Victoria Bellfort
2 years agoPublic
If bitcoin reaches $1000 again within 30 days of today I'll post one of those without the shirt! Promise!
Marco Sevriens2 years ago
If enough people see this it will be 1000 dollars within minutes :)+4
O.Dima V2 years ago
PANIC BUY! )))+11
O.Dima V2 years ago
+Justen Robertson Good price - good reason to make new account )
Nice idea to get more followers+1
Lance Seidman2 years ago
You can keep the shirt on. I won't be around for it, I will sell my 60ish BTC.
Ivan Todorovic2 years ago
Hold you to your word!
David Shares2 years ago
ha, a good way to drive the price up :)
I must say I'd like to see that, and I'd also be making some money, win win situation... hehe
Andre . .Sokolov2 years ago
а потрогать за сколько? ;-))
Translated from Russian|Original
Max Muccini2 years ago
and also the pants? :-)))+1
Ivor Thomas2 years ago
Ursula, it that you? ;-)
Nope, I'm not your mother
anyway, seems like it won't be happening :(
Ivan Todorovic2 years ago
+Victoria Bellfort Don't lose hope, still plenty of time!
yeah but it keeps going down :(
Ivan Todorovic2 years ago
Well, it's a natural cycle, it has to go down to go up again.+1