Paranoid Android
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Part 1/2: This is just a technical demo - don't get up

Yes we are working on our interpretation of multi-windowing/overlay. It will be very different from what you know and expect. 

The video shows a first draft, do not make up your mind just yet, you haven't seen 10% of it
For testing purposes we launch it via notification - apps opting in and out. The approach is clean, it's an extension to Android API, apps can be started like that by providing a simple window flag, Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_MULTI_WINDOW. 

You know multi-window is hard to get right. Cornerstone failed and was buggy. Cyanogen got their asses kicked by Google for merging it. Samsung wrote a half assed implementation that works with a hand full of s-apps and breaks the rest. Its still tough and we don't assume that we can cover everything, but it's looking alright - no bad fallouts until now.

Everyone knows this is a highly wanted feature, people pooped their pants for hardcoded mms pop-ups for christs sake. they are buying Samsung plastic phones for whacky s-multiwindow.
We think these implementations suck and we want to get it right this time. If what we have in mind will pan out, minds will be blown. If not we can still do the configurable notification enhancement thing -  that's cheapo plan B.

Part 2/2 will hopefully be a demo of a first plan A draft - multi windows put to good use so to say, fingers crossed.
Donhu Rickerby3 years ago
Boom! Always good work from you guys!+3
Jeff Bower3 years ago
Great, I need to change my pants now.+58
Erik Knudsen3 years ago
Developers doing things like this are what make Android amazing.+85
Alex Flynn3 years ago
On a phone I cant see it being much use as the window takes up the majority of the screen. However, put this on tablets, let users move/resize, and youre onto a winner+30
I like the potential this has+3
Vincent Lefevre3 years ago
Awesome... +1
Ricky Solorio3 years ago
you are crazy that is so coool and I wanted to thank you guys for the pie feature, my Nexus 4 screen broke and only half of the screen works so its hard to go back and home but with pie i put it on the half that works and wallah a  lot more tollerable! Thanks again :)+5
Felix3 years ago
Holy shit. Just today I whished that there would be a way to do exactly this after seeing the Facebook Chatheads.
Super Awesome!
Pol Dellaiera3 years ago
Skyler Luscombe3 years ago
You has me with this video, but only the foundation? Amazing. Can't wait!
Paranoid Android3 years ago
+Alex Flynn it will make sense dont worry. its just a technical demo. we refused marging cornerstone because its useless, but this thing will be different. very different.

must say though. after using it for days - not having to switch into completely different apps for carrying out simple tasks like responding to a message that interrupts your flow - its great. even on a phone. we wont do that draging around shit, we'll find an aspect ratio that makes it comfortable to use.

wait for part 2 
Paranoid Android3 years ago
+Felix Dietz youre close. very close. +12
Girish Kamath3 years ago
I am guessing this is not StandOut-like. am i right??
StandOut is the closest i can feel to multiwindowing for now, but let's hope +Paranoid Android changes that soon ;-)
This is pretty awesome so far. It is a reboot on the current standard for multi-windowing. Looks very smooth and functional. I'd love to see this built into a rom for the Note 2.
Will Bartlett3 years ago
+Paranoid Android  will google's threat against Cornerstone in the past worry you guys in any way?
Paranoid Android3 years ago
+Girish Kamath you can always make floating dialogs in android. thats no problem. standout makes it easier for developers to deal with the implications of it it seems. the thing is, apps get programmed for it.

