Zhi Zheng
4 years agoPublic
Both Phone and SMS GV Extensions work with the latest iOS 5.1.1 Jailbreak! Feel free to upgrade/install.

NOTE: If you have compatibility issues on iOS 5.1 w/ Phone GV Extension, upgrading to iOS 5.1.1 and jailbreaking will automatically rectify them.
James Ranthedon4 years ago
Just confirmed that restoring to 5.1.1 and JB-ing with Absinthe 2.0 fixed the RealID issue!! This feature is very important to heavy GV users like me.
Ben Johnson4 years ago
I just posted in one of the earlier threads, but it's not working with 2 factor. Never asks for a factor, and the log is filled with:

get auth token
Zhi Zheng4 years ago
+Ben Johnson try using an application-specific password instead of your account password.
Tim Christie4 years ago
I created an application password for 2-step authentication and it works fine with 5.1.1. GJ+1
Zhi, just a heads up, but if enable logging is set to true and the log file gets too large, SMS GV Extension will crash upon sending or receiving a message. Deleting the log file gets the extension to start working again. The extension works well in 5.1.1, with the exception of an odd bug, where the extension will occasionally fail to receive texts from the Google Voice app. That's remedied by restarting the GV app.

Edit: Also, any idea on a timeline for the next version of SMS GV Extension? Filtering support would be amazing. :)
Matthew N Martin4 years ago
Still need a toggle button to switch between iphone sms and gv sms. Any ETA?
Pat Woods4 years ago
Any news whether or not it will work with iOS 6 yet?+2
Ellie H4 years ago
Both of the apps are great - thank you:) my license for phone gv is registered but do you need google credit to call from the extension as I don't have credit. Thanks:)
Trenton Mak4 years ago
I posted this a while back, but have you figured out how to make the SMS GV extension log iMessage texts to the Google Voice website? I current turn off iMessage, but I like to have my texts logged on the GV website. If I turn on iMessage, any texts I send through iMessage, it doesn't get logged to the GV website.+1
David Haas4 years ago
Any changes regarding iOS 6 compatibility?+4
Mike Koch3 years ago
As of now, SMS GV Extension does NOT work with iOS 6.  Hopefully an update will be on its way soon!
Eric Nyikos3 years ago
I sent him [Zhi Zheng] an email a week or so ago and he replied saying that once a jailbreak is out for iOS 6, they'll be working on getting it to work!+2
Mike Koch3 years ago
Well there "technically" is a jailbreak (tethered and for A4 processor devices)...if he needs anyone to beta test, i'm open!+1
David Haas3 years ago
Same here!
Pat Woods3 years ago
Patrick Prakasam3 years ago
l'll be happy to test it out.(Don't want to pay another 10 bucks for texting on Verizon.)+1
Sean Mohan3 years ago
same here , ill deff test it out .!+1
Cameron Nelms3 years ago
I almost got the GV extension to work, but when i send it gives me that "Not delivered" error. :/+1
Mike Koch3 years ago
Cameron, did you install the same extension, or did you try to modify it at all? If you modified it, what did you modify?
Cameron Nelms3 years ago
I didn't modify it at all.... just put the settings to default.
Mike Koch3 years ago
hmm ok. I tried the extension myself and it didn't even recognize it haha
Cameron Nelms3 years ago
I kept trying it for ever, then it almost sent when it popped this up
Mike Koch3 years ago
isn't blue iMessage and green SMS? Or do you have a theme installed that changed it?
Cameron Nelms3 years ago
I have the Ayecon theme
Mike Koch3 years ago
ah that makes sense then.  something must have changed in iOS 6 that affects the forwarding requirement the extension relies on
Cameron Nelms3 years ago
That could be it....!
Trenton Mak3 years ago
My friend is saying that whenever I text with my GV number, they are coming in as random numbers (and not my GV number). This only started happening recently. Anyone else having this problem?
Mike Koch3 years ago
Trenton, there was a google voice issue where the caller ID was different than the actual person. Google has resolved the issue
Sean Mohan3 years ago
does anyone know when will it work with ios6 ? -.- i cant even downgrade to 5.1.1 +1
Mike Koch3 years ago
Sean, development will not start  until an untethered jailbreak is available.
Nick Gilson3 years ago
I had the same problem as +Patrick Kolencherry where my phone was re-springing everytime I tried to send or receive a message through the SMS extension. I did a complete wipe and restore to 5.1.1 on my phone with no success, but after seeing his comment that it may have something to do with the log file I turned off Logging and now it seems to be working again. 
