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My bestfriends more like cute anime boy and Vladimir Putin
Thomas Hesmert
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When Russian President Vladimir Putin sent his forces to the rescue of Syria's Bashar al-Assad a year ago, President Obama predicted that the Russians would end up trapped in a “quagmire.”

Today, Russia hardly appears to be bogged down and instead has reestablished itself as a power in the Middle East.


#Syria #Russia
Iron Putin here to save the day
I have failed Putin
You have dissatisfied Putin
Lisa Sami
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edward j. janzen originally shared:
        a perspective by edward j janzen
    though 'time' magazine touted him as 'person of the year' in 2007;  with #1 designations from this same media source, as 'most influential' in the years 2013, 14, and 15;  western media, for the most part, has described this man in the same context as saddam hussein,  muammar ghadafi, and bashar al-assad, as someone of great danger, whose 'aggressive' policies threaten the safety, balance, and security of the world at large.
   but is this so?
   what do we know of the man governing 146 million people; and having as his responsibility the second largest arsenal of nuclear death at his disposal?
   vladimir putin was born oct 7th, 1952;  he is now 63, a university graduate, speaking fluent german;  having spent 16 years as a member of the KGB foreign intelligence;  holding various positions in public office since 1996;  and presently occupying the mantle as 'president of the russian federation', and that, since the 7th of may, 2012.
    unlike those to whom he is compared, putin has become a seasoned politician and statesman; ever accessible to the media; a man whose polices can be credited with russia's rise from the economic uncertainties,  social despair, and military vulnerabilities; suffered through the early years of this present century.  his government holds friendly relations with the nations of china, india, iran, syria; among many others; a man fiercely protecting the political and military interests that one day will define his legacy, as someone who deeply loved his country, and fought with every inch of his being, to make a better life for the russian people of generations to come.
   are not the american presidents doing the same thing?
   putin quote:  'what is happening in libya, iraq?  did they become safer?  where are they heading?  nobody has an answer.'
       is he wrong?
   has america made the world safer? 
   so i find it rather amusing, and sad; that the political climate in the US today would favor a regime in syria, as the lesser evil in combating the threats of islamic extremism;  a regime that putin has supported, for much the same reasons; and yet demonized in the western media for years, as one threatening the security of the region; a region beset of problems, little of which can be attributed to the russian state, or its people. 
   one could easily make the argument that america is the threat to world security;  that american policy in the middle east has created the problems that now exist there;  that the rise of 'isis' in the region, and the threat to world peace; is america's doing;  that the voices of russia and putin, are the stabilizing forces of peace on the world stage today.
   but what of russian 'aggression' in crimea? 
   mmm...well, a military occupation of an area whose people democratically declared in a referendum, to become part of the 'russian federation';  where russian interests of accessibility to the black sea were supported by a population who enjoyed a limited autonomy from the ukrainian government.  protecting russia's interests in the region, and that with a democratically voiced referendum?  america cannot claim the 'high road' here, with american interests being so fiercely protected in many areas of the world, whether the citizens are favorable to it, or not.
   yes, there were protests from many nations as to the russian involvement in the region;  but no more than the international protests that rang, where america unilaterally, in defiance of the united nations, led the charge into iraq, to overthrow a sovereign state, under the pretense of weapons of mass destruction, weapons that were simply not there. 
   vladimir putin, despite his unrealistic suspicions about western intent, and the 'supposed' dangers that such impose upon his intellect;  is first and foremost, a loyalist.  his body language, to me, is authentic and genuine, in every video i have previewed.
   the man strongly believes in the geostrategic balance of power;  that such must be obtained to ensure, that no nation, including russia; has the potential to assert their dominance on the world stage.  the 'cold war', despite its adversities, is, to him; a better 'pill to swallow', than what the world faces today, in an american superpower; and, in the years to come; a chinese replacement as america succumbs to a secondary role. 
   putin is also fiercely 'ethnic';  with little tolerance for those who cannot identify with the russian culture.  it is for this reason, primarily, or so i believe; that religion outside the context of eastern orthodox;  is viewed with a great deal of disdain;  particularly american evangelical christianity;  though i agree with him, that cult based religions, like that of jehovah's witnesses; pose a danger to the citizens, the state;  with extreme theologies that undermine political and religious culture;  devastating families and individuals, where the burden of this destruction ends up with a depletion of national and individual resources. 
   as for america, i will let vladimir putin speak for himself...
   'i am not your friend.  i am not your bride, or your groom.  i am the president of the russian federation. 146 million people who have certain national interests.  it is my job to protect those interests.'
   considering the choices the american public have, in selecting the next president of the united states;  vladimir putin looks pretty good.
   it is my opinion that the election of hillary clinton will damage relations between the united states and russia, further alienating putin, and accelerating his thirst for the resurgence of the russian state as a world power.  an election of donald trump, no matter how distasteful this can be;  will be seen by putin as an opportunity to cement his legacy as a person instrumental, not only in domestic affairs; but on the world stage as one ready to stand with trump in bringing the world to a more peaceful conclusion. 
   vladimir putin can work with donald trump. 
   no longer in the shadows of obama, and positioned as the world's premiere leader; donald trump will be 'schooled' by this man;  but when all is said and done;  it just might be the best decision the american public can make in this century.
   time will tell.
Vladimir Putin has appointed a church historian as the country’s new science and education minister.
Lena Mozya
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Charles Krauthammer: Vladimir Putin Connects!

