Amit Fulay
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Live Q&A for Hangouts On Air: interact with all your viewers

With Hangouts On Air, you can take a group video call and broadcast it to the world. And we've seen everything from concerts to political debates to online classes share their conversations 'On Air.' What's been missing, however, is a way to interact with your live audience (vs. only the people onscreen). Not any more.

Today we're introducing Live Q&A for Hangouts On Air — the first of many features to help you engage with your viewers. If you’re hosting the broadcast, you'll now be able to:

- Solicit questions from up to a million concurrent viewers
- Select and answer questions live
- Timestamp the YouTube recording by marking questions as you answer them

If instead you're watching the Hangout On Air, you'll now be able to ask and vote on questions live, as well as replay the Q&A even after the broadcast is over.

We're rolling out Live Q&A over the next few days (fully on desktop, view-only on Android), so look for the new features the next time you start or watch a Hangout On Air. In the meantime, you can check out these examples to see how Live Q&A can enhance your broadcasts:

- Art and Inquiry by +MoMA Edu:
- Live Car Talk by +Scotty Kilmer:
- Sony vs. Nikon by +Trey Ratcliff:

Keep the feedback coming, and keep those broadcasts going!

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Ivano Forgione3 years ago
does this mean it is now available to anyone? :-D +6
Dori Storbeck3 years ago
Awesome update +Amit Fulay!!!!+5
Ray Hiltz3 years ago
This is huge. Thanks for the head's up, +Amit Fulay !+1
MoMA Edu3 years ago
It was great testing out this tool +Amit Fulay! Thanks for featuring the #ArtInquiry  HOA event. We loved using the tool & so did our participants.
Awesome! Gracias
Awesome! Thank you
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Matthew Garbett3 years ago
+Gina Dionne this should be very useful!
Fraser Cain3 years ago
This is going to be great, I can't wait to use it.+2
Do we know when it'll be rolled out for general use...?
Jaana Nyström3 years ago
PING +David Kutcher +Mike Downes testing today? :-)+4
Derek Ross3 years ago
Thanks +Amit Fulay. This is an amazing update. As a HoA broadcaster, this is something I've wanted since day one!+1
David Kutcher3 years ago
+Jaana Nyström hopefully!+2
Carol Dodsley3 years ago
Ooh - looking forward to seeing this available in my Hangouts - +Jaana Nyström do you know if you can use this with embedded hangouts on your website too?
Jason Horejs3 years ago
Been waiting for this - now if you could add the ability for people to call in via webcam or telephone (without being guest in the hangout) you'd have a truly interactive product. Thank about it!+2
Carol Dodsley3 years ago
Now that would be really cool +Jason Horejs :)
Mike Downes3 years ago
+Carol Dodsley err like no.. not that far along thetrack.. Only works in the g+ stream+1
Carol Dodsley3 years ago
Thanks +Mike Downes - I thought that may be the case, need to have a play with it when it is rolled out to me so I can see how to best utilise it and share the benefits with my clients :)
Marilyn Kay3 years ago
Thanks +Amit Fulay and to +Carol Dodsley for sharing this awesome update. This is a game changer that's making me rethink a project I was about to abandon. Thanks again.
Ryan Lestage3 years ago
Hey +Major League Soccer Just an FYI for future on air hangouts!
Andrew Hatchett3 years ago
Can all those questions be saved somehow automatically? I know I could copy/paste before closing the Hangout but that is a hassle I'd rather do without.+3
Mike Downes3 years ago
+Andrew Hatchett they are saved to the Hangout On Air forever too , so never lost+1
Will there be moderation tools? I want to be able to fend off the inevitable trolls & spammers midst a potential crowd of 1 million. 
Ronnie Bincer3 years ago
+Amit Fulay fantastic stuff...
Does the YouTube Embed of the HOA show the Questions?
Ronnie Bincer3 years ago
+Amit Fulay will this tool be automatically showing up in people's HOA interface or how do they get it otherwise?
Ronnie Bincer3 years ago
+Youssef Hachhouch there is spam control for the host via the tool, yes.+1
Ronnie Bincer3 years ago