Sean Mohan3 years ago
untether jailbreak coming out sunday , is gv extention going to work ?????? 
Johnny Tucats3 years ago
The GV extensions were the most important to me on my 3GS. Hope development for an iOS 6 update really does begin next week.
Sean Mohan3 years ago
i really hope they work on it asap . !
Brody Sullivan3 years ago
Jailbreak is today. I want the update for this please!!! +1
I'll throw my hat in the ring for support, too. SMS and Phone GV extension are my primary reason for jailbreaking, since my work is integrally tied into Google Voice.+5
Jess Simpson3 years ago
Now the 6.1 Untethered JB is available will you be planning to update SMS and Phone Extensions? They are my favorite reason to JB!+7
Jon Gilbert3 years ago
Add me. I'm JB'in iOS 6.1 for GV Phone Extension implicitly.  (If it will work)+1
Cal Coopmans3 years ago
I tried to install the SMS extension on 6.1 earlier today and my iphone 5 wouldn't finish springing... I had to disable the dylibs manually to get it back. I hope it gets fixed soon, I love this extension!
Tony Nguyen3 years ago
Please update this great app for iOS 6 compatibility!
Agreed, your app was fantastic under IOS 5.  Thanks for doing such good work.
Heath Curtiss3 years ago
Agreed.  Frankly, the only reason for me to jailbreak.+6
Brian Baughn3 years ago
Well I'm all set on my JB'd iPhone 5 except for two things...
Gorden Cheng3 years ago
For JB IOS 6.1, I found that Phone GV extension works but doesn't display the real ID on outbound calls. SMS GV extension doesn't work at all.
Matthew Yu3 years ago
This is one of my reasons for jailbreak. Please support iOS 6.X for SMS GV Extension, Mr. Zheng!+3
I second all the comments above! I would love to have this extension on iOS 6.1. It would be an invaluable tweak!!!!+2
Timothy Wright3 years ago
I agree - this extension is the only reason I jailbreak, so having it for iOS 6.1 would be awesome!+2
Jude Armstrong3 years ago
Adding my support of a 6.x version of SMS GV Extention! Thank you for your work.+1
Darrin Babin3 years ago
Please update for IOS 6.1.  I am ready to purchase.
Yad Nahal3 years ago
Yes please update for iOS 6.1. I'm need the GV integration on my iPhone 5.
Thanks in advance!
Yad Nahal3 years ago
Dov Goldman3 years ago
Love your product.  Would love to see support in 6.1!
Bryan Sandoval3 years ago
I am looking to purchase and or donate - I have been waiting months to jailbreak my phone just for this app.
Tom Burton3 years ago
Would love to see an update to 6.1.+1
Matt McKenzie3 years ago
I would be happy to purchase or donate.
Peter Jacoby3 years ago
Likewise, I'll be more than happy to buy it again for IOS 6.X and not expect it to be a free upgrade. 
Zhi Zheng3 years ago
An update is being worked on. However it will take more time than I expected because of the underlying changes.+58
Peter Jacoby3 years ago
I'm patient and I'm very glad to hear it's being worked on!
Dov Goldman3 years ago
Glad to hear it is being worked on
Darrin Babin3 years ago
Thanks, Mr. Zheng!
Philippe Kline3 years ago
Ditto- these two tweaks were my favorite reasons for JB'ing!
Awesome! I think I can speak for us all and say that we really, really appreciate your work +Zhi Zheng
Shane McKenna3 years ago
Thank you +Zhi Zheng your 2 apps are the reason I jail break.  :-)  
Eric Nyikos3 years ago
Zhi, your extensions are the biggest reason I jailbreak. It makes my day to hear that you're working on getting it compatible for iOS 6! Here's to you!+1
Matthew Yu3 years ago
Great news, Mr. Zheng! The SMS GV Extension is one reason I can avoid AT&T's $20 Messaging fee and still enjoy regular text messaging. I am patient, and I am glad that it is being worked on!
Shane McKenna3 years ago
+Zhi Zheng With iOS6, looking forward to using Swipe to Reply via SMS to a phone call.  Will iMessage be default and if not to iOS Google Voice # will be the origin correct?+1
Drew Hammond3 years ago
Thank you for working on the update to these awesome tweaks! You are a saint.
Bradley Davis3 years ago
+Zhi Zheng Hi Mr. Zheng, can I ask that during your development updates for iOS6 compatibility with GV Phone/SMS extensions you keep iPad users in mind?  Personally, I use iPad mini in my car and if we could get GV SMS integrated into BiteSMS & GV Phone integrated into a jailbreak phone dialer things would be insanely cool.  (Still researching the phone dialer side of things, but just thinking outloud.  All the best!
Any chance you'll be upgrading your add-ons for iOS 6?