“Consider what Putin has achieved. Dealt a very weak hand — a rump Russian state, shorn of empire and saddled with a backward economy and a rusting military — he has restored Russia to great-power status. Reduced to irrelevance in the 1990s, it is now a force to be reckoned with.”
#Putin #KhazarianMafia #NWO
"Roman Roslovtsev, known for protesting against Russian President Vladimir Putin in a Putin mask, crossed into Ukraine from Belarus.
He told local television he was seeking asylum because of persecution by the Russian security service.
Ukraine's border agency said that an application for asylum was being reviewed by migration authorities.
The agency published a statement which did not name Mr Roslovtsev, but said a "famous Russian writer and public figure" known for protest activities had applied for asylum." excerpt from article
Vlad Markov
2 days ago
I already expressed my concern about Donal Trump been like Vladimir Putin, who btw acting exactly per Soviet apparatchik book.
Mikhail Baryshnikov, to whom I have at most respect, expressing the same feelings like me.
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comment under the video:
Russian President Vladimir Putin best quotes
(I stole this from a livejournal):
"Russia was eternally multicultural".
"Today more and more often, under the guise of development of democracy and freedom, various nationalist groups are raising their heads. It is important to confront their dangerous influence."
"If a multi-ethnic society is hit by a bacteria of nationalism it loses its strength and durability”.
"We need to secure the entire Russian youth from the virus of nationalism."
“We see the rampage of reactionary forces, nationalist and anti-Semitic forces going on in certain parts of Ukraine, including Kiev.”
"Islam is inseparable part of Russia´s society and culture".
“Those that preach the ideas of nationalism, xenophobia and religious intolerance must be set rigid barriers” “Russia is dedicated to eliminate xenophobia and nationalism” “We are going to intensify law enforcement activities and do everything we can so to make fascist elements disappear from the political map of our country.” “What is pure water? What is pure blood? You know that in Russia they say: “If you scratch a Russian you’ll find a Tatar.” “Regrettably, in some European countries the Nazi virus 'vaccine' created at the Nuremberg Tribunal is losing its effect. The situation in Ukraine, where nationalists and other radical groups provoked an anti-constitutional coup d’état in February,causes particular concern in this respect.” “Those that preach the ideas of nationalism, xenophobia and religious intolerance must be set rigid barriers” “Those who say Russia – for Russians are either dishonest people or provocateurs” “First and foremost it is worth acknowledging that the demise of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century.” “The Stalin regime never aimed to exterminate entire ethnic groups.” “The victory in May 1945 is a symbol of unity of the multinational people of Russia.” "Russia will never forget Holocaust". “Soviet defeat of the Nazis should be a warning to those seeking to revive fascism today.” “The downfall of fascism should become a lesson and a warning that retaliation is inevitable.”
An approximate number of Russian Nationalists imprisoned during the last decade under the notorious Article 282 of the Penal Code (“incitement to racial hatred,” is around two thousand.
The Lens
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Full Documentary 2016 - Vladimir Putin's Myths - Discovery Channel Documentaries

Putin has been the President of Russia since 7 May 2012. Putin was Prime Minister from 1999 to 2000, President from 2000 to 2008, and again Prime Minister from 2008 to 2012.[3] During his second term as Prime Minister, he was the Chairman of the United Russia Party, the ruling party.[1]

Putin studied German at Saint Petersburg High School 281, and speaks fluent German.[4][5] Putin then studied law at the Saint Petersburg State University in 1970, and graduated in 1975.[6]

Putin was a KGB foreign intelligence officer for 16 years, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel before retiring in 1991 to enter politics in his native Saint Petersburg. He moved to Moscow in 1996 and joined President Boris Yeltsin's administration, rising quickly through the ranks and becoming Acting President on 31 December 1999, when Yeltsin resigned. Putin won the subsequent 2000 presidential election by a 52% to 30% margin, thus avoiding a runoff with his Communist Party opponent, Gennady Zyuganov.[7] He was reelected President in 2004 with 72% of the vote.

During Putin's first presidency, the Russian economy grew for eight straight years, and GDP measured in purchasing power increased 72%.[8][9][10][11][12] The growth was a result of the 2000s commodities boom, high oil prices, and prudent economic and fiscal policies.[13][14] The economy began to experience difficulties with the arrival of the global economic crisis of 2008–2009,[15] falling oil prices, Western sanctions imposed at the beginning of 2014 after Russia's annexation of Crimea, and military intervention in Eastern Ukraine, with GDP shrinking by 3.7% in 2015.[8][13][14][16][17][18]

Because of constitutionally mandated term limits, Putin was ineligible to run for a third consecutive presidential term in 2008. The 2008 presidential election was won by Dmitry Medvedev, who appointed Putin Prime Minister, beginning a period of so-called "tandemocracy".[19] In September 2011, after presidential terms were extended from four to six years,[20] Putin announced he would seek a third term as president. He won the March 2012 presidential election with 64% of the vote, a result which aligned with pre-election polling.

source :

