Koushik Dutta
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Mobile Tech Reviewer

A mobile tech reviewer contacted me today threatening that if I didn't "fix" carbon and give him a refund, him and his YouTube channel owner friends would all write a bad review.

Email starts around 4-5 responses in, as +Ray Walters had been handling the support request before it got pushed up to me.

I probably shouldn't handle app support.

He also said I have a huge ego. Well, at least that much is true.
Koushik Dutta1 year ago
Ain't nobody shits on my homey +Ray Walters. Ain't nobody.+44
Ray Walters1 year ago
Ain't no HOW lol :)+3
Jason Mohler1 year ago
I don't miss retail at all, let alone being a store manager.  At least I got to look at people who were being assholes, having to do it over the internet has got to suck.  My sympathies.

FYI, these are the same people who can't get a camera to focus and wanted me to pay them hundreds of dollars because they have blurry photos of their kid's party.  Uh, no.
Zak Shuboy1 year ago
If they only knew how well +Ray Walters can cook.+1
Kyle Wood1 year ago
There is nothing that I hate more than users who feel obligated to spread negativity because they do not understand what they are talking about.+15
Karl Smith1 year ago
The beauty of being an indie dev is that you can actually tell people to fuck right off if you feel like it and wear the "repercussions" yourself. I love that. 

I've been threatened in the same way by a newspaper journalist covering my old band. People like that are hilariously fun to troll. 
Ray Walters1 year ago
I do want to say for the record that I worked with this guy over the course of 6 or so emails, was VERY polite and tried to be as helpful as possible. When I reached the limit of what I knew to help with, I elevated. His knock on me was amusing at best.+5
Greg Hortin1 year ago
Your app should work the way I expect it to work not the way you explained that it works, expect my negative review on my YouTube :P+10
Ray Walters1 year ago
But....but +Greg Hortin you never emailed any insults first!+4
Greg Hortin1 year ago
Yeah sorry +Ray Walters I forgot that poorly informed bitching is more fun when you add insults to the mix ;) +1
Tyler Carter1 year ago
+Greg Hortin Not your app. Your reviews will do nothing. Good job wasting your time. 
Josiah Spackman1 year ago
^^ doesnt get a joke+6
Tyler Carter1 year ago
sure didnt lol+3
Karl Smith1 year ago
/s /s /s 
Daves Williams1 year ago
"Come at me bro!" Lol+3
John Landgrave1 year ago
+Tyler Carter, that was drenched in sarcasm.

+Koushik Dutta, I applaud you sir. I thought I was the only one that responds to official emails with a giant picture!
Steve Black1 year ago
+Koushik Dutta, I love the outcome here. Come at me bro. Classic. Honestly, your response here gains more of my respect. 

Tyler Carter1 year ago
+John Landgrave yeah lack of sleep not good. sorry +Greg Hortin my bad+2
Douglas York II1 year ago
I thought your response had just the right amount of ego.  Each point was backed up with fact.  Loved the read.  Thanks for sharing.+2
Best email ending ever. Condescending Wonka and Braveheart come at me bro. #knowyourmeme  
Ashley Esqueda1 year ago
I'm sure this nobody has a huge readership on his tech blog. 