taking existing apps and making them display windowed is something else.
I gotta say the first couple seconds of that video I'm like "so? why would that..." then it hit me "Oh, this is awesome, it saves so much time switching between apps" Especially on my phone I can be in the middle of something but I have to answer a tweet, email or IM it would be perfect to have this to not take me out of what I was doing.It sounds small when you explain it but the thought of using this is amazing.+8
Anthony Ngo3 years ago
too excited for this, very nice!!!!!
Colin Kealty3 years ago
+Paranoid Android So out of curiousity, this would be able to become more than just pop-ups, like have two apps next to each other rather than one over the other? I like seeing that this isn't dependent on the app itself!+1
Jonathan Young3 years ago
Nice work! Can't wait to see future updates.
Girish Kamath3 years ago
+Paranoid Android I see your point. Really excited to see what's down the road. Another cool reason to stick to PA :D
Casey O'Rourke3 years ago
rock on!
Brian Mendoza3 years ago
My body.. It's ready.
Akshay Sharma3 years ago
+Paranoid Android  you guys can really predict what's gonna happen! i actually got on the edge of my chair looking at update of your post!! lol+1
Flo Mi3 years ago
I love it for music!
Very excited :)
"The real feature..." NOW I'm really curious (as much as I'd like the multi-window).+1
Adam Styles3 years ago
Wow. Just wow.
Naya Moss3 years ago
Wish i could learn developing to learn how to do stuff like this!
Bambos Iguanadon3 years ago
Just get it on my Note 2 already! 