Hope so!!

Thanks for all you've done :)
Thanks for your hard work. It really is appreciated. I'm willing to donate to the cause!+1
Brian B.3 years ago
I am willing to jailbreak for these extensions only, they are the best.  Please keep us updated on timeframe on when we can start using.  
Sean Mohan3 years ago
Thank you soo much . ! this is one of the best tweaks on iOS
Damon Rule3 years ago
Thanks, Mr. Zheng I can't wait to be able to text again I had to call AT&T to get a small texting plan but its going to be great to text again.
Wakko Boxcar3 years ago
I will gladly donate and/or pay for these two apps!  I can't wait
Michael Tang3 years ago
Mr.Zheng you're doing great work. Cannot wait to buy the iOS 6 version+1
Natan Gesher3 years ago
Add me to the list - I've bought both extensions, but now can't use them since I've done the iOS 6.1 jailbreak.
Michael H.3 years ago
Please release an update for iOS 6.X! I loved being able to send and receive straight from the Messages app.+1
I hope this gets updated soon. Half the reason I jailbreak is for the better integration with Google Voice provided by this app.+2
Sean Mohan3 years ago
can you tell us an estimated date when this tweak will be released . ? +1
Jon Gilbert3 years ago
I bought in iOS 4 days. I will buy again when (if) it gets working again with iOS 6+1
Andrew Joshua3 years ago
Sadly, I have ATT. My coworker and roommate uses a Sprint iPhone and Google and Sprint allow you to fully integrate as an option. I like this tweak better as it gives the user the option to use either phone number. I decided to jailbreak yesterday but realized quickly the entire reason for my jailbreak (phone gv extension/text extension) wouldn't work just yet. My question to all of you is: In the text message extension--if someone texts your GV number (for example), when you go to text that person back, does the phone automatically send it from the GV number (and vise-versa for my ATT number?) Or, does it give you the option? +1
Andrew Joshua3 years ago
Like many of you, I use my phone for business and pleasure and I would sooner stick with GV app from app store (despite how much it sucks) if this extension causes constant problems.+1
Shane McKenna3 years ago
This is the reason I jailbreak.  looking forward to it.
Jude Dalida3 years ago
Can`t wait ....either. I`m dyiiiiiiiiing for this SMS GV ext.+1
isaiah hunter3 years ago
Aww dangit i really wanted to use this tweak any day we should expect the update
Tim Tinsley3 years ago
Great news, like everyone else here - I can't wait!
Dan Smith3 years ago
+Andrew Joshua No. At least as recently as the iOS 5.1.x compatible SMS GV extension, you need to toggle whether or not the message will be sent via Google Voice, or your carrier. (iMessage is automatic.) There is an SBSettings toggle available.
Cal Coopmans3 years ago
+Dan Smith +Andrew Joshua +Zhi Zheng A great feature to add would be the ability to see which number you received a txt on, since the GV and iPhone texts are the same color it's hard to tell which number you'll be responding with (or if someone is texting you on your voice number)
Mike Carroll3 years ago
+Zhi Zheng I echo all of the above, thanks Zhi, I need and will use these extensions daily and can't wait.  Please let us know - it might be worth a simple update on the app preview in Cydia as well as your page and latest tweet that it is being produced and if you have an ETA.+1
Brody Sullivan3 years ago
Please provide a statement of progress! Please!
Nathan Lutterman3 years ago
+Zhi Zheng thanks for the hard work. These utilities are the reason I jailbreak.
Brian Baughn3 years ago
I think he may be Dr. Zhi Zheng now as he had been working on his Ph.D. at the University of Illinois.
Taylor MacMillan3 years ago
Thank you for everything! I will be waiting patiently (excitedly!) for your next update.
Doron Kipper3 years ago
Glad to hear it's being worked on!  Thanks Zhi!   During the rebuilding process, I was wondering if it would be possible to build in support for "receive listening" for the GV Mobile+ app?  It has much more reliable Push Notifications than the official Google Voice App.
Aslan Yeh3 years ago
Translated from Chinese|Original
Jared Giardino3 years ago
Translated from Chinese|Original
sherlock holmes3 years ago
It would be nice if we actually got a posting from the developer concerning updates of the gv extensions for iOS 6.  I don't mind the delay as long as Dr./Mr. Zheng were to keep us posted.  We did pay for these apps...... remember?
James Lubow3 years ago
I'm looking forward to an update. Keep in mind you really only paid for the version you got and there is/was no guaranteeing that the developer would provide updates. It's like any software vendor if you ask me, sometimes they stick around and sometimes they don't. Just please don't use the excuse of "I paid for it" to mean you get free (if any) updates.+2
sherlock holmes3 years ago
+James Lubow All I'm saying is that it would be nice for a short statement from the developer.  I mean look at all the people on here hoping for updates for iOS 6, yet nothing from the developer.  Yes.... I realize the paid-for caveat which you speak of.  I like the gv extensions so much that I was going to pay for them again for my iphone 5 instead of just transferring the licenses.
Taylor MacMillan3 years ago
He already said: "Zhi ZhengFeb 5, 2013 
An update is being worked on. However it will take more time than I expected because of the underlying changes."