,Vladimir Putin's Myths
,Vladimir Putin
,Full Documentary
,Full Documentaries
,Documentary 2016
,Documentaries 2016
,Discovery Channel
,Discovery Channel Documentaries
,Discovery Channel Documentary
kenny Bareega
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Report Board Update -- 10:15 AM -- 8-24-2016 Wednesday. Barack Hussein Obama (Barry Soetoro) (Gog) has recently banned the pledge of Allegiance in all schools. I have called for Revolution since I began posting this update board more than a year ago. No one has taken me seriously. It may be too late. By not taking any action Americans have told the Vatican Crown Corporation "Do whatever you wish, and we will do nothing". I just thought all should know how I feel about most Americans, but that does not include my friends and circles. My friends and perhaps most of my circles may be the only people who are awake. Barack Hussein Obama (Barry Soetoro) (Gog) and Vladimir Putin (Of The Land Magog) are in a Stalemate in Eastern Europe and the Fertile Crescent until orders come from the Vatican Crown Corporation (United Nations -- Jesuit New World Order) and Anti-Messiah Jesuit Pope Francis [Is only the present Personification of Anti-Messiah]. Obama - Gog's fake Syrian Rebels (ISIS) shot down a Russian Helicopter 3 weeks + days ago. No retaliation from Putin - Of Land Magog as of yet. I think he is just going to wait for the Vatican Crown Corporation to attack him from West Ukraine, with Ukrainian Nazis (Azov Battalion are Nazis). Retaliation in Syria will take place when West Ukraine attacks, just what I believe. Putin - Of Land Magog is moving many Russian Tanks to Russia's border with Ukraine. Western Ukraine has threatened to use Chemical Weapons on the Russians of Eastern Ukraine. In case you are not aware Western Ukraine's Azov Battalion uses the "Wolfsangel" Aka "Wolf's Hook" of Nazi Germany as a logo displayed alongside the Ukraine flag. The Western World is on the side of a New Nazi Germany, Western Ukraine (West Ukraine wishes to Genocide East Ukraine Russians). That command comes from his eminence Pope Francis of Rome (Jesuit Black Pope)[Is only the present Personification of Anti-Messiah]. Vatican recruited Jesuit Adolf Hitler, who was fond of Islam back in WWII. Vatican also recruited the Jesuit Bolsheviks of Russian Revolution. -- I expect we will have a full blown War or Global Coup D'état and Gog Magog War to follow. 1st Event will be to determine the Ten Regions of the New world Order and which Nations will lead that New World Order. I think Europe and America will lose to Russia and China, Whether this is a full blown War or a Global Coup D'état. A Russian and Chinese New World Order, would be a Collectivist New World Order. No Religion or Oppression of all Religion. Only thing good about this is that Islam too would also be subject to Oppression or Eradication. Russia and China will dominate and split the Globe between themselves. If 1st Event is a Global Coup D'état, I do not think the west will have enough Leverage to stop this from being a successful Russian and Chinese Global Coup D'état. 2nd Event will be the Gog Magog War and Battle Of Armageddon. Russia, China, Turkey, Iran and Axis Powers vs Israel upon the return (Arrival) of Messiah. -- 1st Event will be Vladimir Putin Of Land Magog, Xi Jinping (Wall Of All Magog), Kim Jong-un, Recep Tayyip Erdogan [Mahdi Candidate 1], Hassan Rouhani, and Bashar Al-Assad [Russia, China, North Korea,Turkey, Iran, and Syria] vs Barack Hussein Obama (Barry Soetoro) (Gog), Jesuit Pope Francis [Anti-Messiah for now], Theresa May, and Angela Merkel [America, United Kingdom, European Union, United Nations through NATO remaining members]. There are no good guys in this 1st Event. Only victims among the Global citizenry. Martial Law has raised its ugly head in Turkey and Erdogan [Mahdi Candidate 1] is trying to Genocide the Kurdish people as of the moment. I believe Martial Law will soon be everywhere once we have 1st Event -- full blown War or Coup D'état that is Global. Erdogan will be the next Adolf Hitler I believe [Mahdi Candidate 1]. Ten Kings (Demonic), will rule Ten Regions (New World Order) for Anti-Messiah (Jesuit Pope Francis for now). Someone may rise from this 1st Event (Full blown War or Global Coup D'état) and be the Son of Satan [Anti-Messiah]. At first I thought Vatican Crown Corporation would make a deal with Putin after a brief conflict, Battle, or 1 month War. Now it looks like it may be a full blown War for domination of New World Order. When this will take place, I am not sure. Russia wants a Romanov type Empire. Vatican Crown Corporation wants a European Super-State led by Germany and Vatican City. Germany has declared Russia an Enemy -- so the conflict may happen soon. When it is over -- Western Roman Empire and Eastern Empire will be reborn as Western Jesuit Empire and Eastern Caliphate (One World Religion, all religions are to be included. A mixed mash of Paganism), but this only happens if Vatican Crown Corporation comes out on top. I do not think that will be the case. New World Order will be an Order of Collectivism. -- America will be Invaded by Russia and China + 6 other Nations. Russia will move on Europe first. China will secure the East Asia region and Pacific. -- Great Britain broke away from EU to make its own way, and Join America in this 1st Event, I believe. -- Kevin / Kenny on Religion -- Atheist, not so smart types, need to learn there is a difference between a Religion and a Cult. Stop commenting on my Post if you are an Atheist who does not know the difference between a Cult and peaceful Religion -- Educate yourself. I am leaving this comment up for those who are still in the Dark on the Subject of Religion vs Cult. Any religion or ideology can be perverted by Evil people. Mainstream Islam (Fundamentalist Islam - Which includes Sharia Law) is a Political Platform that functions as a Cult, and is Majority Islam. Apostate Islam (Westernized Islam - Without Sharia Law) is the Minority. Separating the two is not easy because of the Practice called Taqiyya (Lying to protect Fundamentalist Islam). -- On Eco-Paganism -- Mother Earth teaching is a Religion, but do not abuse or pervert it like the Jesuit NEW WORLD ORDER is doing so now. Agenda 21 and Global Warming are tools of Luciferian Collectivism (Vatican Crown Corporation). -- Saving America if we Launch our own Revolution -- Evil comes from our lack of understanding in the 3 Texts. We have a lot to learn. REFORMATION must take place in all Religion, and Cults must be banned or exist under Dhimmitude Laws (No we do not have to kill as Islam does regarding Dhimmitude Laws [Isolate or Exile will do just fine]). There is now a full blown Luciferian movement called the Church of Satan. They must be declared a Cult, and subjected to Dhimmitude. -- Most of all, Vatican Whore Of Babylon must go through REFORMATION. Jews who are not Jews in the Biblical Text = Vatican Whore Of Babylon Aka Cult Of Jesuit Order (Vatican Crown Corporation), which includes the following Secret Societies -- Freemasons, Illuminati, Sabbatean Frankist Bankers (Some are Atheist), and Globalist Politicians (Some are Atheist). The Vatican is Luciferian, because of these Secret Societies. These evil Luciferians and their Atheist slaves must be executed or exiled (Expulsion From The New Church). Not all Atheist are evil, so do not get me wrong. Those who love Freedom and the west are the ones I support. -- The New Church -- A true Church consist of the following. -- White walls, modest wooden pews, no Stained glass windows, White Pillars, no Pagan drawings images or Idols (No Obelisk Etc). The Texts are as follows. -- Torah, Tanakh, KJV Text, Dead Sea Scrolls, and Green scrolls removed by the Vatican under Constantine. That is an unpopular view, because most Christians do not know they are all Catholic now. The Vatican is the Great Whore Of Babylon. You have returned to the Whore under request of the Emperor