Hats off to you guys! You're doing a tip top job!
minds're already blown.+1
Luca Zaninello3 years ago
u guys...are awesome :D+1
David High3 years ago
Damn dude, you're killing it! I can't say I was expecting such added features, thanks for all the hard work!
Jeremy Smith3 years ago
y'all rock
Alfredo Montan3 years ago
Wow , Marvelous work PA team. You guys are truly revolutionary .+2
M. Shappiro3 years ago
Android Innovation is the sh*t !
Mind blown.
Shaun Nicholson3 years ago
Awesome work!
Paranoid Android3 years ago
+Colin Kealty no, we won't go for that approach. these are small screens and even on a tablet i think multi windowing has a limit.
the actual implementation of this will be very different from what people expect, even after seeing this little demo. 
少健3 years ago
Colin Kealty3 years ago
+Paranoid Android Well I enjoy surprises so I'll just sit here looking forward to it :)
Andy Brommel3 years ago
+Paranoid Android Would love to see a popup carousel with all current active apps in overlay form. So instead of just the one overlay to interact with, you can scroll through a carousel of all apps active in the notification panel. +10
Outstanding.....Paul, Jesus, Aaron, and all members of PA team, thanks for giving to Android community this gems. You are a step ahead.+1
Michael Wolf3 years ago
Übercool! This is a big step forward to real multitasking on android.
Skun QS (Max P)3 years ago
really awesome, something I've been dreaming of for all the time now!
This is so exciting, I can't wait to see what you guys have planned, even if plan A doesn't work plan B seemed pretty good to me
itz- OvErOZziK3 years ago
+Paranoid Android hi, maybe a dump question but anyway ... All the devices that you're supporting right now will be able to enjoy this feature or there are some who don't ?? I'm using and htc one xl(evita) and I always waned to try your Rom guys it looks just awesome ... +1
Allen A3 years ago
Oh yes! This is sick!!
Paranoid Android3 years ago
+Eduardo Camacho we only support nexus. everything else are ports that are made by other people. it will work on every device that runs pa though as this is now framework functionality.+7
And this is why my next phone will likely be a Nexus. I've got an i717 note right now (and fortunately have PA awesomesauce now thanks to the magic of +Jamie Doege ) but quite frankly, PA is mandatory for Android in my books, and I don't want to risk being locked out of it.
Jay Newman3 years ago
You guys are amazing, another reason PA is my ROM of choice... innovation...+3
Gee Nexus3 years ago
I want!!! Awesome work as always. changing the game
Jesse Campo3 years ago
This is awesome!
Ben Freund3 years ago
A) this is awesome. B) you type like Stephen Colbert.
Robert Alexander3 years ago
Would it be better to describe it as "Overlay Window" support?+2
Adnan Hamed3 years ago
OMG need to have this in my nexus 4, beers will be flight tobur accounts guys much appreciated
Awesome! Can't wait!
Paranoid Android3 years ago
+Robert Alexander yeah thats the term i was seeking. gotta change a lot of variable names now : P+8
Niels Swimberghe3 years ago
That looks good :-)
Hubert Song3 years ago
Oh god, im going to be excited for this.
Dan Strong3 years ago
Amazing as always. The PA team is by far the most original group of guys in the Android Dev community. Can't wait to see more.
James Calle3 years ago
Lookin gooooood.
Josue Maldonado3 years ago
Jay Newman3 years ago
Bets on how long before +CyanogenMod merge this...
I'm sticking with PA though because there's nothing else that stands next to it!
Danial Samy3 years ago
Now I have to switch to Paranoid Android again, I tried to give it up but you reeled me in again! ;)
Justin Griffeth3 years ago
You guys will change the game, again. Keep up the good work!+1
Cam Rowland3 years ago
That's amazing
Guy types like a fruit ninja pro. Seriously, nice job with the multiwindows. Just hope m$croshaft doesnt patent troll. Bravoooooo.
Preetpal Bhella3 years ago
Good luck and godspeed.
Davi Mourão3 years ago
Really nice!
Jacob Tramley3 years ago
I wonder if this will make its way to pac-rom?
Christopher Cote3 years ago
+Paranoid Android I understand how multi windows would not work well on tablet or phone screens, but what about in a HDMI desktop mode? I think that would have some great uses when using larger displays. Re: side by side apps and dragging windows. +1
Paranoid Android3 years ago
+Christopher Cote people have no idea what this is going to be and i can tell you you're expecting the wrong thing. we are not trying to re-invent cornerstone--- it has maybe 25% multiwindow/overlay, thats the groundwork we're presenting here, 75% of it will be something else entirely+19
Christopher Cote3 years ago
+Paranoid Android I look forward to the 75% :)+2
itz- OvErOZziK3 years ago
+Paranoid Android thanks for clarifying that ;) anyway great Rom
JE Ka3 years ago
+Paranoid Android I actually don't like these kind of questions but what's that clock widget called?
jup city3 years ago
+Paranoid Android ball hard, ball harder. Innovation at its finest. I could see y'all one day working at Google, Nexus team... wherever you wanted really. Thank you for everything.
Paranoid Android3 years ago
+JE Ka its a live wallpaper, its active, you can tap it and it does things. search for ubuntu livewallpaper+3
You are genious
Michael3 years ago
Google needs to hire you guys +9
Raymond De Jesus3 years ago
Now that is innovation, that is what i am trying to find with other devs, not just stitching what we have :)+1
Isaac Pateau3 years ago
Nice!! In paranoid we trust! :p+1
Crazy feat!
Eric Hor3 years ago
+Paranoid Android let me guess: whenever a new notification comes in, a small notifying app "head" chime in on top on running apps. When you tap the "head", the overlay window comes up? What about also when you pinch the overlay window somehow, the overlay window becomes full screen? Exciting exciting +2
