Roman Nurik
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Android 4.2 Daydream for #DashClock Early Look

The clock slowly undulates back and forth across your screen (at ever-so-slight tilt angles), slowly fading out and back in at each edge. If you have more extensions than can be shown onscreen, the list slowly scrolls up and down. In silence, it's kind of mesmerizing, and reminds me of a pendulum clock in slow motion.

As soon as you touch the screen, the clock and your extensions zoom up to let you dive into the details. A subtle change in the touched item's foreground color (which is customizable) helps provide touch feedback, in addition to the standard blue background touch highlight.

/cc +Daniel Sandler

UPDATE: v1.5 Beta, including the Daydream, is now available at
Thomas Tenkely3 years ago
looks awesome +Roman Nurik , when can we expect to get our hands on this ?+1
Dandre Allison3 years ago
Looks like a good start to me.
Roman Nurik3 years ago
+Gaurav Chandiramani I'm planning it for v1.5, which should come after v1.4.3, which is in beta. So hopefully a v1.5 beta in the next few weeks, in between Google I/O prep :)+13
AJ Lopez3 years ago
Looks beautiful and a solid update.
Anuj Ahooja3 years ago
Whoa! I mentioned that I'd love this feature in an updated review just today. Awesome!
Amit Jayant3 years ago
Nice :)
Martin Werning3 years ago
This looks fantastic, been waiting for this!
Paul Taylor3 years ago
+Anuj Ahooja you've got the magic touch - ask for some more cool stuff lol 😊+1
Curt Terpstra3 years ago
Looks interesting, but the video is terrible.... very hard to see what is actually happening there...

But the description does peak my interest in this... and when it comes out, I will turn Daydream back on.

Thanks for the DashClock on the lock screen. That was the FIRST thing I installed when I got 4.2.2 this weekend on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. 
Roman Nurik3 years ago
+Michael Novak not yet; in a local branch for now. Will push the branch soon
How about a beta testing app? ;)
Warren Jones3 years ago
I hope the lock screen widget will be larger!!
Roman Nurik3 years ago
UPDATE: v1.5 Beta, including the Daydream, is now available at
Anuj Ahooja3 years ago
+Roman Nurik I downloaded from the page but the version is 1.4.3 Beta.
Roman Nurik3 years ago
+Anuj Ahooja try downloading again, it should be 1.5
J05huaNathaniel3 years ago
+Roman Nurik Still 1.4.3+1
Anuj Ahooja3 years ago
Yeah, I'm still getting that too. Thought I was going crazy so I thought I'd wait to see if someone else has the same issue. Thanks, +Joshua Miller!
Roman Nurik3 years ago
+Anuj Ahooja +Joshua Miller if it's still showing as 1.4.3 for you guys, it must be a problem with Google Code hosting and I'll need to look into it further (off-thread).
Anuj Ahooja3 years ago
+Roman Nurik Seems to be working fine now!
I would love a dimmer look, right now the white is very bright. It would be great if you could add like a light gray/dark gray options to the color.
J05huaNathaniel3 years ago
I uninstalled and re-installed .apk and works great now. Just wasn't updating correctly.
John Youngers3 years ago
I've had the beta running on my nexus 7 for a few days with daydream on for docking: It looks like the 'eye in the sky' widget doesn't update after daydream is initially turned on (probably an issue with their extension since the gmail one is updating correctly).  It seems to be crashing every once and a while as well (the screen will just be blank); is there a log file or anything you need from us?

I'm using the lockscreen widget on my nexus 4 and it works like a champ; great app!
Roman Nurik3 years ago
Hi John can you file a big on for the crash? Logs would be great if you can get them easily. Otherwise I'll provide a special debug build in a few days. Thanks!
John Youngers3 years ago
Probably need the debug version; I'm not sure how to get a log of it (I looked up some of the logcat apps, but it sounds like they're not very useful in 4.2+)
Justin Yu3 years ago
Hi Roman, great work -- just one comment, because of the animation, there is a significant amount of time where there is information / text that is off screen -- which is not very useful for "at a glance" info as sometimes i will have to wait for the info to fade in, or come on to the screen.

Maybe a more simple animation, or a fade in/out treatment like the one that is used for the stock clock daydream widget would be better suited.

(referring to the phone daydream mode)
Any further updates on when this will be hitting the Play Store?  I really look forward to this on my Daydream.  Dashclock is amazing...thanks for all the hard work.
Marc Westermann3 years ago
I like the implementation in the video with the two colums, one for clock and the other for the notifications, more than the current one. I would also prefer a Standing Dashclock rather than this moving one. But thank you for this awesome app! :)
Peter Bongé3 years ago
The Beta is working fine so far, but what about all the suggestions in the issue tracker? Any development progress? I just wonder because the Beta is already 6 weeks old and there are no further comments in the issue tracker. It looks like DashClock was put on ice...
Roman Nurik3 years ago
Busy with #io13 prep... Hoping to get back to DashClock in the coming weeks+1
Peter Bongé3 years ago
The sooner, the better. I think that really many people are waiting for the daydream support, but at the moment it is available just for Beta users.
Thanks for all your hard work, +Roman Nurik ! Amazing stuff!