*rolls eyes*

Good on you for being polite and cutting. 
Ray Walters1 year ago
+Ashley Esqueda dozens upon dozens.+3
Ashley Esqueda1 year ago
+Ray Walters I'm sure tens of readers will be very upset!+5
Ray Walters1 year ago
+Ashley Esqueda i'm going to close down my social media accounts and hide because of it. I am going to cook BBQ all day and wallow in the sauce. +7
Brian Gatley1 year ago
You know, this made my day. And I thought I had jerks to deal with. Nicely done, Koush.
Ray Walters1 year ago
Honestly, after helping Koush with this stuff, I will be VERY careful how I talk to devs in all ways ever again. Some of the stuff that comes our way is pretty downright rude first thing.+1
Devin Slick1 year ago
You handled it well, Kouch.  
I'm going to make it a point to check your reviews for douchebags and flag them as spam and hopefully others will as well.   .
Michael Kendle1 year ago
+Koushik Dutta Keep being fucking awesome. :D+2
Kyle Bartley1 year ago
This was hilarious!
this is not very uncommon (bad reviews by idiots) and honestly as much as I appreciate all of Koush's work and exciting Social Media posts, I almost skipped it over this last one due to boredom from silly users........ then I saw the picture of William Wallace at the bottom. That shit is EPIC and won me over to read the entire story. Twice. Silly threats are silly threats. Reviews would be boring if not for some morons doing them as well. Good luck Koush, Rock on. (I'm still laughing at both the picture and the story)+1
Ashley Esqueda1 year ago
+Ray Walters Can I also quit my social media and wallow in ribs with you? Because that sounds pretty awesome, actually. :)
Ray Walters1 year ago
What's probably the most humorous is the fact that the person in question believes in the power of the small Android media outlet. I had a rude awakening in this when I went from Android Guys to My editors there were like, "Which Android blog? They all kind of run together." I was dumbfounded because I thought I was big stuff coming from that site. Heh, now seeing it in action with this douche canoe makes me chuckle.+5
Ray Walters1 year ago
+Ashley Esqueda sounds like a plan. Not sure how our spouses would feel, but meh SAUCE ALL THE THINGS+3
Justin Curtis1 year ago
What a douche. I understood the app when i bought the it and was supporting you which i am proud to do with any great developer. People shouldn't buy apps and expect refunds if they have no idea what the app does. Just my opinion. Thanks for all you do Koush. Some of us do appreciate the hard work you do. Thanks.
Jack Seeley1 year ago
+Greg Hortin You put the "D" in Douche with a capital... You have zero subscribers and 30 views on your YouTube acct.??? You're really picking out the wrong people to be fucking with....+2
Robert Mahon1 year ago
Sheesh, there's a freebie version of it to test, it's explained how it works, he gets support, and still throws threats? I'd love to know who this was for when they start the youtube smear campaign so more info can be added to the posts (though it's likely they'll be locking their own comments down!).  Seriously unprofessional.  (And I really can't see the issue with what Koush posted to him for the reviewer to get all upset, seems more than reasonable to me).+2
Alexander Gee1 year ago
The best bit is definitely the person wildly overestimating their status as a "journalist".+8
Is he a Nigerian Prince pretending to be a tech reviewer?
Ashley Esqueda1 year ago
+Alexander Gee I wish I could +1 that about 100,000 times+1
Carl Jenkins1 year ago
Great app +Koushik Dutta ! Nevermind the fools.
Jason Blasiman1 year ago
Haters gonna hate
Jason Chuah1 year ago
Great response with the final meme image. +1 for you sir!+1
Jeff Rebeiro1 year ago
Hah.. I love how he thinks you even had a reputation to tarnish for providing good support!
Fair response in my opinion.
Good stuff lol
Erica Joy1 year ago
Awww why did you edit out who it was? No fun.+8
Dylan Yaga1 year ago
All that over $5? Skip tomorrow's coffee and quit being so butt hurt you didn't look into what the app did...+1
Ian Thomas1 year ago
Someone find the slow clap gif. #winning  
Todd Gurzick1 year ago
Im calling Bullshit +Koushik Dutta just wanted his title back, from +Chris Lacy  that he lost from shitty emails from unhappy customers a few weeks ago :-P ... Yes people I am making a joke
Greg Hortin1 year ago
+Chris Bridges While I can't say that I've never been a douche before (we all have our moments) I can say that I've never been an iPhone user....

+Jack Seeley My YouTube account is mainly for sharing stupid videos with family, as such subscribers and views don't mean much to me. Also I have no real intention of using YouTube to "fuck" with Devs who's apps I purchased an left 5 star reviews for....

I'm sorry that you both found my sarcasm a little to subtle to pick up, I always try to include :P and ;) to make my sarcasm more obvious but I know that sarcasm like jokes don't always work in written form. 
Vincent Messina1 year ago
I wouldn't sweat it, Angry Birds has over 64,000 1 star reviews and that hasn't stopped Rovio from purchasing a fleet of yachts. 

Plus, someone should explain the difference between it's and its to the "journalist."
Thomas Vu1 year ago
That guy has read too many yelp stories.  I don't know why you hide his name as google does require you to have your name on the reviews now.
Andrew Dodd1 year ago
I think +Koushik Dutta needs to have a yacht counting contest with this dude.