Stefan Rees3 years ago
Well I'm already excited about the "not even 10%". Stoked for this guys.
Kevin Norman3 years ago
+Paranoid Android I literally just said "NO WAY" out loud. Like seriously loud enough for my parents to bang on the door. YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING WHY IS EVERYTHING YOU DO SO AMAZING <3+3
Luc Cote'3 years ago
Excellent work guys. PA POPULI!
jordan prudent3 years ago
+Paranoid Android I'm a big fan of your guys work, without a doubt very innovative however samsungs duel screen works almost flawlessly. Interested in what you can come up with though+1
Ian Rosner3 years ago
this looks amazing! well done!
Larry Underhill3 years ago
Google's CRAZY not to offer you jobs.
Andrew Speers3 years ago
if this isn't even 10% of it, I'd hate to see the load I drop when I see the whole thing. +Paranoid Android You guys have already outdone yourselves
Paschalis Mpeis3 years ago
+Paranoid Android what happened with cyanogen?
Thomas Smith3 years ago
Does anyone know what the most recent stable build of PA for the Nexus 7 is? I was having trouble with the new hybrid builds with the lock screen freezing until I referred back to the march 23 build and now it doesn't have any lock screen troubles anymore. I reads those builds I were having trouble with were test builds. Is there a new stable build available?
Maz Siddiqui3 years ago
+Paschalis Mpeis Almost a year ago the CM team were working on a major feature, Cornerstone. Basically it's a fluid multi Window/task manager. Making some great progress, CM was approached by Google and was told if they implement this, users will not be allowed to do basic functions with the Play Store, they even mentioned you would not be able to access the Play Store. Next day project was dropped. Samsung got past Google with their multi window but only because they bought there way thru. +3
Takeshi Yamada3 years ago
Hoping all s3 bug will be fix on next release. I can't wait to switch from CM to this new Paranoid
That looks awesome as hell
Darkion Avey3 years ago
Hey, +Paranoid Android , why did Cyanogen get kicked by Google for merging the multi window? That should be interesting to learn.
KyoKeun Park3 years ago
This feature itself is worth flashing paranoid android! Lol
Can't wait for the next build :)
Raiden Rodriguez3 years ago
+Paranoid Android sign me up for nightly builds! I want to be on the bleeding edge! Like, still cleaving it's way through flesh type edge! Holy crap this looks amazing!
ishan verma3 years ago
+Darkion Avey the reason Google was pissed cyanogen was that, when cyanogen implemented multi window , the apps behaviour will change as the apps are not meant to be used in overlay or multi window , so when people use those apps in cyanogen mod based ROM they will write negative reviews for the app as those apps were not made for multi window and can cause glitches , Google thought this would be bad for app developers and hence Google threatened that people using cyanogen mod would be barred from giving any app reviews on play store .+3
Ben Le Cun3 years ago
Congratulations, looking great. I feel like it's not the right way to go though, I'm not sure windowing is the best UI approach on small screens. Samsung/Windows8 did it right on this one
ishan verma3 years ago
+Paranoid Android looks like u got quite something going on at your stables , but I suppose it will take some time for u to release ROM with this awesome feature , so u might as well merge it with upcoming version of android before releasing it . maybe Google has made some serious changes in key lime which will conflict with your overlay window . but anyways guys keep up the good work .
Syukri Ramli3 years ago
this is super! ;) great job so far +Paranoid Android !!!
ishan verma3 years ago
Just got the news , no key lime pie , it will still remain android 4.3 jellybean :( , anyways I was thinking +Paranoid Android can you guys improve the camera firmware and add some cool features bcoz the stock camera is somewhat function less , it will be cool to have some more features like the ones seen in galaxy s4 and optimus g pro camera interface .
Tanmay Gandhi3 years ago
+ishan verma why don't you buy one of those phones then. Every one lives stock and hence own a nexus mostly.
Evan Anderson3 years ago
+ishan verma I think we'll still see the K release at I/O. My bets are on 4.3 being released and the K release coming in a few months (or less).
Chris Hoskins3 years ago
This looks like it's going to be truly amazing. You PA cats are seriously burning it up! I'm really looking forward to this playing out and going along for the ride! Thank you for your hard work, creativity and innovation. Much respect!+1
Tony Allen3 years ago
Is PA the new CM? I mean that in terms of actually bringing and putting together new ideas and functionality that's already out there or from scratch to improve the user experience. I wish AOSP on the VZW Note 2 was a little more stable. I miss PA on my GNex. I'll be getting the next gen Nexus 7 though and this will be my ROM.
Faber fox3 years ago
Funny, I just opened this link on g+ from reddit sync, and was surprised it opened an overlay window instead of the full g+ app, so something like this for all apps is gonna rock so hard! +Paranoid Android , greatest dev team ever, keep it up!
Ian Gao (高言)3 years ago
Rodrigo Ramirez3 years ago
This could be very very useful, even it is kinda gimmicky
Ritik Verma3 years ago
Pants will be blown! Bricks will be shat! This is going to be legen-wait for it-dary!!!+3
Darren Nugent3 years ago
so it's like chatheads, but for other apps.
Charles Eye3 years ago
I've been a devout CM guy since my first root but you've just convinced me. Being Paranoid is a very good thing!
Very nice theme, is available in the google play?