Pope (Anti-Messiah? I am still not sure he will sit on the throne and declare himself Father in Heaven), "Come out of her my People" the Father said. Protestant means against everything the Pope and Vatican tells you, wake up! The Hebrews and Essenes were the true faith. That will be unpopular with everyone. -- The harlot daughter Islam -- Death Cult, and Political Platform element within Islam (Majority Fundamentalist Islam [Sharia Law]) spreading now, must be Subdued or REPLACED (Dhimmitude Laws [Enforcement of Westernized Islam], Apostate peaceful Islam - Without Sharia Law). Quran must be purged of Evil (Medina Timeline Etc), If this does not work, Islam must be Isolated or ERADICATED. Judaism's Pharisee Rabbis need to reform and awaken from their sleep. Yeshua (Whatever we wish to call him [I have heard many Names]) was and is Messiah accept it. He will eventually awaken you himself, but you must be who you are until then. In other words, stay away from the Vatican Whore. Too all Jew Haters "Shut the Feck up on my Post" - Learn the difference between Jesuits and Jews. I do not support Governments only people. All Governments serve the Jesuit order directly or indirectly, try not to be offended Global Citizenry. -- Governments of Nations must go through change as well -- REVOLUTION is unavoidable. If we do not attempt REVOLUTION, War or Coup D'état of our own -- Gog Magog will happen sooner than later. I believe no flesh will be saved because man is too Evil in his existence today. We were not born Evil, but the Capacity for Evil exist in all of us. Religion and Science can be perverted by those who choose the path of Evil. Globalism - Globalization also have been Evil because of man's chosen path. Which is why there is an Anti-Globalist - Anti-Globalization movement now. We suffer from what I believe is a Satanic Virus. It infects the Brain and Spiritual Well Being of everyone. A Virus I choose to call the Supremacy Syndrome. Every race, creed, color, sexual orientation - Gender, National Origin and Religion suffers from it. Multiculturalism is a failure, we must preserve all cultures except for Islam (Ban Sharia Law) and Luciferians (Subjugate to Dhimmitude Laws, Isolate, or last resort Eradicate). Integration and Assimilation must be stressed when Immigration is at forefront. -- Evil must be ERADICATED. Without the Two Witnesses we will all suffer for this great Evil spread out across the face of the Earth. So you decide, will you do as I suggest or accept the fate of no salvation, and simply pray the Two Witnesses come followed by Messiah. Evangelicals get that Idea of the Rapture out of your heads, The angels will come for you once you have heard the truth from the Two Witnesses (They are for all (Both Believers and the Jews). I am a mid Tribulation minded believer, concerning the Hiding of the Church (I do not call it Rapture). We will be hidden on Rosh Hashanah in the first 3 1/2 years of Tribulation. Ask yourself are you willing to take any chances with your Salvation? We do not have the Numbers for REVOLUTION, so we may be on our own in scattered groups all over Land-mass America. Pray and save what you can, yourself and those who will also Resist the Tyrants and Invaders. Rise up against this Evil all over the face of this Earth and do what needs to be done or ERADICATE. Otherwise pray for a swift death and go with Father In Heaven, Yusan _ Usen -- Apache Names for the Father in Heaven. Good morning Wednesday 10:15 PM from the west coast of Land-mass America. 1:15 PM on the east coast of Land-mass America. 6:15 PM Wednesday, August 24, 2016 (GMT+1) Time in London, UK. United Kingdom voted to leave EU, and Cameron stepped down. This was to secure a British Empire separate from Europe. I hope this will only include England - Scotland and Northern Ireland. European Nations must rise up and follow UK example and become Sovereign Nations of their own. The EU is now becoming aggressive in pursuit of an Empire (European Super-State), which I believe will be led by Germany and Vatican City. The EU - UN - and NATO must be dissolved to save the Globe from Jesuit New World Order or a Russia and China dominated New World Order, Should the west lose 1st Event - full blown War or Global Coup D'état, as I believe they will. We can always replace NATO with a Military Cooperative Alliance. -- Americans must oppose North American Union and demand Termination of EU - UN - and NATO. Cooperation does not require New World Order. Then of course Russia and China must be dealt with Diplomatically. Crimea, and perhaps a couple of Provinces in East Ukraine must be restored to Russia. This will not happen with Democrats in power. 8:15 PM Wednesday, August 24, 2016 (GMT+3) Time in Israel. Father bless you Israel in your time of need . -- Kevin / Kenny on what to do with Immigration, should we have our own successful Revolution -- [Rules will apply to all Immigrants regardless of their Nation of origin]. -- 15 year Program. Sharia Law and Cult practices are to be banned. 4 States, 4 Border Gates. 100 foot steel and concrete wall on Southern Border. 5 years on Red Card - Probationary visits once a month, learn English, learn a Trade, learn Laws and Rules of Road. 5 years on Yellow Card, 4 years Military Service. 5 years on Green Card Probationary visits once every 4 months. A driver's License with Green dot means Naturalized Citizenship completed. If you fail to follow Laws and rules of America - 3 times [Strikes] minor crimes, 1 time [Strike] major Crime, Citizenship will be cancelled or revoked [Murder, Pedophilia, Rape Etc are punishable by Death]. Terrorism by a citizen is Treason and punishable by Death. -- I do not believe there will be an election. Barack Hussein Obama (Barry Soetoro) (Gog) will save himself and say to hell with everyone else in America. Conflict between Vatican Crown Corporation and Russia + Axis Powers _ full blown War or Global Coup D'état will take place before Election Day. -- Datelines -- Perhaps September 1st through October 31st. I do not think we (America) will make it to November. I Hope I am wrong, but I do not think I am. Barack Hussein Obama (Barry Soetoro) (Gog) will rule from UN in Switzerland, I think he intends to escape by fleeing America. If Europe is destroyed in War, Barack Hussein Obama (Barry Soetoro) (Gog) will be in Saudi Arabia. Washington D.C. will be nuked. Low yield nukes. Targets will be Coastal Major cities. If not, an EMP device could be Used to render America defenseless. This is an unpopular view among those clinging to hope. We have a one party System with two wings. On the Left we have Liberal progressives [Socialism], on the right we have Fascist Capitalist. Socialist and Fascist Capitalist have one thing in common .... "Collectivism". I have spoken of the subject before. Collectivist Ladder [6] Right Wing Progressives [5] Liberal Progressives [4] Socialist [3] Communist [2] Fascist [1] Pure Collectivism. Donald Trump will not be allowed to take office. This event, full blown War or Global Coup D'état will happen and Barack Hussein Obama (Barry Soetoro) (Gog) will be in Switzerland as Secretary General of UN or Saudi Arabia, if Europe is destroyed in War. Adnan Oktar [Mahdi Candidate 2] will be the Pope's (Or whoever is Anti-Messiah) Conduit to Islam if Vatican Crown Corporation wins, But I think they will lose. If that be the case, Russia and China will work with Recep Tayyip Erdogan [Mahdi Candidate 1]. The Establishment will do away with the office of President. -- Fiat currency is based on Usury. Fiat currency racks up debt and is of no value. So everything happening now, I believe is just one big charade. Media is giving us a show - that an Election will take place, but this is a lie. Vatican Crown Corporation is in complete control now in America. Global Government is on the move. No politician can be trusted at this point. That was for the Cruz Bots, who have nothing but endless excuses for Ted Cruz and his obvious