We all know how that one will end.
Linden Darling1 year ago
you pissed off a journalist?! Don't you know they can make up whatever bullshit they want and tap your phone? IFF his editor is on his side, Koush, he'll be allowed to write that shit up!
James Jun1 year ago
+Koushik Dutta Maybe it's deja-vu, but I feel like this has happened before...+1
haha, Koush vs. Douche.
What an opportunity to "pass on to the developer" he have here, hope this 'gonna-drop-the-bad-review-hammer-on-ya-head' badass will comment on your post, if not done already (tl;dr all comments).

That just made my day.
Joshua Hale1 year ago
Koush, I noticed in one of the emails the guy said you would have a long road to go, don't these people know how far you've come? I just know you have been doing tech stuff pretty much for years on years now so I don't know what this guy is thinking.
Matt McCauley1 year ago
+Koushik Dutta gives absolutely 0 fucks as he should. He writes great shit. You dont like it? Leave and get an iCrap or jitterbug. 
Bill Bradford1 year ago
I'm amazed at the sense of entitlement and the thinly veiled threats.. Heck I've paid for cwm touch multiple times just because I appreciate all the hard work.+1
Boneheads oughta know when theyre showin themselves up. Lol
Koush, ya work is awesome - worth every penny for ya apps mang. Love em. Thanks. There arent enough +1's in the world. Heh.
Thomas Larsen1 year ago
Look at it from the other side, he's practically offering you a glowing review for $5.+2
Amon RA1 year ago
From a non tech savvy customer point of view I understand this reviewer. Users don't like to be explained in technical detail why something in an app they purchased is not working all the time (re some apps need to re-downloaded). They paid for a backup and restore solution, not for a backup and re-download solution. The average Joe has no interest in reading how adb backup actually works, it just has to work, always. Customers first, always... (even if they are wrong, rude or non tech savvy). +5
Julian Bigge1 year ago
Well, as an idie dev of your level +Koushik Dutta you can afford a huge ego :) never mind those people who don't know what they're talking about :D
well then they should have read and understood wot they were buying BEFORE buying it... first rule of thumb with tech - if you dont understand it dont touch it.
im a tech savvy person myself but i wasnt always so and how did i get to this point? i asked questions and poked around with free trial versions first, googled stuff, xda'd stuff and tested things against other things to see wot worked and suited the way i think best.
its not hard - theres this several pound lump of grey matter surrounded with fluid and bone that facilitates learning if you use it properly... its awesome and can prevent this kind of thing from happening or even facilitate great things like koush's does.

backups DO work but if you dont care enough or cant be bothered to properly read and understand wot something youre buying does then you deserve everything you get...
would you hire a contractor without checking him out to see if he can do wot he says he can or how about buying a home gym without checking it has the specific excercise equipment for the workout you want to use it for? come the fuck on, really? lmao
Amon RA1 year ago
+Alexander Courtness would you hire a dev or a customer support guy that posts paying customer email exchange on social networks to have a laugh? Come the fuck on, really? ;-) +4
Amon RA1 year ago
+Ray Walters +Koushik Dutta I'm no PR guy, but posting a paying customer's email exchange for fun on G+ isn't really contributing to a good karma/image... even if the customer is wrong, rude, whatever. Things like this stick in people's mind and can ruin a good reputation. Just my 2 cents.+7
Koushik Dutta1 year ago
+Amon RA This wasn't a customer interaction.

This was about a "professional" reviewer/blogger/youtube guy trying to leverage his nonexistent media following to get some impossible result via thinly veiled threats.

That's not something that I will respond well to. Threats and extortion won't be tolerated, reputation be damned. Then he criticized +Ray Walters for being nothing but nice to him.

Had it been a normal customer that just wanted a refund, no problem. That would have been granted.
actually yea i would, i base my opinion on their work not wot they do with a non confidential email describing a problem... are you aware that in customer service roles roles received calls and other things are often shared publically as well as internally with many people for training?
 - you ever heard the really angry scottish guy receiving a call from british telecom? he goes fucking spare at the guy for ringing his ex directory number - this is played on the radio, tv shows have repeated it and im sure you can find it on the interwebs too. lol

if you are concerned about being made sport of after behaving poorly or being foolish then perhaps you should check your mouth before having a go at someone and making pathetic threats

this post shows he dealt with it well and the fact that its not in breach of the data protection act fortifies my opinion of koush as a quality dev and a reasonable man... i have no issue with it.
Koushik Dutta1 year ago
+James Jun Probably. I get a significant amount of really downright rude emails.+2