Ahmed Faiz3 years ago
Glad to see such a bright idea where hybrid engine is gone take us.. Can't wait for more and hope its get out soon. Will we have to wait for KLP!?
Casen Brashear3 years ago
That would be prefect for text messages that interrupt Netflix.. Oh my, I can get back to using Handcent (I stopped because I like the stock SMS notification options much more than the Handcent popup window)
Quentin Berder3 years ago
Really looking forward to it! It looks really interesting.
anna grodzka3 years ago
guys you are amazing! I'm so glad i have N4
Jaime German3 years ago
Ahh, so much teasing going on! I wonder if this will be at all similar to Facebook Chatheads...?
0ca0a3 years ago
+Paschalis Mpeis +Darkion Avey cornerstone was an independent project, i dont actually know who made it. i hear it was pretty buggy. cyanogenmod merged it, steve k blogged about it and dianne hackborn told him to cut it out. or else ...
a. this is our own solution, we're trying to make it safe and clean. it should bring no more hurt to an app than a smaller screen does.
b. this isn't about the usual multi-windowing approach so much, there won't be any silly dragging and dropping.
c. the actual feature making use of it is still a secret.
Wow! This is huge! Great job....
jeoffrey aurelio3 years ago
+Paranoid Android hmm any plans of using an aokp style ribbon to open up apps that have been set up to have the multiwindow/overlay for easy access since aokp ribbon is fast to activate. Also is there a profile toogle option within Pa Rom?
0ca0a3 years ago
no ribbon. we will have something else to trigger it. yes there are user/profile knobs.
Ethan Parker3 years ago
Nice work. Will say a Youtube audio/video be able to keep playing  behind the popup window?+1
Paranoid Android3 years ago
+Ethan Parker good question, i didn't even check. youtube pauses the video but you don't lose context, which might be alright/best for our purposes.+1
This is fucking awesome!
Mattey Guy3 years ago
Wow can't wait to use this! PA team amaze balls like always! 
Paschalis Mpeis3 years ago
Thnx for the info!
Guys luck on your implementation! :)
Ryan Krake3 years ago
Jizzed in my pants +2
Jacob Bishop3 years ago
What are the jailbreak devs doing on iOS right now? Trying to give the keyboard swype? Wow...+2
Jacob Bishop3 years ago
+ishan verma is so that's why. I got to say, that's a dumb reason. How many people actually have cm when compared to the rest of the community? Even then the cm community should be smart enough to know that the multi windows can't be perfect.+1
Jacob Bishop3 years ago
And just an idea thrown out there, kinda like windows 8: pin app to status bar from the task switcher. For convenience.
Seth Bertlshofer3 years ago
Guys that is going to be amazing when you release that!!! You guys are amazing developers!
Zachery Ng3 years ago
Paranoid is truly different
Kyle Engler3 years ago
This looks great! I really want to try it out+1
or eitan3 years ago
Its awesome
jezreel hutton3 years ago
I can't wait for this!
Woow! PA indeed the best ROM project around, no doubt!!
You are great boys!, thanks! ;-)
Paweł Goliński3 years ago
Hay! Can Some one tell me what's that keyboard on nex4? :-)
Rick Kaptein3 years ago
+Paweł Goliński I think it is swype +1
Thijs Oost3 years ago
I think it is the stock Android 4.2-keyboard. 
Rick Kaptein3 years ago
+Thijs Oost , no I'm sure it's Swype keyboard
Thijs Oost3 years ago
+Rick Kaptein Oh, okay; I never used Swype; only SwiftKey Flow.
Paranoid Android3 years ago
Swype, best keyboard I have ever used.+4
Paweł Goliński3 years ago
Okey thanks :-)
Tobias Eble3 years ago
Paranoid Android, best rom i have ever used. +1
ahmad albarrak3 years ago
Waiting for part 2 + PIE 2 + HYBRID 2 +2
Marcus H.3 years ago
when will part 2 be shown? Cant wait ^_^
Chris Peng3 years ago
This is amazing.
jezreel hutton3 years ago
I can't wait to try this for real?
TomoHiro Sen3 years ago
can't wait anymore!!when can it release?
Josh Hurt3 years ago
This. Absolutely beautiful. Messaging shouldn't be a pain in the ass to deal with. It's one of the main reasons to have a phone and this implementation makes the experience flawless and enjoyable. Thank you very much for your hard work.
Chris Hartl3 years ago
This is great news!! I can't wait to see the total picture, but I hope you guys also think about the possibility to plugin mouse + keyboard into a tablet. It would be great to see a multi window concept that is able to do it all: phone + tablet + mouse/keyboard
Paranoid Android3 years ago
again, we're not going in that direction at all. it won't be that kind of multi window. they're will be no dragging around and no Windows side by side. these concepts sound great but they make no sense on these devices. on tablets maybe but it's too far fetched. there are obvious things we can implement better than they are implemented now, that will be our worry.+4
Force Amp3 years ago
Is there any nightly builds available ??? +1
Ray Zink3 years ago
Absolutely amazing! Cant wait!!
Wajd Tohme3 years ago
I'm so switching over to parandroid if this gets implemented & worked smoothly enough+1
Wajd Tohme3 years ago
Btw, what cyanogen attempts are you talking g about, I never heard about those.
Ahsaan Hussain3 years ago
ps. i want your laptop for my n7please
Paranoid Android3 years ago
cm tried to merge cornerstone. it was taken out before you saw it because google vetoed it. now cornerstone was known to have problems. let's see if we can make a clean version - at least we wanna try.+1
Adam Bath3 years ago
I've really loved Paranoid Android in the past, this would certainly get me to switch back. Currently running a modified stock rom on my GS3.
KWAN Francis3 years ago
When I watched the video prior to reading the context above, I started to search for keyword like "click here to download the rom". Lol