self serving ego. Cruz is also a Canadian Born Dual Citizen, who renounced his Canadian Citizenship to run for President (Not A Natural Born Citizen). That Natural Born Citizen clause needs to be defined, and it will take a Revolution to define it. Scummy Cruz loving traitors of America! I just had to add that. My friends who had their hearts set on Cruz should not take this as a personal attack. I have just had enough of Foreigners in Office and running for offices. Donald Trump has made the mistake of endorsing John McCain and Paul Ryan, or perhaps there is no way to oppose them and the Crown Corp. Both McCain and Ryan are owned by Vatican Crown Corporation. This would mean the Government is rotten to the core. -- Countdown to full blown War or Global Coup D'état and Obama Gog's escape continues. Budget crisis Dates were kicked down the Road to 2017 do to a deal between corrupt Congress and Barack Hussein Obama (Barry Soetoro) (Gog). Some say Tribulation begins Sept 23rd of 2017. Could be sooner, or could be later according to Matthew in the Biblical Text. -- Full blown War or Coup D'état deadline dates - September 1st through October 31st _ 75 Days and counting to Election. There will be no Inauguration, just my view. Pre-Disaster War or Global Coup D'état to determine Ten Regions of New World Order could happen at anytime before or after those above Dates. I will explain Disaster, later in this Post. -- Link to clock ticking down to Election Date -- -- I Do not think Inauguration will take place, but here is a Link to that Dateline as well -- Washington DC is not a part of Land-mass America, it is part of the Vatican Crown Corporation (Aka The Cabal Of Corruption). The Vatican Crown Corporation symbol of global dominance is the Egyptian Obelisk, which has its place in the Babylonian Religion as well. This is equal to Islamists building a Mosque in western Nations to show they have conquered. Islam is a little Harlot of the Vatican Whore. Created by Augustinian Monks, who wrote the Quran, under order of the Pope (Early Vatican) circa 622 CE. Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan, Caliph of Umayyad Caliphate rewrote the Quran 744 CE- 750 CE, removing Loyalties to the Pope, replacing with his own teachings - That the Pope would become known as Infidel. Orthodox Christian Denominations, are the referred to Harlot Daughters of the Text as Islam is. Try not to take that as a personal attack Christian friends. -- There is an Obelisk in Vatican city, Washington D.C. and city of London, England. Mosques are all over the west as well. Now there is a Grand Mosque being built in Maryland. These Pagan monument monstrosities must be destroyed or put in Museums. -- Temple Of Baal -- Sanity prevailed and it looks like there will be no Temple Of Baal (Baal Aka Satan) Built in New York City or London. Instead Roman Palmyra Arches (Arch Of Triumph) will be built. However; check out SkyWatchTV News 4/19/16 . -- Barack Hussein Obama (Barry Soetoro) (Gog) and Corporation's plan at present -- I believe they may try to force Ruth Bader Ginsburg into retirement. Her insults of Trump will help to determine she is incompetent. There is talk of retirement for Clarence Thomas (Perhaps another 80 year old will step down). All this after what I believe was a successful assassination of Antonin Scalia. I believe the Corporation will try to put in place 3 Liberal progressive Supreme Court Judges under Obama. Completing the transformation of Supreme court into a Corrupt Constitution shredding beast. Nominee Merrick Garland (Anti-Gun advocate) has been rejected, but Barack Hussein Obama (Barry Soetoro) (Gog) will not stop fighting for Gun Control before Planned full blown War or Global Coup D'état. Just thought you should all know what Obama is up to so far. -- Corruption of Government goes back to the first Constitution 1783, when the shredding began, and was completed by 1871. We have privileges granted by the Vatican Crown Corporation, not rights (Liberty is a Privilege). We might as well Make ready for what I believe will be a Pre-Disaster full blown War or Global Coup D'état and a Post-disaster War, Gog Magog War of the Biblical text. As I said, I will explain the Disaster our government is hiding from us soon in Post. Why prepare you might wonder? Because I do not believe there will be a changing of Presidential Party or Power. Donald Trump will not be allowed to take office of President. I do not think he even believes he will. Pre-Disaster War or Global Coup D'état and Post-Disaster War have been planned already. 1st event shall leave 8 invading powers in control of America, and Barack Hussein Obama (Barry Soetoro) (Gog) will Escape Justice by fleeing to UN branch in Switzerland or Saudi Arabia, if Europe is destroyed in War. Low Yield Nuke scenario or EMP weapon will be in play. I believe America will be sacrificed for New World Order, Whether it is Jesuit ran or Russian and Chinese NWO. Vatican Crown Corporation seeks the Beast System (Luciferian Global Government), while Russia and China will seek their own New World Order (Collectivism. They will succeed I believe). Nuke or EMP scenario would be followed by Invasion = Russian - Chinese - and others. -- The Disaster To Come -- We are on three year alert for Earthquake. The possibility of such a Disaster is explained in my Project, which Is Complete and now available here On Bareega profile page and Over at Jarome profile page. Project is titled " Our Solar System: Binary, Trinary or Parallel Universes Interacting. Both ? ". Concern of an Asteroid strike is in play now as well. I believe there are 2 other stars in our solar system besides our sun, they are Dwarf Stars. A White Dwarf and Pulsar. The Destroyer comes - Sun of the Creator. Planet 9 is also a concern, although I believe it is only a shepherd Planet between Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud. Will it remain outside the Kuiper Belt? I believe the only way it [Planet 9] comes inside our inner Solar System is if the White Dwarf effects its orbit. I am more concerned with White Dwarf [Which I believe is an Object from a Parallel Universe] and Pulsar than planet 9. If we are lucky, the Major Earthquake and a Possible Pole Shift will be all that take place. We would be safe for another 3 years under that scenario. I do not think Hillary will be elected as president, but if she is - her rule won't last long because Invasion Forces will take power from her. - I will be sharing here on Bareega and over at Jarome profile today. Feel free to stop by if you wish to chat or check out Finished Project video and others here on Bareega and over at Jarome profile. Enjoy Wednesday in Land-mass America, and take care in other parts of the world. I will pray for Land-mass America, Israel and all who are awake just as I do for all my friends. Prepare to force the Governments of Nations to serve their People! Grow some Gosh Dang Cojones Damn It! We must stop the Cabal Of Corruption. Revolutionary Civil War in every Nation and, Gog Magog War, are going to be unavoidable I think. The Cabal of Corruption must keep America from coming to Israel's rescue in Gog Magog War. Vatican wishes to fake a Millennial reign. I would rather see Trump win and America be restored, but I am a Pessimist. I do not see that happening. Pray for the best. Prepare for the worst. Governments are the enemy not the American and Israeli Citizens or Citizen of other Nations. Islam is a different animal [Beware]. Put away the hate of others. Jesuit New World Order or Russia and China New World Order must be stopped. Well this new Project may indeed become a video. If so I will post it on September 17th or 30th. Title is "Defining Evil". Many are blind to what and whom evil is. Take care everyone. Father bless all.
Telephone conversation with Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and President of France Francois Hollande. August 23, 2016 15:10 The three leaders discussed the int...