Be patient.
sherlock holmes3 years ago
+Taylor MacMillan I must have missed this.  Is it a response to his own post?  Shall I scroll up?
sherlock holmes3 years ago
+Taylor MacMillan You're absolutely right.  I was thinking that he would have made a separate posting.  My apologies, Dr./Mr. Zheng.  Take your time to refine your great extensions.
+Zhi Zheng YES, please do take your time, 
NO, i do not want it FREE
i and many other will pay
the upgrade FEE

BUT please, there are a TON of us 
waiting on an update from you

just a little POST like the one on 02.05.2013

that you are working on it
and stuff like that.

thanks buddy
+Zhi Zheng Could you post something official (as a G+ post) just so that something shows up when searching for "SMS GV extension iOS 6" It'd be greatly appreciated and I think you'd get a better response because there's activity on the tweak :)
Sean Mohan3 years ago
when is this suppose to be released  .! . 
me too!!!!!!
sherlock holmes3 years ago
+Kristy Nguyen Me too.
Same here, any updates?
J Marfoe3 years ago
Let us know if there's a way to donate to help out on iOS 6/6.1 development - I'm sure you'd get a healthy boost+2
+Zhi Zheng /sigh  can you at least say "HI" to your fans.......

► are you OK ?
► are you sick ?
► are you very very busy ?
► in school work, that you 
► dont have time for us anymore ?
► can you give/share your work, 
► to a subordinate  that can replicate
► your work ??

