Nexus phones are usually a better representation of Android than any others. No S-somethings, or G-somethings or silly nonsense to get in the way of the Android experience. Features that do something better than Google did it, like Samsung's Blocking Mode (Christ, why has Google not done this yet?) or LG's Knock-Knock feature. These make Android better. You have to open Google Play and buy apps to do these simple things on a Nexus. Their are things other Manufacturers Android phone does that you just love, I hope you understand what I'm trying to say here.

You have to sort threw Google Play to find the apps you will used opposed to the apps already installed on a LG, S4, HTC One and other Android phones. The Nexus phone was not design for a novice user. LG, Samsung, HTC cram in software that's easy to use for a novice user. When you increase the size of the operating system by 700MB, there's an awful lot of crap in there that the average consumer don't want to deal with.

Motorola took the software from the Nexus 4, added just a few things (as far as the user-facing features, that is) to it and called it a day. There is no eye-tracking that won't work with my glasses. There is no insanely stupid system that shuts your Wifi off if the phone sits with the screen locked too long. There is no crap. The settings on a Nexus phone is not user friendly to a novice Android user. A soccer mom don't have the time nor does she want to dig through all the settings to find a few useful features to manage.
Glenn Wallace3 years ago
Their nothing simple to use on a Nexus. That's my point. The stuff the other manufacturers cram in the OS is for simple use. The Nexus you have to buy the apps to use simple functions. Nexus phone was not design with the intent to be used by a novice user. It's for the advance more specifically the geeks to use. It's design for the power user. That's like comparing a i3 Intel chip to a i7. The Nexus phone has a more powerful chip than the S4. By specs the Nexus kick the crap out of the S4. Because of a rights issue with LTE not even a power user will buy the Nexus. It's useless without LTE because you want be able to take advantage of it's power outside of your home or business.
Daniel Amador3 years ago
+Glenn Wallace You're on crack, i just bought my girlfriend a Nexus 4 last month and she doesn't know anything about technology, but she hasn't had any problems doing simple tasks. She finds and downloads new apps, streams Google music to the car through Bluetooth, shares photos through NFC, and even takes panorama and photosphere pics haha you on crack. +Luis Amador +2
Jason Ramirez3 years ago
You would think that with Apple only working on one phone per year, that they would make it completely smooth throughout the user experience where as other companies (Samsung, HTC, LG, etc) have multiple phones to work on and yet are as smooth as butter especially nexus devices. Although eventually every phone does show some lag over time.+1
interesting video
Robbie Adams3 years ago
+Glenn Wallace
You are confusing the Nexus device with something else... And the chipset inside the S4 is the Snapdragon 600 SOC. The Nexus 4 is using a older variant of the Snapdragon PRO... It's not the more powerful chipset. Where are you getting your information from? It seems you never used a Nexus device before based on your lack of knowledge about said devices.

The Nexus device is FAR easier to operate then the S4 and LG G2, HTC One and other "skinned" devices because those phone skins have NUMEROUS tweaks and added FUNCTIONS and added swipe gestures that can be confusion to a novice smartphone user. Have you seen the amount of options the LG G2 or the Galaxy S4 has? It borders on almost insanity. There is a learning curve to just learn some of those functions on the S4 or LG phones. No such thing with a Nexus device.
The Nexus Phone has the basic Google Apps and you download the rest that you need or want. How hard is that? It's a clean interface. Two simple gestures for the notification bar. That's it.