Natylie Baldwin
1 hour ago
Hmm. This is an interesting development. Remains to be seen if Putin will have any better luck getting the Israelis to see reason. I'm not optimistic but if anyone seems to be adept at pulling rabbits out of his hat, it is Putin. I wish him all the luck in the world.
Maja J
5 hours ago
The Bogus ‘Humanitarian’ War on Serbia

NATO’s war on Serbia in 1999 was the template for other “humanitarian” wars – in Iraq, Libya and now Syria – but it wasn’t “news” when the Serbian leader was cleared, notes John Pilger.

The exoneration of a man accused of the worst of crimes, genocide, made no headlines. Neither the BBC nor CNN covered it. The Guardian allowed a brief commentary. Such a rare official admission was buried or suppressed, understandably. It would explain too much about how the rulers of the world rule.

The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague has quietly cleared the late Serbian president, Slobodan Milosevic, of war crimes committed during the 1992-95 Bosnian war, including the massacre at Srebrenica.

Far from conspiring with the convicted Bosnian-Serb leader Radovan Karadzic, Milosevic actually "condemned ethnic cleansing", opposed Karadzic and tried to stop the war that dismembered Yugoslavia. Buried near the end of a 2,590 page judgement on Karadzic last February, this truth further demolishes the propaganda that justified Nato's illegal onslaught on Serbia in 1999.

Milosevic died of a heart attack in 2006, alone in his cell in The Hague, during what amounted to a bogus trial by an American-invented "international tribunal". Denied heart surgery that might have saved his life, his condition worsened and was monitored and kept secret by US officials, as WikiLeaks has since revealed.

Milosevic was the victim of war propaganda that today runs like a torrent across our screens and newspapers and beckons great danger for us all. He was the prototype demon, vilified by the western media as the "butcher of the Balkans" who was responsible for "genocide", especially in the secessionist Yugoslav province of Kosovo. Prime Minister Tony Blair said so, invoked the Holocaust and demanded action against "this new Hitler". David Scheffer, the US ambassador-at-large for war crimes [sic], declared that as many as "225,000 ethnic Albanian men aged between 14 and 59" may have been murdered by Milosevic's forces.

This was the justification for Nato's bombing, led by Bill Clinton and Blair, that killed hundreds of civilians in hospitals, schools, churches, parks and television studios and destroyed Serbia's economic infrastructure. It was blatantly ideological; at a notorious "peace conference" in Rambouillet in France, Milosevic was confronted by Madeleine Albright, the US secretary of state, who was to achieve infamy with her remark that the deaths of half a million Iraqi children were "worth it".

Albright delivered an "offer" to Milosevic that no national leader could accept. Unless he agreed to the foreign military occupation of his country, with the occupying forces "outside the legal process", and to the imposition of a neo-liberal "free market", Serbia would be bombed. This was contained in an "Appendix B", which the media failed to read or suppressed. The aim was to crush Europe's last independent "socialist" state.

Once Nato began bombing, there was a stampede of Kosovar refugees "fleeing a holocaust". When it was over, international police teams descended on Kosovo to exhume the victims of the "holocaust". The FBI failed to find a single mass grave and went home. The Spanish forensic team did the same, its leader angrily denouncing "a semantic pirouette by the war propaganda machines". The final count of the dead in Kosovo was 2,788. This included combatants on both sides and Serbs and Roma murdered by the pro-Nato Kosovo Liberation Front. There was no genocide. The Nato attack was both a fraud and a war crime.

All but a fraction of America's vaunted "precision guided" missiles hit not military but civilian targets, including the news studios of Radio Television Serbia in Belgrade. Sixteen people were killed, including cameramen, producers and a make-up artist. Blair described the dead, profanely, as part of Serbia's "command and control". In 2008, the prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, Carla Del Ponte, revealed that she had been pressured not to investigate Nato's crimes.

This was the model for Washington's subsequent invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and, by stealth, Syria. All qualify as "paramount crimes" under the Nuremberg standard; all depended on media propaganda. While tabloid journalism played its traditional part, it was serious, credible, often liberal journalism that was the most effective - the evangelical promotion of Blair and his wars by the Guardian, the incessant lies about Saddam Hussein's non-existent weapons of mass destruction in the Observer and the New York Times, and the unerring drumbeat of government propaganda by the BBC in the silence of its omissions.

At the height of the bombing, the BBC's Kirsty Wark interviewed General Wesley Clark, the Nato commander. The Serbian city of Nis had just been sprayed with American cluster bombs, killing women, old people and children in an open market and a hospital. Wark asked not a single question about this, or about any other civilian deaths. Others were more brazen. In February 2003, the day after Blair and Bush had set fire to Iraq, the BBC's political editor, Andrew Marr, stood in Downing Street and made what amounted to a victory speech. He excitedly told his viewers that Blair had "said they would be able to take Baghdad without a bloodbath, and that in the end the Iraqis would be celebrating. And on both of those points he has been proved conclusively right." Today, with a million dead and a society in ruins, Marr's BBC interviews are recommended by the US embassy in London.

Marr's colleagues lined up to pronounce Blair "vindicated". The BBC's Washington correspondent, Matt Frei, said, "There's no doubt that the desire to bring good, to bring American values to the rest of the world, and especially to the Middle East ... is now increasingly tied up with military power."

This obeisance to the United States and its collaborators as a benign force "bringing good" runs deep in western establishment journalism. It ensures that the present-day catastrophe in Syria is blamed exclusively on Bashar al-Assad, whom the West and Israel have long conspired to overthrow, not for any humanitarian concerns, but to consolidate Israel's aggressive power in the region. The jihadist forces unleashed and armed by the US, Britain, France, Turkey and their "coalition" proxies serve this end. It is they who dispense the propaganda and videos that becomes news in the US and Europe, and provide access to journalists and guarantee a one-sided "coverage" of Syria.

The city of Aleppo is in the news. Most readers and viewers will be unaware that the majority of the population of Aleppo lives in the government-controlled western part of the city. That they suffer daily artillery bombardment from western-sponsored al-Qaida is not news. On 21 July, French and American bombers attacked a government village in Aleppo province, killing up to 125 civilians. This was reported on page 22 of the Guardian; there were no photographs.

Having created and underwritten jihadism in Afghanistan in the 1980s as Operation Cyclone - a weapon to destroy the Soviet Union - the US is doing something similar in Syria. Like the Afghan Mujahideen, the Syrian "rebels" are America's and Britain's foot soldiers. Many fight for al-Qaida and its variants; some, like the Nusra Front, have rebranded themselves to comply with American sensitivities over 9/11. The CIA runs them, with difficulty, as it runs jihadists all over the world.

The immediate aim is to destroy the government in Damascus, which, according to the most credible poll (YouGov Siraj), the majority of Syrians support, or at least look to for protection, regardless of the barbarism in its shadows. The long-term aim is to deny Russia a key Middle Eastern ally as part of a Nato war of attrition against the Russian Federation that eventually destroys it.

The nuclear risk is obvious, though suppressed by the media across "the free world". The editorial writers of the Washington Post, having promoted the fiction of WMD in Iraq, demand that Obama attack Syria. Hillary Clinton, who publicly rejoiced at her executioner's role during the destruction of Libya, has repeatedly indicated that, as president, she will "go further" than Obama.