► please update SMS GV EXTENSION
► we are willing to DONATE 
► for your sleepless nights.
► working on this
(( today is 02-15-2013 @ 10:02: )) 
Don McFall3 years ago
As pointed out above, Zhi already said on Feb 5, 2013: "An update is being worked on. However it will take more time than I expected because of the underlying changes."
Brody Sullivan3 years ago
I have a modified iPod that I use to pick up cellular service and I rely on this tweak so bad! Hope you are able to get it working.
Brody Sullivan3 years ago
Using FreedomPop's case for the 4th gen touch along with a jailbreak tweak I have to get into AT&T's service. I don't recommend doing it unless in a small town.
Cosmic Fly3 years ago
Does Phone gv extension work for ios 6?? Some say it does, some say it doesnt. HELP
sherlock holmes3 years ago
+Cosmic Fly I'm not aware of anyone claiming that the gv extensions work with iOS 6.  I'd be willing to bet that they don't, since Dr./Mr. Zheng has not stated such.  In fact the cydia entries for the extensions specifically state that they do not work with iOS 6.
Cosmic Fly3 years ago
+sherlock holmes if i was to try phone gv extension do u think it would do any harm? 
sherlock holmes3 years ago
+Cosmic Fly I don't know.  You know that you can use the gv app to make phone calls.... right?  The only drawback is that it's not seamlessly integrated into the native phone app.  I've been using the gv app to make phone calls and to send sms messages until the updates for the extensions are available.
Jude Dalida3 years ago
If you try installing it you will experience rebooting all day long. Better not.
Andres P3 years ago
look i dont care who makes the tweak if its him or someone else i just need it now and im willing to pay for it+1
Brody Sullivan3 years ago
Shawn Dineen3 years ago
When will GV Extensions be compatible with iOS 6.x?
Marvin Garcia3 years ago
So how long does everyone think this will take?
Sean Mohan3 years ago
agreed , when will this be released im getting very impatient because no one is saying if progress is being done. 
Andrew Joshua3 years ago
why doesn't someone make a bitcoin account and everyone complaining can put in what they feel is right given how much time it takes to do the work involved.
Brody Sullivan3 years ago
Prove it^^
Brian Baughn3 years ago
I'm trying to scrape together 100 bugs (off the front of my car) for Ҫңҩсѳђфїҫ Вдҫңд.+1
Michael Wagner3 years ago
Your funny... That's gmessage from the AppStore
Brian Baughn3 years ago
Yeah. That's not worth 10 bugs. What am I gonna do with all these bugs?+1
Brian Baughn3 years ago
That's cool. Thanks. We're all using some sort of workaround presently. I don't think anyone here has stopped using Google Voice on iOS 6 just because the GV Extensions aren't available.
Mike DiGrazia3 years ago
Also want to add my thanks for your current hard work and say I am to waiting for an update, please.
Sean Mohan3 years ago
we need a update asap .! 
Thank you for all your hard work.
Tony Nguyen3 years ago
Please update the app! I miss this feature so much. GV sucks without it.+1
sherlock holmes3 years ago
Has anyone else basically given up hope on these extensions being updated?+1
Andres P3 years ago
i have+1
Shane McKenna3 years ago
not me, I believe it will be updated for iOS6.  
Please read what he posted!!

Zhi Zheng (2 weeks ago)
An update is being worked on. However it will take more time than I expected because of the underlying changes.
sherlock holmes3 years ago
+Matthew Davies Yes.  I read that..... It's more like 3 weeks ago.  Nothing since.
Bryan McCullough3 years ago
I'd happily buy the app again for iOS 6 support.  Waiting patiently!
Cameron Ellis3 years ago
This guy is sitting on a deal breaker for many, and a large inconvenience for the rest. He's obviously not passionate about GV being integrated with iOS6. Does anybody out there want to
1. buy the code from Zhi,
2. update it for iOS6
3. (???)
4. profit
Evans Turner3 years ago
Cameron Ellis, he said he was working on an iOS6 update:
"An update is being worked on. However it will take more time than I expected because of the underlying changes."
Cameron Ellis3 years ago
+Evans Turner , I have observed the inconvenience this is for many users. My comment contains the proven model of Zhi getting his just reward$, another recouping their $, and our gang of users get the app(s). If Zhi wanted to do this, then it would be done by now. Since he feels obligated, it is receiving the least amount of his time. KnowwhatImean?+1
Shaun Mayfield3 years ago
Evans, I think most people know an update is being worked on. However Zhi has been absent from any conversation to update on progress leaving people to assume perhaps nothing is happening. It appears it could be at a stand still and he is trying to save face. I think what the community, his fans and supporters, are wanting is to hear from him to give them peace of mind and hope that movement is happening.+2
Evans Turner3 years ago
Well I hope it's because he's super-busy getting it done :)+1
Shaun Mayfield3 years ago
Ces Linucks3 years ago
Sadly, I think we only have ourselves to blame for expecting tweaks to be upgraded after any new iOS release.  With the hardened security in iOS these days, it's a miracle that the last two jailbreaks ever came to fruition at all and it's not always that easy for devs to upgrade tweaks that sit outside Apple's sandbox. This upgrade may simply be beyond Dr. Zheng's capabilities.  