Jesus, you guys are amazing.
Pedro Guerrero3 years ago
As you said in your last post... Im already emailing krarvind from SlimBeam because i want this feature. (when screencast works on PA i will go back, it use to work on 3.10 but not in 3.15)
Paranoid Android3 years ago
he can team up with us - we don't mind. the more people work on this the better. screencast has never worked for me ever since i bought my first nexus (gnex). not then, not now. from reading up on it it seems very hacky, so i don't think its us that broke their functionality, why would we.
Pedro Guerrero3 years ago
PA and Slim are the best roms out there!   it used to work for me! :(

thanks for your work and for sharing it!
Vojta Vilímec3 years ago
Looks nice! Thank you!
Rishabh Sharma3 years ago
Just brilliant... Sent from my nexus 4 running pacman
Hank Andre3 years ago
So excited to see the end product!
Robert Zorzi3 years ago
Ladies and gents this is why Android beats ios every time, of course the ios fans will say I dont need this because I like pressing 15 buttons and having to exit out of the app I am I because I dont want a pop up window getting in the way of me admiring my beautiful UI.
Sebastián Ayala3 years ago
this is excellent!!!
Rishabh Sharma3 years ago
Amen to that
xxRico Suavexx3 years ago
I've caught chills omg I love p.a so much ever since I started using it I knew I would see this finally happen on p.a since its the most featured ROM out besides PAC brb Gonna go wipe my ass lml
ahmad albarrak3 years ago
Warming up for part 2
Sayed Ak3 years ago
+Paranoid Android  : guys , willo it be available in the paranodandroid rom for HTC Desire too? .. BTW GREAT work u guys r doing , best of luck !! :) 
Emma Jane3 years ago
Wow this looks awesome, really can't wait.
Martin Irechukwu3 years ago
What's with all the hype, this its worth me flashing my's still not close to convenience of Facebook chatheads.
if there was a way to pin the app like the way the chat head stays permanently on the screen then its a step forward, and like what is obtainable with Facebook chathead where a tap on the chat head can show you all the people u are chat with so that you can choose who to interact with, you can always have a list of apps that have notifications overlapped on a chathead and a tap would expand the list for one to pick an apo to interact with and then another tap on a chathead would collapse it back.