Gareth Porter, a samidzat journalist reporting from Washington, recently revealed the names of those likely to make up a Clinton cabinet, who plan an attack on Syria. All have belligerent cold war histories; the former CIA director, Leon Panetta, says that "the next president is gonna have to consider adding additional special forces on the ground".
What is most remarkable about the war propaganda now in floodtide is its patent absurdity and familiarity. I have been looking through archive film from Washington in the 1950s when diplomats, civil servants and journalists were witch-hunted and ruined by Senator Joe McCarthy for challenging the lies and paranoia about the Soviet Union and China. Like a resurgent tumour, the anti-Russia cult has returned.

In Britain, the Guardian's Luke Harding leads his newspaper's Russia-haters in a stream of journalistic parodies that assign to Vladimir Putin every earthly iniquity. When the Panama Papers leak was published, the front page said Putin, and there was a picture of Putin; never mind that Putin was not mentioned anywhere in the leaks.

Like Milosevic, Putin is Demon Number One. It was Putin who shot down a Malaysian airliner over Ukraine. Headline: "As far as I'm concerned, Putin killed my son." No evidence required. It was Putin who was responsible for Washington's documented (and paid for) overthrow of the elected government in Kiev in 2014. The subsequent terror campaign by fascist militias against the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine was the result of Putin's "aggression". Preventing Crimea from becoming a Nato missile base and protecting the mostly Russian population who had voted in a referendum to rejoin Russia - from which Crimea had been annexed - were more examples of Putin's "aggression". Smear by media inevitably becomes war by media. If war with Russia breaks out, by design or by accident, journalists will bear much of the responsibility.

In the US, the anti-Russia campaign has been elevated to virtual reality. The New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, an economist with a Nobel Prize, has called Donald Trump the "Siberian Candidate" because Trump is Putin's man, he says. Trump had dared to suggest, in a rare lucid moment, that war with Russia might be a bad idea. In fact, he has gone further and removed American arms shipments to Ukraine from the Republican platform. "Wouldn't it be great if we got along with Russia," he said.

This is why America's warmongering liberal establishment hates him. Trump's racism and ranting demagoguery have nothing to do with it. Bill and Hillary Clinton's record of racism and extremism can out-trump Trump's any day. (This week is the 20th anniversary of the Clinton welfare "reform" that launched a war on African-Americans). As for Obama: while American police gun down his fellow African-Americans the great hope in the White House has done nothing to protect them, nothing to relieve their impoverishment, while running four rapacious wars and an assassination campaign without precedent.

The CIA has demanded Trump is not elected. Pentagon generals have demanded he is not elected. The pro-war New York Times - taking a breather from its relentless low-rent Putin smears - demands that he is not elected. Something is up. These tribunes of "perpetual war" are terrified that the multi-billion-dollar business of war by which the United States maintains its dominance will be undermined if Trump does a deal with Putin, then with China's Xi Jinping. Their panic at the possibility of the world's great power talking peace - however unlikely - would be the blackest farce were the issues not so dire.

"Trump would have loved Stalin!" bellowed Vice-President Joe Biden at a rally for Hillary Clinton. With Clinton nodding, he shouted, "We never bow. We never bend. We never kneel. We never yield. We own the finish line. That's who we are. We are America!"

In Britain, Jeremy Corbyn has also excited hysteria from the war-makers in the Labour Party and from a media devoted to trashing him. Lord West, a former admiral and Labour minister, put it well. Corbyn was taking an "outrageous" anti-war position "because it gets the unthinking masses to vote for him".

In a debate with leadership challenger Owen Smith, Corbyn was asked by the moderator: "How would you act on a violation by Vladimir Putin of a fellow Nato state?" Corbyn replied: "You would want to avoid that happening in the first place. You would build up a good dialogue with Russia... We would try to introduce a de-militarisation of the borders between Russia, the Ukraine and the other countries on the border between Russia and Eastern Europe. What we cannot allow is a series of calamitous build-ups of troops on both sides which can only lead to great danger."

Pressed to say if he would authorise war against Russia "if you had to", Corbyn replied: "I don't wish to go to war - what I want to do is achieve a world that we don't need to go to war."

The line of questioning owes much to the rise of Britain's liberal war-makers. The Labour Party and the media have long offered them career opportunities. For a while the moral tsunami of the great crime of Iraq left them floundering, their inversions of the truth a temporary embarrassment. Regardless of Chilcot and the mountain of incriminating facts, Blair remains their inspiration, because he was a "winner".

Dissenting journalism and scholarship have since been systematically banished or appropriated, and democratic ideas emptied and refilled with "identity politics" that confuse gender with feminism and public angst with liberation and wilfully ignore the state violence and weapons profiteering that destroys countless lives in faraway places, like Yemen and Syria, and beckon nuclear war in Europe and across the world.

The stirring of people of all ages around the spectacular rise of Jeremy Corbyn counters this to some extent. His life has been spent illuminating the horror of war. The problem for Corbyn and his supporters is the Labour Party. In America, the problem for the thousands of followers of Bernie Sanders was the Democratic Party, not to mention their ultimate betrayal by their great white hope. In the US, home of the great civil rights and anti-war movements, it is Black Lives Matter and the likes of Codepink that lay the roots of a modern version.

For only a movement that swells into every street and across borders and does not give up can stop the warmongers. Next year, it will be a century since Wilfred Owen wrote the following. Every journalist should read it and remember it.
6 hours ago
The very idea of an independent Ukraine is offensive to Vladimir Putin, who has famously said that Ukraine “isn’t a real country.” …
6 hours ago
The very idea of an independent Ukraine is offensive to Vladimir Putin, who has famously said that Ukraine “isn’t a real country.” …
Nir Haramati
7 hours ago

Top 10 books on Vladimir Putin's Russia | Books | The Guardian
Julie Renee Phelan
58 minutes ago

Around the World: George W. Bush Loses Vodka Shot Contest Against Vladimir Putin, by Julie Renee Phelan
Benjamin Bowring
14 hours ago
"Trump was asked about his cozy relationship with Vladimir Putin and claimed unbelievably that he couldn't even remember if he'd met Putin or not. Yeah, no offence, but I think I want a president who would remember meeting Vladimir Putin. How many shark-eyed shirtless equestrians do you know?" -Seth Meyers
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The Latest: Vladimir Putin sends condolences to Turkey - News Waver
1 day ago
French President Hollande voices ‘concern’ to Russian leader Vladimir Putin over Ukraine tension
French President Francois Hollande voiced his “concern” over a spike in tensions in Ukraine, in a telephone call with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, his office said Tuesday. The call, which also included German Chancellor Angela Merkel, came after Putin ear...