SOOOO if you don't know how to use Google apps, then I believe that person should not even be using a smartphone because it does not get any easier to use Google Apps. 
Robbie Adams3 years ago
Btw. +Glenn Wallace
The added "crap" or built in apps on the S4 for example takes up almost 8gb of internal storage. That's a hell of a lot worse then your quoted "700mb" for the nexus. We call 8gb of spaces to built in apps... BLOATWARE and the reason Touchwiz for example does not run as smooth as other "skinned" devices despite the powerful SOC inside the S4...
Mr RC3 years ago
+Glenn Wallace I have two kids, 6 and 3.5 years old who since they were two, operated mine and my wife's phones with no problem at all.. That includes going into the play store, downloading games and customizing their options. That's gingerbread thru jelly bean... Their older cousin uses iOS and they use it fairly easily as well. So whatcha saying??? +1
Robbie Adams3 years ago
It does not get any easier to operate a Nexus Phone because it comes with stock android.
No complicated jestures.
No over populated notification toggles.
No "S" or "G" option for this or that.
No multiple slide functions to some operation.
Nexus phones are straight forward. Apps. Two gestures to get to the notification screen. If you know Android. You will breeze a Nexus Phone.
Try that with a S4 or LG phone. THOSE have learning curves
Susan Hugus3 years ago
My first experience with computers was with an Epson computer and a software program called Valdocs years ago. The word processing program was so easy to use that almost any one could pick it up in 10 minutes. A little while later I had to look for a new OS system when Valdocs was not upgraded. I looked at an Apple PC and felt totally lost. Just Icons did not do it for me without having some kind of description as to what the program would do. So never really liked a total icon system. Android was able to take the best part of the icon world with a widget concept which can give more and immediate access to information I need.
You can talk about specs all you want, but does Android's or Apple's OS meet your needs and is it easy to use. I would rather have a phone using Android than an IPhone for how I use the phone. I am reading library books on my large screen phone so the IPhone again would not work very well for me. I always look at a phone for its ease of use.
William Tavares3 years ago
It's the total time of the animations that is probably slowing iOS 7 down. Android 4.2 and 4.3 has the same issue inside of the settings of the animation, so when you turn the animations off or down, it speeds up the os from freezing up.
Maurice Garrett3 years ago
Glenn I have a galaxy s4 and I wear glasses works fine for me. Maybe your glasses is causing glare or something Idk. Or the room isn't well lit. But it works perfect for me.
Maurice Garrett3 years ago
Robbie you can turn the features off man. There isn't really a learning curve and if it is it isn't much. Every phone has a learning curve. Knowing were certain options and features are but once you figure it out its like riding a bike again.
Robbie Adams3 years ago
+Maurice Garrett
I fully agree with you. I m just pointing out to +Glenn Wallace that the Nexus is straight forward and because of that the learning curve is less then other skinned Android phones
Paul Webster3 years ago
+Chris Pirillo I've never seen or ever expected to see you use foul language. Doesn't seem your style from the million videos and vlogs I've watched of you.
Athenea Mendez3 years ago
one thing is always true in apple.
marketing work is amazing.
Spending all night in line waiting to buy something .....
For me, since I discovered Android, has been the best option.
Nothing is forever, hopefully soon emerge something really competitive in the end we will be the beneficiaries Users are recommended.
By the way ...... need both for a mobile device, originally was to make calls .... Now that's not important.
Maurice Garrett3 years ago
And I agree with you Robbie great point man. +1
Maurice Garrett3 years ago
Very true Athenea Mendez +1
Marco Pereira3 years ago
Android is the future! IOS belongs to the past! In an attempt to renew the operating system as to be comparable with android OS, Apple has created an slow and not optimized operating system!
James Nelson3 years ago
LOL! All his complaints about Android are being slammed against iOS7. Why? He has no choice. In order to maintain the illusion of non-biased he has no choice. This is freaking fantastic! :D
Susan Hugus3 years ago
Thanks a lot Apple. Some people can access certain website after putting OS 7 on their tablets.
Othman Abid3 years ago
He was too much into Apple so i unsubscribed to him on YouTube and other social medias.+2
J Valencia3 years ago
+Glenn Wallace is completely some research before posting lol
But their sales figures are soaring so they do not worry about innovation or anything else for that matter.
Gabriel Otero2 years ago
+Armando Ferreira Chris is considered by many an Apple fanboy. In my opinion, you're the biggest Android fanboy I've seen in Youtube. No offense, but you have plenty of videos where you make Apple look like shit. Never seen a video where you talk about something good on iOS and you make Android sound like the most perfect OS, whereas from Chris, I've seen some videos where he also talks good things about Android. Both iOS and Android have their ups and downs, there is no better OS and it comes down to personal choice. My thumbs up for +Chris Pirillo 
C Rogers2 years ago
+Jason Musk Are they paying all the people who are having issues with iOS 7 to complain about it too? Maybe they are paying Chris P to point out the jank. Get real. Every phone has issues, and people should know about them to make an informed buying decision. Only rabid fanboys can't seem to accept that, and think that any single smartphone/brand is a one-size-fits-all solution. One of the main benefits to iOS over Android has been less jank. It's not the case with iOS 7 at the moment. If you don't point this shit out, it doesn't get fixed, so you should thank all the "payed off people", to point it out, so Apple can fix it (if they decide to). I've been waiting for Apple to fix their mail attachments for 7 years now. It still hasn't happened yet. :P
C Rogers2 years ago
+Jason Musk Lots of people compare things to Apple products, are they all paid off too? He's also automated his home with Android, voice commands, and NFC tags. You expect him to like Apple products after having that capability? And yea, he makes money on YouTube doing reviews, and setting tech rigs up. Do you really want to see what an "average joe" thinks about iPhones or Android phones, or do you want to know what the advantages and disadvantages are? I sure as hell want to know both. It makes buying that much easier, because you know what you're in for. You only get that with the geek opinion, because these people actually take the time to use the device to its full capability, you would not get anywhere near as in-depth from an "average joe". If you want to see only what's great about Apple products, then watch their keynotes/commercials. Sure, they will sit there and lie to you about innovating features they have clearly taken from older phones (including the coveted "new" fingerprint scanner), but hey, whatever makes you happy. Those people are the ones who are paid to express an opinion, and you have no problem accepting their advice wholesale, do you?
Gabriel Otero2 years ago
+C Rogers lol watch all other android phones start to come out with a 64-bit chip and say how theirs are better than the iPhone, iPhone put the starting mark in innovation on smartphones because it's the first one to have a 64-bit chip, have you ever seen other smartphone than the iPhone have 64-bit processor? Seeing such a tiny phone with its dual core and 1gb RAM destroy other smartphones like the Galaxy S4 and LG G2 in benchmarks and only the Nexus 5 making the competition is very impressive, tell an Android phone to do such thing without putting monstrous hardware, they can't. It's called software optimization and it's probably the most important thing in computing IMO, that right there is where Apple is the king.
64 bit processor without ram increase is not so great. This was my suspicion and confirmed by Anadtech. Lets hope better in future.
C Rogers2 years ago
+Gabriel Otero And yet, they can't get email attachments right, after 7 versions of their OS. iPhones are toys compared to most Android phones, regardless of benchmarks. iOS 7 stutters like a nervous schoolboy on a first date, so don't tell me it's a better experience. I watched some poor guy with an iPad Mini wait 5 seconds for his keyboard to register his keystrokes. He said it was "due to a bad network signal". lol Maybe you'll get NFC, floating apps, a screen size that's worth anything, swappable battery, expandable memory, a proper file system, USB OTG, freedom from iTunes, or any of the other 100 or so things that would catch iPhone up to the Android phones of 3 years ago. 64bit that no apps support yet, and still stuck with 1GB of RAM? I guess everyone needs something to feel good about... that wouldn't do it for me.