I have a feeling that one day, the huge majority of us on this thread are going to be switching to Android.  The build-quality is improving (HTC One, for example) and most of the jailbreak tweaks we rely on for iOS are available out of the box with Android, without even having to root.  On Android, you simply have a choice to send messages via the carrier network or Google Voice.  It's just built in.  

Look how long we've been waiting for these SMS/phone GV extensions... A (tethered, A4) iOS 6 jailbreak was available nearly six months ago. It's useless if these extensions get updated after another two or three months.  iOS 7 and the iPhone 5S will be out by then and even if, by some miracle, we manage to create a new jailbreak for iOS 7, guess which tweaks won't be compatible with iOS7 ?  In the long term, the only choices we'll have are 1) learn to love the Google voice app in iOS, or 2) Android.
Shane McKenna3 years ago
To confirm does Gv phone extension and Gv rules work? I was able to get phone to download in the past but want to see if anyone else got it to work on 6.1.
Victor Kidd3 years ago
I'm dying without this jailbreak tweak!
Shane McKenna3 years ago
Has anyone used Gv phone extension on ios 6.1?
Andres P3 years ago
Hey everyone !!! I see that this tweak isn't working .. I found a app on the App Store that is better than the gv app but not. Sweet as the tweak .. But it is really good download "Mo+" and it has somewhat the feeling of the native phone app but isn't .. I recommend it for the temporarily wait .. It's a lot better than the "gv" app
Shane McKenna3 years ago
+Andres P GV app works fine, the point of the teak is to not use an app.   +1
Kun Deng3 years ago
GV app doesn't work! I tried on iphone 5. It will brick your phone in a loop.  Have to restore to get out of it.
Shaun Mayfield3 years ago
If GV app doesn't work then it is your phones issue, not the app. The app has always worked. This thread is not in reference the app made my Google or any other app. This thread is about an extension that is a tweak allowing phone to run GV as native phone and text.
Kun Deng3 years ago
Yes I mean the phone GV extension by Zheng on a jailbreak iphone 5.
Jonathan Taufer3 years ago
+Cameron Ellis Yes I would love to. I work with an ios developer and I'm going to see how interested he is.
Jonathan Taufer3 years ago
+Shaun Mayfield Dude. That's a lot of misplaced text. Kun Deng means gv sms ext just like everyone else here. English is unlikely his first language.
Kun Deng3 years ago
No, I meant the phone GV extension not the sms GV extension, although the SMS probably doesn't work either. Some people commented that the phone GV extension works on iOS 6. I think they only tested on an iPhone 4S. I can confirm it will brick your phone if you have the new iphone 5.
Shaun Mayfield3 years ago
+Jonathan Taufer, Misplaced text, what do you mean by that? I was not referencing only him, if you read through all 190+ posts you will see several people referring to the GV app, Mo+ app and other apps. I was helping him and the community understand the differences between an app and tweak by Zhi. That is kinda prejudice for you to assume what his first language is... how did you make that assumption, his name? He spoke perfectly good English so I would never prejudge him or anyone on the merit of their name. So let's keep this post to the issue at hand... a tweak to a jailbroke phone, not assuming languages and defending others. I held the conversation on topic, he corrected himself end of story. Not sure you have ANY reason to be confronting me on the issue. Now let's move on or email me directly instead of looking silly in front of everyone!
George Keck3 years ago
I live in the same town I feel knocking on his door and going fix this now!
Shaun Mayfield3 years ago
If you all take just 20 seconds you can flag ^^^ as abusive so we are not having our inboxes filled with wasted space.
Andrew Joshua3 years ago
My man. See idiots. Right there is a positive move. 
Andrew Joshua3 years ago
Follow suit. If only google had a "bounty" feature like - then we would all be in good shape. Who knows, maybe he'd even release Dre's Detox.
Victor Kidd3 years ago
The developers are too busy doing the Harlem Shake
WHEN IS HE GONNA DO IOS 6.1.2 ??????
José Contreras3 years ago
Thanks for making this package, I can't wait for a iOS 6.1.2 version :)
José Contreras3 years ago
+Kun Deng You don't have to restore, just SSH or iFunbox into the device /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/ and rename the GVSMS items, reboot, rename them back, then open cydia and uninstall it...+2
Brian Nobles3 years ago
Loved these extensions on my earlier ios phones. WILLING TO PAY developer.
Coy ote3 years ago
Lame of this "dev" to stop development and not respond to his clientele for months. He's obviously out of his league and isn't qualified to update the apps. Oh well, time to move on. What an ass.
Sean Mohan3 years ago
im so tired of checking this page , like honestly can someone confirm if this going to be updated or should i stop wasting my time to check if there ever is going to be an update ?? 
Jon Campbell3 years ago
Love SMS GV extension .. Gladly pay $4.99 for the iOS 6.x version!
Ali Habash3 years ago
Is there anyone else willing to take over the project? It's been too long :/
José Contreras3 years ago
Hey everyone, not to burst anyone's bubble, but do you really think that constantly bashing on the developer is going to help anyone else reading this?