French President Hollande voices ‘concern’ to Russian leader Vladimir Putin over Ukraine tension
vishal singh
16 hours ago
Putin to visit Turkey for football friendly match
Russian President Vladimir Putin will arrive in Turkey to watch a football match between Russian and Turkish teams on August 31 in Antalya city, the media reported on Wednesday. Turkish President Erdogan will also attend the friendship match, Xinhau news ag...

Putin to visit Turkey for football friendly match
Mondo Frazier
14 hours ago
It's been reported that Vladimir Putin of Russia is involved in a savage war against the New Muslims. Who are the new Muslims? A little over 3 months from the 2016 elections.  Does it seem like it longer? What's the connection between conspiracy theories and propaganda? Bible prophecy in today's news headlines for August 24, 2016.
Lino Furtado
15 hours ago

Vladimir Putin: Russia Will Destroy ISIS With U.S Or Without It Obama Should Decide Which Side America Is On
Scipio Africanus
38 minutes ago
The Disingenuous Outrage Over Khan-Gate
SCOTT GREER Deputy Editor 7:50 PM 07/31/2016
Our incredibly objective media has moved on from declaring Donald Trump an agent of the Kremlin and gushing over every moment of the Democratic National Convention to fixating itself on another unbiased story.
Namely, Trump hates the families of dead veterans.
On the final night of the DNC, Khizir Khan — a Muslim father who lost his son, Captain Humayun Khan in Iraq 12 years ago — took the stage with his wife in Philadelphia and delivered arguably the most notable speech of the entire convention. Khan condemned Trump for being un-American and sacrificing nothing for the country. It was a powerful speech, and it fully won over America’s chattering class — both in its conservative and liberal elements.
While obviously heartfelt and genuine, the reason the Democrats put Khan on stage and the media celebrated him was, in part, to bait Trump into responding. Trump did just that in an interview with ABC host and former Bill Clinton aide George Stephanopoulos.

As far as Trump putdowns go, The Donald’s response was relatively mild. For one, he said he expressed condolences for the family’s loss and their son’s service. On the negative side, he wondered why Mrs. Khan didn’t speak at the convention, which gave the impression he was implying it was due to her faith. The New York businessman also said in his characteristically humble fashion that he has made sacrifices in developing successful companies.
The comments were inartful, yet they were hardly the stuff of vicious denigration. Trump did not attack the service of the Khans’ son and the issue, as later campaign statements pointed out, dealt with the father’s criticism of the Republican nominee’s policies.
Do You Think Trump Is
Apparently, that’s “inhuman” and “barbaric,” according to the Washington consensus. Thus, we’re in the midst of the most disingenuous Trump outrage story yet.
Here’s a few things to take away from this scandal.
One, Trump and his proposals have zero responsibility for Captain Khan’s death. The same cannot be said of Hillary Clinton, who authorized the Iraq war and continue supporting it long after it was abundantly clear it was a major disaster. Moreover, her hawkish foreign policy would lead to more unnecessary interventions into the Middle East and other parts of the world and sadly create more Gold Star families like the Khans.
To criticize Trump for his lack of sacrifice, but overlook Hillary’s lack of sacrifice and tacitly endorse her policies forcing more American families to lose their children on behalf of fuzzy ideological objectives is ridiculous.
Two, Khizr Khan is draping himself in his son’s death to attack Trump on an issue unrelated to his son’s death. A moratorium on countries where radical Islamists (whom, by the way, killed Capt. Khan) are abundant is about national security. Same goes for the proposal to secure the U.S.-Mexico border. The elder Khan claims it is unconstitutional and un-American to do both, when, in fact, legal scholars argue the measures fit very much within the precedents of American immigration law. (RELATED: Law Professors: Trump’s Muslim Moratorium Is Constitutional)
To denigrate or undermine the Khan family for their sacrifice is wrong and we should honor their son’s service. However, that does not mean the father is immune from criticism on political issues after he decided to take them up in the public arena. Upholding the standard that the families of fallen soldiers should not be criticized for anything is illogical and asinine. We certainly didn’t apply the same standard to Cindy Sheehan and her crusade against George W. Bush — a leader who was actually responsible for her son’s death.
Three, the impression given by the media that Captain Khan is reflective of all Muslims who may want to enter in the United States is just as faulty as claiming all Muslims are terrorists. It is true that 14 Muslims have lost their lives in service to this country since 9/11. It is also true that over 5000 Muslims are currently serving in our armed services. Various outlets love to report these facts with the hope it transmits the notion that Muslims are incredibly patriotic and are indispensable to our national security. While these individuals are unquestionably devoted to America, as a community, Muslims are very underrepresented in the military.
Muslims constitute one percent of the U.S. population, yet comprise a little under .3 percent of the armed forces. In contrast, whites are 62 percent of the population, yet make up 71 percent of the present military. Moreover, whites comprise over 83 percent of those who have died in the line of duty since 9/11, while Muslims constitute .2 percent of the fatalities.
With that in mind, declaring Trump’s policies on Middle Eastern migration as a barrier to the military getting the personnel they need to protect this country is not at all accurate.
Finally, it’s 100 percent certain the mainstream media is an unofficial arm of the Clinton campaign. After a whole week of trying to downplay the Wikileaks DNC scandal and cheering on every moment of the convention, they created a top-down outrage story for the sole purpose of shaming Trump and his supporters.
While claiming that Khan is above any criticism due to his loss, they had spent the prior week attacking Pat Smith — the mother of a Benghazi victim — for being exploited by the Republican National Convention. Her crime? Sharing the story of how she believes Hillary Clinton is responsible for her son’s death, which clearly has more basis in fact than Trump being responsible for Khan’s death.
Additionally, the media entirely ignored the stories of the families at the Republican convention who lost loved ones to illegal immigrants. Their children died as a direct result of policies supported by the Democratic Party, but the media plays by a double standard when it comes to who gets to use their tragedy to highlight a policy issue.
The Khan affair is another demonstration that the media is deadset against Trump and will blow any story out of proportion in order to gin up resistance to his candidacy. The journalists hyperventilating over Trump’s response to Khan don’t care about Gold Star families or veterans — they just see it as a good opportunity to derail The Donald.
It’s barely August, and we already have papers of record insinuating Trump is Vladimir Putin’s Manchurian Candidate. We can only imagine what they’ll come up with next as he continues to compete with Hillary in the polls and the public forgets about the Khan fracas.

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Vladimir Putin: George Soros Is Wanted “Dead Or Alive”
Russia have officially declared that Billionaire George Soros is a wanted man in their country, citing him and his organizations as a "threat to Russian national security".