+Andrew Hatchett the questions are not easily taken from within the tool and added to a post or elsewhere, maybe in the future, but not now as I understand it. That is a great feature request that some have already asked for as well.+1
David Amodt3 years ago
Great addition. Great job
Scott Scowcroft3 years ago
+Amit Fulay This is a great addition to HOAs, and I bet that in 6- months G+'ers will have found uses for it beyond your wildest imagination today. Well, maybe not "wildest imagination," but you know what I mean.   :)+1
Abied Mohammed3 years ago
Rob Cesternino3 years ago
Extremely excited to hear about this+1
Gloria Ragusa3 years ago
This does appear to be fun, but when does the public get to acknowledge a way for people in the writing arts and other advancements in the arts to be paid? or at the least to have doors open for either internship position or entry level positions in the field of writing?
James Fierce3 years ago
+Ronnie Bincer Did you ever get the answer to how to access the tool within an HOA? I don't see it...but perhaps b/c it hasn't been rolled out to everyone yet+2
Joseph DeFazio3 years ago
This could be an alternative to all those webinar software or a cool video version of Reddit's "AMA".+1
I'm about to sound stupid. I can't find your how-to do Google Hang-outs. Where do I go look?
James Fierce3 years ago
+Birthing Better With The Pink Kit  If you want to find out general info on hangouts check out +Ronnie Bincer He has a ton of how to hangout stuff in his posts+2
Thanks James ... I'm almost 70, Director of Trust and old dog learning new tricks here. Will take you up on this go find and seek. I'm on YouTube right now watching one thing. Have you used Hang-out yet?
James Fierce3 years ago
+Birthing Better With The Pink Kit Yes I'm actually starting up a weekly hangout in a couple of weeks. They are pretty easy to set up but there are definitely some quirks that take time to get used to. +1
Kurt Palmer3 years ago
+Karl Inger great news. Now if +Google Enterprise would allow hangouts to be recorded (directly) to YouTube or hangouts on air to be shared with a restricted audience, then it will be a great (corporate) training tool.
Daria Musk3 years ago
This is so exciting +Amit Fulay! Give yourself and the whole team hugs from me!! I can't wait to take song requests and think up tons of fun music applications for this :)+2
Gil Melo3 years ago
This will make life so much easier. Many times we get the questions on you tube after the show is done.+1
Ronnie Bincer3 years ago
+James Fierce no reply yet on when/how it shows up. I'm at a disadvantage there as I was part of the field test so I already had it before it went 'full public'.
James Fierce3 years ago
Hey +Ronnie Bincer I received it late this afternoon and happened across a HOA by +Chad LaFarge where he and others were giving it a test drive. Got to see the good the bad and the related to the product :) +2
Ronnie Bincer3 years ago
+James Fierce how did you 'receive it' was it just 'there in the left sidebar, or did you have to 'get it' somehow?
James Fierce3 years ago
It was in the left sidebar but I had to "activate" it before I could use it +Ronnie Bincer. +1
PR Doctor3 years ago
I'm hoping all those PR students who looked at me blankly in 2010, when I said they needed to get on board G+ are rethinking.+2
Great news! This is a big step forward. Kudos to the Hangouts team and to Google.
+Youssef Hachhouch  with Q&A you can avoid spam. But if you want a more elaborated moderation tool, which can be turned on/off check out the +Business Hangouts app for Google Hangouts. +Joseph DeFazio , +Kurt Palmer  for a more Enterprise-friendly Hangout try +Business Hangouts  a great complement to Q&A.
Blake Priddy3 years ago
You can also remote computers now.
luis nuñez3 years ago
Hello my friens
Hi are the questions integrated on screen? Watching a recorded hangout from link above (on mobile) I see the question displayed below the video. Is that how it looks on desktop? What about on the YouTube video page? Can u have same functionality there?
Ronnie Bincer3 years ago
+BBALLBREAKDOWN as this is the first rollout of the app it is not as advanced as it will be. The Screen shot shown above is how the Questions via Q&A app look to the viewers on Desktop browsers. And No, they are not part of the visible video when viewed on youtube... see this post of mine for some of the details: Q&A App - Questions and Answers HOA App Official Help Page (9/12/13)