I think the project is on hold, if you would just take the time to contact the developer directly, you would have an answer.

Also, If you are insulting the developer for not making a new version for iOS 6+ maybe you should make one yourself, I mean if you're not out of your league of course.

If you want to use this Package, you can always downgrade to 5.1.1.
Andres P3 years ago
^^ its impossible without ssh i would downgrade by now if i didnt need ssh blobs
Tony Nguyen3 years ago
I find it amazing that no one else in the world can program this app. LOL. How come this app isn't being worked on by all those other devs?
José Contreras3 years ago
+Tony Nguyen  The main reason this isn't being created by another developer is most likely because no one has thought of creating it, yet.
Anthony Russo3 years ago
do you have an ETA for iOS 6xx upgrade? :)
Teh Nibler3 years ago
Honestly some 1 toss this out there on the modmyi forums or something and see if some 1 will pick it up
You can downgrade to 5.1.1 and get SMS gv with redsn0w if you stitch you shsh and your firmware. best tutorial. If you don't have your shsh on your computer click stitch blobs from cydia in redsn0w
+Jakob Davydov Uhh I'm not entirely sure. I don't think its possible. Because IOS is the first firmware that is adjusted to the larger screen of the iPhone 5. Im using my iPod 4g 5.1.1 sorry I don't know.
Ces Linucks3 years ago
Or an iPhone 4S like me?  It won't work. Even if you have shsh blobs stored, there's no current way of downgrading post-A4 devices from iOS 6.x. Which is, ironically, why you really do want to be on iOS 6.1.2 right now, because once Apple stops signing 6.1.2, you won't be able to restore to anything but 6.1.3, which cannot (yet, and for the foreseeable future) be jailbroken; this will mean losing the opportunity to use those apps and tweaks that ARE being actively maintained and updated ;-)
I upgraded to 6.1.2 and then downgraded to 5.1.1. On iPod 4g
Ces Linucks3 years ago
That's because the 4th generation iPod touch uses the A4 chip, which is vulnerable to the limera1n exploit. There is no equivalent method (yet) for A5+ devices, so you cannot downgrade the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPad 2,3,4,mini or iPod touch 5th gen from iOS 6.x.
Ohh. Ok. Thanks. Good to know.
Darren Johnson3 years ago
Remember guys/gals, he may still be working on his Doctorate and not have as much time as before to dedicate to developing the app. Obviously his studies are much more important than this tweak. Give him time, he will deliver, as he said he is working on it.
Eric Nyikos3 years ago
I heard from Zhi via email yesterday and he said he was going to make an announcement soon (although don't get too excited).
Andrew Joshua3 years ago
does soon mean this week? by don't get too excited, do you mean he doesn't intend to update this app? specifically, what did he say?
Eric Nyikos3 years ago
Andrew, it was just a super short email he sent me, it was to the effect of.. "going to give update soon, what my plans are and whether i plan on continuing development". Hopefully if he decides not to continue, he'll open source it or something.
Ces Linucks3 years ago
That doesn't sound like good news :-(
Brody Sullivan3 years ago
Any results yet??
Zhi Zheng3 years ago
GV Extensions going open-source:
Zhi, thank you so much for releasing your project to the community.
Zhi, thank you so much for releasing your project to the community.
Zhi, thank you so much for releasing your project to the community.
Zhi, thank you so much for releasing your project to the community.
Jonathan Taufer3 years ago
+Jose Contreras I don't think it would be as big of a deal if it wasn't a paid app. 
the extension is not working my iphone is not in service and i want to make calls from apps without having to leave the app and open google voice it says its switching to GV but phone rings and says phone is not in service anyway top make this work? thanks