something in that regard would be worth it
Aurimas Liutikas3 years ago
+Paranoid Android  How does memory management workout when using this approach? Did you guys try launching memory heavy applications like Chrome and Google Earth one in a window mode and one regularly?
Paranoid Android3 years ago
+Martin Irechukwu read please. the entire text above is about how this is just a foundation for something else. and how obvious can it be what we're going for. 

just as a reminder, we usually don't toy around. hybrid, pac, pie and all the things we did were the whole 9 yards. this will be no different.
Paranoid Android3 years ago
+Aurimas Liutikas by default we do not alter memorymanagement so nothing will change. but we will probably add an option for high powered phones to intercept androids PAUSE call to apps that are running behind. this would mean something like youtube wouldn't stop a video.+1
Felipe Martins3 years ago
+Paranoid Android Fantastic! Would you mind to share what icon pack is that? Again, great job!
Paranoid Android3 years ago
minimal miui
Martin Irechukwu3 years ago
+Paranoid Android thanks I do hope it does come close to that functionally or even better.
thanks for the response.
Will definitely get this even pay for it, great work. Danke sehr für diese Funktion.
Will definitely get this even pay for it, great work. Thank you for this function.
Translated from German|Original
Alex Sanchez3 years ago
I tip my hat to you guys, looks nice as hell!
Maria Gabriela3 years ago
you guys rock your the king of android this killed Samsung forever hahaha+1
Phake Nick3 years ago
+Paranoid Android however, this implementation doesn't allow me to, for example, open a Spanish PDF via adobe reader, alongside with a office app and then translate and type what's in the PDF into the office as Russian.
Pietro Marchese3 years ago
where can i find these icons?
Ivan Myring3 years ago
Looks nice, but when will it be ready? This would be epic on a transformer infinity
I really love PA (although i use pacman at the moment).
Pietro Marchese3 years ago
When it will be released....?
Troy Wisniewski3 years ago
^ When they decide to release it.
Justin Swanson3 years ago
Please contact me if you'd like to widen your Beta testing. :D
this is great but not work like a samsung multiwindow. can we use the 2 app same time?
Andy Young3 years ago
Looks amazing guys. I'm a late comer to PA as I didn't want to become a flash-a-holic and just used stock. This is the only ROM I will use in the future other then stock. New feature is awesome. Excited to see what else is coming
Kristopher Peggs3 years ago
To those that don't see the point in this -you have no clue what true multitasking is on a mobile device.
Vai Rostampour3 years ago
this is amazing, i really want to root my s3 again for this!
Zak Grotenstein3 years ago
Does anyone have a link to the wallpaper on the laptop here?
Zak Grotenstein3 years ago
+John Martin Thanks but that link is a 404 :/
Ghulam Husnain3 years ago
Awsome, you guys are fantastic. Hope to use it on GS3 before tmos One come out in may. Good luck...looking realy good!!!
Please add calender center what aokp
Robert Dean3 years ago
They need to snag what webOS did... much cleaner and intuitive.
Kei Liu3 years ago
more exciting than Jelly Bean 4.3
Dmitry Kryukov3 years ago
hey, how to install on oppo find 5? I download to root of sdcard and try to install from settings - software update, but is no choice target to install
katt fernandez3 years ago
i still have a prepaid phone
What's apps
akash monga3 years ago
True Multi-tasking!!!
ZhenMing Qiu3 years ago
Unbelievable... Loving it...
Potenti4lz2 years ago
Looking good with this updated concept! Pretty neat.