+Ronnie Bincer thank you, sir. I will digest this ASAP +1
Yusra Rashaad3 years ago
We played with this during last week's +GeoGearHeads and loved it! We need to get a better feel for it and will be doing that this week when we do a "Randomize" show (where we handle several little topics from many sources). Is there a way we can pre-populate those questions from other sources? Near as I could tell we just had to login from a different account once the Hangout On Air started and copy-and-paste those in there.
Joe Rotella3 years ago
I think I'm lost. My viewers watch on YouTube and comment in the "live comment stream." Where do viewers to go to be able to watch and comment? YouTube is a cool distribution platform, and folks are used to going there - but it doesn't seem this integrates with it.
Kevin McNeese3 years ago
So where do people enter questions during the live hangout?+2
Ronnie Bincer3 years ago
+Kevin McNeese green button down at the bottom right of this post's picture. Or come visit this overview and see some explainer pics we shared here:
Kathy Shirer3 years ago
How do you post pictures from your Albums?
Jeremy Johnson2 years ago
+Ronnie Bincer I hosted a Q&A session last night during our weekly broadcast, and couldn't figure out how to block a certain user who kept clogging up the Q&A window with offensive comments. I know I can delete questions (which I did), but I didn't see a feature to block the user or otherwise mark him as a spammer. (I did block him on my personal account but that didn't seem to affect the HOA.)+1
Ronnie Bincer2 years ago
+Jeremy Johnson you should have had a way to mark the Q's from that user as "spam" via the Q&A app. (I think)
Jeremy Johnson2 years ago
+Ronnie Bincer did not see that option, though I frantically clicked around in an attempt to find it during the broadcast. I did see you could filter questions marked as spam, but cannot find a way to actually mark the questions as such. Delete was my only option.
Ronnie Bincer2 years ago
+Amit Fulay don't we have a way to mark a question as spam while it is live?
Andrew Hatchett2 years ago
+Jeremy Johnson For that type of user you don' want to block them or delete their messages- you want to delete the user themselves- at least I do!+1
Jeremy Johnson2 years ago
+Andrew Hatchett How do you delete the user? Keep in mind, this is a public HOA and we're just talking about the folks who submit questions via the Q&A app, not an actual participant in the broadcast.
Ronnie Bincer2 years ago
+Jeremy Johnson I think he was joking! ;-)
Andrew Hatchett2 years ago
+Ronnie Bincer , I was joking but there really SHOULD be a way to do it!  ;)+1
Claire Boyles2 years ago
Having used the Q & A feature on a live hangout on air on Friday, I'm now trying to find where the questions are saved to!  Any clues anyone?
They're in the replay stream, on G+.
Claire Boyles2 years ago
+Michael Mason on the event page in G+  ?  I can't see them!
Click the play icon in the middle of the video and if Q&A was running it will pop up with the video and questions.+1
Claire Boyles2 years ago
+Michael Mason Thanks Michael, I guess only Google knows why they'd want to hide it away inside the video... and not make it easily accessible.. +2
ROGER FANCHER2 years ago
Looks like a site about the site. Is this a qna forum itself as well? That's what I'm fishing for.
Kate Hutchinson2 years ago
I don't actually have the Q&A app available for my HOAs. Is there a way to enable it?
Tahir Sadiq2 years ago
Todd Bryant2 years ago
Can non-gmail (google) subscribers access the presentations or do they have to setup logins?
Ronnie Bincer2 years ago
+Todd Bryant it is my understanding that non-gmail/google account holders can view the HOA show and even view the Q&A info on the right sidebar if it is used but can not add text to the comments or the Q&A app.+1
Gina Quarles1 year ago
How do I comment on a live q&a?+1
Jitender Chouhan11 months ago
I opened my hangout app. but what I noticed...frequently contact persons???? but I don't know them...
who are they?? how they could be appear??
please help help help!