Jonathan Taufer3 years ago
+Terry Sumpter Why comment without reading?+1
+Terry Sumpter at the moment it is only working if you are running 5.1.1 and if you are trying to make a call w/o service they i guess you would have to be on WIFI .... this two apps were great to me when i was on 5.1.1  i feel sorry i bought the iphone 5 and now im stuck until someone smart enough makes them compatible
Sean Skipworth3 years ago
Damnit... I just wasted 3 hours of my time doing this and it doesn't even work on 6.1.3 and by the comments... The guy that makes it is either lazy as hell or apple has stumped him... Either way this is ridiculous.
Mariano Ivaldi3 years ago
Andrew Chilvers released a  new version of SMS GV Extension compatible with 6.x, however it did not work for me since it collided with /var/.DS_Store which is also in package com.guizmo.openvpn  ... so basically it won't work if GuizmOVPN is installed ?
José Contreras3 years ago
Hey everyone it looks like the latest post hit the Google+ 500 limit, WTF Google? Anyways, I just wanted to mention, that this is probably not the best place for support for the SMS GV Extension for iOS 6, you can post if you need any help or have anything to add, that is a public website and will be published, someone might help there as it is more versatile than a comment system. Goodluck!
Jeff Stuart3 years ago
Is there a live convo to post questions? it doesn't look there is any activity on this webpage and the above comment thread is full/locked.
Jonathan Taufer3 years ago
+Jose Contreras It looks like you're just trying to promote your site. The guys over at macrumors have already confirmed that his fix only works for gv call back and the sms portion has problems. A newer version has been released on big boss for gv callback and it's called call on gv. it will remain updated and works on all phones. We're still sol for a stable sms version.
José Contreras3 years ago
+Jonathan Taufer I'm not trying to promote, this page is pretty much going to die. I actually wrote that page up personally in case people were searching for it, which they are. I have had no issues with the SMS version, not sure why some of you are.
Sheldon Wolowitz3 years ago
Had to restore to 5.1.1 and I want to use both apps but it won't let me license them even though I did purchase them for my device ID.  I'm guessing Zhi shutdown his licensing server.  Any one know how can I get these apps licensed?
John Garrison3 years ago
Since the last post on SMS GV Extension has reached the limit I decided to post here.

I have found that the extension for 6.1 by Andrew Chilvers works perfectly on any iPhone.
However, after installing on both I can say that the iPod Touch does not work for this tweak. I assume the same goes for the iPad as well. I really hope this tweak gets some attention on other ios devices, becuase I am really tired of the 3rd party apps.
Don Thompson3 years ago
where's the new convo that +Andrew Chillers is hosting
Phil Albu3 years ago
stopped working on my iOS 5.1.1 :(
Phil Albu3 years ago
any suggestions from the inter-web community?
Mike Shick3 years ago
I tried reinstalling without success.  I'm not even sure I have the right deb file. Has anyone had any success on this.  Seems this might be a dying tool for ios 5.1.1.
Phil Albu3 years ago
I think it's pretty much dead as far as iOS 5.1.1 goes :( sad panda. When iOS 7 is released I will finally be able to get a hold of an iOS 6.1.3 untethered JB, and then can use the new extension. Apparently it works well
Phil Albu3 years ago
at the moment, I am settling for  GV app forwarding the texts to my Messages app.. it works but is annoying b then everyone gets a new GV number in my contact list
Mike Shick3 years ago
where is the sms gv extension for ios 6.1.3?  I understand jb for 6.1.3 is not available.  I missed downloading my 6.0 blob files and am stuck on 5.1.1